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  1. You are the best - thanks for all you do!😀

  2. I'm sorry that this happened to you however, quit overworking yourself. They will resolve it very soon with the service ticket they have created. Unfortunately even with the best of technology in place, things like this will happen. If it is indeed lost, unfortunately the process will be slowed down. You will be required to get a new passport so that the proper documents can be issued/tied to it.
  3. First, bed sure to work with the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) as they are the only acency approved to take you though the adoption process. The child must be able to be classified as an orphan and you must be a resident of the child's country. Once final adoption is granted.. standard immigration processing would follow based on the (now) parent's legal status.
  4. Huh? Do a quick Google definition search for, "bigamy." The risks and results will sure surprise you!!
  5. Hello All, I'm here to source some information on CSPA for a friend in need. Her step-father, a U.S. Citizen, filed the full AOS packet and her priority date became a day before her 21st birthday. USCIS correspondents all went to an address where they lived. In 2017, at the time of their discovery, USCIS had already issued a letter. The notice of intent to deny letter was retrieved from the old address after the RFE timeframe. She also was outside of the timeframe in which an appeal could have been successfully filed as stated in the letter. Now, to help her, I would like to know if anyone with experience and knowledge can give some information since she is in limbo. She is now 22 and would like to know if her case can be reopened or appealed through higher channels. Also, to make things clear, USCIS did not make an error in her address that would have caused a delay. We know that if she should re-file, she will be in the F1 category due to age and new application and may be ineligible to file AOS due to being out of status. Thank you and best regards!
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