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  1. My father did the same... book the tickets, they say nothing unless asked.
  2. The airline will not refuse them as they only look at the expiration date on the travel documents. Also, Covid-19 is acceptable.
  3. you will have the same level of difficulty or ease as before... more on the easier side. you will need to be in the U.S. before her arrival though . there is no requirement to be in the USA when you submit the paperwork.
  4. many i485s are being processed in 15-36 months due to the increase in demand. IR5 cases are straight forward.
  5. Things are much slower than normal... many interviews are delayed beyond 2 months due to the known global issue. However, try emailing them with the specifics of your case : CA-Adana@state.gov All the best!
  6. Is your husband a US Citizen? If yes , you'll have no problems. If no, you'll need to remain in good standing within the limits of your current visa in order to adjust from F1 to LPR
  7. She's lucky to have them even process the case-file instead of having it sit there. Especially since all non-qualifing visas should be on hold. Patience..
  8. We understand.. the various processes that each embassy uses is tricky and the depth of the interviews lies within its localities. I see some invaluable suggestions in this thread... review them and try to adjust as best as you can. All the best!
  9. Being a permanent resident or a US citizen doesn't change the outcome to the question so stay focused!
  10. The question asks, do you have any immediate relatives (not including parents ) in the U.S.? So, you will only answer yes if your child (under 21), or spouse lives in the USA.
  11. I agree.. currently there is a halt on the issuance of all tourists visas
  12. @sadgirloverseas go ahead, book your ticket, travel, keep quiet. If you travel they won't send you back on the next flight.. most likely you'll have a hearing at the airport or locally. Worst case scenario will be equal to the same and you'll be right where you are now. When does the ROC card expire??? Book it, Travel... maybe they are nicer on Christmas eve?
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