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  1. Hello Jim,

    How are you? Have not been in here in years. Hope you are doing well...

    Hang and I are great. We have 2 kids now. Kayden is 6yrs old, and Kyler is almost 2yrs old.

    Time does fly by so fast..


    We are in San Jose visiting the family and wander in here to reminiscence the old times and I want to drop by to say hi to you.

    Happy Holidays to you and family!!!




    1. JimVaPhuong


      Hi Ronnie,


      I also don't come here much anymore. Don't really need to. Phuong and her kids are US citizens now, so our immigration journey is pretty much finished, though she does have petitions pending for her married daughter and her brother in Vietnam.


      We've moved away from the Bay Area to the Central Valley. We wanted to save some money since I'm now semi-retired. Phuong has lots of family in San Jose so we make it over there once or twice a month. We were there just over a week ago, so I'm not sure when we'll be going back.


      We've had a great holiday season so far. Phuong goes all out for Christmas. She even chooses and decorates the tree! She's not into the religious aspects since she's a Buddhist, but she loves the family aspect and giving and receiving gifts. We talked about going to SoCal for New Years to visit some of my family, but I don't think she could talk her kids into it so it's probably not going to happen. That's ok with me. I'd be happy to just relax!


      Thanks for stopping by and giving an update!