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I've done a stupid thing....

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so like the topic said, I've done a very stupid thing that I didn't think through when I was in panic.

Here is the story... I'm from Saudi Arabia originally and immigrated to the US through a K1 visa. Right now I'm in the process of adjusting status in the US but when I got my Advanced parole card, I decided to go see my family while I'm waiting on the interview which on the end of December.

Saudi Arabia as every one know is very strict muslim country which I'm not really anymore and decided to take my scarf off abroad. My k1 visa picture was without a scarf on and when I took my passport to get renewed I was in panic about what if they've seen it or my family seen it.

In that moment of big panic, I've done the stupid decision to draw a scarf on my head in a subtle way on the visa thinking it's not valid and doesn't matter anymore. I admit that was crazy stupid and I wish I didn't do it. I'm very embarrassed and I don't know how would I explain it to some one in the interview or while entering the United states again soon. I've attempted to remove the ink which I admit was even more stupid as it damaged the visa a little bit.

I know that I'll be entering using my new passport and the EAD/AP combo card anyways and I have no need for it anymore. but I'm really worried I'll get in trouble for messing with it if an officer noticed. Do you they will ask to look at the old passport that I've left the states with at all? and will they cared about the slight damage to the visa picture?


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Q: A valid U.S. visa has been damaged in my passport. What should I do?

A: Bring your visa to the Visa Section of the US embassy or Consulate. A consular officer will assess the damage and decide the appropriate action required, if any.


29.11.2013 - NoA1

06.02.2014 - NoA2

01.04.2014 - Interview. 


03.2015 - AoS started.

09.2015 - Green Card received.  


24.07.2017 - NoA1.

01.08.2018 - RoC approved. 



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they can ask you anything and ull have to tell the truth , dumb mistake altering a visa



05/04/17 - Biometric appointment

05/17/17 - Case ready to be scheduled for interview

07/20/17 - EAD/AP Approved

07/25/17 - GC interview scheduled

07/27/17 - EAD/AP in hand

08/14/17 - GC interview , approved =)

08/18/17 - GC approval notice letter

08/21/17 - GC in hand




05/16/19 - Earliest  to apply 







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if you are getting a new passport why do you need your old one at all. just ask the authorities to destroy it so no one else can fraudulently use it.

since it was a k1 vIsa it was only valid for one entry and now no longer useful as you ap card will let you enter the us.

good luck

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Q: A valid U.S. visa has been damaged in my passport. What should I do?
A: Bring your visa to the Visa Section of the US embassy or Consulate. A consular officer will assess the damage and decide the appropriate action required, if any.

The visa is no longer valid. It was made invalid when the OP entered on it. K1 is a ONE TIME USE visa.

However, I cannot tell the OP how the CBP will react if they look through her passport and see an altered visa.

Since the OP will have a new passport, the visa likely won't even be noticed. Don't worry about this OP if you have a new passport!

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.  - Dr. Seuss


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Still have to include the copy of the K1 visa in the Aos package, no? At least that's what the guide says.


29.11.2013 - NoA1

06.02.2014 - NoA2

01.04.2014 - Interview. 


03.2015 - AoS started.

09.2015 - Green Card received.  


24.07.2017 - NoA1.

01.08.2018 - RoC approved. 



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You already submitted your AOS package right? and you traveled after you got AP, so it was okay to travel. Nobody will ask for an expired passport. You only need your new passport to enter. You don't need K1 visa anymore because of AP.

When I went through AOS, I thought the immigration would ask for all the passports I've ever had, but they didn't look at them at all. Don't worry!

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Use the new passport and Advance Parole. Don't worry about the old passport and altered Visa. Mail it home if you are even afraid to carry it.

12/31/2015 - New Year's Eve 2015 Engagement
03/19/2016 - I-129F Package sent via Express Mail (Cashier's Check)

03/21/2016 - Notice of Receipt (Text/Email)

03/24/2016 - NOA1 Approval :dancing:

06/13/2016 - NOA2 Approval :dancing:

07/13/2016 - NVC Case received and Case # Assigned. YES!!!! :dancing:

07/19/2016 - K-1 document package arrives Tokyo, Japan Consulate

07/22/2016 - Packet 3 Received and Returned

08/07/2016 - Tokyo Embassy Interview...APPROVED!!! :dancing:

08/09/2016 - Passport & Visa Received from Embassy

09/29/2016 - POE San Francisco, CA

10/28/2016 - MARRIED!

11/09/2016 - AOS Package Received

11/18/2016 - Electronic I-131, I-765 NOA1, I-485 Biometrics Fee Acknowledged.

11/26/2016 - I-131, I-765 NOA1 Letters Received

11/27/2016 - I-485 NOA1 Received

12/14/2016 - Biometrics Done

02/11/2017  - RFE Recieved for EAD

02/13/2017 - Response to RFE Sent for EAD

02/21/2017 - EAD & I-131 Approved

03/01/2017 - EAD/AP Combo Card Received



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AOS has been filed, she has a new passport, it is a non issue.



I-129F Sent : 3-31-2014, NOA2: 4-6-2014

NVC Received : some dinkelsberry yehoo in the house of clingons send our petition to the wrong consulate.

Consulate Received : July 30,2014 Transfer to right embassy complete.

Interview Date : Oct 22, 2014

Interview Result : AP , requesting another PC (not expired) and certified divorce decree (was submitted)Stokes interview via phone for petitioner 4 hrs after interview.

Oct 23 email notification visa approved.
Visa Received : Nov. 3 , 2014 VISA IN HAND.

US Entry : Nov. 21, 2014

Marriage : Dec 27, 2014

AOS send : May 12, 2015, received May 14, 2015 USPS priority

Email &text : May 18, 2015, check cashed May 19,2015, return receipt May 21, 2015 stamped USCIS Lockbox, NOA1 (3x) May 22,2015

Biometrics : June 1, 2015 letter received for appointment June 8, 2015, successful walk-in June 1, 2015

RFE : June 12, 2015 for income not meeting guideline. Income does ( ! ) exceed guideline.

RFE response : June 26, 2015 returned with a boat load full of financial evidence.

UPDATE: July 5, 2015 updated on all 3 cases, RFE received June 30, 2015.

Service request : Aug 12, 2015, letter received that it will be processed within 90 days from receipt of RFE.

UPDATE: Aug 24, 2015, EAD card being produced/ordered. ( 102 days from AOS receipt day and 55 days from RFE response received.) Thank you Jesus !

Emails : Aug 24, 2015, EAD approved, EAD card ordered.

I-797 EAD/AP approval notice received : Aug 27, 2015

EAD/AP combo card mailed : Aug 27, 2015, EAD/AP combo card received: Aug 31, 2015

Renewal application send for EAD/AP : May 31,2016 (AOS pending over 1 year). Received June 2, 2016,Notice date June7, 2016, emails,texts, NOA1 hard copy

Service request for pending AOS April 21, 2016, case not assigned yet.
Service request for pending AOS June 14, 2016, tier 2 said performing background checks.
Expedite request for EAD/AP Aug 3, 2016, Aug10 notification >request was received, assigned, completed. RFE letter requesting evidence for expedite, docs faxed Aug18

*Service request for I-485 Aug 3, 2016, Aug11 notification> request was assigned. Service request Dec 2, 2016.
AOS Interview letter received Aug 12, 2016

AOS Interview September 21, 2016.

Second Biometrics appointment letters received for EAD and AOS on Aug 15, 2016 for Aug 17 ( 2 day notice).

Second Biometrics completed Aug 17, 2016

Third Biometrics appointment letter received Aug 19, 2016 for Sept. 1, 2016. WTH ?!

EAD/AP (renewal) approval Aug 22, 2016, NOA2 received Aug 25, 2016

Renewal EAD in production notification text and online, expedite successful 4 days after RFE request response was faxed, Aug25mailed,Aug29received.

Sept. 21 Interview, 2 hour interview, we were separated and asked about 50 questions each for an hour each. IO was firm but professional, some smiles.
Several service requests made, contacted Senator and Ombudsman. Background checks still pending.
July 21, 2017 HOME VISIT.  Went well. Topic thread in AOS forum.
Waiting to skip ROC and get 10 yr GC due to over 2 year while pending AOS
AOS APPROVED Oct. 4, 2017 * Green card in hand Oct 13, 2017 !!!!!

First K1 denied after 16 month of AP. Refiled. We are a couple since 2009. Not a sprint but a matter of endurance.


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Still have to include the copy of the K1 visa in the Aos package, no? At least that's what the guide says.

If her interview is at the end of December and she has an AP/EAD combo card, I think we can assume she submitted the AOS package before this all happened!

ROC from CR-1 visa (Green Card expiration date was Nov 24th 2016)


Link to the evidence I submitted. Be sure to send evidence spanning your entire marriage (especially for K-1) or as far back as you can. Just one or two bank statements will not cut it. I primarily focused on the two years of living here since I came in on a CR-1. If you don't have the fundamentals (i.e. joint accounts/policies), you can explain why in the covering letter. E.g. "While we do not have joint utilities, we both contribute to them from our joint bank account".


September 26th 2016: I-751 package sent to CSC

September 28th 2016: Package delivered
September 30th 2016: Check cashed
October 3rd 2016: NOA1 received with receipt date of 09/28/16
November 3rd 2016: Biometrics received with appointment date of 11/14/16.
November 14th 2016: Attended biometrics appointment
October 30th 2017: Infopass appointment to get I-551 stamp
February 26th 2018: I-751 case number (aka the NOA1 receipt number) becomes trackable
March 14th 2018: Submitted service request due to being outside of processing time.

March 15th 2018: ROC approved. 535 days (1 year, 5 months and 17 days)

March 29th 2018: Card being produced

April 4th 2018: Card mailed out

April 6th 2018: Card in hand. Has incorrect "resident since" date. Submitted service request on I-751 case (typographical error on permanent resident card) and an I-90 online.

April 2018 - August 7th 2018: Tons of service requests, emails and now senator involvement to get my corrected green card back because what the heck, USCIS

August 8th 2018: Card in production thanks to the direct involvement of Senator Sherrod Brown's team

August 13th 2018: Card mailed

August 15th 2018: Card in hand with correct date. :joy:

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Very sad that anyone has to deal with the concern that would cause you to want to alter. Once you get a new one that replaces the old one it can be destroyed. I can't wait to destroy my passport picture!!! I weighed 60 lbs more and not only do people not recognize me at first but it's just the worst picture ever taken of me. Coming through Mexico City while visiting my fiancé )now married with AOS approval this last Thursday) a customs looked at it and said, that is not even you anymore. I said I know but I have 7 more years until it expires and she said just destroy it at get another. I guess if you have immigration in other countries suggesting what you have wanted to do yourself it wouldn't cause too much concern. I wouldn't worry about it and just use your new one.

If it is still keeping you up at night you can always just call and ask what you should do. It's now a damaged photo on an old passport and that's it. Reason why it's damaged doesn't matter. Mine has been used so much I will need to replace it in a year or two just from wear and tear.

K1 Visa

12/30/15: Visa Received


CIS Office : Seattle WA

03/29/16: Date Filed

04/11/16: NOA Date

05/11/16: Bio. Appt.

04/20/16: Case updated to fingerprint fee received

04/20/16: Case updated to Case is ready to be scheduled for interview as of 03-17-16

05/11/16: Bio. Appt.

06/06/16: RFIE Mail / I-864 1040 tax form (missing) resent overnight shipping. Second submission of 1040 form for 2015

08/09/16: Status update to interview scheduled for September 13th

08/17/16: Status updated to interview cancelled

08/18/16: Status updated to interview scheduled for September 20th with corrected receipt number. AKA "D" day

12/01/16: Interview: Verbal Approval

12/06/16: Status update to card has been mailed


03/29/16: Date Filed :

Case rejected for invalid fee and/or signature (failed to sign both areas - Doh!)

04/18/16: Date refiled

04/19/16: NOA -Case Received

07/20/16: Case updated to card being produced

07/26/16: Card received priority 3 day mail

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I hope you have a copy of the unaltered visa for future references. If not, it's still no big deal. Don't travel with that passport as you have a new one and the AP. In a very unlikely scenario the authorities ask about it, tell the truth. The US does not condone human rights abuse and extreme discrimination against women. You made a mistake but you were ethically and morally in the right because you acted out of REASONABLE fear of the misogynistic totalitarian government that oppresses and abuses women. You'll be fine. Best wishes!

03/04/2016 AOS (EB2-NIW concurrent with I-485) mailed to Lewisville TX Lockbox
03/07/2016 AOS delivered to USCIS and signed
03/12/2016 Case received by Nebraska Service Center (NSC)
03/14/2016 Text notification received for I-140/I-485/I-765/I-131.
04/08/2016 Biometrics notice received for 04/21
04/13/2016 Biometrics early walk-in completed.
04/15/2016 EAD/AP combo card received in mail.


Long wait begins...


11/04/2016 I-140/485 cases transferred from Nebraska to TCS
12/01/2016 Prepared package for EAD/AP renewal (expires 04/09/2017)
12/23/2016 USCIS suddenly changes several forms, invalidating my EAD/AP renewal package (not yet sent)
12/27/2016 USCIS suddenly reforms the entire NIW criteria system, replacing a 20 years old one. Uncharted waters. 
01/07/2017 (Saturday!) EAD/AP renewal package with new forms received in Phoenix "reception desk"
01/17/2017 EAD/AP renewal case accepted; text/email with receipt numbers was received
01/30/2017 Law firm finally confirms that USCIS has suspended processing all EB2-NIW cases due to new criteria. 
02/23/2017 USCIS slowly starts adjudicating NIW cases again.
04/21/2017 Extended EAD/AP received in mail. Valid for 2 years. 
05/06/2017 Received a massive RFE on I-140 NIW case.
07/20/2017 RFE response received by USCIS (a very long response with 30 pages of docs)
09/14/2017 I-140 NIW approved!!! 
11/28/2017 RFE for new medical issued (plus another request re Supp J for employment which is clearly issued in error)
12/04/2017 RFE received in mail
12/07/2017 repeated medical exam for I-485
12/08/2017 Attorney receives documents for responding to I-485 RFE
12/21/2017 Response to RFE received by USCIS 
02/09/2018 I-485 approval (text, email) :)
02/08/2018 I-485 approval notice issued (the "welcome letter") - I'm LPR now
02/16/2018 Green card received


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Non-issue at the moment since you will be getting a new passport. I don't know if your country's passport authority will have an issue with it..but NEVER EVER ALTER a government issued document again!


CR- 1

Interview :  11/15/2016

Result: AP  (form 221 (g))

Correspondence with Embassy: Tons of emails, Facebook posts, tweets, Congressman inquiry

Complaint letter with OIG : 12/29/2016

Case dispatched to diplomatic pouch : 01/11/2017

Case dispatched from diplomatic mail service to NVC : 01/23/2017

Case arrived at NVC: 01/26/2017

NVC sent case to USCIS : 02/09/2017 (system update)

Case receive by USCIS (text & email notification): 03/07/2017


Reaffirm Petition Timeline for folks in GHANA.. Please update your information..Thank you!


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