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Filling form I-485 Traffic violation, court, community service.
12:13 am August 4, 2020


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Hi there!

I am completing all my supporting document for the form I-485. I have one question - I have been citied in 2019 I received a traffic ticket in mail. A photo of me was taken while I ran the red light ( I know big mistake, the yellow light was very short I thought I'd make it). Anyway, I then decided to go to court because the fine was $490 and I did not want to pay it - in court the judge lowered my fine to 7 hours of community service which I have completed and I did traffic school. On the "yes or no" questions on the form I-485 I have answered "yes" twice due to mentioned situation and explained it at the last page where they give us the extra space however I found this information on USCIS website (photo attached below) . Now I'm not sure If I need to mention my ticket to USCIS. And also If I do mention it is it enough just what I would put on the last page of the form as additional information or should I write a whole separate letter explain everything in more detail.

Had anyone had similar experience?

Thanks for all the help!

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When is the latest I should be coming back to USA?
1:14 pm July 26, 2020



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I went to Poland, my home country since Nov 20, 2019. I was planning to come back earlier but due to COVID I am still here. COVID in USA is still pretty bad and I want I would like to stay here longer. I know that the hard deadline is one year, but it's better not to cross 6 month mark.

I have a conditional green card (two year one) and I will need to renew it by 08/12/2021.

On 22th of June I started working remotely for the US company (because of COVID all company works remotely)

When I come back I will also need to file for the divorce.

What is your advice for the latest I should be coming back to USA?

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Pending I-751 and Divorce
1:29 pm July 22, 2020



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September 2019, my husband and I filed jointly. February 2020, my husband decided that he was done (we had some marital issues that were irreconcilable). I filed for divorce in March and just yesterday, we found out the court hearing date. Now, my question is, when I hire an immigration lawyer to change it to divorce waiver, will I have to send marital evidence from the start of our marriage? Or will evidence accumulated after we filed in September be enough? Just trying to prepare myself mentally.

Thank you.

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Husbands (sponsor's) 2019 income and amended tax (form I-864)
3:12 am July 22, 2020


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Hi! Me and husband (US citizen) are applying for marriage based green card for myself. We have a question about the form I-864 affidavit of support.

His income and tax transcripts for the past three years are a little complicated but his current job/income is highly capable of supporting both of us. His income at the moment is more than twice the poverty guideline for this year. My doubt and question I have is "Will the USCIS consider my husband's current income to influence the approval of my adjustment of status even if he started this job in April 2020?" (It is a Permanent Federal Job and is stated on a Federal Document. (Standard Form - 50). He has been in the military for the last 5 years but not active.

Also my husband's taxes were not filed correctly in the latest tax year 2019. The IRS transcript reports lower than the poverty guideline of 2019. But he recently amended them and we will include evidence of the signed 1040X with all supporting documents needed to have the tax file fixed. The amended tax file is short $200 from the 2019 poverty guideline. Will that affect the process in this case?

We spoke to lawyer and she offered $1000 fee to take care of this form for us, she says that it needs a well written letter to explain the situation. We were thinking if we could do it ourselves..

Also is providing the last 3 years of taxes mandatory in our circumstances?

We really appreciate all the help! Thank you!

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COVID naturalization
1:11 pm June 30, 2020


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Hello everyone. I applied for naturalization in MA, and still waiting for some information from USCIS. Can you share your COVID naturalization situation, please?

My timeline: Boston, MA

- January 2020 applied

- February 2020 got biometrics

And now is still waiting for interview.

I hope everyone is healthy and safe!

I know, that in some states waiting time a year or so, but in general in New England it took about 5 months before COVID.

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