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Spouse has Green Card after successful AOS from B2 - is there any chance her family could visit her in the USA?
12:36 am March 11, 2020


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My spouse has had a conditional green card for some time now and after visiting her home country of Poland a few times, her family wants to visit us here in the US and see her world.

Her family has some strong ties to Poland. They all have paid-off homes there, careers there, and some are studying there... but I continuously here it's basically impossible after someone used a B2 and ended up as an immigrant.

Is there any chance at all? Besides the heartbreak at the airport, we don't have the money to throw at so many journies to the USA that immediately get turned around...

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Request for initial evidence ....
10:17 pm March 9, 2020



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Just received letter in mail from USCIS requesting 'a complete Federal income tax return submitted to IRS for most recent tax year.' In our AOS package I-485 we submitted last 3 years transcripts for '16'17'18/ I am assuming they need actual copy of the return that was send to IRS for 2018 not a transcript? we haven't filled for '19 as of yet. Correct me if I'm wrong please.


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What is the current NVC rejected document wait time
2:26 pm March 7, 2020

Sean james

Sean james

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I recently submitted all my documents to NVC and upon submitting these documents I realized that I had pages 8-10 twice in my police report replacing pages 5-6, which will be a obvious rejection once reviewed. I m just trying to forecast how long it will take for them to review my documents once I uploaded the correct version ?

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AOS: How do we find out which office?
9:53 am February 26, 2020

David and Anna

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A basic question, I've done a bit of googling and searching but haven't yet found the answer I need...thus posting here looking for help...


We have applied for a K-1. We expect she will be in the USA and we will marry in late 2020. We have not yet decided where to live. We are looking at several states. One leading place is near Jackson, Wyoming. But we may end up in Phoenix, or Idaho Falls, or Salt Lake City. Given that proximity to work/family/school is not a factor for us, one factor that will weigh a bit in our decision is knowing how long each of those locations would take for getting her Green Card and also how far the applicable office is for us to drive for biometrics and interviews (for example, if we choose Jackson, WY, there are no offices in Wyoming). We aren't sure how many trips getting the AP/EAD/GC will even take...


1. Does the application go to a national center first and then they send it to a field office?

2. Can the applicant specify which field office they want to visit for the AOS/AP/EAD interviews/biometrics/etc?

3. If the answer to 2 is "no", then how and when do we find out which office will end up with our application?

4. Is there a table/chart/official guide that specifies if you live in "X" that your office will be "ABC"?

5. How many times do you have to visit the actual field office or some other facility to get all three of the AP/EAD/GC?

Thank you for your help!


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AOS fee still “ in process” after almost a month
4:10 am February 22, 2020

Sean james

Sean james

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