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The impact of the Supreme Court ruling on a same-sex K1
8:17 am yesterday


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Hey all,

The recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade definitely brought in new concerns for same-sex couples in the US, with Clarence Thomas stating he feels Obergefell should be revisited.

I'm currently a few months into waiting for the second stage of the K1 process with my wonderful same-sex partner, but the entire path to immigration and to getting a green card will still take years.

How safe are we? Is it even possible to theorize about what could go wrong here?

Thanks for all the answers

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Traveling with GC Extension, expired passport (with I-551 stamp) and a passport from another country.
1:22 pm June 24, 2022



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Hi everyone,

First of all, Happy Friday! Since my situation involves GC extension (removing CR1 condition), I thought this will be a good place to post it.

We are planning vacations in Mexico later this year but in the meantime: 1) My Polish passport (where I have my CR1 stamp) will expire, 2) My 2 year Conditional Green Card will expire and I will apply to remove the condition.

My understanding is that upon applying to remove the condition, a receipt is sent which serves as a 1 year (or similar) extension of the green card.

Question: Since I have a dual citizenship (Polish and Irish), will I be able to travel on my Irish passport (since the Polish one will be expired) and return back to the US with the Irish passport and GC + extension? In short, does it matter which passport has the initial I-551 stamp and if I can travel on another passport + GC (+ extension).

Perhaps some has had a similar experience - I will appreciate any information :)

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My Interview was schedule
12:27 am June 8, 2022



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Hi Guys,

My interview was Schedule on May 25 and everything went well, Officer said that you will get your CPR on your address when he will approve. My status is still showing Interview was Schedule and haven`t updated yet. Anyone else having having same thing going on ?

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COVID-19 and interview
10:36 pm April 27, 2022


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Can someone please tell me if they ask for any extra proof of vaccinations on the interview to remove conditions?

I am about to go to the interview so I started watching these videos and one lawyer says that green card applicants have to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 is that true?

Thank you for your help.

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Married Over 2 Years at time of AOS - Permanent Green Card Question
9:54 pm April 18, 2022


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My wife and I were married back in October 2019 on a K1 visa. We filed for our AOS that month and finally had our interview last week (2.5 years after marriage). She received her Green Card today and it expires in 2 years. I thought that since we were married for more than 2 years at the time of her AOS that she would have received her 10 year green card. Was this an error by USCIS?

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