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US Immigration from Poland

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7:44 pm September 26, 2019


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Hey guys. I am at the moment waiting for a letter from USCIS with the scheduled date for my upcoming Green Card interview. My office is in Atlanta, GA.

Is there any if you guys that recently went through an interview and want to share your experience?

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I-864 in case of 2 jobs
5:06 pm August 15, 2019



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Hello everyone!
Me and my husband are a bit confused what to put in question 7 part 5 on I-864 "my current individual income is".
He was working till July on one job, then he quit it and next day started another job. On first job he got paid a bit less than on second one. Should we provide his current job annual salary or should we partially take a salaries from 2 jobs. Lets say he was doing on first job $80K and worked there for 6 months, and on new job he is doing $120K. Should we put $120K since it's his new salary or 80/2 (for 6 months) + 120/2 (for another 6 months) = $100K.
Thanks a lot in advance .

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Visa K1 Dublin interview
9:01 am August 7, 2019


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Has anyone recently scheduled interview in Dublin? How long have you waited for interview from sending notice of readiness?

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Visa not approved
1:52 pm July 28, 2019


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Hi everyone,

I'm heartbroken! Last Thursday my son tourist visa wasn't approved. He is 23, just finished his study and we wanted to fly together to US. I'm the K 1 visa holder. We were planning to go to US at the end of August and now what.... The main reason he was denied was not enough strong bonds with country what they said. He doesn't want to stay, he said that and more this trip was going to be vacation time and my wedding. Nope, no way! They know better. Now, due to the fact, when he can try again? If he find a job in here will be enough? I start to think that the main reason he was denied is my moving to US... We did everything right with that, and now I feel it is the main factor that the embassy doesn't want approve my son's visa. I heard about one man whose mom lives in US and he couldn't visit her, his visa was denied 10 times. That s crazy ?

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NVC and interview
12:17 pm July 25, 2019


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I have to admit i suck with finding stuff on this forum ( I m special )

my question is who schedule the interview? Me or NVC?

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