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US Immigration from Poland

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Visa Priority: Resident or Non-Resident
3:23 pm May 24, 2021



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We're doing a K-1 Visa, and we're at the stage where we about to setup an Interview appointment at the US Embassy. Before we can view the calendar for available dates, the website asks us for our "Visa Priority", with the options being "Resident" and "Non-Resident."

Anyone know what the proper selection would be?

If it matters, this is for Poland and I'm a U.S. Citizen living and working in the US.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I-864 - Household size automatically filled ??
9:11 am May 9, 2021


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Hi everyone!

What should we do if in the official I-864 form the household size is automatically filled as "1", screenshot below. It's impossible to change. Can we just fix it with a pen?? Do you think that's allowed?

If not, does anyone have a copy of the pdf without pre-filled household size?? Thank you!


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Transiting through Heathrow process
6:13 pm April 22, 2021


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Is there someone here who transited through Heathrow from the US to Europe recently? I know I have to have a valid Covid test to board the plane in the US but I wonder if the rapid test is ok. I also cannot quite figure out what happens if I have to go through immigration in London. I want to fly AA but then switch to a different airline while in London Heathrow. I have done it before and I always had to get the boarding pass for the Europe flight in London airport, not in the US. That's why I think they will make me go through the immigration. Any experiences will be appreciated!

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EAD after AoS from K-1: Does the EAD have a date/term?
3:37 pm April 9, 2021

David and Anna

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My state is requiring an "official immigration related document" that shows a "term/expiration date" in order to give my wife (a K-1 who has filed for AoS) a driver's license.

The I-797 from AoS does not have any date on it, so they will not accept that.

My next hope for getting her a license before the GC shows up over a year from now, is that *maybe* the EAD will have a term/expiration date on it when we get that later this year?

Can someone that got their EAD post a picture of any term/date on it? (black out your personal info of course).

Thank you so much!

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I-864 when working abroad
4:32 pm March 28, 2021


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Hi !

My husband (the petitioner) and I both live and work in Europe. We are at the NVC stage and my dad in law who lives in the US is our joint sponsor.

Question about I-864 (for the petitioner), part 6 item 7 & 20: if my husband's job won't continue after moving back to the states, what does he have to put in "My current individual annual income is...", is it $0?

Also does he have to fill out the employment information part 6, item 1-6?

Thank you for your help!

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