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US Immigration from Poland

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6:31 pm


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Hi everyone!

I'm so happy I found this place. I have so much anxieties about all this process. I'm waiting now for my fiance to fill the petition and than we start counting days. I'm sending all of those who are already waiting good vibes and thank you in advance for your support. Greetings from Poland, Lila

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Green Card Interview
3:57 pm


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Hi, we are in final stages of green card process for my Fiance (now wife). We got scheduled for interview next month.

It says in the letter to bring an interpreter to the interivew if English is not fluent.

Does anybody know what are guidelines for that? Who could be the interpreter? Can i bring a friend of family member with us?

Thanks for any input.

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Passport Issue with CEAC
8:52 am


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I m hoping someone can give me some advice.

I am in the final stages at the NVC for a CR1 visa for my Spouse. I submitted all the documents as of Oct 25th and they finally got to reviewing them yesterday (Nov 2). However, I got an email from CEAC to check my messages. So I logged in to see that they are requesting a document - our joint sponsors proof of citizenship. I already uploaded a good quality copy of the biographical page which is required. So I m don t know why they are asking for that. Everything else has been accepted. Moreover, there s no error code or message next to the document they are asking to replace or upload so I don t even know it there is an issue.

I called NVC twice and both operators new nothing. One asked me to add a note to the file I already uploaded. Which after hanging up and trying I realized I can not do since I ve already submitted. They both had no idea why they never even looked at the passport. ?

The second operator said she could refer me to a supervisor to review but that might take an additional 6 weeks! Or she said I can upload the passport again and that can take another 3 weeks.

Has this happened to anyone? I m not sure how to proceed. Should I upload the documents again under supporting? I m afraid to mess anything up.


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New Policy: Marriage and Living in Marital Union Requirements for Naturalization
11:17 pm


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I hope the thread was not created regarding this matter yet. I couldn't find it, so I'm posting.

On October 12 new policy was issued. I am a bit confused on the meaning for this document. Can anybody advise? Is my understanding- you have to remain married to USC spouse (even if abusive/ other abnormal circumstances) until the day after naturalization- in order to be eligible? Please let me know your thoughts.



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Name Change at POE
6:05 pm


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I remember reading it o VJ months ago but I can't seem to find that topic now (nor the person who wrote it...)

Anyway, so it was said back then that at the POE you can ask CBP officer to change your maiden name on the paperwork to your married name so that the SSN and Green Card will come on your married name.

Is this true? Supposedly his wife did it.



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