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Personal Protection Order and I 751
1:50 pm January 19, 2019


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Hello, I'm new here. My spouse and I are in the process of filing for removal of conditions. Our relationship at times has been stormy, but looking back the majority of the time has been good and I care for him very much. That being said there was, unfortunately, a dark time in our lives and I filed for a PPO and it was granted. The police had come to the house and asked us to calm down and think things over. I dropped charges, so there is no record other than they were at the home. Later the argument continued an that's when I went to the courthouse and filed for a restraining order, which was granted. He did move out of the home and let USCIS now that he had moved. At the hearing, I terminated the PPO and we went to counseling (which was short-lived). All total, we lived separately from one another for approximately a month. Upon moving back home, he informed USCIS about the change of address again. Again, it was a bad time in our lives, but there have been no major conflicts now for a year.

My question is, do I need to check yes on page 2, part 1, question 20? I spoke to several lawyers who offered free consultation calls and they all have conflicting views. One said it was a civil offense so no need, another said I do not need to check yes, but I do need to inform there was an address change, another said there could be complications, and another said that it would show up in a database when biometrics were performed but they suggested not mentioning the address change. This is an embarrassing topic and one I wish never happened, but did. I believe my marriage can be good, so I'm continuing on my journey, but need advice from those in the form. Thank you for any advice you may give.

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can not sign up with new user
9:22 pm January 10, 2019


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hello a friend of mine is trying to sign up but she never got the confirmation email. tried couple of times and it only goes to the check your email page? any advice?

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3:44 am December 17, 2018

gerald chasteen

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does the visa journey website offer the G1145 form to download, or do i need to use 1 of the pay sites?

thank you

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USCIS Scheduled our Interview in the Wrong State
8:50 pm November 17, 2018


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Hello Fellow immigration community,

My wife (beneficiary) and I (US Citizen - petitioner) filed our adjustment of status papers in May 2017. After 18 months of waiting, we finally received our interview notice. YAY!! Only problem, the interview is scheduled in Houston, TX, we live in Chicago, IL. The letter was sent to our old address in Texas and forwarded to our current address. We notified the USCIS immediately after moving (this was months ago). We received confirmation of the address change and even for precautionary measures we called to USCIS and had them confirm they had the updated address. Everything seemed like it was transferred properly until yesterday, we received our interview notice for Houston. WTH!!

Any advice in what we can do? We would happily take the interview in Houston if it's possible, but would the USCIS even allow this?

We are planning to call Monday morning to sort this out, but this is a major headache!! In the mean time we also scheduled an INFOPASS appointment in St. Louis since it's impossible to get one in Chicago, but will they even be able to help us out?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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6:31 pm November 11, 2018


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Hi everyone!

I'm so happy I found this place. I have so much anxieties about all this process. I'm waiting now for my fiance to fill the petition and than we start counting days. I'm sending all of those who are already waiting good vibes and thank you in advance for your support. Greetings from Poland, Lila

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