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US Immigration from Poland

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Any Pennsylvania recent immigrants getting drivers licenses here?
8:56 pm June 5, 2024

Sam Burns

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Looking through the process to go from driving here for a year on your original home country license to a US license just seems so crazy. Do we really have to get a physical, an eye test, a learners permit etc? Has anyone done this recently? Was this your experience too or am I being fed wrong information?

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Petitioning Both Parents - I-130 Approved
1:31 pm May 21, 2024



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Both of my parents are in the USA and both have the work permits.

I know these things take time but yesterday my I-130 form was approved.

Does that mean that they will hopefully soon start looking into my parents' files?

Thank you.

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Filing a 400 while waiting for 751 renewal?
12:17 am May 7, 2024



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Hello everyone, I'm more than a little confused and am hoping for some advice. My wife (Polish) and I were married in July of '21. We received her green card in January '22, and it expired in January of '24. We applied for renewal in October of 2023 (90 days before expiration) and have yet to hear anything besides the initial receipt and extension. I guess I misunderstood the situation regarding the three year rule of spouses, and realized just now that she can apply for citizenship in July of this year rather than next October (90 days before the next scheduled expiration). My question is, are you allowed to file for citizenship pending a LPR renewal? Is there any special process or filing avenue to take for this, is it even allowed? Thanks a lot, David.

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Fiancé is deployed and has no permanent place/address
10:03 pm February 6, 2024



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Hello! I'm the beneficiary of the K-1 Visa and will have my medical exam and interview next month. My Fiance is out on deployment currently. We sent out the papers to the USCIS while he was still residing in his old apartment and provided that address as the place where I would be staying with him. The issue here is my fiance no longer resides in that apartment (he'll be getting a new one). I've already filled out the DS-160 form with the same address. Will this be a problem?

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K1 married but have not filed AoS. Good to fly?
4:41 am January 30, 2024


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We're approaching the end of our 90 days on the K-1. We have AoS prepared, but have not yet sent it. We have plans to see family that involve flying after the 90 days have ended, but possibly before we get any response regarding our AoS filing.

Does going through TSA pose a risk if we've already filed AoS but have no confirmation?
We assume going through TSA before filing but after the 90 days is wildly dangerous?

Thread with similar circumstances that has us worried below:

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