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US Immigration from Ghana

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Can I get a US passport with immigrant visa ?
9:15 am today



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My son arrived in the country almost a month ago with an immigrant visa and am a us citizen. My son has been enrolled in one of the Elemantary schools in my city. My question is can I apply a US passport for him with his immigrant visa since I don t know when the actual green card will be in the mail ?

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Filing DS-260
5:29 pm yesterday



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Please I m about to start with my ds260 form. Please after filling and submitting the form, does the uploading of civil documents automatically opens for you or I will have to wait for NVC to approve my ds260 before the civil d documents section opens?

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About petition
12:27 am yesterday



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Please how will you know that different applicants were filed separately? I mean if everyone has her case number does it mean our petitions were filed separately? And we want get interviews dates together?

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What documents are needed at IR5 visa interview
8:38 pm July 21, 2021



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Hello everyone.

I just submitted the required documents at NVC and I would like to know what kind of document my mom will need to present at her interview. I'm sending her my Tax transcript, copies of my birth certificate, naturalization certificate, and few other documents. I want to know if she has to have my siblings birth certificate as well?

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N400 Interview
5:27 am July 19, 2021



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Hi everyone.

I have my citizenship interview next week but I am wondering what documents to take to my interview. Also, should my husband accompany me to the interview? Any positive idea or answers will be appreciated.

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