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US Immigration from Ghana

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Preparing for IR1 Interview
10:41 pm September 27, 2023


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Does anyone know how much is the medical exam at Holy Trinity in Accra, Ghana? Getting an answer is like pulling teeth. I messaged them on Facebook but no response as of yet.

Thank you,


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Need Police Clearance for K1 interview, but process delayed up to 6 months
12:44 pm September 26, 2023


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Hi everyone, so my fiance and are in the process of gathering everything we need for the K1 interview. Our I129-F was approved September the 12th 2023. We just want to gather all the the documents we need, while it's getting to the NVC, and then to the Embassy.

Here's the situation: My fiance is from Ghana, but stayed in Cuba for about 5 years to study medicine. He reached out to the embassy of Cuba in Ghana. To get a police clearance for the time he was in Cuba, they responded back to him via email stating that the process is delayed up to 6 months and it's not guaranteed that it'll be ready before that time, due to the channel for obtaining documents are not working. Does anyone know how we go about this situation If the interview comes sooner than the police clearance? He still reaching out two different ones to try to get in touch with someone who can of possible help.

I have attached the email from the embassy below. Thank you for any response in advance.


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11:42 am September 24, 2023


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Hey guys , please I have a question . If The date on my visa expiration is December 1st 2023, can I leave to the US on the 21st of November 2023?
please is it allowed ? That s leaving 10 days to the expiration of my visa

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Help trying to reschedule our interview
7:14 pm September 2, 2023



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So we had to reschedule our interview and we contacted them by email they returned an email to us to reschedule but in the portal after I fill out all the information is says case not found what can I do or what's it mean I'm worried please help

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Case changed from f24 to F11
11:13 pm August 26, 2023



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Dear friends,

I went for an interview on August 22 2023 and was refused by the consular on the bases of not providing enough evidence. I was asked to do another DNA even though I submitted evidence of a DNA report done at the USCIS stage to the consular. I have complied to the directive given by the consular and in the process of doing another DNA test however, I just noticed that my visa category has changed from f24 to f11 although I'm 20 days short for my priority date to become current in this visa class(f11). Do I have to send the embassy an email to opt out of the current conversion or wait to finish the DNA testing process. Your expert advice, experiences and views are much appreciated.

Regards, mka44

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