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US Immigration from Ghana

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I-130 Form Questions (split topic)
4:01 am yesterday

Kelly Sekyi

Kelly Sekyi

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I also question those 3 questions on the I 130 they ask for religious, school and census documents to be uploaded but for who? Me the petitioner or my husband the beneficiary? They don t have census their. Last question can we skip this part without getting denied? I feel like it s there and they want an answer for these.

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Bringing Widowed Mom to the US
12:01 am August 5, 2022



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Hello guys so I am a US citizen and filing for my mom.She s been a widow for about 9 years now. She never remarried and was married to my late dad for close to 30 years. She has no idea where their marriage certificate is.They actually never had one because it was a normal traditional wedding. Neither does she know where the current death certificate of the late husband is. What can I do? Im at the NVC stage and they asked for divorce or death certificate. How can I get one from Ghana?

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How can I file for my citizenship after I and my wife separated for 2years
12:00 am July 31, 2022

agya kwasi

Agya kwasi

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I'm a green card holder, my wife is America citizen, we marry since 2015, we separated 2019, we haven't divorced, we are still mr. & misses, but we live in different state. can I file for my USA citizenship with her or.

i have been in America for 4 years 6months now.

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10:43 am July 28, 2022



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Good morning everyone, so my fiance I have filed a k1 and it's in the 8th month since noa 1.

She has menorrhagia that's excessive bleeding during her cycle and this has always caused her to be severely anemic.

She has got medical reports that Indicates fibroids that needs to be surgically removed and that would mean she would need months to recover from the surgery.

So my question is can we expedite our case based on that, since she would need my support in taking care of the house while she recovers.

If yes how do we get this started?. We need your support guys. Thank you all.

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F4 Documentarily qualified
4:06 pm July 26, 2022



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I have been documentarily qualified since November 2019 for F4. anybody has an idea on interview appointments.

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