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US Immigration from Ghana

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I-751 Mailing Envelope
7:17 am today


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Hi Everyone !

Just being curious. Must I send my I-751 application/ document with any envelope like from Staples or just only the post office ones (Usps, Ups, Fedex etc).

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RFE after N400 interview
1:06 pm yesterday

Mrs Antwi

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How long does it take to hear from USCIS after submission of RFE documents on an N400 application after interview ?

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I-751/ Change Of Address
7:26 am yesterday


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Hi Everyone

Am a bit worried now. I will be sending out my I-751 packages in few days from now but I just read about changing address 10days after you move to a new address with USCIS. Meanwhile, I didn't know about that although I received the notification to for I-751 filing from USCIS to my new address because I have usps informed delivery setup.

Now, after reading about changing address, I tried doing it immediately online and also receive a confirmation from USCIS to my email, will that be an issue when uscis receive my I-751 package since I didn't change that 10days after I have moved.

Please everyone here, I need an answer.

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What does a completed I-130 Packet look like?
5:40 am yesterday


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Hi All!

My husband Vincent and I got married in 2016 in Accra after a denied K1. I've done A LOT of traveling back and forth to Ghana over the past couple of years, and we're now trying to get pregnant, so it's past time that we begin our "VisaJourney" again--this time with a spousal visa petition.

The K1 was denied because they believed our relationship wasn't bona fide. In my last petition, I sent in the bare minimum of what was needed, and then worked really hard on making sure Vincent was ready for the interview with the photos, chats, etc. That obviously didn't work for whatever reason, so this time I'm wanting to front-load and see if that helps any.

I have a flimsy 3-ring notebook that is organized into 5 sections:

1. Essentials--cover letter, money order, G-1145, and I-130

2. Petitioner/Beneficiary Documents--copy of my passport, two passport photos of me, I-130A, passport photos for Vincent, marriage certificate

3. Whatsapp Chats--I plan on picking 3 conversations from each month, for as far as I can go back

4. Photos--I have about 200 photos of before we were married, our marriage ceremony, and us traveling around Ghana with both mine and his family

5. Witness Statements--Notarized statements from my sister and 4 friends here in the US that have either met Vincent in person, or have at least talked to him on the phone

Does this look okay? Anything else you think I should add, like financial documents? We don't own any property together and our finances aren't really mingled like they would be if we actually lived together. Should I add in my personal income stuff to the front-load? I make the 125% above the poverty level required and I read on VJ that NVC will send a letter to me requesting this info, but not sure if I should go ahead and add it in since, well, it's Ghana...

Thanks for all the posts and everyone's help! This forum was great in the past and can't wait to be involved again!


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Documents to Interview
6:55 pm January 19, 2019


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This question is for all who have been approved for a interview in Ghana what documents did you have to bring to the interview and what documents did the CO ask for ?

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