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US Immigration from Ghana

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Still on AP after submitted requested docs.
5:48 am October 15, 2019



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Hello everyone, please need help to clear my mind. It been two weeks and some days when my husband submitted his 1 864 after his interview on 7th October they update it and it sill shows AP. Since then nothing else. Does anybody knows what it means or they they still doing background checks or what. This is so hard, missing your love once and u can t get answers

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Travelling on 18months extension letter with expired GC
1:18 am October 15, 2019



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Hello guys !

I have an important question. Although have seen similar questions from other forum but still confused with the different answers. My question is, can I travel outside US in December with my 18months extension letter and my expired GC or do I need to get my passport stamped at my local USCIS.

Please, anyone with recent travel experience on this. I will appreciate any positive response.

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Processing time concern (Split)
9:03 am October 13, 2019


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My case has being in Nebraska Service Center since last year December, we filed on 24 December 2018 and received the notice 28th December 2018, Absolutely we haven t heard anything from them or receive a mail from them, it really bad and hurting to the citizens of America, because It is destroying life of kids and break family s. this never happen in any country apart from America. so what do the citizens enjoy in the right of their marriage ??

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7:29 pm October 11, 2019



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My case was sent back to USCIS in 2015 ,at the USA embassy in Accra....thank God my case has been reaffirm...the embassy call me to pick the evidence my wife submitted to USCIS at DHL...can someone tell me why

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Still on AP after submitted required affidavit
9:15 pm October 10, 2019



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Hi everyone please just want to know if anybody is going through this tough process. So my husband went for his interview on 12 September and CO requested affidavit of support we have submitted it for two weeks now but ceac did update it on the 7 October but still on AP. They gave him a paper for pick up within two weeks but two weeks now still on AP. Don t know wat to do. Anybody in similar situation.

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