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US Immigration from Ghana

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Info Pass Appointment
11:18 pm


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Has anyone in the States gone for a info Pass appointment? Just wondering what they will ask, what to bring to appointment, etc...

Going due to husband being denied 3 years ago. (CR-1)

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Urgent: Need help on a situation!!
10:21 pm


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Hello I have a question about an issue. I have a friend who came to the United States on a student visa. During the time of the student visa my friend got married but the spouse never submitted for the adjustment of the alien spouse. Alien spouse never got a green card or any papers submitted on their behalf. They have since separated and are starting the divorce process. Questions:

1. What would the alien relative need to do to be able to get a green card?

2. Is getting a green card still an option?

3. Would the alien have to apply for green card prior to divorce?

4. Since student visa is expired what is the process?

5. Can you give me a link or guide me in the correct direction to help?

Thank you for any input or suggestions it is much appreciated!!!

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7:27 pm

Ben fordjour

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Please anyone with an experience on how to reschedule immigrate visa interview appointment

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6:56 pm

Vic D

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Yesterday I went for medicals and today been called by Akai clinic that the doctor wants to see me hmm am confused and funny am lil scared for what reason doc needs me back?

Any one experience same before?

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Expired Police Clearance
10:45 am


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What happens if your police clearance expires during AP? Will the CO request for a new one?

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