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  1. Where is Roel?

    1. Cryssiekins


      Right?  I was just thinking the same thing!  

  2. Guess that rule is different for each embassy.
  3. Yes. Moving to the US on ESTA with intent to adjust status is immigration fraud. It's a big no-no. You clearly have an immigrant intent, hence it would be a fraud.
  4. Just curious what you mean by that. You could have applied for the spouse visa year before his PCS date, just go with your lives as usual and the spouse visa would be ready by now. Your job doesn't really come into this.
  5. Well, if you're short on time then you'll have to stay behind in Italy when your partner goes back to the US. There is only so much you can do and immigration process is not fast. At the end of the day you can blame yourself for not starting this process earlier - knowing that your partner's time in Italy will end after 3 years.
  6. Unfortunately probably everyone gets stressed by going to the Embassy, so yeah, no exemptions there. Applying for new B2 visa and renewing old existing visa are two different things.
  7. 1. Wealthy family is not a tie. 2. I'm sure Embassy can accommodate someone on the wheelchair. 3. Your mom's sister needs to suck it up and go to the embassy for her interview. No exemptions.
  8. You want to lie to immigration and play games, that's on you. Don't get upset when they find out - and they can even revoke your future green card for lying. If you already know all the answers, why did you come here for?
  9. Your son doesn't have to be in the interview. Leave him outside with your mother in law.
  10. As for the documents you will need in the US - you can get married with just having your passport. But when you're immigration, take everything you have - medical documentation, birth certificate, etc, etc.
  11. I'm sorry but I have to laugh - why would you think you can use F1 visa for ONLINE COLLEGE. Lol.
  12. Get married in Italy while he is still there and apply for spouse visa instead. So much better option than K1 right now. Forget it. I think Italy is doing DCF - which is faster way than regular spouse visa. And since your future spouse is in military, he would qualify. You should contact nearest US consulate/embassy and ask them about Direct Consular Filling. It will still take few months to process but that's better than 12 months of spouse visa. No, there are no immigration benefits for marrying US soldier. Someone here did DCF in Italy
  13. What kind of job a 70 year old woman have? Honestly sounds like she had more ties to the US. It would be very easy for her to just use b2 Visa to remain in the US. Reapplying will probably have same results.
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