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US Immigration from Cyprus

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I need help with the K1 visa process!
7:41 pm June 24, 2020


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Hello, everyone! I'm new so excuse my lack of knowledge on how this whole thing works... My fianc , Cameron, and I are trying to do this whole k1 process by ourselves. We want to save as much money as possible, so we are looking for answers outside of lawyers.

We already have the i-129f form, of course, but we are also going to have my mom help sponsor him with me. We've looked around and found the i-864a/ i-864 forms and then the i-134 form. We are kinda confused on what steps to take and which forms we need and how and when to mail them.

Any help would be great! Thank you so much! ?

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Wife Asking for Social Security Number - Is this ok?
7:22 pm June 7, 2020

Madufor Uzoma A

Madufor Uzoma A

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please can someone advice me my wife came and ask for my social security number for her to use and file her tax is it proper and more over i have not started working is it something that will affect me in the future thanks to you all

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Green card
3:02 am April 6, 2020

Madufor Uzoma A

Madufor Uzoma A

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Good day every one can someone please tell me how Long green card stay upon arrival to the US? I came into the US on the 16th of February 2020 when am i to collect my green card my status is spouse visa cr1 upon arrival they stamped me in as IR1. Stay safe at this critical time may God bless and protect you all waiting for your response

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Filing Taxes for 2019
1:47 pm January 17, 2020


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Hey yall! My husband arrived in the US on 12/15/2019. We got married on 12/27/2019. He doesn't have his social yet (we've been trying but immigration is still pending on our application). How am I to file my taxes since he hasn't worked? Do I even include him?

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does medicals expires after visa is been issued
2:31 pm December 7, 2019

Madufor Uzoma A

Madufor Uzoma A

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hello pals how are you all doing just want a little advice i did my medicals on the September 2019 and my visa is been issued and i want to be in the US by February 2020, does medical expires i learnt it do expire in 6 months time, if it expires can i still enter the US without any issues ?

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