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Green card
12:03 pm October 11, 2020

Madufor Uzoma A

Madufor Uzoma A

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Hello every one please I have little issues now my gc is supposed to be send to the address I provided that's my wife'shouse but the hurricane distroyed it now she is using her mail box at the post office. On my status yesterday I check they said my address was not correct they are sending my gc back to uscis. At first they never gave me a tracking number but a the status a tracking number was issued.

( On October 9th 2020 the post office reported that they are returning your new card for receipt number... ....... To us we mailed your card to the address you gave us but the post office did not deliver it) what am I suppose to do now someone should help

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Building Credit with Work Only SSN??
1:27 am August 17, 2020


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Hello!! My husband @osally1 just received his "valid for work only with DHS authorization" SSN card in the mail. We've yet to receive the the EAD due to not having our biometrics. Would he be able to get his driver's license with it? Is he able to open a bank account with it? Can he apply for a credit card-- primarily secured credit card?

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Green Card for How Many Years? [split topic]
12:35 am August 13, 2020

Madufor Uzoma A

Madufor Uzoma A

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21 hours ago, Troy B said:

And the IR-1 indicates you should be getting a 10-year green card, representing that you have been married for more then 2 years.

Sounds like you are saying they did not write/stamp a date on your i-551 stamp?

If that is the case, and you are interested in leaving the country before June 2021, you might want go back the airport and have then add the date (or a new stamp & date). I would think that would be less stressful to do when you are in the country, vs trying to come back here.

hello i was given a cr1 visa i got married to a usc 15th feb 2018 and i entered the US 16th feb 2020 how many years green card do you expect they will issue me thanks in advance

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I need help with the K1 visa process!
7:41 pm June 24, 2020


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Hello, everyone! I'm new so excuse my lack of knowledge on how this whole thing works... My fianc , Cameron, and I are trying to do this whole k1 process by ourselves. We want to save as much money as possible, so we are looking for answers outside of lawyers.

We already have the i-129f form, of course, but we are also going to have my mom help sponsor him with me. We've looked around and found the i-864a/ i-864 forms and then the i-134 form. We are kinda confused on what steps to take and which forms we need and how and when to mail them.

Any help would be great! Thank you so much! ?

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Wife Asking for Social Security Number - Is this ok?
7:22 pm June 7, 2020

Madufor Uzoma A

Madufor Uzoma A

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please can someone advice me my wife came and ask for my social security number for her to use and file her tax is it proper and more over i have not started working is it something that will affect me in the future thanks to you all

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