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NVC process
1:41 pm today



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I received my NOA I-797 form approving my I-129F fiance visa on 8/21/19

Never heard a word from the NVC until I emailed them on 10/1/19 and they gave me a case number which apparently they had on 9/13/19 but I never received any notification by mail or email.

I've seen a few options on the next step, I work 60+ hours a week and have no attorney so my research time is limited. The process on this site claims I need my fiance to fill out a DS-260 form, but she thinks it's a DS-160 form. The NVC never gave me a invoice ID number either so I can't even fill out the DS-260 or pay or anything that will keep this process moving.

What is the next step? Thanks

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Last question I hope, Please help.
12:29 am yesterday

Joseph V

Joseph V

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Hello everyone just 2 quick questions before I print everything.
1- My fiancee only has to sign the letter of intent right?
2- Address for USCIS should be the P.O Box even if the type of mail package i use is receipt request / delivery confirmation ?


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Health Insurance Options - Alternatives that wont be marked as "Public Charge"
3:25 pm October 11, 2019



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Greetings Everyone,

We are currently doing the AOS process and like everyone else, have been listening to the changes being implemented by the current administration, specifically the "public charge/health insurance" news.

My now wife was visiting me here in the states with a Tourist Visa and I decided when she was here that I did not want to be apart from her any longer. Long story short, I proposed, she said yes, we got married after a couple of months (she overstayed her visa), and then we proceeded to submit the AOS paperwork. I know if it the documents filing came prior to October 15th, technically we will not have to provide proof of health insurance, yet we would like to be covered in case "something happens".

Now to the specifics, when we got married I thought I would be able to add her to my health insurance. Unfortunately, that proved to be a dead-end. We would need to take $700 from my paycheck (only income) every month to get healthcare through my healthcare plan. She is in good condition, no preexisting diseases, did her medical and everything was fine; basically we are looking insurance to cover a "big event" such as appendix operation, cancer, etc.

What options for getting her healthcare would you recommend? I have heard about short term health insurance, however, I do not know if it is even a real option.

Thank you guys for your time. Best of wishes and hang in there.

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Question on K2 visa.....entry and exit rules
1:52 am October 11, 2019



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I have a question on the K2 visa and hopefully this makes sense.....my fiancee received her K1 visa the other day along with the visas of her two minor children. We are planning on her arriving in the US sometime in December. Her oldest son would like to come to the US with her in December during his Christmas break from school but then wants to return home to finish the school year. The question is this, is it possible for a child entering on a K2 visa to leave the US and then return later. Her son would like to return to the US at a later date but wants to finish the school year in his home country.

Any assistance would be appreciated....

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Need guidance for spouse(non-US citizen)
12:59 am October 11, 2019



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I am a US citizen serving in the military. My wife and I got married in California while she was in the US with her visitor visa. She comes in and out of the US frequently to visit me. We want to start the process to get her a green card so she can live and work in the US with me. I have been confused about how to start or if she is allowed to submit paperwork while she is here on her tourist visa. I've been getting mixed information. I need help on this. Any information or similar experience will help.

Can we start that process while she is here in the US on her tourist visa?

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