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US Immigration from Colombia

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Discrepancy between CR1 (my wife) and IR2 (my stepchildren)?
1:48 pm today

Bri and Thor

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In preparing the paperwork and supporting documentation for DS-260s for herself and her minor children (my stepchildren), my wife noticed that in the NVC portal her intended visa is correctly reflected as CR1 (we have been married since January 2020, so less than 2 years) but the intended visas of the two kids both show up as IR2. Is this normal, a clerical error on the part of NVC, or...something that we should raise a question about to NVC asap?

Thank you very much for any insight or advice!

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Biometrics Appointment Never Requested
5:55 pm yesterday


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So we are currently in the waiting game the last letter we received after our RFE was accepted at the end of March was about getting my wife's immunizations and that we would take to an interview unless it was not needed and would be required to send. However looking through our process we have never been scheduled a biometrics appointment. From what I see other state this is normally done within the first few months of processing. We got married last August and submitted in September, with the accepting the fees by the end of September. The next communication was the RFE in January which took us a few months to get situated due to the legalities of adding her to my bank accounts. Anyone know if this is normal or is there a way to inquire if/when they would request it be completed?

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Visa finally approved in January 2021... but now sits in NVC
10:37 pm June 13, 2021


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Visa finally approved in January 2021... Took a year thanks to virus... but now sits in NVC for over 6 months now waiting for US embassy in Bogota, Colombia... anyone else get their interview yet with Bogota embassy? if so when was your visa approved?


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Traveling out of the country
8:48 pm June 11, 2021



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I am going back to my country for 2 weeks! My green card has my married name but my passport has my maiden name. What documents should I bring with me ?

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New address for K1 interview instructions
12:33 am June 11, 2021


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My K1 petition was sent to the embassy in Bogota, and it s now ready . My fianc moved to a new apartment in February, do I need to update the address in case the instructions are mailed to her apartment or is every thing emailed? If I do need to update it, where and how? Thanks for the help.

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