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I-864 Fecha limite para enviar evidencia
2:16 am yesterday


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Hola! Tengo una duda muy grande.

Estoy haciendo petici n de ajuste de estatus para mi esposo. Tenemos que llenar otro formulario I-864 con nuevo patrocinador, porque lamentablemente no calificamos porque mis ingresos fueron de $24,000 (somos 3 en la familia) en el 2021 mis ingresos bajaron, Anteriormente, mis ingresos fueron en el 2019 y 2020 $40,000 por cada a o. Actualmente, tengo un buen trabajo y mis ingresos van hacer mayores de 40,000. La fecha limite para enviar la informaci n de nuevo patrocinador es el 17 de septiembre. Qu sucede con la petici n de ajuste de estatus y permiso de trabajo si no podemos conseguir un patrocinador? Tenemos que volver a comenzar el proceso de zero? Habr a consecuencias negativas para mi esposo si dejamos pasar la fecha limite? Debemos de esperamos hasta que yo vuelva a llenar mis impuesto del 2022 en el 2023 y poder enviar los nuevo ingresos. Tengo una propiedad (casa) totalmente pagada, esto me puede ayudar con la I-864. Estamos preocupados. Por favor si alguien nos puede responder las preguntas. Gracias

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Que visa me conviene? según mi caso
8:07 pm June 27, 2022

Heidy Beltran

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hola buen dia!
mi caso es el siguiente: mi hijo y mi esposo son ciudadanos americanos, actualmente intent sacar visa de TURISTA Y ME LA NEGARON, yo no tengo intenciones de vivir en USA por eso opt por sacar visa de turista y no de residente , a n as fue negada, alguien podr a orientarme que visa o tramite esta m s acorde de mi perfil?

Me gustar a poder conocer la familia de mi esposo y regresar a mexico.

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Multiple visas
1:24 am June 24, 2022



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Hi all. My fianc has to go to another country for work while we are waiting for his K-1 visa. So he will be applying for another visa in a different country. When our K-1 visa is approved he will be coming here. Will this hurt our chances of being approved?

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May 2022 I-130 filers for child
8:40 pm June 22, 2022

L and E

L and E

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Hello if you've found this post. I haven't seen anything like this so I wanted to start a place where people who submitted for their children can have a place to exchange info on the process. I am filing for my stepchild who lives in Colombia currently. We filed online and our process is being "actively reviewed" at the Texas Service Center. I'll post updates in case this is helpful for people in a similar position. Hopefully theres some people out there that would like to participate in this thread! I'd love to hear if anyone has insight into whats going on regarding these cases at USCIS right now.... Cheers!

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Mother I-130 second RFE
2:29 am June 19, 2022

Joseph V

Joseph V

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On april 2021 I submitted a I-130 for my mother, then on February 2022 I received a RFE because my mother took 6 years to get me registered with my country (colombia) so on my birth certificate the registered date is about 6 years after i was born, on march 2022 I flew to Colombia to try to get as much documentation as possible but sadly at the hospital I was told that because we were from a rural town, most of the old records were lost and now everything was digital with whatever they managed to save, so I got 2 affidavits from close family friends stating that I am my mother son as well a certificate for a government daycare stating what years to what years i went there and my parent names as well, I authenticated all this and sent it back to the USCIS.

On June 15th I receive another REF saying the documents i summitted were insufficient and send me another list but now im kinda confused, It says that

"After careful review and consideration of the entire record, USCIS is re-issuing you a new RFE to give you an additional opportunity to submit new evidence, as well as to undergo voluntary DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing to establish the claimed relationship, should you wish. If you do not choose to submit new evidence or if you do not wish to participate in the optional, voluntary DNA testing, USCIS will make a final adjudicative determination based on all the evidence submitted by you to us by the deadline date. If you choose to undergo DNA testing and the laboratory is unable to mail the results to our office by the deadline date, you must still respond to this notice within the allotted time period and submit evidence from the laboratory indicating that DNA testing has been initiated. In Matter of Rehman, 27 I&N Dec. 124 (BIA 2017), the Board of Immigration Appeals (the Board) addressed late registered birth certificates. The Board provided a non-exhaustive list of factors to consider when determining whether a late registered birth certificate is sufficiently reliable proof of the parent-child relationship, including:"

does this means if we get a DNA test and the lab mail the results back to them, it will be more than enough or do i should still try to get documents from my country.

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