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US Immigration from Colombia

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Bringing sister to the USA
11:23 pm yesterday


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I am american citizen and my mom is a green card holder. We would like to bring my sister who is 32 years old. What process would take shorter, if I apply or my mom applies if that is even possible?

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Interview notification time in Colombia
12:49 am December 2, 2023



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Hi there. I ve tried to get answers to this via the forum and elsewhere to no avail.

We had to switch our application to consular filing in Bogota two months after originally filing in the US. We had to care for my wife s dying (now deceased) father.

We are five months into the process and used a US lawyer.

I am trying to find benchmarks for dates as we are renting out our house etc and trying not to have to sit by the phone waiting for our interview.

What exact things will we be notified of? Will we get notification once the case is approved and sent down here and how much notice will we get before our interview date? Weeks? Months? Days?

Will we receive ANY other notifications?


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Oath ceremony -Citizenship
10:05 pm November 29, 2023



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Does the oath ceremony notice come with your maiden name or married? Mine is with my maiden but everything else was always married name. So I m worried I will need to change the naturalization certificate :(

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K1 case sent to the embassy and says ready on CEAC but no interview to scheduled.
12:51 am November 28, 2023

John Bo

John Bo

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Hi everyone,

We got our I129F approved a month ago and now our case says ready on CEAC. I filled out the DS-160 and created the account in the ais website but I haven't be able to schedule a interview, does anyone know if the embassy is not scheduling interviews at all, when new interview dates are going to be available or how often the embassy releases new dates?


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Change of beneficiary physical address to different country- What do I need to do (if anything)?
3:06 pm November 24, 2023



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Hi All,

I ran a search for change of address for a spouse beneficiary after filing I-130 paperwork (I filed recently on 9/28/23) but most of it pertains to the petitioner change of address. My wife (beneficiary) lived and worked in China before recently moving back to her native Colombia. My address as her U.S. citizen petitioner remains the same (no need to change). Do I need to update her I-130 paperwork online to reflect her new address in Colombia? Or can it wait until the NCV stage? TIA!

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