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EAD Renewal + Apply for Advance parole
7:57 pm yesterday


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Hello my friends... I just finally got a job in a bank with my EAD card.... after finishing all the paperwork I realize that I will need to renew my card in a few months because still no interview notice yet.

When I Initially fill my case, only did: I485. I765 and I130 I didnt file advance parole, I just tough It wasn't necesary, but at this time I really dont know how long will take the proccess and may be need advance parole to travel to my country.

my question is: Can I subbmit the renewal of my EAD and submit the ADVANCE PAROLE form as well?

how is the proccess to Renew the EAD? if you have some similar experiences please share it with me.

thank you so much guys!

down here you all can see my timeline. I fill my case in Houston.

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Changing citizenship status per Social Security after passing citizenship test
12:51 pm yesterday


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My wife passed her naturalization test about a month ago and the USCIS rep administering the test said to report to the SS office to update her citizenship status. She has had her SS card for a while now. However, looking at the SS-5 I don't see anything that would update her status after just passing the test. Shouldn't we wait after the ceremony to update her status? I'm thinking she misunderstood the rep that was administering the test.


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who with recent approvals?
3:47 pm yesterday

Valery martinez

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They received my papers on June 27, I am waiting for approval. It's stress

 Is there anyone waiting for approvals since June?

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documents order for interview
9:53 pm yesterday


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We have our interview tomorrow!!!

We want to know if all documents need to be in a particular order.

Also, do you have any advice for what to expect.

Visa category IR5

US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia



Nosotros tenemos la entrevista manana!

Queremos saber si los documentos deben ser organizados en un orden en particular.

Algun consejo de que esperar...

Categoria de visa IR5

Embajada Americana en Bogota, Colombia


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Immigrant Visa Appointment Wait Time Bogota.
1:03 am yesterday

Nelson Polo

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Hi everyone I would like please to some one have the information about waiting time for the interview for immigrant visa at the Bogota, Colombia embassy

Thanks very much.

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