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  1. Brother, at this point you have gotten many comments, I understand it is quite difficult to be apart from your spouse and even more so when you have your first child on the way That said, at this point your choices are to either have her fly back to Pakistan VERY soon and have the baby there/wait with you there until the visa is issued- but be aware you would then need to do something for baby to immigrate either apply for CRBA assuming your wife is eligible to pass on citizenship or apply for immigrant visa for the baby OR she will go on to have the baby in the US and can fly to meet you after the baby is born and has been issued a passport OR you will have to be patient and endure the separation No one can predict when your visa will be issued, there is no timeline for completion of AP, your visa could be issued tomorrow assuming the embassy has everything they need or it could take weeks, months, or even years more the longest I know of someone being in AP is 7 years, of course that is by no means normal, but a long AP is possible, particularly if you are from certain areas, have any questionable education/have held questionable jobs, or if you have a common name Best you can do is try to think positively, and decide which from the options available to you and your wife would best suit your family situation
  2. I think most people just do not fill out timelines, or do not complete them accurately I would not say Pakis are worse compared to other nationalities on filling out timelines
  3. no I am pretty sure if it is on the internet is HAS to be true!
  4. for future reference, you could just report the post and ask the mods to move the post that is preferred as opposed to asking the op to make a duplicate post
  5. your flag says Oman, you are asking about Pakistan Can you please clarify if your case is being handled in Oman or Pakistan?
  6. doesn't this belong in MENA? just going based on the Oman flag I am interpreting that to mean the interview will be in Oman
  7. A visa run as it is called does not necessarily reset your time Not solid advice there and definitely NOT something people should rely on to rest your time
  8. after biometrics expect another year maybe a bit longer before you get the GC
  9. All of this!!!! OP you definitely should not have had a celebration or party or anything that would resemble a wedding Hopefully it works out for you, but if not be prepared for a real wedding and a CR1
  10. sounds like you are in administrative processing not much you can do, there is no way to speed it up
  11. Make sure that your english nikah nama translation has the appropriate translation statement or it will not be accepted
  12. Did you expedite your case?

    1. Kastrs



      I had no reason for expedite and they are not easy to get without a compelling reason

  13. this is incorrect OP a police cert is NOT needed for Pakistan
  14. that was my bad, it isnt something that can be done for K1, but if you do decide to get married and pursue a CR1 instead, then there is the opportunity to submit additional relationship evidence along with other paperwork at the NVC stage
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