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  1. no you cannot use bank statements, you would need your tax returns you have to show actual income also you should be aware taxes are quite a bit more complex when you do contract work
  2. You already have a complex situation, you are not entirely following cultural norms leading to the problem you are having now I would strongly discourage you from quitting an apparently stable job to go drive for UBER/lyft or some taxi service, first you cannot be certain your income will be sufficient in this case, it makes your i864 paperwork much more complex, and could just add to the pile of questions it would be best to make a decision, get married in a 3rd country (Seychelles is nice i hear has no visa requirements, but isnt exactly cheap) and move on to the CR1 process quickly hoping to minimize time apart and that the visa will be approved on the first go OR just move to Pakistan for a year or two before coming back to the US and getting an established job one totally not related question-- are both of your families supportive of your relationship? no need to answer, just thinking about the complexities you have
  3. Kastrs

    K1 denied islamabad

    Do NOT have a baby for the purposes of immigration just get married, follow cultural norms it would be best to get married in Pakistan unless there is a very compelling reason why that is not possible
  4. Kastrs


    pcc are not required from Pakistan
  5. OP, as I am sure you are aware, it is not uncommon to sign the Nikah at an engagement, thus making the couple legally married even through not all traditional rituals have been completed Regardless of weather of not the Nikah was signed in this case, the Embassy could have assumed the couple is legally married, thus making them ineligible for the K1 It would be very helpful to know the background of the couple, is this an arranged marriage? as well as exactly what transpired at the interview Based on the information provided, I would suggest getting married including the Rukhsati, a CR1 can be denied for not completing all the normal wedding formalities
  6. Kastrs

    K1 Interview: Can Petitioner Attend?

    Attending the interview cannot hurt, and can help I would always suggest the petitioner attend if able
  7. Kastrs

    Spousal Visa - Protection of assets

    If you want to ensure your inheritance is cleared up, best consult a lawyer on a will
  8. do not bother with tab dividers and no hole punching, everything will be disassembled and scanned into the system just put a cover letter on top which clearly identifies all the documents enclosed along with the order
  9. Kastrs

    Engaged but want to enter USA on a Tourist VISA

    If her husband already has a tourist visa, yes he can come for a visit, if not of course he would need to apply for a B2 visa being truthful and accurate on the application and if the visa is granted, he can come visit
  10. Kastrs

    Etihad Airways - Clear Immigration in Abu Dhabi

    I have, it is exactly the same as doing immigration in the US just make sure you allot enough time between flights
  11. just checkout the website, then you will get it (that or look at other replies in this thread) the website openly promotes white supremacy
  12. Just make sure you disclose how you were met and be honest interesting title of this topic considering the website seems to promote being prejudiced against anything non-white
  13. hi there, you need to withdraw your current citizenship petition and reapply when you qualify under 5 year rule that or go to the interview, where your petition will be denied, and you can reapply when you qualify under the 5 year rule
  14. Whichever petition is faster will go to the embassy, presumably considering wait times, your son will be here by the time the slower one would reach the embassy