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  1. Right, so exactly like I said everyone is in AP for at least a brief period while the visa is being issued But your statement, that I quoted "He will be in AP after his interview like all the others Pakistani and the waiting time can be days, weeks... even years." implies that all Pakis will be in "real" AP, the AP that is actual checks and not just visa issuing which is incorrect and the statement I was looking to clarify
  2. HI There Just want to clarify EVERYONE goes into AP for at least a brief period while a visa is actually being issued as for being in "real" AP, it is true that it seems more likely for Pakis especially men, but not ALL Pakis or all Pak men go into AP, I would say the majority do not go into AP, and it is misinformation to imply that all Pakistanis go into AP
  3. Yes your wife could get an ITIN in normal times there is form that needs to be completed to apply for the form, your wife would need to complete the form and then attend the US embassy to get the form notarized she would then mail the form to you, and you would need to file a paper return along with the itin application she would also need to sign a statement to indicate that she would like to be treated as a resident alien for the tax year 2020
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