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    Geographic Information System, GPS,Mapping, Reading, cooking, dancing, Spatial Thinking

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    Starting over our story. Apparently, our story was a "hit" with USCIS but Accra Consulate missed out on the juices so they wanna hear it again. :)
    We got denied K-1, we got married , started all over again.
    Not the best of experience with immigration. But we don't have much of an option.

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  1. Attention VJers, If your relative was handed a form 221(g) and your case has been put in Administrative Processing (AP), Please post your update here. Let's get some update and information from each other to know how fast the process is moving and what needs to be done and to help each other. Who did you petition? What country did you get denied (AP) at? What have you done so far? What update do you have so far on your case? You can create a timeline in your 'Signature'...Go to your account settings, click on signatures and type in your timeline. As we wait, I hope that you stay encouraged and focused! it is easy to get stressed out but you lose half of the battle when you give in to stress and depression. Please feel free to share what activities you do to not stay depressed. good luck to everyone.... *** If you are depressed right now, pm me your address for an encouragement card. You don't have to explain yourself, just say," I need encouragement card" and add your mailing address***
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