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Silly DS-160 Questions
2:26 pm January 15, 2019


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I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right, so if I can get some opinions that would be great.

  • Specific U.S. travel plans

Should this be 'Yes'? Technically they don't encourage people buying tickets before visa is issued, but obviously he would like to go as soon as possible.

  • Are there other persons traveling with you?

I will be traveling with traveling with my foreign fiance, but I'm assuming he should check 'No' because it seems like it's geared more towards non-US citizens traveling along.

  • Fiance's Address

This would be my information, but should it be my current Japanese address or should I use my family's home address where we will be staying after arrival?

Thank you all for your patience!

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I-129F not delivered... will they pick it up?
11:32 pm January 8, 2019


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I followed the step-by-step guide for filing the I-129F, particularly this instruction as below:


"You should mail the completed form(s) to the USCIS Dallas Lockbox. Mail the package with return receipt requested / delivery confirmation. Send via USPS."

USPS was unable to deliver to the Lockbox because apparently "return receipt requested" means that someone must sign the return receipt slip, even though I did not check "Signature Required" on the label. I mailed it via USPS next-day express service.

I called USCIS and they are unable to put me in touch with anyone at the Dallas center. They said I should not have mailed return receipt requested because nobody is available to receive the item. USCIS could not confirm whether they have any employee going to the post office to collect items, and there is "absolutely no way" for them to send a message or put me in contact with the local officers.

After waiting on hold for over 1 hour with USPS, they told me I am unable to request re-delivery of the item, and the recipient must come to pick it up. The post office *may* have put a slip in the P.O. box saying that the item needs to be picked up.

At this point, I don't know what to do. How do I know if USCIS will receive my packet? :(

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Police/Fingerprint Check
4:30 am January 8, 2019


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I filed the I-129f (petitioner form) for my fianc and I begin the K1 Visa process in Aug/Sept, and am expecting it to be adjudicated Feb/Mar. We're getting ready to start working on all of the other documents that will need to be done before my fianc 's interview, one of which is the police checks.

My fianc is a Japanese citizen currently living in Japan, but he has lived in Australia and Canada for 6+ months in the past 2-3 years on working holiday visas, so he'll need to get police checks from those countries as well.

Does anyone know the process(es) for requesting a police check from Australia and Canada while abroad? Is this doable by ourselves, or would you recommend getting a lawyer to help? My fianc got a lawyer estimate in Japan for assistance with a K1 Visa, and it came out to about $2000.

Thanks in advance for responses!

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I-751. Best shipping option. Will USCIS sign for it?
10:05 pm January 4, 2019

Eric The Wait

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I would welcome practical tips for physical delivery of the 1-751 Removal of Conditions form, checks and supporting documentation.

This is a joint submittal. My wife's 2 year green card expires on 2/16/19. I will mail the I-751 with 2 checks for $595.00 filing fee and $85.00 Biomagnetic charge, and our pile of documentation, on Jan 7th. (Copying all the documents this weekend.)

Foolishly, I have left no room for error.

I read that Lockbox facilities have private contractors handling the mail and with government shutdown the contractors may not be working. Someone suggested I use the UPS address which is not a P.O. Box. I am going to follow that very sound advice.

I am concerned about proving the I-751 is received before the 2/16/19 deadline. I have read that checks at Texas Service Center may not be cashed for 6 weeks or more and the Extension Letter and/or NOA letter with case number may take even longer. Therefore, I may be looking at not knowing if USCIS has our I751 Petition until AFTER the deadline expires.

1. Will USCIS sign for a I-751 submittal, or at least sign for receipt of the package? (I believe UPS has a service where you can request the recipient sign, but am not sure USCIS will sign).

2. Does anyone have any other tips which we could use to argue that we filed the i-751 timely?

3. Any tips on ways to get receipt notification from USCIS beyond waiting for cashing the $595.00 Filing fee check and the $85.00 BioMagnetic check?

Thanks. I know this topic is pedestrian, but I always find people on this forum think of things I haven't or help me avoid screwing things up.

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2nd letter of intent manila
6:01 am January 2, 2019


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So all i did was updated the date to a more current date for the letter of intent same wording addressed to uscis is this ok?

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