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Difference amongst the I-864
3:17 pm April 6, 2020

C and M

C and M

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Good morning all,

I just wanted to make sure about about the differences between the I-864 and the I-864A. I m at the NVC stage now, so I want to make sure I understand it correctly.

I-864 is for a joint sponsee. Can be anyone that agrees to hold responsibility for the beneficiary.

The I-864A is for a combination of household income to make it equal to or above the poverty line, correct?

in my situation, my mother has agreed to help. She needs to fill out the I-864? My income is enough to satisfy poverty guidelines, but last years income was only for 7 months (and some foreign income).

Thanks for the help!

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I-485 photos of petitioner
1:42 am April 1, 2020


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I just want to verify that you do not need photos of the petitioner with the the I-485, right? I already have an approved I-130. Just want to double check before sending off the packet. Thanks.

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Filing I-90 Online - Cannot Validate Identity
6:58 pm March 31, 2020



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We are trying to renew my wife's 10-year green card online. She created an account on the USCIS site, but we cannot validate here identity. I think it is because of the DOS case ID. We tried using the number from the visa stamp in her old passport as discussed here


However, that does not work. We also tried various numbers from mail we received from USCIS since she came to US, but those do not work either. All of these numbers are at 9-10 years old since the last interaction we had with USCIS was when she removed the conditions on her conditional status.

Our question is do we need to validate her identity to be able to submit her I-90 renewal online? I we cannot validate her identity, does this mean we have to submit the I-90 forms by mail instead?

Thank you,

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I-485, Part 8 Question 25
10:00 pm March 29, 2020


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Filling out I-485, and I have a question. Part 8 Question 25 asks: "Have you EVER been arrested, cited, charged, or detained for any reason by any law enforcement official (including but not limited to any U.S. immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces or U.S. Coast Guard)?"

When my husband came to the US most recently on his ESTA, he was questioned by Customs & Border Patrol Officers for two hours since we had an approved I-130. He was allowed entry in the US. Would this count as being detained? Or, was he just questioned? I cannot find any info about what officially being "detained" at the airport means. Should I answer YES and explain in the additional information?

Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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AOS while on ESTA (CR1 - I130 approved)
10:06 pm March 24, 2020


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Hi everyone,

Looking to get some feedback and advice. My husband has been visiting me in the US for the past two months on an ESTA. His flight is scheduled to leave on April 5th, but we are considering doing AOS due to the uncertainty and chaos the coronavirus has caused. Our I-130 was approved in October. Our petition has been at NVC since November...we're currently waiting on NVC case completion. He truly did not have the intention to stay and has visited me several times during our CR-1 visa process and always left on time. We've already paid about $1000 in fees, so we definitely did not want to pay more by doing AOS when we're almost at the finish line of the CR-1. With that said, here are the reasons why we're considering AOS anyway:

1) He had lung surgery 1.5 years ago. Anyone with compromised lungs is at a greater risk of serious complications (or worse) if catching the virus. We do not want him to take the risk of exposure by flying home.

2) My city has issued a mandatory stay-at-home order.

3) If I were to get sick, he would be the only one to take care of me (my parents are 65+ years old, so also vulnerable).

With the US embassies being closed, there is no guarantee that he will have his interview scheduled anytime soon after case completion at NVC. I'm curious if anyone has successfully been able to do AOS from an ESTA with a pending CR-1 visa? I have been doing my own research and see that it is legal to do it, but I'd like to hear your advice. It's kind of unknown territory, which makes me nervous. I don't want to jeopardize our future by doing it, but at this point, I feel like it's the best option for our health and safety.

Thank you,

B & K

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