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Confused by NVC email...Is this an RFE?
4:28 am October 16, 2019


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I uploaded AOS financial evidence and civil documents to CEAC on September 10; since that time all documents have been listed as "SUBMITTED". I received an email from NVC last night stating that my case had been updated. When I logged into CEAC, the document status had been changed to "ACCEPTED", however the following messages is in my inbox.

**Case FE Review note - Please submit every Form W-2/1099 on CHRISTOPHER's submitted tax transcript or tax return.

I submitted my 2018 IRS tax transcript; why would they need copies of the W-2 forms as well? The I-864 directions explicitly state that a W-2 is not required if submitting a tax transcript. When I clicked on the ACCEPTED link for my documents, I get the same maintenance error message as everyone else. There is no other indication as to how I am supposed to submit the W-2 forms.

My question is this: do I really need to upload the W-2 forms in CEAC, or should I just bring them to our interview when it is eventually scheduled? I will try calling NVC tonight, but am really hoping if anyone has a similar experience and can tell me if my case is actually in the process of being completed.

Thanks for the support, the VJ community has been incredible!

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I-485, I-765, and Other questions
5:59 pm October 13, 2019


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My husband and I are working on filling out the I-485 for him, and we had a couple questions on how to fill out the form/where to find the information. We are also referencing the example forms on VisaJourney for help, but need some more guidance.

  • Is his A-number on his K1 visa? I see a number as "A### ### ###" on his visa. It has spaces though, so we weren't sure if this was the right one.
  • Is his USCIS Online Account Number the WAC# on his visa?
  • Under "Recent Immigration History", it asks for Passport Number Used at Last Arrival and Travel Document Number used at last arrival. The example form leaves this blank, rather than using the visa information. Is this correct?
  • I saw another thread talking about filling out Part 2 Questions 3-4 or not, using the information from the I-129f, while the example leaves this blank. Which is right?

For the I-765, it looks like VisaJourney has an older form example. Are there any updated examples available? And for questions 13-15...we're planning to go to an SSA office next week to submit the paperwork for a social security card. Since we're working on the AOS and EAD paperwork at the same time, and I'm guessing his social security card won't arrive before we mail these off, would no for 13a, yes for 14, and yes for 15 be correct?

I know if we file these two forms together, we only have to pay the fee for the I-485, right? Would we just mail these together in one big envelope? Also, do we need to send the I-864, G-1145, I-131, and/or any other forms?

Sorry for all the questions and thank you!

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Bank Report
5:08 am October 13, 2019



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I'm gathering the information that I need for the affidavit of support for my fianc and it says that I need the following:

  1. Statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institutions with deposits, identifying the following detailsregarding the account:

    (1) Date account opened;
    (2) Total amount deposited for the past year; and (3) Present balance.

I spoke with my bank this morning and she said that they wouldn't be able to give me a list of deposits because their system doesn't have a way of producing that document. However I did find a way to pull up all of my transactions including deposits for the past year. The bank was able to give me a list stating when my account was opened and what my current account balance is and she signed it. Is that good enough, or do I have to have a physical letter from the bank that is typed out with all this information on one sheet? Because my bank said that they can't provide that. If so, what do I do now?

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i864 AoS + IRS Transcript "Attachment"
3:45 pm October 9, 2019


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Hello! I am nearly ready to submit my AOS (i864) however I have a simple question regarding the word "attach."

The document itself says:


NOTE: You must attach a photocopy or transcript of your Federal income tax return for only the most recent tax year.

The i864 instructions say:


You must provide either an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transcript or a photocopy from your own records of your Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year.

So when they say "attach"/"provide" my transcript, do they mean I need to add the scanned transcript to the i864 document (for a total of 1 pdf file) or do they mean upload the transcript to CEAC as well as the i864 (for a total of 2 pdf files)?

I know it's a bit of a silly question but I could not find clarification and cannot handle an RFE setback for something so minor.

Thank you!

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San Francisco Bay Area Meet UP (Walnut Creek)
3:51 pm September 30, 2019



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Hey All,

Just curious if anyone in the Forum lives in the East Bay open to meet up. I wanted to start a support group for fellow VJ's in this area to share resources and support each other in any shape or form. I understand the difficulty of separation with our love ones can be all consuming while waiting for progress in our Visa Journey. I was thinking of meeting up on Saturday mornings in a coffee shop. Please let me know!


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