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Filing using a copy of an I-130 or I-29F
5:32 am June 24, 2022



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Hello everyone! This is sort of a mixed question so I placed it where it would most likely be seen. If this isn't the correct spot, I apologize.

I filed an I-130 online for my wife a couple of months ago. We decided we would take the leap for the sake of science and try out the I-29F trick.

The issue is, we live in Japan.

It would be no issue at all to get my parents back home in the US to print out everything I give them, assemble the packet and send it off. This would of course avoid the headache and potential nightmare of shipping all the way from Japan.

My issue is with two parts of the package. First, the actual I-29F. Has anyone ever sent in a physical photo-copy and had any issues. The only real problem I imagine would be the signature at the end of the form.

Second, the passport style photos. This is where I think my plan falls flat.

Has anyone used copies of these documents in either an I-130 or I-29F and gotten through?

Of course, the safe answer would be to just send my packet all the way across the sea (which I more than likely will), but that doesn't stop my curiosity for this process.

Thanks and take care!

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APRIL 2022 FILERS (I-130)
12:34 am June 23, 2022



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Hello everyone! I didn't see a thread for us April folks yet. We are almost 3 months into our wait! Time is actually going by fairly quickly for me. Probably because I'm overworked...

Submitted: April 20,2022 Online

NOA1: April 20,2022 Immediately after submitting.

Looking forward to reading your stories and getting approved with all of you!

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Case Tracker Python Script?
8:15 pm June 15, 2022


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I have heard there is a python script out there that auto looks at cases, and detects changes, is there any way I can get a copy of it?

I've seen people using it to detect changes in ranges in the April/May/June months I believe.
I'd like to modify it and play with it and see what statistics I can dig up myself.

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8:00 am June 10, 2022



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Hi, Everyone. I am very anxious right now. I am scheduled for k1 visa interview this month. I am divorced in Japan and in the Philippines. However we all know how long it takes to process the papers in the Philippines. I got my Divorce Decree in Japan and I got my Divorce Finality and decision from the Philippines. I requested a CENOMAR yesterday and the marriage is still there and the divorce hasn't reflect to the CENOMAR yet. My question is. Is there anyone here from Japan who is a Filipino that had their K1 interview without having a CENOMAR? I have all the papers from my lawyer including the petition for divorce in the Philippines and its already registered at Local Civil Registrar and the hearing is done by Regional trial court. I am very stress right now I have been processing this paper for almost 3 years! I have spent more than $10,000 in this piece of paper and still nothing. I'm broken hearted right now. Please give me some hope!

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Criminal Record Submission
2:30 am June 9, 2022

Alan Jacob

Alan Jacob

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Hello everyone,

I am seeking some advice for my spouse and I. My spouse is a Japanese citizen holding a permanent residency card. We completed our i-130 and my spouse was granted her residency here in the United States 2-years ago. It is now time for us to submit a i-751 to remove conditions on her residency. Previously when we went through the i-130 process, while I was stationed in Japan, we answered "yes" on her i-130 in reference to "have you ever committed a crime...etc." This was also documented in her ds-260 that we were required to submit.

My spouse was able to get her criminal record pulled from the local police office where we filed, but it was sealed, so we do not know if there is in fact any record of her crime. When she was 14 years old she was caught shoplifting, taken to the police station and questioned, then later released to her mother. To her knowledge, she never needed to pay a fine, nor was she charged for the crime. When we spoke to the counselor at her interview for her i-130, they accepted the documents of her criminal history and she was accepted.

From my interpretation, in the directions (i-751) it states that she is required to provide documentation (again) on the incident. The document would require either my spouse traveling back to Japan and hand receiving the record, or requesting the record through the local embassy, which we were quoted at potentially taking up to 3 months to receive. I have called USCIS three separate times requesting more information, but it seems they are not allowed to answer whether or not she has to submit the criminal record again or not. Today I spoke with another USCIS representative and he suggested it possible that I provide a written statement of the situation and that we have already previously disclosed this and provided the criminal record for her i-130.

She has not committed any crimes since gaining her residency (in her 2-year conditional period). As it stands I have written the letter that was recommended, and included it with her filing documents signed by both of us.

My questions are;

Does she in fact need to submit the same criminal record for the i-751, or is this stored in the USCIS database for reference?

Does the question on form i-751 refer to the conditional 2-year period, or is it in fact "have you ever"?

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