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J1 Waiver - Hardship & Government Funding
5:36 am


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Out of curiosity - did anyone on this forum receive government funding, and has applied as well as successfully receive a J-1 waiver based on hardship?

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NVC case number for K2?
5:55 am


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Hi all,

we finally gotten our case number from the NVC but they only gave me one number. I thought I was supposed to get one for my fianc s child as well? Do I get another one later?

I called the USEM in Japan and the woman told me I needed to file a separate I-129F for the child is the normal process. While the child s name on my fianc s petition may suffice, it s up to me to call USCIS to ensure that the K2 is added or I will need to start over... any truth to this?? We re freaking out here..

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Changing last name in origin country?
6:00 pm


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So we have filed for the AOS and just got done with our Biometrics. next step is to wait for the interview date, and we figured we should take the time to change my wifes last name in her origin country (Japan in this case).

My question is, will this have any negative effect on the i485 paperwork?

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Moving after interview is scheduled/before the interview
10:10 pm


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Hi there, sorry if this has been asked before - I tried searching and couldn't find an answer.

My wife and I have our interview scheduled for 12/3 and are going to be moving (within the same city) before the interview date. If we notify the USCIS of our address change, does that cancel our interview appointment or do we keep our appointment? I would like to show our lease as evidence during the interview so notifying of the address change is important, but I would prefer not to prolong the process by needing to be rescheduled.

Thank you!

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DCF Tokyo, Japan
12:50 pm


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So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to apply for DCF in Japan, and the information was so obscure that I only found it after going to the US Embassy in Tokyo directly without an appointment, and getting lucky enough to speak with someone who made an exception for me while also knowing the correct information.

I decided it would be best to share it here because this forum kept popping up in my visa searching. I found some conflicting information here and I wanted to clarify a few things.

Can I file for Direct Consular Filing (DCF) in Japan?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. Japan does not have a USCIS FOD, so they require an exception from the USCIS in order to process an I-130 on their behalf. Japan has a blanket exemption for all US Military personnel so they don't require any special requests being sent to the USCIS. In fact, all the information I was provided from the first half dozen embassy staff was geared towards assisting military personnel and led to several dead ends. The fact that you require an appointment to speak to anyone knowledgeable about DCF, yet you cannot make an appointment without a referral from the USCIS was a particularly infuriating catch 22. The people I spoke with on the phone were no better than automated services with little authority and knowledge. I kept getting redirected to incorrect resources via phone and email.

What is the process for DCF without a military exemption?

Many posts on this forum said that DCF in Japan was not authorized due to the lack of a USCIS office. Of course, some of these were older posts, but nonetheless, you can apply when certain exceptional circumstances apply. It will require justifying your request with circumstances that include a short notice job relocation, medical emergencies, and other exceptional circumstances noted in PM-602-0043.1. I was concerned that this policy memorandum may have been overturned or expired, but as of today, it appears to be still valid. Once the embassy receives the request, they will forward the information to the Regional USCIS director who is located in Korea for Japan. For me, this took less than 24 hours to process.

How do I submit a PM-602-0043.1 request for Tokyo?

You will need to send an email to TokyoIV@state.gov . I could not find this information anywhere on the Tokyo embassy website, so this address is used for immigrant visa contacts. Your email will require the following information:

Name of Petitioner (you), Date and Place of Birth:
Name of Beneficiary (your relative), Date and Place of Birth:
Date you became aware of a transfer or other emergency situations:
Expected departure or transfer date:
Please describe the emergency situation:
I also was asked to provide a contract to support my claim.
I hope this information is helpful because it took me quite a lot of searching and desperation to discover.

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