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US Immigration from Nigeria

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Requesting K-1 interview in person at Lagos embassy
6:48 pm


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Hello everyone,

This question is specifically for people with experience scheduling K-1 interviews in Lagos. Somewhere someone suggested going to the Lagos embassy in person to request scheduling an interview. We would love to hear specifics for those of you who have attempted this or can speak to it. Is this a good idea? When is the best time to go during the day? Other than proving that we have all the documents required what should we be aware of or consider?

We have completed all of the steps required for the interview, including police reports and physicals for my fiance and his children. Our deadline is December 26, 2018 and despite daily checking of the website as many times as we are allowed for the past 6 weeks there has never been an interview available.

We inquired with our senator and I recently spoke to a very friendly lady at the embassy who at the end was not able to help me schedule our interview and suggested I keep checking the website.

Thank you everyone for giving us hope in this process and realizing we are all on this journey together.

Dennis and Erica

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Please Help, Document not right side up
6:23 pm


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Please help, for the past two months NVC has being rejecting my marriage certificate, saying it is not in the right side up, I have rotated it in different positions and I keep getting the same message, please does anybody have an idea on what I can do ,how I can place it or has anybody experienced this as well. Thank you



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IR1/CR1 interviews at Lagos and Abuja Embassies
11:43 am


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Hello everyone, I don't know if anyone has created a post for this but I couldn't find any so I figured I should

I would be very grateful if those who have been interviewed at any of those Embassies can post their interview process here for those of us yet to be interviewed. This will help get us prepared and also help relieve the stress of anxiety. Please tell us about your experience from the time you arrived at the Embassy to when you left

How were the VO's? What questions did they ask? Were people denied? Were you approved or denied? How long did it take for you to get your Visa in hand from interview date?

This is for IR1/CR1 visas only please. Thanks so much in anticipation ?

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SSN in New Jersey
5:53 pm


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Hello everyone, pls is there anyone here with the experience of getting SSN in the state of New Jersey?

Me and my fiance called the SSN office in NJ about getting SSN and they told us that i need to submit the application for EAD and green card before i can apply for SSN.

Please i need your view on this...

Thanks in advance...

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HELP!!!! Am Depressed
10:03 am


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I really don t know what to do any more, the waiting game is draining, my high hopes are now hopeless hope ??? am going crazy.

Am the beneficiary from Nigeria while my fianc the US citizen submitted the form 129f 6th of February 2018 and he got the NOA1 February 16th.

30 August 2018 he got RFE stating that He should submit more evidence such as , latter of intent to marry from the beneficiary, circumstances of meeting , Two years meeting requirements, which he mailed out 11th of September 2018, he waited for about a week or two get a response from Uscis to be sure if the RFE was received but to no avail . He called uscis and he was told that it s not a requirement to response to RFE I.e they don t send updates as to if they received a mailed RFE in most cases . ( well I don t know if that s true ) Its over 2months now and we don t even know what s going on, still waiting for the NOA2.

He called uscis few weeks back and they told him to wait till 3rd week of November before they can take any action . It s the 3rd week now and nothin yet .My Questions now is what exactly is going on ? Why all the wait??? I guess we are the only February filler left . It s really Tiring and frustrating. Below Is the last mail he got .???. I need help .


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