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US Immigration from Nigeria

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March 2019 Filer
7:01 pm July 21, 2021



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I have been waiting for an update on my I-360 application over 2 years now but I have only received prima facia 3 times. I filed my i-360 application march 2019. Last month I contacted my congressperson and the response was pending security check. Please do anyone know what I should expecting next and on the average how long will it take for an update in cases like my? Please responses will really be appreciated.

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Evidence of bona fide relationship
5:20 am July 16, 2021



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Good day all.....my wife received NOIR and we are request to submit additional proof of the relationship

please your sincere idea is needed

N:B we have not be leaving together and she only came twice for visit


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Green Card Replacement
2:26 am July 16, 2021



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i got to the states through the IR1 visa and my green card was never delivered, even though it says delivered when tracked, i had to pay for a replacement, which has been about a year now, even though i have done the biometrics, Please i will like to know, how long it will take to get my new green card after the biometrics.

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INTERVIEW appointment
10:43 pm July 13, 2021



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I have completed all the necessary documents and fees for my son and NVC approved all the sent documents since February 2021 but no email for NVC for interview date in Nigeria embassy . The last time contact NVC said they still waiting for the embassy in Lagos to set up interview date. Does anyone knows how long will take to get date for my son. I filed this application 05/2019, I'm also a US citizens .

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DQ question.
5:53 pm July 11, 2021



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We got a message from NVC to check the CAE C website and we saw that the very last document (birth certificate) has been accepted as well as every other documents we had submitted. However, they wrote a message to replace the birth certificate with an acceptable one even though it says accepted. Has anyone experienced this? I was actually expecting to see a documentarily qualified message.

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