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US Immigration from Nigeria

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About my husband filling from Nigeria
8:36 pm August 11, 2020



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Hello everyone, please can someone help me cause am very confuse about my husband and I. I live in USA and file from Nigeria where my husband stays. It being two years now without approval. I ve called immigration and all they kept telling me our case is still in process and under security checks.please any help and suggestions. I base in USA . Thank you everyone

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1:50 pm August 9, 2020



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Good Morning , I have a concern and would be glad if anyone could help me .

I have been married since 2015 and i became a conditional permanent resident in 2017 and then I recently applied to remove conditions on my green card which was approved and I was given my 10years green card.

when is it eligible to file for citizenship? And what do I do if I lost my recently issues green card? Please help me

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Filing i751 and living apart from spouse
5:22 am August 9, 2020


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I've read some older threads of couples filing while living apart from spouse but nothing recent. Especially during the pandemic. We are filing to remove conditions from my husband's greencard. He is a physican but needs to complete a U.S. medical residency to practice in America. He left last month to start residency. We've been married and living together since his arrival in 2018 prior to him leaving. I am unable to move with him for multiple reasons. Work, school (which work helps pay for), and I am caring for my mother who is ill. His residency is 3 years and he will return once he's done. We got an attorney who recommended making a statement explaining our situation which we've done.

We did not mention that I am in school and work is paying for it. Would it be helpful to add that I'm in school? Also we closed on a house last month but my husband was unable to sign closing papers because he had already left for residency. The closing company stated that he had to sign the documents in person to be on the loan so we couldn't have him on there. He is listed on home owners insurance and utilities for the new home. We have proof of bonafide marriage prior to his temporary relocation (lease agreement, utilities, bank statements, taxes, credit cards, etc). Are there any other couples filing i751 at this time who are living apart? Thank you.

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I-751 Petition delayed for 1 year and 3 months, no response
1:44 am August 8, 2020


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I am hoping that someone can help me. I applied for my green card renewal in May 2019, and I received I-797 (green card extension letter) which would be active for 18 months.

After I went for my finger print last year, I have not received any more update from USCIS. I have called and they keep saying they will contact their back office. My extension letter is about to expire in September and I don t know what to do.

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UK Tourists visa
4:01 am August 7, 2020

Rocky Buchi

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How do i get a tourist visa to Uk?

What are the requirements for Nigerians?

PS; can my spouse sponsor my stay there,cos am married but my spouse is based in US ,so will they accept his own financial statements to sponsor my stay?

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