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US Immigration from Nigeria

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What next
8:52 pm April 8, 2020



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Hello my people we just recieve four NOA2 today so I want to know what s the next step, how long does the next stage takes and what does it requires.
thank you family.

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I-129F help
4:36 am April 8, 2020


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So with all the coronavirus business it is proving to be very difficult for my Nigerian Fianc to get his end of the paperwork gathered. Are there any Nigerians our here who can give us some pointers on the best route to take for getting a birth certificate, declaration of age, and immunization records?
Also, I am having difficulty filling out all the fields on the pdf online. Had anyone else submitted their packet with old fashioned pen?

hoping to submit our packet as soon as this coronavirus gets out of our way

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3:39 am April 7, 2020



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Hello all,

I have a question, Do recipients of IR2 for infant have to pay the immigrant fee? You need an A# to do that, but IR2 recipients don t have an A#.

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New member filling out AOS forms posting my questions here
12:43 am April 3, 2020



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I am currently F1, recently married to a citizen and we are filling out the paperwork for AOS by ourselves. I have been through the forum and found very useful guides, I thank and appreciate everyone who has been posting.

But as you'd imagine, I am still very confused and have a host of questions, please help!!! :)

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NVC Filers - April 2020
1:36 am April 1, 2020


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Welcome to another monthly thread for those going through NVC

Please read everything below and refer to it throughout your NVC journey, whether this is your first month at NVC or your third. :bonk:


Before posting questions, please read the wiki Saylin wrote on the NVC process here. Once you're done, read it one or two more times to really understand it ;)Don't forget to also read the official form instructions as well as USCIS and NVC's websites!

If you want to see a visual of the NVC process, please view Saylin's flowchart here.

Yes this thread was created by our great Queen Saylin and the knowledge is still going forward. This thread I pray stays alive and well as many who have gone through the process or still going can chime in and help and assist.

If you're wondering about time frames, look at the fellow members right here in this thread! Study their signatures/timelines and make notes. VJ also has this awesome page. Use it! I sure did during my process :). That means if you are on this thread WE expect you to have an up to date timeline.

Current case file creation time:

This is the link to go to see what date they are working on. Follow it says up to 6 weeks but recently that 6 weeks is about 4 weeks from approval at USCIS.
Once your case has been created, we will contact you with instructions on how to begin processing. Until your case is entered into our system, we unfortunately won t have any information about your case.

Current case review time:

This is the link to see what date they are reviewing. Please allow up to three-weeks for NVC to review your forms and documents once we receive both the petitioner s financial documents and the applicant s civil documents. You must also have paid all required fees and submitted your visa application online. We will not review your file until we have received all of the above items


And once you've got a case complete, please join the case complete/interview thread started by me, Dwheels76 on (currently April 2020 thread),


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