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  1. EAD normally takes about 6 months provided you don't get an RFE. If you get an RFE (vs them requesting the I-864 at interview) then the EAD is stalled until they get what they need.
  2. The chest xray has to be pretty specific. Unless you're pregnant it's really not a big deal to get another one done. They will ask you to list all surgeries and hospitalizations and why.
  3. I would keep your appointment. They're hard to get again. AT least K1 can book themselves.
  4. It will matter for the I-864 as the chlid adds one to the household count.
  5. NikLR

    Tax Returns

    You can file as married filing separately. You WILL have to back file. I suggest contacting a US company not a Canadian one to do the filing if you aren't comfortable yourself but I don't have any issues using a normal tax program to do it. In fact I use Tax Slayer online as my husband used it when he was in the military.
  6. I agree with @USS_Voyager. Why go through all that work again?! Get the reentry permit and just make sure to move back ahead of time or leave a little after him too. Also make sure not to abandon residency by having a home to move back to and keeping back accounts active. Honestly having a newborn alone seems to be easier than having a toddler, but maybe that was just me. LOL
  7. He wouldn't be a derivative anyhow. You'd just file together and save a little money. Regardless of when you AOS your step son, he would need his own I-485. Same as your husband he loses status within 90 days.
  8. Talk to HR. For example my employees are paid twice a month. Their paycheck on the 15th of November will be for the 16th to the 31st of October and their paycheck for the 30th of November will be for the 1st-15th of November. We're always 2 weeks behind. Do you know that you're supposed to be paid twice a month, weekly, bi weekly or monthly? I've worked jobs where I was paid monthly as well.
  9. Likely already had tourist visa and people visit all the time. We have threads in both the IR1/CR1 and K1 forums regarding visiting. OP will not be able to interview in NY.
  10. Just finished visit with kiddo and my mom. Surprised kiddo. She was VERY surprised. Yay. Going home with over stuffed carry on from my shopping trip at my favorite store. Expensive trip. Worth every penny.
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