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  1. ~~moved to general immigration discussion from IR1/CR1 progress reports~~
  2. Its paid on the USCIS website not CEAC . https://www.uscis.gov/tools/how-do-i-guides/how-do-i-pay-uscis-immigrant-fee
  3. Write a letter or upload the NVC website saying its not required. It's easy to save a print as a PDF instead of printing.
  4. Interesting fact... Cats can get heart worm disease. But they're a dead end host and cant spread it which is why we dont a) preventatively treat them or b) test them. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/second-dog-tests-positive-for-coronavirus-as-owners-warned-not-to-abandon-pets-2020-03-20 https://www.avma.org/resources-tools/animal-health-and-welfare/covid-19 IMHO this means people caring for animals should be diligent at washing their hands.
  5. We can spread it to animals. They cant spread it to us.
  6. I agree dog parks are a no unless you stay on a leash. Not because pets can spread this, but because most owners cant train their pets. Pets can get coronaviruses but they cant spread it to humans. It's not zoonotic like that. Right now the free dog park close to me is closed and the pay to use one is open but i dont go there because my dog's recall isnt great and it's huge.
  7. I may have to try it. I know i have dry skin because after i wash and put on moisturizer then oil, my face is red like as if it's been really dry and just got some moisture. Like you hands get if you wash them 10 times before some lotion. The rosehip oil worked really well, just had too much rose essential oil in it. Bothd hubs and I were like, ew for the smell. Maybe you're right. Maybe its just stress.
  8. People sometimes have a harder time budgeting when they have a credit card. If you say hey don't spend over $100 on groceries, if you only have $100 cash, you cant overspend. Yeah you realize what's important to have in your buggy and if you can do without the name brand items.
  9. I don't know about testing in Canada. But at least in Canada do you dont have to pay out of pocket for treatment. I think for profit healthcare is stupid. I had a friend who submitted herself so she didn't commit suicide. Now she owes them 17k for 72 hours. She has health insurance too.
  10. There are SOOOO many people that have had this virus that have not been tested that all these numbers we're getting are skewed. My friend tried 3 times to get tested and developed pneumonia but yet a celebrity can get tested twice? Dont come to the hospital until you fall over walking across a bedroom? (A normal 10ft one, not some gigantic one) People were already suffering from this in Jan and Feb in the USA. Our numbers are off.
  11. I put some make up on the other day just so i remebered how. I bought some pipe cleaners to make some homemade masks. I will scout target today to see if they have any. Michaels is doing curbside pickup and i need odorless paint thinner. I wonder if lowes carries it? Oh beauty.. im trying to wash my face properly. I dont like the smell of the rosehip oil. Can i get the oil without the added essential oils? Im trying aragon oil but Im not sure it's as effective on the zits? Or im just stressed the F out.
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