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  1. /doesn't drink anymore but could really use a crown and coke after work sometimes.
  2. NikLR

    Rante Macabre

    Your username is take me home. He used your initials.
  3. The back log was for CR1/IR1 and other IV visas, but not for k1, But there will be a significant backlog for K1 once Montreal resumes interviews.
  4. I wouldn't worry about the facebook or imessages etc. The USCIS really wants to see co-habitation and co-mingling of finances. It sounds like you have those items. Your ROC will be okay if you choose to stay. If you choose to stay in the USA, look at all your costs. Medical, dental, rent, car insurance etc.. Base that on what you would make living in Canada and decide if staying here really is worth your effort. Is your ex willing to help you move back to Canada? You can definitely travel on your gc. A conditional car is just like a normal LPR card. The only difference is ROC. The USCIS doesn't really care that you got divorced, just that you entered into the marriage in good faith. I'm sorry your life has taken this path. I know that is hurts and is disheartening. Positive thoughts for you. You will survive.
  5. Provided she is ready willing and able to work. Thats a condition of being on EI
  6. But again, don't submit at midnight. Wait a day. Play it safe.
  7. NikLR

    Rante Macabre

    wrap up in a towel. There are little things you can put on their claws (soft paws) but they're annoying. Best thing is to just spray with water bottle or something similar when cat goes to attack furniture. Keep LOTS of scratching posts. I need more scratching posts.
  8. Pretty rare but occasionally. I had an approval notice but nothing between biometrics and approved.
  9. ASC offices were closed down for a long time. They have a backlog to get through.
  10. As a note, if the green card name is different than the passport name, also bring a copy of your marriage certificate to show why the name difference. Always book international tickets on passport name.
  11. If you did biometrics already, you won't be notified about anything unless there's an interview or you're approved or get an RFE.
  12. Agreed. USAA is easily the easiest bank we have worked with. I was added to the account before moving to the USA. We still do most of our banking with them. However we also use Navy Federal as they have more branches and if you need something right away (like you're buying a car and need the check asap) they're great to work with.
  13. I do not charge. I do not do immigration help for money. However you can google "who is pushbrk?" and probably find more info.
  14. There is no Canada fiance visa. they'd need to be common-law or married. They can, however, file inland (rather like AOS) and it's perfectly legal to cross into Canada with that intent as a married couple. https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/ is probably the best forum. There used to be one called road to Canada but it's since shut down.
  15. NikLR

    Rante Macabre

    Nope not spending that money. I guess we can borrow a friend's car. He has 3.
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