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  1. NikLR


    Since she needs a joint sponsor anyhow, I can't see the issue. Morocco as I recall isn't super strict on this, more on relationship evidence. In the end the decision is on the CO at interview though.
  2. Because not making enough money or having a qualified joint sponsor can have a visa denied due to possible public charge. Generally speaking even in Oklahoma where minimum wage is the same as federal wage, he should be earning just over $15k per year working full time. (It's current income, not w2 amounts that count most in countries like the UK.) In Oklahoma you can make a living wage by earning about $10.25 per hour, which is about 125% of the poverty guidelines.
  3. NikLR

    My experience with Canada Post - A warning

    One thing you could have done differently was take your passport with you and then return it to Montreal for the visa after you were done with your travels. Unless the plane ticket was for immigration purposes.
  4. NikLR

    Fees everywhere ... now BPI

    Pretty normal of p3 right now. K1 almost always has involved more money and time to green card than the CR1.
  5. NikLR

    The Glass MenageRant

    He has really sensitive skin. Whatever they use to wash their clothes with caused him to have a reaction...
  6. NikLR


    What does this have to do what does this have to do with the OP's post? They want to know if 1 year of tax return for the petitioner and 2 years for the joint sponsor is okay, not about relationship evidence. USCIS doesn't just approve forms and fees are in order..... USCIS adjudicates the initial petition and any NOID or NOIR if returned from Embassy or consulate.
  7. NikLR

    CR1 passport photo

    I know Canadian photos are stamped and dated by you need the US passport sized (they are not the same) without the stamp and date on the back. That's because you've never needed a Canadian passport.
  8. NikLR

    The Glass MenageRant

    Oh nm i see... i misread. I'm glad you told him. I hope you find a place soon. It's not that I don't like my MIL or FIL. They're both wonderful people btw. I just like my own space. I don't even like staying at my own family's homes.
  9. NikLR

    The Glass MenageRant

    I would be upset if someone didn't tell me my mother was having issues with her partner.
  10. NikLR

    The Glass MenageRant

    Oh do that!!!! I would never live with my in-laws. Even visiting is too long honestly. I'd rather stay at a hotel. My husband's back broke out really badly after my MIL washed his clothes. @SAT hope she feels better soon!
  11. NikLR

    b2 cancelled without just cause. any options?

    Well according to the OP the GF didn't say anything about cleaning homes and it was a private conversation between girlfriend and boyfriend. So unless the CBP read emails or text messages about it, apparently there was no mention to CBP about the plan to clean homes once upon a time (which we told OP wasn't a good idea and he told his gf wasn't allowed.) Basically the main thing was, length of stay and probably not being completely honest about who they're visiting. On VJ we always suggest shorter vs longer visits. I get that plane tickets are expensive. I buy them pretty frequently. But long stays are just asking for more scrutiny.
  12. ~~moved to AOS from work visitor or student visas from K1 based. Op is not filing based on approved K1 or K3 and is filing on LPR spouse ~~ What you should have done instead of a copy of the I-130 was a copy of the NOA1 for the I-130
  13. ~~moved to ROC from IR1/CR1 process and procedures~~
  14. NikLR

    Do I need to do 2nd dose for MMR for K1 interview?

    Tdap.. free at any health clinic if you can't provide info you've had it within the last 10 years.
  15. ~~moved to US consulate and embassy discussion from IR1/CR1 process and procedures~~ You should wait for READY because Manilla doesn't have your documentation yet.