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  1. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    It's hard to keep her quiet. We were just out in the yard and some geese flew over, and if I hadn't hold of the lead she would have been off. Seems the urge to run and bark furiously at something is stronger than the pain she is in. I will ask about the rimadyl, we had that for the greyhound the MIL used to have. There may still be some in the dog box, but I would think it's well outdated. The vet said that given the other things she is already on, he was concerned about the combination of anything other than aspirin.
  2. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    This dog. Seriously. While dashing about in the yard Saturday morning before dawn, barking at nothing I could see, she has done her knee in. I got her into the vet as soon as they opened. The ACL isn't torn, but she's limping heavily on her left rear leg. Cannot go up or down steps, and is getting about mainly on three legs. I'm to take her out on a lead until she improves. She's on aspirin for that, so now up to three and a half tablets at various times of the day she doesn't want to take. Thanks to the prednisone she is drinking water like it's going out of fashion, and as a result of that requires many trips out at night. I came back in with her at 03.30 wet through, and by the time I got her toweled off and got back into bed I was freezing cold. So, I've given in and put the heating on for the first time this fall. I'll leave in on as long as the miserable wet weather continues, through midweek. I've told her to sort herself out, and start behaving like the respectable middle aged lady she is. That'll work. Not.
  3. Yes, we were stuck there for nearly two months a while back. We were in AP. They sometimes subject petitions to further scrutiny there. There were a couple of quite long older threads about this, but I don't know how current the times are at the moment. Second thread is here :
  4. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Dog is adjusting to having attempted murder wrought upon her person every eight hours. Only 5 minutes now to get her meds into her. We have the best part of 30 days to improve that new record. It's chilly. We went from feels like 90 to feels like 44 nearly overnight. I need to spend the next couple of days outside winding up what I'm trying to get done out there. No snow for us, probably none again this year.
  5. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    It's a nasty one, and he says it's environmental. He knows of several other dogs since ours turn up with this as well, only one other at his surgery. The Prednisone is for the itching apparently, which was frantic. I took a combined effort and both of us ten minutes to get last night's dose into her, and this morning wasn't shortened by much. As we are having to give her one and a half, the second one is more of a struggle. I think I might head into town today and get some gel caps, stick both pills into that and see if that doesn't go better.
  6. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    I find it a bit concerning that I was instructed to wear gloves, and not to handle the pills otherwise, as I have to cut them in two.
  7. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Culture finally came back from the vet. She has Staphylococcus intermedius, He has given me more prednisone, and a 30-day supply of Chloramphenicol, one and a half tablets a day. 3 times a day. This is not going to go well. I can hide the prednisone in her dinner, but this stuff is not going to pass the sniff test. I don't know how, short of prying her jaws apart and heaving it down her throat I am going to get this into her.
  8. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    That's so cute
  9. Yes send those things and anything else that shows you both at the same address. However, letter from both inlaws explaining the living arrangements, how long it's been, what things you pay for, if anything, etc, clears up why there is no lease or rental agreement in cases where there is none. As it is signed and dated by both of them with mailing/ phone/contact information, they can be called to confirm.
  10. I don't know if there is a sample or template, have a search for that in the search box on the upper right. What we did was the inlaws wrote a letter that stated that we lived with them, when we arrived and that we were still there. They wrote that they expected us to remain with them for the foreseeable future. It does not need to be notarized. The letter should be a letter from both of them explaining the living arrangements, how long it's been, what things you pay for, if anything, etc. Signed and dated by both of them with mailing/ phone/contact information.
  11. If you are living with your in-laws, as I was at ROC, ask them to write a letter stating that you live with them. I did that, and listed it as an item on my cover letter. I also seent anything that showed us both at the same address, drivers licenses as an example.
  12. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

  13. And on more than one occasion, we have read here on VJ about a child born to the Mother overseas. Upon DNA testing...the USC was not the Father.
  14. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    *sigh* I've just been on the phone with my NZ flatmates sister. Aud asked to go to the hospital 2 weeks ago. She asked. Normally it is a knock down drag 'em out argument to get her to go when she's been desperately ill. She's told the staff there she doesn't think she can cope at home anymore, even with help. She's told the person that is boarding her dog, and who has been willed her dog in the event that needs must, that it is for the best now if she keeps him from here on in. And she is refusing to eat or drink. She is so flat now that they can hardly draw blood anymore. Seems to me from all of that she has decided what's next. And there isn't anything that any of us can do about that.
  15. cdneh

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    This dog is the one we inherited. A Yorkie, blue and gold, and she really has got a wonderful coat. For five minutes after you get her done. She has a lot of feathers though, and every time she hits the yard she drags something in on her. I've been gradually shortening the length all year. To complicate this particular spa day, she has had that as yet unnamed rash and she doesn't want you near the spots. She didn't actually bite me, but she did close her teeth over my hand a couple of times. Pity the MIL didn't go for a beagle, or something shorthaired.