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  1. On mutts, ours has apparently been shown NOT to have lymphoma. She's having her sutures out Saturday, and a blood test for checking for a minor tick born disease, not Lyme.
  2. I'm glad to hear you are ready to go and have a wee holiday. I hope it does you a world of good to get away from the grey skies and wintry weather. 0630! Man what time you have to get to the airport! Not a morning person, so I would have to just stay up Well done on your college plans! I don't know if I could pass tests like those today, it's been ages since I was at at school. Like years and years. I've heard Amazon is a bit backed up with all the Black Friday shipping they have had to do. I hope yours gets to you in time if you are taking it with you. Now that must have been so sad to to, I admire you for your courage, Mrs.
  3. Waiting on results for Herself's biopsy. Somehow, I had the idea it would be done by needle aspiration, but it wasn't. She has 10 stitches on her shoulder, and 6 high on one of her rear legs. No cone of shame required, for once being a bit rotund is working in her favor, as she can't reach either spot to lick or bite at them. It will be at least another 6 days before we get results, so it's going to be a long week. She is still giving me the hump, I am the one that took her in there so she is not speaking to me. Not done a bit of holiday hall decking this year. Simply not in the mood to drag all the stuff out and do it. Maybe later.
  4. Oh my, that looks perfect! Well done on the deal, I never would have thought of holidays as a black Friday thing! Congrats of the green card as well!
  5. Did you get your green card? Have you narrowed the holiday down to some best options? Nosy, ain't I
  6. Happy Thanksgiving all Just us here, I've been up for a while getting dinner started, but everyone else in the house is having a lie in, even Herself. It's a good thing we aren't on the road today. It's absolutely pelting down rain out there. There are actually people camping outside stores to get the jump on Black Friday in this weather.
  7. *sigh* Took Herself in for evaluation at the Vet this morning. I have to take her back Wednesday next for a biopsy query lymphoma.
  8. Internet has been spotty here since Thursday. Up and down constantly. I was told first it s not only me, and that it would be fixed that night and I would be set a text to say so. Never happened. On calling them again, "oh no Ma'am, there never was any issue at all, it is just you. We can have a tech out there Wednesday the 27th". My very old router must be the problem. My very old router was installed out of the box in August, so yah, nah. Clearly this is a server side error, and one more person tells me to check my cables, reboot my computer, or the router, I will not be held responsible for yanking their lungs out through their nostrils bilaterally. Clearly, any sensible person would have done all that nonsense, and more, before having to sit for an age in the queue waiting to speak with some heavily accented person who claims their name is Malcolm, or Brent, or Mary. A big yah nah to that as well.
  9. Man, a mystery. I hate when I can't work out one. There were several hawks on the front yard a couple of days ago. Huge things, and of course the dog lost her tiny little mind and barked like I've never heard her do. The next two days she would head right down the that corner of the fence, and she would not come when we called her, we had to go roust her to get her back in the house. And at 0400 even, I don't appreciate tromping around the lawn in my dressing gown when there is frost about. So yesterday, I went down there and had a look to find out what was so interesting. I found just on the other side of the fence some sort of dead animal. No way could I work out what it was, but it was twice the size of my 15 lb dog. I sent Himself down to have a look, and he had no idea either. Just a mess, really. I knew she would not give up on this interesting thing to look at, and she is a digger and I didn't want her getting at whatever it was. So we resolved to go out there this morning and deal with it. Shovels, the wheelbarrow, all manner of gear. And it is gone. Just not there at all. We walked back and forth for half an hour trying to find it, from either side of the fence. Newp. Aha! I says, the game camera! That will show what, or who! The only thing on there is me, walking up to get it just now. Not a thing. So, I dunno where it went, or how it got there either for that matter, but there isn't track nor trace of it now.
  10. Yep. It's summer in NZ, or at least coming on, so things get very busy and spendy. Same as AU, the Whitsundays are excellent, but again, summer there. Mexico? https://www.eldoradosparesorts.com/maroma
  11. For a time in NZ, I worked for an air ambulance company that responded in the Pacific Rim. Best place of all in my opinion was Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. I think it might be too honeymoon-ish at the mmoment, but it is a splendid place. Something like that perhaps? https://www.aitutakilagoonresort.com/en-gb/bungalows/overwater-bungalow
  12. Decent day for looking at trains. Sun, and not freezing cold either. More than an hour late, but very impressive. Loud, so not taking Herself, who is still not speaking to me as I left her home, was the best idea. I did get some photos for the NZ mate, and was able to get right up to it. Huge, and standing next to the thing was very warm, hot even. I think people must have come from all over, certainly more there than actually live in town. Thanks goodness for the disability parking placard, he would never have made it otherwise.
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