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  1. It's like walking into a wet sweater. Man I can't wait for fall. I let Herself out one night about midnight last week, and it was as warm as midday. Muggy. I hate muggy
  2. Poor little hen. It's been brutal. Herself and I stay indoors until early evening, and then whip out and do what we can. It's even been hot and humid at night 😕
  3. Never heard of those. Must google Cool-ish today. Mowed entire yard in one go for a change. Back out to weed the flower beds. The heat will be back in a day or two so taking full advantage. Going to be in the 50's tonight!
  4. I don't do anything outside during the day. Usually it is a bit better after 19:00. Not looking forward to mowing either, which I will have to do soon.
  5. Hot. Hot as the doorknob to Hades here. Herself and I do a bit of work about the yard, early, and then hide inside all day until evening. I am putting in a new garden where there wasn't one before, and between the rocks and the big roots I am finding it has been slow going. Been a heat advisory every day this week, so by eleven o'clock it is miserable out. I meant to get all this nonsense done in the spring, and I was well on track. Then in the last week of April I went down with the flu for three weeks. So...playing catch up now. At the rate I am going it will be weeks before I get finished. Himself would not recognize the area around here today. Farm next door was sold at auction, and nothing at all is going on over there at the moment. One of the prospective buyers wanted it so he could knock everything down and put up a lot of apartment buildings. Thank goodness he didn't get it. Some Taiwanese consortium is meant to own it now, but so far they haven't done a thing with the property. New McMansion gone up over the road, huge thing with a three car garage that looks pretty odd way out here. Preacher's house has a new extension, and he has painted the entire house barn red. As it is already barn shaped it looks pretty peculiar. He bought up all the land around my quarter acre, and I found him digging right outside my fence a couple of weeks ago looking for the survey markers. He's going to fence the entire fifteen acres, and put cows on it. I dunno what Herself is going to think with cows grazing right around her. 🐄 😄 .
  6. We had an oven breakdown on , I think it was thanksgiving, some time ago. All I can tell you is what I did. I heated the the thing that took the longest first. Covered the container with a lid to keep the heat in. Next thing, same deal. Once everything was heated, I put it all into separate serving bowls. All that had to go to the table then was four bowls, one trip. Everything else was already on the table.
  7. Tough one, T-Bone. I don't know how the heck you could motivate him to look after himself when he simply won't. Anytime the last few years I had to take Himself away for medical appointments, we had to hire someone to stay with the MIL. Come to find out they didn't anymore than turn up a the house when she would fire them. Even after I'd made it perfectly clear that I was paying them, that she might argue and complain and be nasty, she couldn't fire them. Made no difference in the end, off they went. And no, I did not pay them. Her doctor did try to arrange for respite care for me, but she refused. Very much like a petulant child, really, "you can't make me"! I'm up today for the first time in two weeks. I have been flat on my back with the flu and I do mean flat. Couldn't even keep water down. Meals certainly do look peculiar when your choices limit you to what doesn't make you want to yark on sight.
  8. It does suck. Right, left, and center. 💗
  9. I've got a quarter of an inch of freezing rain with a few inches of snow on top of that I'd be happy to pass on
  10. There is a long wait. In fact there are no spots in MIQ at the moment. You cannot book a stay for the mandatory length of time at all. The borders are closed, have been since March 2020, except for a brief time or two when trans Tasman travel was allowed, between NZ and AU . They did open MIQ for booking for a time, but the latest release of rooms was canceled. Kiwis are stranded all over unable to get back home. People with ill children, parents funerals, the lot. https://www.miq.govt.nz/about/news/20-january-room-release-postponed/
  11. Just popping in to wish everyone a happy New Year. Herself and I have come to Heber Springs until Monday. We are right on the Little Red River. She has been busy giving the ducks and geese what for. And the motor boats and fisher folk going up and down. This place is huge. Our house would fit in here four times with room to spare. She keeps losing me It has got a dog enclosure with an igloo dog house, but other that that, it is not fenced. So, that would account for my wandering about at 03:30 in my parka and gumboots. There has to be one flaw in the plan of course. Severe weather ahead, and no fraidy hole here. Scoped out a closet that will have to do. Cheers!
  12. Aha. Google says it is a grocery chain. Founders name was Howard E. Butt? Oh my goodness
  13. What on earth is this H-E-B? Never heard of it.
  14. Ta Yep, there are always people outside the Walmart entrances here, usually with signs, looking for money. I usually donate to the local dog shelter. The other thing I found this year was a young lad in the UK. He had cancer, and of all things had a prosthetic femur implanted her in KS. It's at it's full extension, and he needs another. The NHS in the UK have turned him down flat, after misdiagnosing him at the start. They instead want to burn the growth plate in his good leg, and pin it so it won't grow any further. Barbarians. Seriously! So he has been accepted to come back to the hospital here in the US. His surgery to replace the implant is in 2023, so he's getting started raising funds for that. Cool kid, into animals, and has a pet owl, is mad for Richard the Third
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