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  1. Families are strange things. I had a Facebook message from my first cousin, in Ontario Canada. It isn't new, but we are not friends on there, so it only came up when I went looking for something unrelated that ought to have been sent. She sent her condolences on the loss of my sister. News to me. So I hunted down the obit, which is a week old. I understand from that she had two surviving sisters, who are named. I am not. Charming.
  2. I dunno, but it sounds like Portuguese to me. Pity if it is, that was Himself's first language. Only going by a couple of conversations he had with his Nanny when she visited several years ago. Consider something stronger.
  3. Plan to paint the remaining window frame in here this afternoon. Once that's done, the lounge is finally finished. One room left, it's a pity I left the worst to last. I am over this reno thing, over it. I will say going from dreadful dark paneling to a lighter color makes an amazing difference. It's just the work to get it there I detest; two coats of primer and one of paint. Would be lovely to have the Sims paint tool Herself is over it for sure. It's not a huge room, and I've no where to put stuff, so I have been just pulling things away from the wall, painting behind them, and putting them back. Cartons everywhere, utter upheaval, and she has a well established and entirely earned mistrust of those. At least the last room in at the other end of the house, and we aren't actually trying to live in the middle of the mess. I am appropriating Himself's desk, and my sewing table will actually be used as one for the first time since I've been here. Which is to say it will become a flat surface I will load junk onto. I ought to mow this evening, but given the heat warning I don't think I will. It was still 97 at midnight last night, and I am not that nuts. The new neighbors have really stiffened my resolve in regard to moving on. 7 children, although the number seems to vary, three adults who seem to be there most of the time. Several yappy little dogs who go on and on for hours. Saturday night seems to be the worst, they light a fire on the drive, and hoot and holler until the small hours. Had a verbal dispute with the farmer over the road, told him off for bush hogging too near their house. "Get off our property"! I am assuming, they don't seem to speak a lot of English. Turns out they were unaware of the property borders, and thought they owned more than they actually bought. The farmer owns everything right up to 15 feet from their front door. Which he pointed out to them in no uncertain terms. Told them he isn't putting up with any more nonsense at that address, that the surveyors will show them the the pins first thing Monday and he will have the fencers out there middle of the week. They don't have an easement as such, and the lane they use to get to the house is actually not theirs either. Things might get interesting.
  4. Stinkin hot today. Humidity and dew point nearly equal. Storms for later. Same for tomorrow.
  5. Well after more than a year of blissful peace and quiet, the drug house has finally sold. For way less than they were going for. Lot of activity about the place, there would have to be. Given the price of lumber at the moment, someone must have deep pockets to put it all right. Trailer of furniture unloaded there today. So far all I've seen is one middle aged man. I hope he isn't hiding a bunch of screaming kids and a couple of atv's, and a pack of crazy mad dogs like the last people had. Herself, of course, has been interested in all the extra traffic. As in barking at everything that moves. She seems to think that if she can see it, it's hers. I ought to get off my duff and mow tonight. As I spent all day taking everything out of the garden shed, installing new shelves, and lugging everything back I think I'll pass. Not meant to rain tomorrow, and if I can't finish it up in one day it will have to wait. Painted the lounge ceiling yesterday, and next I will get the spackle and primer out again. I swear that this is my last fixer upper. Ever.
  6. I am about to have the house re-plumbed. What is here is original, and after the break from the cold weather there have been two more leaks, each a couple of weeks apart. Falling dominoes. Enough already. I have painted the bathroom, re caulked it all. Plumber will install fancy new shower apparatus. I have yet to tile the floor, so it is still just plywood sublfoor, and put up the new backsplash. I thought I would get that at least started today, but, not. Herself required a bath and a haircut in a serious way. She hates every minute of it, and frankly so do I. Then I went out and cut half of the yard for the first time this year. There is a section right in front of the house that is always the worst part, dense and a total bear to mow if it gets away from me. Heavy weather in the forecast, and if it rains every day for the next week I'd need to hire sheep out there. I thought once the batteries on the mower were charged I'd do the rest tonight, but I am on strike. Newp. I am mooning around a bit, Himself has been gone a year now. Still can't travel. Had both vaccinations and still trapped in AR. I had hoped to get the inside work done before the better weather arrives, but I still have two rooms I haven't even started on. Everything takes longer than I think it will.
  7. 07:04 this morning my phone rings. It is the roofers, who are due back to finish up anytime now. "Sorry, I just read the ticket, it says I should have called first. Never mind, sorry, I see your husband has come out the door and is waving at me. Got on a green shirt, right"? Wrong. Wrong house, wrong ticket, and certainly wrong husband. Went downhill from there. Seeing flashes in my right eye, and new floaters, as of yesterday. Off to the eye doc this afternoon, Posterior vitreous detachment she says. I have to go back in a couple of weeks. Ever try and drive 30 miles home through a construction zone with dilated pupils? Don't recommend it.
  8. A year ago today, Himself passed all his transplant labs and tests. With flying colors. Who knew. Celebrated today by driving an hour each way to get the first vaccination. Roof men spent yesterday afternoon making a terrific racket up on my roof. The roof line looked wonky because it dipped 6 inches in the center. They aren't done yet, they have put everything back, but have to come out again to put on new shingles. It's "dried in", they say, so in spite of the charming weather forecast it won't get wet until they can get back here. In light of all that, I went to Hobby Lobby. Got a few 1/12 bits and bobs for the book nook I am working on. For the rest of the day I plan to be a sook, eat chocolate, and go to bed early.
  9. Man. I joined in 2007, Why am I still here?!?
  10. Had to get the handyman out this morning. Stepped in cold water in the middle of the night in the bathroom. Seems there is a leak, and the wax ring on the loo needs replacing. Given that, so does the subfloor on inspection. Very wet and spongy, the floor isn't meant to sag under your weight. Where I pulled the lino back, the floor underneath crumbles like old crackers. He will be back in the morning to yank everything out and replace it. One thing after another here in Happy Land.
  11. Win. Water company have not charged me for the well more than usual gallons of water that spewed from broken pipe. Dining room painted, new floor going down tomorrow, provided my back allows. Just watched a FB live from a friend of mine standing on hilltops near Opotoki this morning. There have been some very large earthquakes near the shaky isles this morning. Tsunami sirens going off in the background. Yikes. Finally old enough for something. On the list for the vaccine, although it is still weeks away here. I wish more of the CDC's answers to questions didn't say "We simply don't know". I'd like to go home, please.
  12. It will be huge. I know this because they rang me this morning, wanting to know if I was aware of my usage. Was there a problem? I have used more than 7 times the amount I usually go through. I told them I thought for sure the meter reading would be right. I ran water at night for 6 days, and then the burst pipe was spewing away for at least four days before the plumber could get here.
  13. Plumber's been. On walking up to the side of the house, he said he could hear a leak. Hear it. He must have the hearing of a bat, I suppose after 40 years in the business he would do. I couldn't hear it looking at it. He found a little burst pipe, just inside the crawlspace. The hot water heater is fine, and so is the element. The leak was draining away enough that the water heater couldn't catch up. He also put the tub faucet back on. When I spoke to him earlier in the week, he said to let all the taps continue to drip, including in the bath. I only use the shower over the bath, and so that is where the diverter on the faucet was set. It wouldn't budge, so I gave it a good sharp smack, and it came off in my hand. Oops. All up, $164.00. I was shocked, thinking it would be well more than that. Himself apparently did a good enough job of insulating the pipes, as far as he went. There is a stretch he couldn't get to that has none, so I will look after that myself in better weather.
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