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  1. Is uscis in summer vacation? Or what's going on... 😂 has anyone else been approved?
  2. Do you guys think it would be a good idea to upload unsolicited evidence right now?.. i visited my husband for 4th of july holiday .. not sure if it would be a good idea to upload more pictures and more travel evidence?
  3. Same, id like to know if anyone else has been approved that filed in June 2023. I got an email today "update on inquiry" from my chat with Emma from last month. My heart stopped because I thought it was something else lol. Unfortunately nothing.. still waiting pd 6.9.23
  4. Phew.. okay thank you. I was thinking maybe writing a letter and explaining that I was in school in those 2 years.
  5. I've been a bit worried I might need a co-sponser, which I wont have. In 2022 and 2023 my tax returns are around 30k and 31k .. this is for a household of 3 including my spouse. I believe I was short 1k from the poverty line. After graduating college I landed a job, and now I'm making 115k a year... do you guys think showing recent stubs and job offer letter be enough?
  6. I'm thinking we will start seeing approvals for June filers in the next two weeks. 😄
  7. I asked a customer service rep through the Emma chat. You have to ask to speak to a live agent.
  8. My case was transferred to Nebraska from Texas . date filed 6.9.23
  9. Still waiting 😢 it seems like us june filers are not having much luck like the earlier month filers
  10. I'm a June 2023 filer. I've been on "your case is taking longer" and I uploaded some pictures and updated passport 2 days ago and now it says case should take 5 months.. I was hoping I would hear great news next month.
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