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    K1 was filed but stuck in AP so I went to Morocco and got married. Now we begin the CR1 path.

    ****Met my fiance back in 2008/2009 but somehow we lost contact and recently found him again on a social site. It took me some time to realize that we had been friends years ago until I started looking at his pics and it dawned on me that we had met before. Back then his English was not all that good so we didnt say much back then. But in July of 2015, all I did was say hello and from there it blossomed into a full on relationship.

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  1. Green card in hand as of yesterday! 

  2. Well looks like his green card is being produced as of today. Life has been so good now that he is here with me. Still looking for work but I know that soon he will be hired. As of day he’s been in California 122 days

    1. Ansbekk


      Congratulations 🎉

  3. Approved !!  

    1. Karim2018


      1,000,000 Congratulations!

    2. Sage&Amine


      congrats to you!! -from a moroccan/american couple who did K1

  4. Had interview. Looks good. Case in AP now 6 days. Got a call today from embassy today requesting upload of our first conversation from the website we met on. Done. Hopefully we will hear we are approved in the next few days 

    1. Karim2018


      Wow! That was fast! Hopefully you guys get accepted soon! How far back was your 1st conversation and which website did you guys meet on? Thanks and InshaAllah you'll get an APPROVED VERY SOON!

    2. Mayi & MiMi

      Mayi & MiMi

      Met on skyrock back in 2015. Hoping we hear something soon. I leave Morocco January 15th. 

  5. your big day is coming Friday

    wishing you 2 the best

    we went thru this K1 denial and then married

    Tell him to be confident and just answer honestly everything 

    simple answers 

    there will be AP so he won't be coming before end of the year 

    incha allah next year will be the best

  6. Just a few more days til interview and I’m stressing so bad !!!! Ughhh

    1. Karim2018


      You'll be fine...best of luck dear.

    2. Mayi & MiMi
    3. zahira33


      same thing here, same day best of luck to both of us

  7. You may want to consulate with CPB. Some seeds may be harmful in other environments. Its always best to inquire. I wanted to bring some seeds with me to Morocco but was told that it may not be good to bring them in. Here is something I found interesting, hope it helps https://asktheexpert.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5420/~/can-i-send-or-take-garden-seeds-to-another-country%3F
  8. Hello. I have a friend who is who is a student in Morocco who has a friend who is willing to sponsor him for a visit here in the US. What documents are needed and what are his and his sponsors requirements. Thank you in advance
  9. Thats A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. @tomuk my last status was from my web account - the myuscisaccount https://myaccount.uscis.gov
  11. Wow, Im totally shocked on how fast things appear to be going right now. So here is whats happening right now i130 mailed December 31, 2018 NOA1 electronic notice: January 2, 2019 - 2 days NOA1 hardcopy: January 4, 2019 4 days NOA2 electronic notice: July 24, 2019 203 days Electronic Notice From USCIS re DOS/Visa: July 25, 2019 1 day NOA2 hardcopy: July 27, 2019 3 days NVC Case number PENDING Hoping it continues ! This is a second petition filed for my husband, 1st one was a K1 which was denied at embassy/consulate. I am praying that all those who are waiting hear something soon ! The wait is overwhelming
  12. Got another message. Im wondering how long I should wait to contact NVC for my case number July 25, 2019 Case Was Sent To The Department of State On July 25, 2019, we sent your case, Receipt Number SRC1990155xxx, to the Department of State for visa processing. You can find general information on Consular Processing by visiting our website at www.uscis.gov . The website will provide information on what to do next, who to contact, and how to inform us of any changes in your situation or address.
  13. I was following you guys and when I went to check the timelines you guys were gone. You guys should be next ! Keeping my fingers crossed !
  14. I guess you could call it that - I use 2 of them one is the USCIS app and the other is Visa Tracker
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