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    K1 was filed but stuck in AP so I went to Morocco and got married. Now we begin the CR1 path.

    ****Met my fiance back in 2008/2009 but somehow we lost contact and recently found him again on a social site. It took me some time to realize that we had been friends years ago until I started looking at his pics and it dawned on me that we had met before. Back then his English was not all that good so we didnt say much back then. But in July of 2015, all I did was say hello and from there it blossomed into a full on relationship.

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  1. Well we submitted our removal of conditions on the 90th day, they accepted and now we have our bio appointment. Get an email from VJ that says our approval estimate date is August 6, 2023, I just hope its sooner. Keeping fingers crossed. Waiting is the worst ! 

    1. Crazy Cat

      Crazy Cat

      Good luck.  We filed my wife's I-751 in March 2019......still waiting for an interview.

    2. Mayi & MiMi

      Mayi & MiMi

      Sure hope she gets it soon, that seems like too long to be waiting 


  2. Well USCIS accepted our pack and now we have our biometrics appt in 2 weeks. So far so good. 

  3. So my husband arrived to the US and his passport/visa was stamped 01/15/20. We have an amazing and bonafide marriage. The first day to file the removal of conditions was 10/17/21. The 90th day ends on 01/15/22 which was the expiration of the GC. I placed the package containing the i-751 and supporting documents in the hands of the mail carrier and I have been tracking the package. I shows that the package left on 01/15/22 and is now in Arizona. My lateness was because I thought I had more time, I have been so lost in what day it is, dealing with issues at work, etc. My life has been a bit hectic, but I realized my error and quickly put together the package and out the door it went. Question. Is the filing considered late even though it was sent on the 90th day. Should I prepare a letter on why it was filed on the 90th day? Should I want to see what they say? How long does it take to know if they are rejecting it?
  4. thank u for completing the timeline

    and congratulations / ROC may take longer because of covid but incha allah all will happen 


    Don't forget if he is under 26 he needs to file for selective service and that's important when applying later for naturalization

  5. Well we are still alive and still going strong during Covid. October 17th will be the first day of 90 to submit the ROC docs. I have everything ready and just want this to be over with.  I pray that everyone is doing well.                         

    1. Karim2018


      Best of luck guys!

  6. Well how time flies !. Life with hubby has been absolute beautiful. He has been staying busy working around the house and job. He has adapted quite well. Our life has been truly blissful and productive. Soon we will be removing his conditions and moving forward. I wish everyone that is going thru this journey the best of luck. 

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