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    K1 was filed but stuck in AP so I went to Morocco and got married. Now we begin the CR1 path.

    ****Met my fiance back in 2008/2009 but somehow we lost contact and recently found him again on a social site. It took me some time to realize that we had been friends years ago until I started looking at his pics and it dawned on me that we had met before. Back then his English was not all that good so we didnt say much back then. But in July of 2015, all I did was say hello and from there it blossomed into a full on relationship. We are still getting back to knowing each other again and I dont know why I didnt stay with him longer, but I am so glad that I am. My situation is a little complex but Im sure that we will work this all out.

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  1. So I filed a K1 last year which was approved, but denied at Consular level. CEAC site says its in Admin Processing and I have sent several emails requesting why, with no response. I just mailed off a CR1 application and it was recv'd today. Should I send a letter to anyone (USCIS) and askj them to withdraw my K1? Please advise
  2. Mayi & MiMi

    Criminal history

    LOL Yes this is the last, I promise
  3. Mayi & MiMi

    Criminal history

    Listen, there is no way around it. Get your FBI background, your DOJ, your court records and dispositions. I have a criminal background that spans from 1986 to 1997. In the K1 process (recent) I was asked about it and I produced it. When I did the CR1 back in 2008, I was asked about it. Now here I am again doing another CR1 and I already know the drill. Doesnt matter if you commited a crime in 1929, they want to know about it. If your records are sealed let them know, but dont think they wont ask.
  4. Mayi & MiMi

    Filing that CR1 now

    @Apple Bee Thank you again ! Seriously I want this to go smoothly. Hope you dont mind if I add you and follow your progress.
  5. Mayi & MiMi

    Filing that CR1 now

    @Apple Bee Thank you for the suggestions. I have included all airline trips (3 so far and one scheduled for June 2019). All WU/Moneygram transactions showing some support. I have a ton of pics of me and his family and I do have my WhatsApp conversation with his aunt and a conversation with his nephew and brother. As far as affidavits I guess I could get them but I find it kinda useless seeing I already tried to petition him and the fact that I have conversations 3 yerars back, but if it works, then I'm game. I just want everything to be near perfect asnd leave no room for RFE's. I'm taking in all advice !
  6. Mayi & MiMi

    Filing that CR1 now

    Thank you for the clarification
  7. Ok help ! I just read that a couple did there I130 and I485 together - Is that something I need to do ? Heres the link to what I read - am I reading it right? Bonafide marriage - Just married 11-23-18 and I have the certificate - hes there and Im here - how much more of a bonafide marriage do they want - I cant add him to my bank account until he gets here - suggestions please I want to frontload as much as I can. Suggestions please
  8. I think you are talking about this article https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-updates-policy-guidance-certain-requests-evidence-and-notices-intent-deny
  9. Well I'm married now.  Time to walk the CR1 path !

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  10. QUOTE: We chose to abstain from sex until we got married. Oppssss LOL we chose differently
  11. Right LOL Whats funny is that his mom told him the 2nd time I visited that it was ok to share his room with me because I was his wife now. I was shocked ! Seriously I was NOT expecting that at all. We had been sleeping in seprate rooms at his house but when told me that his mom said he can share the bed I almost had a heart attack. I guess she saw that we were very serious about being together (she should be cause he has never brought a female to meet her).
  12. My experience in this is: If you rent a room for the night they make you pay for separate rooms. In my case we were in Marrakesh and I was with my fiance and his two friends. We got 2 separate rooms and they put me in the very first room with the security camera on my door and the men were put in a room way across the way I have heard, but can not confirm, that police often go to the rooms just to make sure you are not alone with a man especially if you are Moroccan and unmarried.
  13. Mayi & MiMi

    Case in AP after being denied.

    I am older (the female, petitioner). Both of my previous marriages were to younger men
  14. Mayi & MiMi

    Case in AP after being denied.

    @ NuestraUnion Yes I am aware of who the member is. I am also trying to figure out if there is a way that this could possibly result in an approval. Im doing some research for now. Still going to Morocco in November - just curious as to why it would be in admin processing if it. I know that there is possibly aa 50/50 chance in this, but I wont count on it
  15. Mayi & MiMi

    Case in AP after being denied.

    Age difference. My fiancé had overheard the COs talking before they even called him up before the interview