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  1. I wound up submitting our tax returns on CEAC and then brought in transcripts to the interview. They took copies at the interview of the transcripts and didn't have any problems whatsoever.
  2. acidrain

    Proving domicile when not living in the U.S.

    I interviewed in Montreal 9 months ago. The interviewer told me the number one reason visas are denied is because of lack of domicile. My spouse was working in the US, owned a house, got a drivers license, opened a bank account, etc. With separating the family for more than a year the consulate had absolutely no question we were committed to living in the US. They even said so. There is no one size fits all formula. One person might get approved with the same evidence another gets denied with. It's very hard to predict. I am merely saying if you were the interviewer and had no idea about the persons character, would you give a person a green card based on signing a lease and opening a bank account?
  3. acidrain

    Proving domicile when not living in the U.S.

    I tried my best before my interview to put myself in the consulates shoes. If you had to decide whether someone has strong ties to the US would you feel a lease and a bank account is enough proof?
  4. Sorry for such a delayed response. I am not on here as often as I was before. It took more than 4 months to sort everything out. There was a person assigned to my case from the Department of State. At least I was able to call him directly unlike my experience with USCIS. There was a question as to whether my husband had custody of my son while we were living in Canada. He said something to the effect my son had to be in the citizens physical custody for the last 2 years. I explained what happened when we were detained by customs and told to complete the immigration process abroad. It became a bit of a grey issue because by legal terms we were separated even though we weren't broken up. I told him it was illegal to cross the border with the intent to immigrate therefore I had to stay in Canada to wait for my green card. In any case the agent said he'd go back to his supervisor and ask what to do. My son's passport was approved and sent out the same day and we got it about 2 days after that.
  5. I'm not sure how Visa's are issued in India after the interview. My visa came through courier and took longer than I expected. I was put into general administrative processing for a week and a half. Not sure if it was for security checks or something on my file but it took a little longer than I expected. My son on the other hand had his visa in hand 2 days after the interview. You never know how things will unfold and like what others have already mentioned I would be careful about making any firm commitments.
  6. I completed my spouse's return and used Turbo Tax. It asked a series of questions as to whether we had moved and when. Turbo Tax was able to figure out my spouse's worldwide income. The tax treaty makes it so you don't have to pay taxes twice to both Governments. The key is to report it as worldwide income and not as Canadian income. We sent a paper copy attached with a letter explaining our circumstances to an address specifically for non resident returns. It was processed without issue but it took them a little longer than normal to finalize it. You can always speak to a tax accountant who is more familiar with specific cases if in doubt.
  7. These are averages and they can be more or less. When I was waiting for my interview I was going out of my mind and compiled stats which showed the average time from NVC case complete (documentarily qualified) to interview was about 52 days. You might get your appointment date right away if there are slots available or you may have to wait up to a month. Nobody can say for sure how long after you get your appointment date when your interview will be. For IR1/CR1 cases most interviews I noticed were held after the 12th of the month (or second Monday - starting on Tuesday). I have seen some variation in the past though. I'm guessing it depends on staffing issues and the needs of the consulate. In terms of exactly when the NVC is given appointment dates from Montreal I could never get a firm answer. NVC agents told me they just get a random message telling them what slots are available. NVC then schedules the interviews starting with the first case complete date (not NOA1/NOA2 date) until all appointments are filled. You are sent an email from NVC telling you what date and time your interview is.
  8. My spouse is a dual citizen who hadn't lived in the US since he was a child. He moved to the US ahead of our son and I. He got a job, apartment, drivers license and caught up on all his taxes. All this evidence was needed at the interview. I would look up proof of domicile and go through the steps to show your spouse has established ties. This isn't something you can normally do through the internet. How does your spouse plan on financially supporting you and filling out the i864?
  9. There is no direct way to contact the consulate for a general enquiry. My passport was lost for several days and Canada Post gave me a phone #. Unfortunately it takes you in circles. I looked for any way to get a hold of the consulate. There are some creative ways but I can tell you they do not take kindly trying to get a hold of them unless it's an absolute emergency. Fortunately my passport showed up and I didn't need to cancel my visa and passport. I was in general AP (background check) for a couple of weeks. I noticed after they returned my email message they touched my case as there was an update on CEAC (date was changed). Shortly after they issued my passport. I think generally they peak at your case after you make an enquiry. Montreal is known to get a little snarky if you put up too much of a stink about it taking too long. I've seen a few people on VJ make a congressional enquiry through a Senators office. While in BC I used Patty Murray - US Senator to deal with my spouse's SSN application. I think it would be reasonable to ask what is going on with your case but you may get the same response through the Senators office as you did via email. I totally feel for what you are doing through. At the interview I was told I'd get my pp back in 3 days. I gave notice to my landlord and then AP happened along with Canada Post temporarily losing my passport. Fortunately I was able to extend my lease as they hadn't found another tenant. It's very stressful waiting for a decision like that. Good luck.
  10. I waited a month to get my appointment and called NVC numerous times. You feel so close to the finish line but you aren't quite there yet. NVC told me they get appointments from Montreal once a month and then schedule them all at once. I noticed another person waiting on VJ got their interview date within an hour of mine. I think if there are available appointments after initial scheduling a person might sneak in. I'm not sure when the cut off mark is though for the following month. NVC starts with the first case complete date and then book appointments until they run out. If there aren't enough appointments the person has to wait for the following month. I must have missed the cut off but the good news was my appointment was only 3 weeks after I got it. On average it's around 52 days from case complete to when you get your interview.
  11. acidrain

    k-1 Canadian Police Clearance

    Fingers crossed.
  12. acidrain

    Duty when arriving on CR1

    We showed up at a land crossing with a U-haul in tow. We had an entire household worth of effects that filled a 20 foot truck. The only question my spouse got asked was whether his tools were for his use or somebody else. We were not charged anything for bringing these items across.
  13. acidrain

    k-1 Canadian Police Clearance

    I went to the local RCMP detachment in Kelowna and they just ran my name through the federal database. I told them it was for immigration and they gave me 2 copies with it being embossed (that special stamp). It was accepted at the interview no problem. You can try your local police detachment but some cities or towns take longer than others. I was fortunate I got mine completed the same day I went in.
  14. acidrain

    booking flights for interview

    I booked an extra day or two for traveling in February where blizzards ground planes. This time of year there wouldn't be as much to worry about. I tend to get paranoid and there was no way after waiting 13 months for our IR1/IR2 I was going to miss our interview. The extra couple days were not needed. I stayed in a Air BnB to keep the cost down that included a little kitchenette. Montreal is a beautiful city and if you can get the opportunity to check it out why not? I lived in BC most of my life so I figured there wouldn't be many opportunities to experience it again. My 5 year old son loved Montreal so much he refused to get on the plane when it was time to leave. There are many stories where people flew in the day of their interview and there were no problems. I did a lot of flying back and forth to Vegas while waiting for my IR-1. A couple of times I had flights cancel or get delayed. Keep in mind anything can happen with that regard and there is no predicting it.
  15. In most cases if you are living outside of Canada you don't need to file taxes. However some investments require a Canadian to continue to file income tax such as if you own property and are renting it out. You also have to pay capital gains if you decide to sell the property if you are a non resident. So it really depends.