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  1. Hi all! We received the NOA2 about a week and a half ago, I just want to make sure I understand the next steps. Here is what I believe is next: Until the application has left the NVC, we will not hear anything. When it does leave the NVC, we will receive notification of this and receive the case number. I understand that in the meantime, we can call the NVC to get the case number prior to receiving the letter. Once it gets to the London Embassy, I (the beneficiary) will receive notification of this and the next steps. I assume this will include information on how to pay the visa fee and how to book both the medical and the interview. I pay the visa fee and book the medical and the interview. I make sure I have the following information: Passport with at least 6 months left before expiry 2 photos that meet Department of State requirements Birth certificate (I have a certified copy) Police certificate Form I-134, Affidavit of Support (As my Fiancé is at university and does not meet the income requirements, I have a form filled out by her as it is required for the petitioner to fill one out, but I also have one filled out by her mother to meet the income requirements) $265 ready for the Visa Fee Vaccination proof (Question about this below) 4 photos that meet Department of State requirements for the medical £330 for the medical exam A printed copy of DS-160 completion confirmation A complete copy of the initial application (I-129F) Copy of Form I-797C and Form I-797 (NOA1 & NOA2) Proof of ongoing relationship. Go for the medical exam, and then wait at least 5 working days for the results to get to the Embassy before having my interview Go to the interview. Get Approved (Hopefully) Wait around 1 week to receive the Visa and have the passport returned Questions: Vaccinations; I was born in Greece (I only have British Citizenship though), and the vaccinations I had are on the vaccination proof, however, they are missing the batch numbers. I read on another post that the medical requires the vaccination proof to also have the batch numbers on all vaccinations. Can anybody verify if this is the case? I am going to my doctors soon anyway to make sure I have all of them as I don't fully understand how to compare the letter from my doctor to the vaccination chart provided by the Embassy. Medical History; Do I have to get my full medical history for when I go to the medical? Am I missing or misinformed about anything? I appreciate your time, I will be writing posts about my experiences at the interview and medical in case anybody would like to read them in the future. Thank you all! Liam
  2. Good day, I met my Girlfriend via a dating website. We are a solid match and are planning on meeting soon this coming October to be exact, She is currently finishing her contract in Malaysia, she is from the Philippines. In October I will be flying to Malaysia to pick her up and we will be flying together to the Philippines. I will be spending my two-week vacation with her and her kids (Ages 6-3) We are planning family activities such as traveling & amusement parks. We are very happy and can clearly see a future together. We make a year together in July (sadly only online via facebook messenger) as her current employer does not allow visits or allow her to stay outside for a night, so we will have to wait until October to meet each other. I will be flying down again in December for a week vacation. Marriage is in the talks as I stated we definitely see a bright future together. Since the first time, we talked we have a very positive vibe. I have helped her with the kids almost monthly around 50-100 USD I've done this on my own will and have never been forced to do so, on the contrary, small little arguments have raised since she feels shy I've been helping her without yet being able to meet her. I would like to the know some advice from this community since we are starting out and definitely can see a happy future. what are things we should keep saved and what are things we should start doing and keeping records of? If she & I decide to marry then it will be in July 2020, when we make two years together, as of right now I'm helping her family rebuild their home after it was severely damaged. Do I keep a record of this or will this be useless? I have never done online dating before of has marriage ever even come to my mind, out of my previous relationships none ever really sparked that "This is someone whom I can spend the rest of my life with" So I am a bit clueless on some of the processes, I have looked online but everyone states something different. Some state we need to live together first, this will be hard for me to achieve since I have a very good job working for Harvard Univerity, the IT company I came from has a location in Manila should I bite the bullet and apply? What do you guys think, and for those of you who have been in a similar situation how did you deal with it? The distance does hurt as we all know and since I'm a full-time employee its difficult for me to take a flight and go whenever I want. I would greatly appreciate all and any advice as we want to make sure we do things correctly from the start. I've read stories of couples tossing very good evidence not knowing and then being stuck. Thank you all in advance !!
  3. Hi so finally my case is documentairly qualified...the email I received today stated they will contact me and my husband once they’ve scheduled an interview in Islamabad. I would love to hear from others their experiences and advice etc 😊🤞🏽So excited to finally going forward in our journey!!!!
  4. Hello all, I am looking at what's needed for the K-1 interview at the American Embassy in London. Now my original name on my birth certificate isn't what I currently use on my passport/Drivers license/the name we used to fill out the application. I contacted my local registrar's office (Where my mother thinks the name change was done) and they have no record of the name change as it was done by a justice of the peace, and unfortunately I don't have the original birth certificate, I only have the copy that I sent away for. This is on the website telling me what evidence to bring, but the only thing I have is my high school GCSE records, in my new name as I wasn't baptised. Will that be enough? Should I contact the registrar's office and have my name legally changed now? I appreciate any help you can give! Steven
  5. hi guys!!! So let me give you a little run down of things....around 12/10/18 I received email from NVC that I am able to move to my next step I need to submit fees and documents etc..I went ahead and paid AOS and IV fees and around 12/14/18 once my fees were “paid” I was able to submit documents and it took NVC a few for them to let me know what’s accepted and what’s missing etc. so I believe 1/4/19 I received an email stating what else I need and what is missing so basically my spouses IV stuff was all accepted and I from my end needed to upload my w2 AGAIN and give my household member(my fathers) tax transcript and also I needed to fill out I864 instead of the ez and I’ve uploaded those and it’s been accepted 🙌🏻 Now I keep going back and fourth with them my w2 states next to it “accepted” they keep sending me messages that i need to send in every page and I’m pretty sure I’ve done that twice! It’s so frustrating I feel like I’ve been waiting forever I’ve submitted it all literally nothing is missing at this point here I am waiting another 2-3 weeks for them to review things yet again! Has anyone else had this problem? It sucks because it will obviously take them time to schedule an interview also 😭😭
  6. shayden10

    Family Relationship Issues

    Hello VJers, This is actually very off topic, but I don't know where else to go. My husband is an avid redditor so that forum is not an option... I immigrated on a K1 Visa two years ago, I am sending in my ROC paperwork in May. Life has been very good for my husband and I, we both have good jobs, in August we bought a house and a new car, we have four cats and we are talking about babies in the very distant (like 5 yrs) future. I love life here and I absolutely adore my husband, but there is a big issue and I am struggling to figure out what to do about it... My husband and I took a road trip to my Canadian hometown to visit my family (about an 11 hour drive) this past July. We had a great trip, I saw a ton of my family, we all had a good time swimming, eating, and drinking. BUT on our last night there, my husband and I got in an argument (they happen!), it wasn't an extremely bad one and after fighting for about 15 minutes he wanted to leave the house to cool off, which he usually does when we argue. My Mom saw that I was upset and got involved in the argument, she was screaming at my husband and physically tried to stop him from leaving the house, which included putting her hands around his throat (according to my husband). While everyone was screaming, my Dad panicked and called the police. My husband left the house before they arrived, he went for a walk and ended up at my Aunt's house. The police arrived and questioned me at my parents, then went to speak with him. They made a note about us getting in a domestic dispute, there were no charges against anyone. We were told to spend the night apart and not communicate, in the morning I was to pack the truck, pick him up, and we would head home. We did text a bit during the evening, mainly me apologizing multiple times and him saying he just wanted to leave me in Canada. I picked him up first thing in the morning and we headed home, we argued for the first hour or so and then talked it out. Fast forward to today: my husband and I are still great, our relationship is good and we love each other more than anything. My parents are planning a trip to visit soon to see our new house and bring some of my furniture, and my husband plans to leave the house and not see them at all while they are here. My husband feels betrayed, heartbroken, and has lost his trust in my parents. He saw them as his own parents because he never had strong parental figures in his life. He loved them and is so beyond hurt. We have had altercations in my family's house before (between my parents, with neighbours, etc) which have been much worse and never did my Mom lay a hand on anyone nor were the police called. My husband feels like my parents true colours came out and that they have always hated him, mainly because he took me away. I feel stuck, I want to support my husband in any way possible but it hurts to have to sever ties with my family more than I already have. I miss my hometown, I don't want our children to miss out on seeing where I grew up and having their Aunt, Grandparents, and the rest of my Canadian family. In addition, my Mom's health is poor and I worry that something will happen to her. I don't know how to continue to make my husband feel supported and like I am on his side, while also trying mend the relationship between them enough that we can at least be apart of my family still. I am hoping that someone here has any type of advice to help me through this. Thank you for reading the long post, and thank you in advance for any replies. Sydney
  7. Hello everyone, So I am a natural born US citizen. I married my husband 12/2006 he is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. We have 2 daughters together and I have 2 sons from a previous relationship whom he treats as his own. So I'm basically wondering if anyone can relate to our situation has done the papers and how thier process went? 2004: He crossed the border illegally to US 2005: he went home on a plane to mexico on his own for funeral 2005: he attempted cross, was caught and released - no deportation 2005: made it across border 2006: we married 2007 had daughter #1 2014: daughter #2 We never filled out papers because we were told to wait for a reform, and here we are almost 12 years later no reform. I'm not sure if he can qualify for a waiver? I work, have a good job so supporting him is not a problem. He also works, pays his taxes so that helps. He boss is willing to help if he can. Hardship: my 2 son's father will not let me take them to Mexico. Our 1st daughter has been medically diagnosed with anxiety, and sees counseling for that. My job won't allow me to move to Mexico. I obviously will be under extreme stress and have to apply for daycare assistance, food assistance, have to move if he would have to go as I'll be out his income (he does construction). Not sure what else they'd look for for a hardship waiver and if he can really apply for it? Any advice, experiences anything will help just frustrated with all this stuff.
  8. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me out with confirming what I need next? I require a police certificate from 8 months I spent in NZ, living with my fiancé on a working holiday visa. I am UK resident, filing for a k-1 in London. When looking for what to do I can’t find a definitive answer as the NZ police checks are automatically part of their K-1 process. As such, I have applied to the Ministry of Justice for a Record Check and filed a Section 14 Vetting Form from Police NZ. If anyone could confirm whether either of these are what’s needed, what happens next or just more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt
  9. Hi All!! I have been with my partner for 3 years now, and the long-distance situation has gotten too much, so we are about to submit the i-129f K1 Visa form, and make the next step . Sooo exciting, however I am very scared incase i mess this form up! If anyone can give me any tips that would help, that would be amazing! I am going to send screenshots of call history and messages, pictures from our trips over the years, flight information and booking receipts for the hotel/air bnbs. I have put together a "Letter of Intent to Marry" which we will include, although we haven't actually made an plans for the wedding yet - we will get onto that after Christmas! It states in the instructions to the i-129f form, that we both need to include passport-type photos, but i cant see that anyone else has done this. Is this required? Thank you for your help!!! And good luck to anyone going through the process!!
  10. I (21/F) am trying to get my Nepalese fiance (27/M) to come to visit my hometown for Christmas and New Years. I will be on a three-week break during this time and we thought it would be perfect. We have been dating for 5 years and we met each other in person almost 2 years ago. I have visited his home country 3 times. This is great, but now my family wants an opportunity to meet him, I also want to show him my hometown and I want him to spend the holidays with my family. Although we are engaged we cannot get married for another year because I have to finish my degree. We have been reluctant to apply for the visa in the past because he told me that many Nepalese people get denied and we are engaged. I know one of the requirements of the tourist visa is to show strong ties to his home country and to show that he has no intention of immigrating. His ties are: His engineering that he has had for 3 years, his mother is sickly and he pays for her medication and other health expenses, He helps with household funds such as the vehicle payments, utilities, and whatever else is needed. He does not intend to immigrate because: He has to return and help his family with the bills and be there for his mother, his boss will only give him a maximum of 14 days of vacation, He is helping his family pay off debts and is one of the working members of the family. I will have to start my final semester of classes, We cannot get married because I am in the process of completing my license requirements for my career. We are well aware of the process and the fact that us being engaged can hurt our chances, but we have not desire to get married at this time because it is not feasible. He is not a rich guy but has money saved up. He will be supported by me during his stay and we plan to fill out the sponsor form. The two weeks are going to be pretty straightforward. He will meet my family, spend time with me, join us during our family celebrations and go sightseeing with us. My family is actively asking him to come and visit so should we write an invitation? Also, should we buy the plane tickets beforehand? What should we do to make this process go as smoothly as possible? Also how long will this process take? I know I am not applying for him, but I just wanted more information to see if he should even bother trying and what can be done to increase his chances.
  11. Hi all, For the last few weeks/months I've been gathering and organizing the proof of a bona fide marriage for my wife and I. I have an appointment made on Friday the 14th at the USCIS Field Office in Guangzhou. We're going to try for DCF since we both reside in China. I feel like our evidence is strong and mostly speaks for itself. There are, however, a few things I am a little worried about and feel like I should explain clearly. My thought is to add a cover letter clarifying it. I have contacted USCIS about this, and their response was "do what you think is best." I am wondering if anyone has done this. Am I just being neurotic? If I do add a letter, does it need to be a sworn statement? Thanks for any help!
  12. Hey everyone! Not sure if this is on the right forum topic but I’ve only just joined here and still finding my way around! I had my medical today at Knightsbridge for our K-1 Visa. I kept a log of my time there in case anyone thought it useful. If you don’t want to read it all, the main points are: They're adamant they need the patient summary and won’t send the report to the embassy until they have it. Take a book! If you haven’t had all the vaccinations, you only really need 2 (£90 if done there) Everyone is really lovely! I was really nervous last night and didn’t really sleep at all and couldn’t really find any personal experiences that put me at ease. I needn’t have worried, it was all fine! Anyway, here’s the detailed version if you’re interested: 10.30 Arrived and told to sit in the waiting room and come back at the reception at 10.50. (My appointment time) About 10 other people in here waiting too. I want to chat to them but they all look nervous! A girl sat opposite me has a bandage on her arm from bloods so I’m assuming we have to come back in-between tests. They’ve got Christmas decorations up on the mini chandelier. Either someone’s very eager or they’ve been there for years. I wasn’t sure what to wear so I just put a shirt and jeans on. Smart cas. I didn’t want to overdo it but I also wanted them to know I’m taking this seriously. I really want to chat to everyone and ask what their stories are, but I need to remind myself that this isn’t an audition and they might want to keep things private. Totally understand. I won’t be ‘that’ guy. 11.05 After being called to the desk (while I was walking to it) at 10.50, I handed over all my paperwork required. I don’t have my patient summary or vaccination history, but she didn’t seem to mind. She took my passport photos. Passport. And acro to photocopy. Then gave me another questionnaire to fill out as well as a permission form. I was also given a pot to give a urine sample in. I filled out the questionnaire which was pretty personal and I felt a little awkward as I was back in the small waiting room, wish I sat with my back against the wall! After handing it in, I went to the toilet behind me and filled the pot. Now waiting to be called by the nurse. 11.30 Just had my x-ray. Had a lovely chat with the radiologist as we mostly talked about acting! I had to strip down to my waist and stand in front of a black plate. After a few adjustments, she took my x-ray as I took a breath in and out. We waited until it appeared on the screen. I’ve never had an x-ray before so it was fascinating seeing my skeleton and lungs! Back in the waiting room now for the next step. 11.47 Just had my vaccinations! I spoke to a nurse who said she couldn’t find any records and I told her that’s because my doctor couldn’t find any! As I’m on a K Visa, I don’t need it for the visa, but would need it when I do my AOS in America. I could either have my tb and mmr jab now, which totals £90 or have bloods taken (again £90) to show antibodies or wait until I’m there to have them. I told her I’d rather have them done in the UK so she gave me both MMR and TB in both arms and I’ll need to top up at my doctors in 4 weeks time. Phew! That’s one thing I was worried about out of the way! I was given a sheet with info on my jabs and to give to my doctor for the booster in 4 weeks time and will have the sheet in my visa pack confirming I’ve had the required jabs. I’ve got a copy too. Now back in the waiting room. One hour has gone by. I guess the next stage is bloods! 12.29 Still waiting. Had a chat with another actor which broke the silence nicely. I’m guessing the wait is because they’re seeing everyone else who was in here earlier! Lots of waiting here though. I’m glad I’ve got my iPad to do work on, word of warnng: bring a book or something to do! 12.54 I’ve been in for my check up, the nurse applogised for the wait but it’s fine. I then had to sign my photo to confirm it’s me, and so did she. We then went through the medical questionnaire and I had to strip to my boxers and wear a gown. She checked my lungs and blood pressure, took my pulse and took blood and my temperature. We then had a quick chat and I asked for a sticker for being a brave boy. Pleased to say, I’m now wearing said sticker. With regards to the patient summary, they definitely need it. If you’re going to the medical thinking “I’m fit and healthy and haven’t been to the doctors in years, the summary won’t say anything so what’s the point!” like I thought, then you’ll be wrong. They need it to prove you’re not lying. Luckily, my interview isn’t for another 5 weeks, so I’ve got plenty of time to get it. They said I can either email a scanned copy or fax it to them. As long as it’s legible and prints onto A4 paper. I’m now just waiting to get my passport back and then pay the small fortune and I’ll be all done! 1pm Finished! I was given my passport back and all proof of vaccinations. In all, it cost me £420 including vaccinations. But it was worth it for the sticker. I even asked if they took clubcard points. Well that’s it for my experience at the visa medical at Knightsbridge. It took a little bit longer than thought but that’s probably because of the vaccinations. Everyone was lovely and I had a good laugh with them. Good luck for when you go! It’s not as bad as you think! Remember, fear only exists in the mind! Once you’re done, you’re closer to living a whole new life!
  13. Hi, my partner and I are confused what kind of visa do we need to apply. My partner is American Green card holder with NZ citizenship. Currently, he is in America to manage his business. I am Indonesian citizen, currently working in New Zealand. I am holding work visa in New Zealand. We have been in relationship for 1 years+ and 2 weeks ago & we had same-sex marriage ceremony at church. After think about it, my partner prefer for us living in America. But, we dont know what kind of Visa do we need. Do we need to apply I-130 first? or Do I need to apply K-1 and get marriage in USA and stay there for awhile till the decision made? where should we start first? What kind of visa do I need to go to America? What kind of form that is needed first to lodge? The documents we have to support our visa are: +NZ marriage certificate. (Indonesian government will not accept that I am marriage to same sex, so they will insist I am single) +Lots of photos of us +Some chat and email of us (this can be thousands of pages) +Our joint account +Our joint rent agreement Which of those documents that is needed to be attached? We were initially stay in NZ. So, we dont know how to lodge partnership visa in America. And the information seems too much and hiring lawyer seems costly. Any advice?
  14. Hello all, I have a question regarding dual citizenship: I was born in Italy from a Canadian-born mother, and when I was very young she filed for my Canadian citizenship. Since then I've always had both the Canadian and the Italian passport. The Canadian one has always been what I used for any travel outside the European Union, including all my past U.S. entries as a Visitor. Having always been an Italian resident, I filed for the K-1 Visa as an Italian applicant. Now I am submitting my AOS application and I would like to inform USCIS about my dual citizenship, just for transparency purposes. My I-94 travel history shows all the past entries that I did and I used my Canadian passport for all of them (except for the last one, of course, because my K-1 is on my Italian passport). I want to minimize any risk of confusion that may cause delays in the application, so I included a letter explaining my situation and I enclosed a copy of the Commemoration of my Canadian citizenship that I obtained when I was a child, plus a copy of my passport and a copy of all the pages with the past B2 stamps. Is this the right way to do it? In the letter I explained that the documents regarding my Canadian citizenship are unrelated to my AOS application and I am enclosing them in a separate folder just for their knowledge. I'm just wondering if it's necessary at all for me to make this communication. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice? Thank you
  15. So I completed a I190 to replace my dad expired green-card on July 10th, by July 13th I received the receipt notice in mail and on the same day online I saw that his bio-metrics appointment was set for August 2nd. Wow......didn't know it would move this fast....anywho... We live in NY and my dad did not received his renewed new Jamaican passport as of yet, I was hoping to bring to the biometrics Appt. My question is which forms of ID is acceptable.... He has his old expired green-card along withe IDNYC ID which is municipal ID (IDNYC is the new, free identification card for all New York City residents, which gives all of us the opportunity to show who we are—New Yorkers. As a government-issued photo identification card) So basically the ID my dad as is a local city government issued ID. do you think this would be acceptable for biometrics appt. He does not have any other form of ID just this one and his expired Greencard.
  16. Hello everyone! First Post here. I am currently overseas with my fiancée and have been here for two years now. Any evidence covering the validation of our relationship really is not of concern. I do have a few questions and concerns about our case. I will state right away we have a cosponsor for our case due to the circumstances. So I guess I will list some of the concerns. Please no need for harsh criticism, I just need advice! 1. I have been in Poland for 2 years now, I was granted entry back into Poland a year ago. I don’t know what to call this but, technically I am here longer than I should be. We have been working on getting married here but it’s a little more complicated than we’d expected. My concern is, will the United States government try to get me “returned” back to the states if we file this? It may seem like a crazy concern but I good at worrying. 2. I was working for a moving company that paid me in cash as a helper for a few months. Other than that I was working on my art career just trying to get better and make a name for myself. So, for the employment history for the past 5 years... do I leave it all blank? Or do I state I was working for said company. I don’t have any time sheets or anything like that of how much I was working. Just thinking whether this is being honest or stupid. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. This is why we have a co sponsor. 3. Are Police clearances required in the petition? Or is that for the interview? My fiancée lived in the UK for 9 years and turned 16 the year she returned to Poland. Is she required to obtain the certificate from the UK as well? 4. Affidavits of Support. I134 I believe. I was told I as well as the co sponsor must fill this out, are the both of ours required to be in the petition itself? Or brought to the embassy? 5. We have very minuscule evidence of our relationship prior to me coming here. Some Skype messages she printed out and kept, some videos she took a screenshot of. Not a bunch of logs or anything like that because we didn’t think of keeping them at the time. Hell, we knew nothing of this process. Just being honest here guys. We were trying to get married here but I couldn’t get my single status document from my county without being present. Does this matter if we have evidence from the day I got here until right now? 6. Does the cost of the engagement ring matter? It was like $500. It may not seem like a lot but I will get her a better one in the states. Don’t tell her 7. We don’t have any pictures from when I proposed to her on Christmas. It was a surprise to everyone. They all knew I was doing it, but I didn’t say when. That was my fault. Would this be a problem? We have the letter I wrote that day for her. I am so sorry for this super long post, I’m new and really seeking proper advice. I was looking into some “coaches” or “experts” but they all gave me the run around. Thank you all in advance guys! Have a great day!
  17. Hey everyone, My husband is in the process of adjustment of status through form I-485 following arrival in the US with a K-1 visa and our marriage. We got a request for initial evidence in April 2017 due to lack of information about the co-sponsor, which has been resolved. Because of an abrupt change in our living situation, we had to move from Washington to Florida rather suddenly. We were set to move on June 28th, with my last day of work being June 27th. We booked hotels in advance after deciding to drive across country with all our things because it was cheaper than flying out and having our possessions delivered. On June 24th, we got a notice in the mail that my husband's initial AOS interview had been scheduled for July 26th, 2017. Since he applied in March 2017 and we received an RFE, we were not expecting to receive an interview date so soon. We could not stay where we were for a month without income (plus losing the money we spent on non-refundable hotel rooms for the move), so we called the NCSC for USCIS as soon as we could to update our address and request a reschedule. They said they would see what they could do about rescheduling and gave us a confirmation number for the request. They told us to make an InfoPass appointment, too. The information we've gotten since then has been confusing. In the case history listed online, it says that the reschedule request was assigned to an officer on July 5th. Then, on July 6th, they mailed a response to our request. The response states that the type of service requested was "interview reschedule." However, the status of the service request says that they updated our address. It also says that the application will be routed to the nearest USCIS office in Florida for further processing. The most recent case status update is still listed as the interview scheduled in WA on July 26th. At the InfoPass appointment, the officer told us to submit AR-11 to change the address "on everything" in their systems. We've already changed it online and over the phone, but to cover all the bases we will also submit AR-11. The officer also told us to send a letter requesting a reschedule to the field office for which the interview was originally scheduled. He told us that my husband may be marked as a no-show if they don't process the letter in time and warned us that is the most likely scenario, but it can be reversed after they see that we sent a letter. With all this jumbled information, I'm not sure what to do. If my husband composes a letter to reschedule, is there a certain format he should use? I haven't found much of a lead for that online. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi, I'm in the UK. I met my girlfriend when I was visiting the US on the vwp last year. She's going through a divorce right now but she's coming to see me in August. I lost my passport and over stayed but about a month which means I can no longer use the vwp. We talked about a k1 visa or a marriage certificate visa but there's a few things we're concerned about. 1st she's 20 years older, second I have a criminal damage charge from when I was In the Army in 2011 I got fined £350 for, and another one from march 2017 which I was cautioned for, I was under the influence of alcohol when both of them happened, and lastly tho it was a genuine accident would my vwp overstay effect it, I reported the passport lost the day after it happened and had to get an emergency passport to fly home. And should we use a fiance visa or marriage visa when we put in for it? How likely is it our visa will get denied? We're both in love please help!
  19. Hello Guys, how are you all? trust all is well with all you guys. I am still waiting for my visa and the Case is pending in AP from last June and since then there is no update. only updates when I email the embassy for an update but they simply reply that the Case is Under AP and cannot be predicted how long will it take. let me know if someone has been through the same situation and what can be done? my friend Zain Rafique and me we both are going through the same situation
  20. So my sister who is a pharmacist back home(Jamaica) has a 10 year B1/B2 tourist visiting visa, she wishes to change her status so that she can migrate and come to America to work. Any Advice on the steps she should take would surely welcome, which routes she should take.? What are her options? Im willing to sponsor her if thats a option, she's willing to go back to school to be a pharmacist here as well ifs thats a route.
  21. Hey everyone, I wanted to get some feedback on what my husband and I have assembled for the additional evidence that was requested. My husband also posted on this last week... What I would like to know is if it's okay to highlight certain pieces of information in the papers we are sending, like names and dates to catch their attention. I feel like this would make things easier but I just wanted to make sure this was okay. Do we need to resend the I-175 form? My husband's Green Card extension is expiring in February 2018, do you think they'd be able to process our case before that point? Also, would you also be able to let me know if the below looks alright? This is what we were able to gather (in order of appearance in the package): RFE's letter first page. Cover letter detailing all the attached evidence, including explanations for every item. Copy of our last year's lease, the one that we sent them already, except this time we highlighted both our names on it. A letter from our last year's landlord, confirming that we were both living at that address. Homeowners' insurance for the old address with both our names on it. A letter from this year's landlord, confirming that we are living at our current address. A new lease for next year with our current landlord, with both our names on it. Bank statements from a joint account dating back to 2015, when my husband was added to the account and up until now, including every single expense and showing the co-mingling of the assets. Credit card statements for the past two years, showing all the expenses. A letter from our bank, explaining that my husband was added to the credit card as an authorized user, because the credit card statements only have my name, despite us both using it. Tax return statement from 2015 and 2016, showing that we filed our taxes jointly and also showing our addresses. (We've already sent them the 2015 one, but somehow they assumed it was from 2014) My family's phone bill with my husband added to it. My job's benefits explanation paper, showing my husband as my beneficiary on my life insurance. Plane tickets receipts and hotel reservation for our trip back in May. Dental bills from 2017 showing both our names on them. (We've already sent them our dental insurance policy before) My mother in law's letter, notarized and translated, stating that we lived together in her apartment back in Moscow before moving to Korea together. My former employer's statement from Korea, explaining that we lived together in an apartment he provided while I was working there. Receipts of the flowers my husband sent to me at work several times. Thank you very much!
  22. Hi everyone, a few days ago we got an RFE regarding the i 864. On it it stated I (the petitioner) am supposed to file the i 864 as well even if we have a joint sponsor (which we do). Then it said the joint sponsor'd income wasn't meeting the requirements for the 125% poverty guidelines, which he makes way above the required minimum . And finally it said that the household number was calculated incorrect "The joint sponsor must correct the and/or complete page 4 of the form I-864." My questions are: 1. I wont be able to qualify for sponsor, do I still have to try to meet the required minimum (using assets) even if we will get a joint sponsor or it doesn't matter? 2. Could the miscalculated household size trigger the system to say that the joint sponsor doesn't meet the requirements 125% Poverty Guidelines? 3. When calculating the household size does the principal immigrant count in as well? (For example: joint sponsor has a wife and three children and will be sponsoring my spouse)
  23. Hello VJ! I’m new to visajourney! My husband and I recently got married and my vacation time in the US is coming to an end BUT we’re ready to embark on a new journey and start the CR-1 visa process. We’re slowly but surely getting our papers and proof together but I did have a couple of questions regarding the process. I’m also anxious by nature and we want to get this right the first time around so dear Visajourney, I had a couple of questions for you regarding the process. Firstly, both of us communicate constantly through Facebook when we’re apart. We never really used text message unless we were travelling to each other. We also use discord to talk, because we usually play video games together as we’re talking. It’s just a lot easier for the both of us and we both avoid long distance charges. Would USCIS approve of screenshots taken of our conversations via Facebook or is there another way I could go about doing this? Secondly, my husband and I aren’t huge on picture taking but we do have selfies together from each visit. We don’t have very many pictures of us with each other’s families (we do have a couple). We have a lot of pictures from the wedding though that include both families. I was wondering if that would be a problem with USCIS or NVC? And how many pictures should I send? Seeing as it’s impossible for my husband and I to own joint property or a joint bank account (I live in Canada and he lives in the US) we decided to ask a couple of friends to write an affidavit, stating that we have had an ongoing relationship for the past three years and that we still have an ongoing relationship today. We will be getting it notarized as well. Has anyone else done this? As for more proof, he has letters that I’ve sent from the beginning of our relationship, we have our Amtrak tickets from previous trips, I will be getting phone records to prove that I’ve called him and his family, I have Christmas cards from previous holidays and we have invitations and programs from our wedding as well as our wedding vows to each other (we wrote letters to give to each other prior to the wedding ceremony). Is there anything else that I should include?
  24. I'm putting together the I 129f packet. I went to the court house and was only able to get 4 case numbers my record has been expunged. Then I did a file scan of my finger prints to the department of justice and received those 4 cases and other charges and arrests. These are all very old and I've cleaned up my act and not been in any trouble in years . But I have possession,a dui, and a domestic violence charge that was dropped to community service and my ex girlfriend and her mother went in front of the judge and said her and I were drunk and I wasn't a threat to her . I'm so in love with my Japanese sweetheart and love her son he in now 7 years old and really want them to live with me in California. Can I just turn in the 4 case numbers and not go into details. One top lawyer her in San Francisco told me "they" don't care about the sponsor it's the bene they care about and she is squeaky clean with no record. Can anyone advise me what to do or recommend a Bay Area lawyer. I need advice I don't want to pay 3,500$ to be represented but will pay for advise. Thanks in advance for any advice guys .
  25. Hello Everyone, Many thanks to your cooperation on VJ Website that encourages me to share my case hoping you can help me regarding what to do. I am a U.S. citizen by birth, to Egyptian parents, so they returned back to Egypt after a year and a half of my birth, Along with being a girl I weren't able to travel again at any point of time alone. Now, I am married women with only one child who is under 2 years of age, me and my husband agreed on travelling to U.S. to build our desired future and hopefully provide better living for our child. So I am going to apply for IR1 for my husband, IR2 for my child, yet my inquiries are about: - How could we make the payment for I-130 forms with the current circumstances of being in Egypt? What are my options as the US embassy in Cairo informed me that the payment have to be totally through USCIS. - How to guarantee success of our steps? (Knowing that I can’t leave my baby and travel alone to make arrangements needed to our stay). So kindly Advise, Thanks a lot