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  1. Once, my brother was denied because he has a pending immigrant visa application.
  2. I'm afraid there is nothing much you can do as the Police Report is part of the mandatory documents to present for review. It's quite unfortunate what the world is going through and how we all have to wait until it's over.
  3. Okay, I understand that your husband is the Applicant. I guess the confusion must have been as a result of his inclusion as FM under the AOS (when he is still the Principal Applicant). Yes, go ahead and mark each document as "missing" (Not applicable). A second option would probably have been to remove him from the AOS section. But I will suggest you try the former first. I'll be glad to read that it works.
  4. Hi Sanjaybb, The apparent glitch is with the website that has been programmed to deactivate the Submit Documents button once it identifies some incomplete document upload (regardless of the logic behind it). I will suggest that you upload the same set of documents for the FM so that the website will consider all your expected document uploads as complete. Do not worry, the Reviewing Officer will sort the documents accordingly once submitted. Cheers!
  5. Check the Family Member's document page again, is there any document that is missing, or is not available? or has not been uploaded by that FM? Usually, when documents are not uploaded in full, or where documents cannot be provided, the problem happens.
  6. Thanks kivasbeauty! Eventually figured it out. Problem was with the section where we needed to upload the petitioner's tax document. Regards!
  7. Hi HalfWayMark , Can you please explain how you resolved this problem? I'm facing a similar challenge. Thanks.
  8. Hi Rumz05, How did you eventually get past the inactive Submit Documents button? I am facing a similar problem. Thanks
  9. Thank you for your quick response, Enie! I have uploaded all the documents required (AOS, tax returns, all civil documents). It is only the Submit Document button that is not working. And all documents show "Uploaded". I am confused since the Submit Button is not active for me to use.
  10. Hi, I have just uploaded some documents for AOS (Joint Sponsor and Household Member). All files show "Uploaded" but the red Submit Document button is not working, even after trying severally. Please, what can I do?
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