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  1. My brother, who is on an F4 application, recently got married and successfully added his wife to his application (as an accompanying dependant). Coincidentally, his mother-in-law (who is the mother of his wife) became a naturalized citizen a few months ago. Is it possible for the mother-in-law to apply for her daughter and my brother under the F3 category while the F4 application is still in progress? Kindly advise. Thank you all.
  2. I've been waiting for 15 years and my PD is yet to be current. Except the policies change, you may have to think of about 15 to 20 years for F4.
  3. Dear @Lixoh, after receiving your visa, did you eventually apply for Follow To Join for your spouse or you started a fresh application for F-2A? I want to test the practicability of the Follow To Join option and if the timeframe will be shorter than F-2A? I hope @arken and every other experienced people here can share their insights. I'm just here to learn from everybody. Thanks.
  4. Hi Lixoh, did you eventually apply for Follow-To-Join as suggested by @arken? I'm facing a similar situation.
  5. Dear Timona, It is very kind of you to respond. Thank you. You are right on FTJ being the best option. I am thinking of exploring it. I am, however, concerned about AoS for the derivative. Hence, my questions up there. Thanks again.
  6. Dear All, Please advise me: Category: F41 I want to include my spouse to my F41 application as a derivative (Follow To Join). My Questions: Apart from the fee payable for the derivative application, will I need to submit another AoS for the derivative beside the one already uploaded by the petitioner? If a derivative is included in the application, is there a scale for assessing how sufficient (adequate) an AoS is for 2 applicants (the derivative and me)? Can there be a case of "Inadequate AoS for 2 applicants"? I only plan to include my spouse as we do not have a kid yet. Or is it better to just complete my application alone with the hope of filing a new application for my spouse under F2A? I am really afraid for the length of time for this option. Please help. Thank you.
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