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  1. Dear @Lixoh, after receiving your visa, did you eventually apply for Follow To Join for your spouse or you started a fresh application for F-2A? I want to test the practicability of the Follow To Join option and if the timeframe will be shorter than F-2A? I hope @arken and every other experienced people here can share their insights. I'm just here to learn from everybody. Thanks.
  2. Hi Lixoh, did you eventually apply for Follow-To-Join as suggested by @arken? I'm facing a similar situation.
  3. Dear Family, Wow! Thank you so much! I'm more enlightened & convinced now.
  4. Dear Timona, It is very kind of you to respond. Thank you. You are right on FTJ being the best option. I am thinking of exploring it. I am, however, concerned about AoS for the derivative. Hence, my questions up there. Thanks again.
  5. Dear All, Please advise me: Category: F41 I want to include my spouse to my F41 application as a derivative (Follow To Join). My Questions: Apart from the fee payable for the derivative application, will I need to submit another AoS for the derivative beside the one already uploaded by the petitioner? If a derivative is included in the application, is there a scale for assessing how sufficient (adequate) an AoS is for 2 applicants (the derivative and me)? Can there be a case of "Inadequate AoS for 2 applicants"? I only plan to include my spouse as we do not have a kid yet. Or is it better to just complete my application alone with the hope of filing a new application for my spouse under F2A? I am really afraid for the length of time for this option. Please help. Thank you.
  6. Hi SusieQQQ, thank you for being so helpful. I have more questions to ask please: We are a family of 4 siblings: The first and second are USCs while the third and fourth are not (I am the 3rd child). The 1st elder one (brother - "Sibling A") is my principal applicant on FB-4. The second elder sibling (sister - "Sibling B") is the principal applicant for my immediate younger brother, FB-4 too. AOS: Sibling A (my elder brother) could not provide adequate AOS, so he enlisted "Sibling B" to provide supporting AOS for me. Also, the same "Sibling B" (my sister who has provided a supporting AOS for me) is the person providing AOS for my younger brother. My question is this: "Sibling B" (my elder sister) is the only person who has provided both AOS for me and my younger brother. Will this be enough to cover my finacee if I marry her and include her to my application as a derivative? I am afraid that it may be flagged as an 'overload' on her financial assessment. 1. What can I do if my fear is the case? 2. Is there any other alternative that I can explore if I eventually travel to the US and I want to apply for her to join me within a short time? I hope I have not left you confused with my long twisted explanation. 🙂 Hope you or anyone else can reply. Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi, My Status: 1. F4 Category 2. Documentary Qualified and awaiting interview invitation. 3. I have a fiancee and I wish to settle in marriage with her. Question: I wish to settle with my fiancee in marriage but I am afraid of the separation when my visa is eventually granted. What advice do you have for me on how to fast-track her application once my F4 application is successful? I am very worried about this. Please help with advice. Thanks
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