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  1. My Pakistani husband (fiancée at the time of doing K1) applied for a K1 visa in the past - HOWEVER, they denied us and the reason was never given. I would really love for him to come visit me in the U.S for the first time and am wondering if this will cause an automatic denial (I'm assuming it would). He has traveled out of his country to Dubai, Qatar, and Nepal and always made sure to follow all the rules and return to his country on time. We are going to do the CR1 in the future but are still thinking about were we will both choose to reside. In the mean time, I would love for him to visit! Is this possible? any advice?
  2. @JFH Thank you for your reply! I thought the same thing - However, my tax agency (turbotax) told me that since we have never physically lived together that I could file as single. He does not have any number to identify him and both filling jointly and filling separately require a SSN. So i'm assuming you would just suggest that we go through the process of getting an ITIN number for him and filling that way?
  3. Long story short - my husband and I got married in October of 2020. He lives in Pakistan, and has never visited, or lived in the U.S. I am in the process of filling my taxes (I am a U.S citizen) and have been told I can file as single since my husband has never lived here in the U.S with me, and does not have a SSN, or a ITIN number. However, I asked if it was possible to file as married for immigration purposes and I was told I could, but I would have to go through the lengthy process of having my husband get a ITIN number. SO my question is does it really matter if my taxes are filled as single or do i have to go through this process of my husband trying to get a ITIN number (I prefer not to)? THANK YOU for your help and time.
  4. Hello everyone! My husband and I are in the process of getting everything ready to apply for the CR1 Petition. We noticed that you can apply online now - Is there any difference between applying online VS through mail? IF NOT, when submitting the petition online, would we just attach all of our evidence such as photos, plane tickets, passport stamps, etc.. there? I feel like its not organized since it randomly attached; what do you think? ALSO, do I need to write any description on the photos that I would be uploading to say where they were taken and what year? Any advice with filling online and keeping things organized for the visa officer? I guess when applying online I don't need to provide a table of contents or anything like that? PLEASE HELP. Thank you in advance!
  5. My Husband and I recently got married in October of 2020. We live in separate countries and visit each other every 3-6 months by meeting in different countries. We are applying for the CR1 and are wondering what we can provide to prove that our relationship, and now marriage is bonafide. We have never lived together, nor do we have anything joint really as we do live in separate countries. WHAT I DO HAVE as proof is our chat logs, phone calls, traveling to meet each other in different countries including his (Pakistan), money-gram receipts, LOTS of pictures throughout out 6 year relationship, and things like that. Will that be enough? what do you suggest we do? I can also get friends and family to write letters confirming our marriage, and relationship. PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance!
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