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  1. Hello, I need some help with a couple of things regarding the n400 application. My spouse is active duty military, I have not filed my n400 yet. (I am a U.S Permanent Resident 10yr G.C holder) We got stationed here last year in July. We lived in a hotel for less than a month. So my first question is on the address info do i need to write down the address of the hotel? (it asks for previous 5 years of address') If i do not put an address of the hotel there will be a gap between when we pcs'd and when we moved into our current home (which is off-base). Second question is, it asks for dates outside of the United states. When we PCS'd, do i put the date starting when we left?? and date returned blank?? We have a PSC PO.BOX for our current address which is a U.S address so I'm confused on what to put on there. Third question, For current spouses' address, do I write our physical German address or PO. BOX? Thank you very much for reading! I
  2. Hi there, me and my fiancé applied for the K1 visa in June, and are almost done with the process. My interview will be soon, and We have been waiting for this for a few years. Last night however, my fiancé called me and told me that he got a really amazing promotion (he is in the military). To summarize it- he will be attending school for the promotion and afterwards he might get stationed within the US or somewhere else. He will probably start school soon, and the program usually takes around 3 months, the school is in the US. We don’t know, when he will get orders /get informed where he is going to be stationed afterwards. I have made plans to move to the US soon; in April or May. I know that I will have to do AOS after we get married, and that I won’t be able to leave the country. So right now my best option is probably to wait to get my visa, and see where he will be send to next, instead of moving there, as planned?! I would like to know, if there are people on here, who are military spouses, and who have experienced similar situations. Did you move and apply for an expedite for the AOS, when your spouse had to move overseas? What would you do or what are your experiences? Since we have already waited for a long time to be together, and invested a bunch of money, I don’t want to loose the visa, if I get it 🤞🏽I have a good job, friends and family whom I love over here, and I really don’t want to make a bad decision! However, I love this man and I want to marry him ASAP lol we have been together for almost 7 years. I am grateful for advise and personal stories or experiences! Thanks in advance and a great weekend to everyone 🌸
  3. Hey guys, Was anyone here able to join the USAF or any other branch with their Conditional Green card? My husband serves and I would like to make it a career as well. I have a bachelors degree but since I’m not a US citizen I would have to join enlisted first and then switch over to be an officer. I will go and talk to a recruiter as well but I was just curious if anyone here joined the military. Thanks in advance.
  4. My Thai girlfriend and I are seeking an honest and good working immigration attorney so we can get started on the paperwork. I'm in the United States Air Force and will be deploying to Iraq in January. My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married after deployment, but her visa will expire the month I get back. She'll expire at the beginning of July, I'll return towards the end. I was told by an attorney that as soon as I get back, we can marry, turn the paperwork in and put a hold on her illegal status. They weren't that bad in price, but the reviews made me reach out on here. Does anybody know of any good immigration attorneys that are trustworthy and not expensive?
  5. Hi all Im posting on behalf of my spouse and I. We are currently in the process of applying for a CR1 filed in AugUSG 2019, still awaiting NOA2. Just informed that spouse (USC) will be due to deploy in less than a month (really short notice). Been reading the forum and usually people get a few months in before deploying to expedite the case. Will we even have time to expedite if it’s on such short notice? Has anybody dealt with such short notice expedites before? Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, I would like to ask if anyone here filed an expedited K1-visa through military reason. I'm an active duty military currently stationed in the U.S. and I am NOT deploying anytime soon so I was wondering if anyone was on the same situation and tried to expedite anyways. If so how long did the whole process took? I called the USCIS number already just told me to try sending a letter of request anyways even if im not deploying. My fiancée is in the Philippines. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. My Story: I came here Legally at age 4/5 on a tourist visa with my parents. We just over stayed the time we were given to stay. Fast forward to 2014, I graduated high school, started dating my now husband and went on DACA. Fast forward to 2018, I've renewed DACA about twice now, graduated college and have a steady job. I got married to my husband last year in 2017. A little info about my husband, he is a american citizen that is in the Army National Guard. Together we filed the I-130, I-485 and I-601 (recommended by someone, just in case) We sent in the paperwork together in April of 2018 and we are wondering what the process is from here on out. How long it took for others and if this is a relative simple process? Has anyone gone through something similar? What are some tips? We hope we filed the correct forms. Everyone's story is different and I respect that, I only want positive words and advice. Just trying to understand this process a little better. Thank you all.
  8. If my military husband gets orders while our I-130 is still processing, can I travel with him on a Command Sponsored Visa? I am not a US citizen, nor have a green card. But for example, if he gets orders to Germany while our spouse visa is processing, can I just travel with him on the military sponsored visa?
  9. Roughly 2+ years ago my husband field for me but unfortunately we were denied. The interview went well to us, the officer said everything is fine he wants more evidence and then we’ll be approved however that was obviously not so. Our marriage was very young at the time, we were unable to provide certain evidences such as joint account and lease but we provided tons of pics and affidavits, insurance policy etc. now almost 3 years later I’m ready to reapply. I should mention my husband is a us army soldier so majority of his time is spent over seas. We’ve hired a good lawyer this time so hopefully she can help us. It’s really hard. Please feel free to comment
  10. 10/17/2015: Submitted my wife's application for N-400 to Nebraska Service Center (NSC) - btw, all filing as military/military spouse members must send app to NSC regardless of your residence. 10/29/2015: App received by NSC Background: We've been married just over a year, thus, 319(b) allows us to apply under the expedited process. (Please note that expedite doesn't mean they'll process app faster...it just means you're are eligible to apply for naturalization without having to wait 3 years. I'm anticipating 4-6 months but I wouldn't mind if we get lucky. Anyone else?
  11. Greetings, I am currently in the process of filling out my I-130 to file for my spouse to move to the U.S. and I have a question about the employment history section. Since I am in the Military (Air Force), should I put the office of the Air Force's Pentagon address on the form? Should I only put the bases that I have been stationed at for the last 5 years? Or should I put both? Any input on this would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
  12. Hello everyone my visa was finally issued! Wohoo!! My fiancé and I are trying to be prepared for eveything that will come after my arrival (July). One of the biggest issue is my driving license. I understand that in Texas I can only drive on my international driving license up to 90 days. Also to get the Texas DL I need EAD, but we were thinking...as my fiancé is military - could I use my military ID to get the Texas DL? Has anyone done that? It might not work but I thought it was worth asking. Thank you for any reply! ❤️
  13. I will be filing overseas from APO(Army post Office) as an IR/1. I am a contractor working on a military base. Location for filing from APO'a is the Phoenix lockbox. All post and comments are welcome. Hopefully we can get enough posts here to assist our military personnel a little better. I will try to keep my updated filings and procedures here as I go along. My first try at filing was rejected because i filed a G-325 form instead of the I-130A and was rejected because of an outdated form. I am almost happy that it got rejected the first time as my wife had given some incorrect information which mayb, possibly could have led to Administrative Processing. which from what I have read, is something you do not want. I am also immigrating along with my wife is her two children. She had given me the spelling of her daughters first name by one letter missing. I did not notice until I am ready to submit for the second time that it was spelled different on her birth certificate. I am very happy that I noticed it and feel much better about filing now. My suggestion for doing this, with a couple minor mistakes that I have made and learned from, is to make sure all your information is complete and correct. Good luck to you and all your families.
  14. Topic: How can I prepare I-751 well, both physically and emotionally while my active duty husband (USC) is deployed? Hello! I'm looking for any tip, as well as emotional supports for my overwhelming anxiety about filing I-751. My I-485 was approved on Jan 8, 2018, and my Green Card expires in Jan 8, 2020. I will file I-751 in October 2019 (I hope I'm correct). The reason I'm posting here is because I struggle with severe anxiety disorder, and filing for I-485 while having panic attacks everyday was a pure nightmare. Now that I have to file I-751 this year, my anxiety is already getting really bad. I already know what kind of evidence we need, since I did all the research when I filed I-485 (joint lease agreement, insurance policies, joint bank account, etc.). Most of these evidence must to be up to date, so I can't prepare the paperwork until when it's closer to the filing date. I'm trying to think of what I could still prepare right now. So far I've come up with: making a credit card for me under my husband's name (we've been talking about making my credit card for a while already), start typing out the cover letter, and reading other people's posts who are already filing I-751. What else can I do to prepare for it? My other concern is my military husband is deployed overseas and won't come back at least until October 2019. We will try to write to each other as much as possible...But I'm worried that we might not have enough bona fide marriage evidence because we will be apart for months (I know USCIS has understanding about the unique situations of military families...but I'm still scared). Basically I'm terrified and overly worried about the overall process. I know I have to be an adult and take responsibility and do what I need to do and all that...I've told myself that over and over. And yet my anxiety is so bad and I'm just so worried that our case might not be approved. So...please give me words of encouragement or your experience with the filing. Thank you so much.
  15. Hi! I searched through all around VJ and google and cannot find a satisfactory answer to my question. There are some answers but I`m afraid they might be seriously outdated. We are currently in Germany on military orders since my husband is active duty. We`ll submit our petition to remove conditions (I-751) soon but don`t know which service center to send it. Before coming over here, we used to live in NY state and my husband`s home of record is WA state. Anyone with a current information? Thank you very much in advance. Jen
  16. Hi has anyone had experience of getting succesful expedite EAD (AoS)? I will have my K1 soon, going to US in August but we've just found out that my fiancé is deploying in October. What are you experience with expediting due to this? I read that they usually don't do it as I can attend the interview by myself, which is fine with me but my main focus is on EAD as I need it for my driving license (Texas). With my fiancé gone and without license I have no way to get around Thank you for any advise.
  17. Hey guys! After a lot of hours and work, my fiancee and I's I-29F was successfully sent off and received. After receiving the tracking number, I called USCIS via their military hotline and requested expedition on the grounds of an upcoming deployment. A little bit later, I got a letter in the mail saying how they've opened the case and told me I should fax all substantiating evidence to their fax number with an attention to my expedition request case number. I've since done so, sending a copy of my orders, a military memorandum signed by my commander, and a individual letter explaining the situation myself; with of course a copy of their letter, and a cover letter for everything. Even in doing all this, I know I'm not guaranteed an expedited approval. My question is, however, for those of you who have done it, how do they reply to your request? And how long does it normally take for them to make their decision? My worry is, since I don't have a fax machine, I had a friend of mine use his at his office. Do I need to have him keep an eye out for a return fax? Or will they email, mail, or call me when they've made their decision? I've read somewhere that they'll only respond if its approved, so if its denied, I'll just never hear back from them. Is this true, as well? Any guidance on what to expect would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Jack
  18. Just a question.. If an expedite request is made through the military hotline vs. the regular line through USCIS.. are the officers making the decision more military influenced? in a sense that if it was for an expedite request other than deployment, but rather needed for a veteran, are the officers that deal with those requests from the hotline more specific to military personal? Or would the request be made through the line but given to an "generic" officer for decision? Thanks
  19. Hi All, Has anyone been through the 319(b) process - expediting your N-400 due to accompanied overseas orders? (3yr orders) Does anyone happen to have a coverletter for the docs they submitted? Any hints / tips would be most appreciated! I'm just about to start jumping through the these hoops
  20. I enlisted in August 2017 and it has been a real mess so far. I have been given so many ship dates that were all cancelled because my background investigation wasn't complete. I received a call from my recruiter about 10 days ago telling me that my background investigation was adjudicated and I was good to go this March 20th, then called me back literally a couple minutes later informing that I am not shipping and that there are about 20 other GC holders in the region who are also on hold. I understand that the country is being extra cautious with people joining the military, but my husband and I are getting aggravated with the poor communication. Here's my timeline: August 2017: Got sworn in November 7th 2017: 1st ship date November 13th: 2nd ship date given (no explanation) December 20th: 3rd ship date (reason: clearance not completed) March 20th: 4th ship date (clearance completed, reason: unknown) Here's is the link to the DoD policy change: https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1342430/dod-announces-policies-affecting-foreign-nationals-entering-military/ If you were also affected or know more about this, please let us know.
  21. Hello, I'm a Canadian planning to marry my American fiancé who is in the United States air force. We will be getting married here in Seoul very soon. My fiancé will be pcsing back to the United States late March and I plan to join him there. It seems a DCF for a I-130 will be our quickest option once we are married. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience marrying an active duty military member and applying for a visa from Seoul. I read that they can be expedited in case of pcsing or deployment. Thanks in advance.
  22. My fiancé has submitted our petition for the k1 visa. Our NOA1 is September 27th. Now I have a bit more of a complicated case as the beneficiary and myself and my fiancé (US citizen) have been through quite a bit. .. Going forward, we are looking to expedite our case. I know there is criteria to which your case must follow under, but I do believe we have at least 2 of those to expedite by. My fiancé is a Marine and suffers severe PTSD/ depression. I know people will chime in and say that is not enough of a reason to expedite, but under certain circumstances, I do believe so... especially when self harm is coming into play and the support needed through those times. Obviously I will not share our personal lives on the matter, but things get very rough for us. I have been a huge role in his emotional, medical support. Now since I am in my country, its a different story. We used to live in the US together, prior to becoming engaged. I returned home, and he cannot be separated from me so has been visiting me for periods of time. With that being said, We are losing money. He is out of work, and we are paying for storage, utility bills, rent, car, etc. in the US as well as paying here in Canada. It is not affordable at all. He also lives in a very poor if not one of the poorest cities in the US. He is losing out on work and cannot get the medical needs here in Canada from the VA for his issues. To live in Canada is VERY expensive and completely out of the picture. The dollar is also very weak right now, so bills are almost double. He has applied for a work visa, but to pay both here and there, its not realistic based on that alone.. Either way, we do not want him to lose out on benefits to be here with me but he is really not doing well with the separation. I wanted to know a few experiences of others with something similar.. Is it reasonable to ask for an expedite? What documents can we show to prove this? Please do not comment anything negative...
  23. I'm going over the I-485 and there are several questions that someone who served in a mandatory military service would have to say yes (practically all Israelis and Koreans for example). Questions such as: Part 8 Q1, Q48.b, Q49, Q54, Q55. If you filed the I-485 on your own, did you mark those as "YES" and if so, did you explain each one separately or have you collected everything in Part 14 and commented once on all those question that you served a mandatory military service? Thanks!
  24. I am US citizen and in the military and am scheduled to deploy in later this year. My fiancé is a Canadian citizen and we have been in a relationship with lots of time spent together for the past 3.5 years. We are confused and unsure of which direction to go in terms of getting married and getting her to the US with me before I leave. We are also concerned about her not being able to work for an extended period of time while I am overseas (if we decide to go K1 route and have to wait for her work visa). I will try to organize the questions as best as possible, any and all experience and feedback is greatly appreciated! 1.) Granted that I am able to successfully receive a military expedite would it be better/faster to go with the K1 or CR-1 visa? Is the expedite process/timeframe the same for both? 2.) If we decide to go with the CR-1, can she come to the USA and marry here, then go home to Canada and we apply once she is back home? Will we have issues with USCIS thinking our marriage is not Bona Fide if we have a quick courthouse wedding then apply for CR-1 immediately once she goes back to Canada? (We have a ton of evidence of our relationship, photos, plane tickets, passport stamps, mail with both our names on it at my address). 3.) If we go with the k-1 visa, and marry immediately when she arrives in the USA once her visa is approved (no need to wait the full 90 days in our case), how long will it take for her to be able to work/receive advanced parole? We are concerned that I will have to leave shortly after she arrives and she will be stuck not able to work and make money or go home to see her family for the first few months that I am gone. Can we also apply to expidite to her AOS/Work Permit/Advanced Parole? 4) If we do marry first so she can be eligible for health benefits receive a military dependent ID card, will that expedite the process or hinder her getting her visa/work status approved? Thanks in advance everyone.
  25. Hello, I want to know If I'm able to join the military with 1 year valid 1-551 stamped passport. When I got here, immigration officer(?) said that I should wait for 5 to 6 months to get my green card. and he said that I can use the stamped passport as a green card for 1 year. Here's my question, I wanna join the Army or Airforce as fast as I can. but on the internet the recruit center requires green card for enlisting. Can I join the military with a passport stamp which proves my legal state before getting the green card?? Thanks for your information.
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