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Found 2 results

  1. I apologize for the length. I am currently petitioning/filing form i-130 for my spouse living Egypt. Background: My spouse lives in Egypt and I live in the US I was born in Egypt and immigrated to the US when I was 4. My entire family is Egyptian. Me and my husband met in 2019. We are both 28 years old. I have traveled to Egypt 4 times since meeting my husband. On my last visit, I was there for a month and we had a civil marriage on 1/15/2023. I traveled back to the US January 20, 2023 because of my job. I have 3 more visits planned. 1 of those visits is for our Wedding ceremony in 2024. We got legally married earlier this year because of religion/Egypt laws regarding cohabitation of opposite sexes and because my husband has not fulfilled his military conscription which prevents him to travel until he turns 30. Egypt law states that men aged between 18 and 30 are required to undertake military service in the armed forces and they can not travel abroad without travel permit from the ministry of defense. Males cannot be enlisted when they turn 30 because they are considered unfit for the service and can receive exemption by paying a penalty when they turn 30. Getting married would now allow us to stay together when I visit and be able to start the paperwork for his Green Card and hopefully have it approved by the time he turns 30/is finally able to get his exemption to travel. (My husband turns 30 in July 2024 and plans to pay the penalty to the ministry of defense then Concern/Question: As of now we have only been married for 5 months and have not lived together. Because of this my concern is USCIS questioning why we got married instead of going the fiance visa route or waiting until I am able actually take time off from work to get married and live with him (which would be in 2024). Should i include the reasoning/explanation in the evidence for when I go to submit the i-130 Petition or just submit the evidence I listed below without the explanation? The evidence I currently have and will provide: Stamps on my passport of my visits to Egypt Hotel Iten of my stays when I visited -my name only. He was not able to stay with me until after our Civil marriage. I was only in Egypt for 5 days after so it's not much time spent after the marriage. Flight purchases to egypt for my 4 visits Prior to Civil Marriage: Photos of us together and friends/fam. during my visits to Egypt Photos of when My husband proposed to me/ The Proposal Photos of us with family at our Engagement party. After Civil Marriage: Proof he is my primary beneficiary on for my Life insurance/retirement Chat/call logs of our calls after our marriage (we communicate regularly) Additional: Gift receipts from 2019 to current A quick timeline of our relationship and the explanation above regarding why we chose marriage. THANK YOU AGAIN!
  2. Hello everyone, I have a question, while filling I-130 petition, should I provide any information that I am Muslim and my wife is Christian? We don't have any problems because of it, nor do our families, we have lots of proofs for our bona fide marriage, but I am just wondering if we should upload any documents stating that she's a Christian or I'm Muslim Thank you
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