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  1. LOL rite of passage. Very true! lol hopefully no RFE this time
  2. Hi everyone! Nice to see you here and some from K1 application side! It's great you guys fill out the forms! I wonder if I will be able to finish the next day DX so many things to fill! Overwhelming lol
  3. Yea, having to deal with more paper work, but at least you'll be doing it with your fiance under the same roof. Hand in there! It is definitely one of the hardest things we've ever done, but made us even stronger than before (I know it sounds cliché lol but it is true) People in this forum really helped us, wish I discover this before my K1 lol
  4. Totally feel you. It was hard seeing other people getting approved (even I was happy for them and seeing things moving), and kicking ourselves that we should have done the CR1 or applied earlier. During the wait time, we were really focusing in our career and working as much as I can to save up since I can't work until I get my AOS. Keep finding shows to watch, games to play, trying to find things to look forward to and future plans, etc. As Canadians, we can travel easier to the US to visit. None less, the wait is hard for sure.
  5. When I got my P3 I kind of panic and too excited, so I called. They set up the account for me and sent me to an automatic system and I put in my CC on the phone and made the payment (I got receipt confirmation and made sure with the agent the payment went through). And I was about to see my appointment online and make changes when needed. Not sure if it is the same with all embassy. Good luck!
  6. Yeaa it's true, I'm sure yours is good lol I hope I can use the new version even my interview is June 16... I was thinking since the link on top was the new version... I didn't think of getting the old one somewhere lol I feel so dumb. I hope it is okay. thank you for the info!
  7. Me too. With the new April 2022 version. Took me some reading and hope I got it. And the printing is another issue for me
  8. Yea, for Canada, once I got my case number from NVC, I fill out the DS-160 (like everyone said, save at every page. They log you out quick) End of the form, you'll need to upload a US passport size photo, then you'll get a barcode confirmation page. I sent that page, color scanned passport, and we have a checklist to what we will bring to interview (we don't need it now, but I have to check I will have them ready) So stressful lol now my fiance is getting the I-134 ready, there's a new edition for me 04/25/22
  9. P3 for me is just to fill the DS160, passport scanned copy and a checklist. Canada looks like this: https://ca.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/07/Packet3Instructions-K1.pdf Yup, I sent the P3 and they sent me the P4 to book interview. Again, every country seem very different XD just to make things more complicated
  10. Yea I think that's what is going to happen, I will get a 221g until they received the medical result. Yea I realized how different it is in very embassy. My p4 is basically instructions to book interview, then pay fee then medical and the stuff I bring. I was going to link it here, but it mention Canada lol. I hope you get a date soon, so you know what to aim for
  11. Oh... they really are testing our patience lol. Are you able to schedule your interview date knowing you have your medical date? Things kind of flew and I wasn't emotionally ready for lol We didn't get our p3 by email (even I gave them our emails), so it got delayed (mail sent may 4, and we only received it may 9 by postal mail). But I sent it out yesterday, and got p4 today lol and scheduled my medical and interview. However, they are busy too and I might not get the medical result on time for the interview, so it might delay the approval. I hope that's the only issue and things will go smoothly for you guys!
  12. Got my 1st ready too on May 2nd, but Canada embassy is not as quick, so I should get the email with package 3 soon, I think
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