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  1. Thank you for the thorough info, the link and the vote of confidence. The American attorney did mention asserting a hardship in the waiver but he did not say it could be submitted prior to the interview so.... this is good stuff. Fortunately, I haven't retained them so I may consider going elsewhere. Greatly appreciated.
  2. I do not know what the maximum sentence was for this crime under the law but I do know he was sentenced to 10 months in prison which was suspended in favor of a 2 year probation which he completed.
  3. Thanks. This is the full story. No more. No less. Fingers are crossed. And we've practiced, practiced, practiced. As an attorney I've drilled into him what I do all clients who testify, only answer the question that is asked. Listen carefully. Take a beat. Answer the question that is asked. Be natural but don't be comfortable.
  4. I don't know if it will "fly." But what can be done about that? Nothing. It is what it is. He was 19 and it was 27 grams. No changing that. The Mexican attorney said its probably not showing up in Mexicos system because it's old and an indiscretion to them.. And the American immigration attorney said that this doesn't qualify for a waiver, that we have to wait and see what the immigration officer (in all their infinite discretionary glory) tells us at the interview, which can apparently range from No to 1 year of drug testing to Yes to whatever they creatively come up with apparently. If it doesn't "fly" what is the suggestion? Do nothing? Nah. He's putting the criminal record in their face and they'll just make a determination and whatever the decision is, we'll just live with it. I'm ready to exit this effing purgatory.
  5. He requested a federal and municipal letter of no criminal record just to go through that motion, thinking it would state the simple possession incident and both came back saying he had NO criminal record. So then he went about tracking down his criminal record, which was not easy to do. He finally got it and we're going to upload it even though he has letters saying he has no criminal record. Want to be all the way up front about what happened bc we don't know what records Immigration has access to but the Mexican government issued not 1 but 2 police certificates saying he has NO criminal record. That's wild.
  6. The criminal record is for my husband. Simple possession of marijuana, 12 years ago.
  7. He was convicted of a crime so I'm looking at the second "box." It specifies that it must translated. I just need to know if it needs a professional translation or not. Because if it's professional, I'm estimating it's going to cost about $900USD.
  8. We have a 72 page document in Spanish. The embassy pre-interview checklist says it must be translated to English but doesn't indicate whether it must be professionally done or if we can just translate ourselves. Any idea?
  9. My point exactly!! The answer you're looking at (from Mike e) is for a question I asked in OCTOBER. That is not my question anymore. I'm asking a question in DECEMBER. A new question. But because the threads are merged you think I'm asking the OCTOBER question. I'm not. I'm passed that and found an answer to that 2 months ago! I asked 2 questions in DECEMBER that are not related to the OCTOBER question but simply because I used the term "criminal record" y'all think they are related. They are not. And you've just proved my point. You looked at a question I've already got the answer to .... and other members will do the same. And Mike e's OCTOBER answer does not answer my DECEMBER questions because they are two, now three, different questions. This is exactly why people's questions need to be left alone and not merged. Man!! I post the same questions in fb groups because I get the benefit of having individual posts (no threat of merging) but then I'm fighting the algorithm. In VJ, there's no algorithm but I'm fighting the chance that an admin will look at my post, see a repeated phrase and completely miss the nuance. Then decide its the same topic when it's not. Can't win.
  10. The merged threads are not getting seen by members. These are not the same questions I'm asking. Now no one is seeing it and I can't get info. My husband's interview is January 4th. I need responses! The merged threads are suppressing my chance to get timely responses. My first question was about obtaining a CRIMINAL RECORD. My second question is about the POLICE CERTIFICATE itself. These are two very different things and now no one will see my question. Oh my God, this whole process is oppressive. Even down to trying to get help!! People are stressed out and desperate. This site is supposed to help not add to the madness of this process.
  11. My husband received this today but I want to know this is what they're looking for. His interview is next month. Are there any other criminal record certificates they want for juarez, Mexico??!!
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