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  1. That's great evidence when the petitioner's parents attend the wedding. I presume the Chinese spouse's parents were also there.
  2. No delay, but what you got is not really a recommendation to YOU. It's a boilerplate message they send to everybody who is using assets instead of or to supplement income in order to qualify. A person with a million buck in the bank would get the same message. If you think you are borderline, sure, get a joint sponsor. Otherwise, just ignore it.
  3. There's more to the age gap issue than the size of the gap. Mostly, this is an issue when the woman is much older than the man, and such a relationship is not within cultural norms in the foreigner's culture. 50's men marrying 18 - 25 year old women in the Philippines is culturally normal and raises no issue with US immigration. A 45 year old American female marrying a 25 year old Egyptian male, can set off very loud alarms. It is what it is.
  4. Correct, but this time take the necessary time to do it correctly.
  5. Appraisals are done by professional appraisers. If you decide to sell, sell before sending the affidavit of support, so you can show the cash in an account and document where it came from. They need to see the money sitting there for a few months or see documents showing where it came from if it hasn't been there for a while. This is to avoid the fraud of petitioner's borrowing money from potential joint sponsors that don't want to sign the I-864 contract.
  6. For emphasis. Note the word or. You need no mortgage OR a statement of the mortgage, so equity can be established. None of this is needed if you sell, and I strongly advise you to sell.
  7. If that's the reason, you cannot win an appeal when the mistake is yours. File again correctly. That you made this big of a mistake the first time, might mean you don't have the skills to do this on your own. Some VJ partners offer free initial consultations. https://www.visajourney.com/partners/
  8. They don't unless you show your itinerary with both names. Just don't present yourselves as a couple when you re-enter the US. Obviously, sitting together on the plane is not an issue.
  9. Right but a safer way to do that is to buy ticket's separately, and use separate entry lines when you return.
  10. Yes, and even places like Manila where spouses traditionally COULD accompany the visa applicant to the interview, cannot do it now, because of COVID 19.
  11. Elderly joint sponsors are not favored, as they may not be around to fulfill their obligations under the contract. If you have well over the 3 x the income shortfall/requirement in cash/liquid assets, just declare and document the assets and get on with the process sans the parents. For a spouse, it's 3x. However, since she's pregnant too, expect a consular officer to consider your unborn child part of your household size. Either way, you have 5 times the difference, so carry on.
  12. If she has an F-1 and and the necessary document from her school, so she can return to her studies, then where and when you marry, will have no impact on future immigration. If she does not, then once you're married, the chances of getting a new F1 are none and less than none.
  13. An appraisal and evidence their IS NO mortgage, or an actual mortgage statement. My advice isn't going to change. The best course of action is to sell, so the assets you declare are cash instead of Real Estate. Seems you don't want to hear that.
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