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  1. An updated I-864 and supporting documents will be welcomed at the interview.
  2. Evidence of co-mingling is on a list of possible evidence that comes after the words, "In addition to the required....". For relative newlyweds they know this is not possible. No matter what, the evidence of time spent together in person, is THE STRONGEST evidence of a bona fide relationship. This evidence is, (in the vast majority of cases) is far more meaningful to a Consular Officer at interview, than to USCIS, in a visa case. USCIS does not issue visas.
  3. Of course. However, from India, I would use the physical address on Dearborn Street in Chicago and ship via DHL or Fedex.
  4. pushbrk


    Sounds like they are still reviewing what you submitted.
  5. pushbrk


    30 to 180 but usually closer to the 30. Your visa with entry stamp is a temporary green card for a year.
  6. That applied only to the obsolete K3 spousal visa. The visa can be applied for in the country of citizenship, or country of legal residence. Based on your stated plan, file the petition a year and a half before you want to immigrate, then indicate you will apply for the visa in his home country AFTER you are retired. That way, he/she can go home, wind up affairs and leave when ready.
  7. You're welcome but NVC does not make the final decision regarding affidavit of support issues. A Consular Officer in Manila will do that at the interview. I still think you are fine though.
  8. pushbrk


    If he qualifies financially and provides a properly executed I-864 AND the applicable supporting documents. I have no idea whether he qualifies. I only know (from you) that he did not provide what was needed. They gave you/him one chance and you see where it got you for him not to comply.
  9. pushbrk


    If he qualifies financially, your uncle can be your financial sponsor, but he must provide a properly executed I-864 and the required supporting documentation. Whether your case will be sent back depends on what it says in your notice. If they didn't ask for anything, then it WILL be sent back and you'll get a Notice of Intent to Revoke. You can then respond, probably get the petition approval reaffirmed and then eventually submit appropriate affidavit of support and supporting documents. If you do not have a qualified sponsor and the needed documents, you will not be coming to the USA.
  10. No need but that BC won't be needed until the NVC stage of the process.
  11. The I-130 does NOT ask for the serial number of your birth certificate or anybody else's. Read CAREFULLY, interpret LITERALLY and respond accordingly. I think you are referring to a question asking if you have obtained a certificate of citizenship in your own name. You have not. You have a Consular Report of Birth Abroad or whatever it was called when you were born abroad with at least one parent who could pass US Citizenship to you. Just answer NO to the question. Then supply a copy of the document you mentioned as evidence of US Citizenship.
  12. Unless the spouse beneficiary is in the US. If not a spouse, or spouse is not in the USA no passport photos of beneficiary. Usually passport photos are purchased two at a time, but USCIS will definitely accept just one.
  13. A person who derives US Citizenship from parents would not have a Naturalization Certificate.
  14. Yes, your spouse does not need to sign the form. You can as preparer if you want but that's not needed either. Read the instructions and form carefully, interpret them literally and act accordingly.