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  1. The line labeled total income is always the correct number.
  2. Sounds like a good plan. Just follow the applicable guide. Note that you should not leave the USA for any reason until you have advance parole. If you do, you will not get back in and have to abandon your adjustment of status.
  3. Independent Contractor current income evidence is the 2019 tax return. For an employed sponsor or joint sponsor, it is a current pay stub. If you have a current pay stub, that is better than an employer letter. No need for both.
  4. If your priority is him being in the USA soonest, then the K1 was and still is the choice that matches that priority. CR1 visa cases get in the same queue as K1 cases when it comes to interviews, and your K1 case is already many months ahead of a CR1 case you might file who knows how long down the road AFTER you manage to marry. If your priority is work and travel after US arrival, the K1 was a mistake. Withdraw it, marry and get a CR1 visa. It's YOUR mutual priorities that make the difference. Weigh them and then carry on with what best matches them. Either way, once visitors are allowed from Italy again, he can visit as indicated in earlier responses.
  5. Correct. You visited. You did not reside at the same address. It's OK. Most of the members here never lived with their spouse or fiancee until after they got their visas. It's just a question, not a requirement.
  6. I would go ahead and file with that certificate but also get it corrected so you have it when you get an RFE for it.
  7. Skip the employment letter if you have a pay stub. Not pay check. Pay stub. Use the latest one that covers a full pay period.
  8. Even so, they can't marry until the divorce is final in January of 2021. By May, the five years would be up, so not much longer to wait than they will already be waiting.
  9. Then, your question to which this was included as an answer would provide the needed context. Note also the use of the word "generally". Reading the rest, they use the word "processes" (as a verb) not "accepts for processing". NVC, not the IV Unit in London, will decide whether to transfer the case. Once NVC decides, there is no "processing" for the IV unit to do until the interview, by which time the applicant WILL be in the UK with permission to remain..... The anonymous quote in my signature applies here.
  10. I believe that quote has a specific context that will become clear if you link direct to the source.
  11. Which country? See instructions for Ukraine at this link. https://ua.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/marriage/#:~:text=Both parties applying for marriage,and Notary Service of Ukraine .
  12. 5. At the interview, the IO will apply the income requirement for a household of 6 though.
  13. You are asking for opinion on your chances of success with your legal appeal. It's a legal question for an immigration attorney. You already have one. What does the attorney think your chances are? Anybody answering here who is not an attorney is not particularly reliable, and an actual attorney would not give legal advice here.
  14. Very important to know the country of origin of the new partner. What is it? Did you know him BEFORE, you came to the USA. All facts and circumstances are relevant here. Filed for divorce in April, 2019 but began dating your new partner "at the beginning of 2019". How that looks to most people is how it will look to USCIS. However, that timeline may not ever become an issue unless specifically asked for during the interview. It is NOT asked about on any forms. On the forms, you will have filed for divorce about a year before you marry the new partner. Expect the totality of circumstances surrounding all involved parties to be considered in the ultimate decision. What looks bad looks bad, but looking bad or not is not what's most important. "
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