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  1. You don't know the aptitude, attitude, or motivation of this person. Whether they can do it themselves is dependent on those factors, not just that they can find the website on the internet.
  2. You would need to extend under a status that qualifies. If your status allows you to work, that's what you need.
  3. I don't know the process, but the UK to Australia seems not to be a problem. If they don't already know the how and how long, they need to look into it, for sure.
  4. Since the interview is "tomorrow" it may well be too late to deal with this before the interview. If they want a new one they will ask. In Islamabad, it will be at least several months between the interview date and the final visa decision, so plenty of time to obtain and submit a new birth certificate, if necessary.
  5. There really is more to whether you can/should do it yourself that you say. First, you have to do the homework before you know if your case is complicated or not. Then, you must have the attitude, aptitude, and motivation to do the homework, interpret accurately and answer accurately. Part of "aptitude" is the ability to "read carefully, and interpret literally". We se evidence of folks here every day who cannot or did not do even a C- job of any of that.
  6. The joint sponsor is not establishing a household that includes you. You are counted simply because you are the intending immigrant. That you plan to begin your life in the USA at the joint sponsor's house, is irrelevant. You will see nothing on the form or in the instructions that talks about establishing any household. Don't read thing in that are not there.
  7. USCIS definitely cares whether you've been together in person to consummate the marriage. That evidence MUST BE provided with the initial petition.
  8. You haven't mentioned anything that's a red flag. If you're willing to do the homework, and pay attention to detail, I don't see any reason not to do it yourself.
  9. Nothing at all. That's what I said. It's not "financial". It's just relationship evidence.
  10. Being added to spouse's insurance is relationship evidence no matter in which country. Has nothing to do with the affidavit of support later.
  11. Looks like you've got enough liquid assets to carry the day. If you can also document you have a job to go back to, I don't see any issues. Enjoy your time in the Philippines. If you're ever near Dumaguete, look me up.
  12. Of course, there's a way to upload evidence. Works the same way as uploading the I-130a. You have that ready, right?
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