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  1. The home country's validity date is irrelevant. Consular Officers accept them up to two years from issue date. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/China.html
  2. I concur. He must list the adopted name when asked for other names used, but because his current name matches his birth certificate, there's no need to provide documentation. I used a step father's name on school records but was not adopted. The divorce occurred before I had a driver license or any other ID, so I never even listed it as another name used. Since he WAS adopted, I would list it for sure.
  3. It's very likely they will accept the marriage certificate as the needed evidence, but the entry decision is separate from that. She should still have good evidence she's just visiting and an easy explanation to go with it. Hint: Don't rely on another country's Embassy officials for advice about what the US officials will do.
  4. Then send a complete copy of the return including everything and w2 and 1099 forms. Everything you sent in the mail. That ..... OR.....Tax Return Transcripts.
  5. That's another perfectly viable option. Process, interview, and travel together then the son goes back to finish the education. This will work for up to a couple years, if they apply for a re-entry permit for him. What the OP has not yet told us is, among other things, is how far behind mom, the son wants to travel. Details matter to giving the best advice here and he hasn't provided many.
  6. Qualified willing joint sponsor or liquid assets are the "other ways". It's going to take several months from the time you file, until there is a need to provide any financial information. That's why I wrote it the way I did. Several, meaning like 10 to 12.
  7. Your question is not specific enough. An immigrant visa is valid for six months from the date the medical is completed. How long it takes to get the visa from start to finish is 18 to 24 months.
  8. He would need to come before his visa expires but need not come at the same time as his mother. Your timeline doesn't indicate whether you've started the process yet. If you file both petitions together, the travel gap can be only a few months. If you file them separately, the gap will be about the same as the filing gap.
  9. The most recent tax return is almost always requested. Requested equals required. The joint sponsor would not have been accepted by NVC without a tax return. Perhaps they submitted 2020 but don't want to submit 2021. If so, that would be a no go, and you would a different joint sponsor. If they don't want you or your wife to see that tax return but it's OK for the Consular Officer to see, it, they can send a sealed copy directly to the Consulate by courier, referencing the name and case number for your wife.
  10. If that happens it's improper and can be dealt with after the fact. Could be difficult and a long delay, but can be dealt with. Often people leave out details when reporting such things. Did those same folks try to get by without the CENOMAR? That would kill the deal, with no ROM.
  11. I think he's confused about which form. The action he described would be applicable to the I-129F, not the I-485, but while it sometimes works to speed up a spouse visa case, it will not work to speed up a spouse case when a separate I-130 has been filed for the child.
  12. It makes sense because it's right. You are both free to marry where you plan to marry. YOU, are not free to marry in the Philippines but that is not relevant to your plans. There is no US Immigration related need to register your marriage in the Philippines until and unless you want to retire to the Philippines and apply for permanent residence there based on your marriage. Even then that's not the only way to live in the Philippines long term, so no deal killer.
  13. Yes, when studying instructions, pay attention to the little words like "if", and the difference between "or" - "and". Also the the preliminary sentences, like "In addition to the required....." (meaning not required) "one or more" does not mean "every" or "all of" and so on....
  14. That's correct, but since the petitioner really needs to get back to work to satisfy the affidavit of support, they need to get back to work before or during the NVC stage.
  15. If you have no other way to satisfy the financial sponsorship requirements besides US income, then your wife will need to find a job in the USA before submitting the affidavit of support. Wait times for interviews in Montreal mean that she'll need to do that 8 to 12 months prior to the visa interview. You....COULD wait until the petition is approved for her to do that, but it will delay your ability to get through the NVC stage and into the Montreal interview queue. Essentially, the timing of her needing to be working is the length of the interview queue plus at least 3 months.
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