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  1. Although it is not important to me, it is not at all unusual for me to have the "last word". No worries. 😉
  2. I said "depending on how" meaning the circumstances. If your "how" or "circumstances" don't raise any issues then they don't or won't. If, thy do, they will. I didn't ask you to explain, but the doctor and/or Consular Officer might. So, be prepared.
  3. I second that recommendation.
  4. Why not explain your concerns to your personal physician and let them read what's at the link. Then your doctor can tell you what you "should do". Bear in mind also that syphilis in your past can bring up other questions. Depending on how you came to contract it in the first place, there could be other serious impact to your process.
  5. It will take as long as it takes. There's no way to predict how long the line will be or whether she'll go to secondary inspection. No way to know if her luggage will be searched.
  6. If he had NO INCOME from any employment or business, he is not required to file tax returns. Current income and current year income are not the same thing. Minimum wage does not mean the same as meeting the minimum income requirements. People with NO income who are petitioning a relative, are required to provide an I-864. The only qualification is being a petitioner. Yes, the public charge decision is always a judgment call. Please clarify what the petitioner's current income is. How much gross per pay period and how often are they paid?
  7. Incorrect. Providing evidence of current income IS a requirement with the Affidavit of Support. The pay stubs will be fine for that. Marital status on pay stubs is irrelevant.
  8. Submit it so that when they open the file, they can read it without rotating, just like you read this.
  9. pushbrk

    Info Pass Appointment

    NVC (National Visa Center) is in New Hampshire. The Consulate would have returned the file to NVC, and NVC would have sent it to the Service Center where it was originally processed/adjudicated. USCIS has the file and you are awaiting a Notice of Intent to Revoke. Get your Senator involved.
  10. A tax return transcript is preferred over a complete tax return. Yes, it is exactly what they are looking for.
  11. Yes, you are skipping the rest of the NVC process. This email did NOT come from NVC. Clearly, it came from the Immigrant Visa Unit in Tokyo.
  12. If YOU were petitioning your mother, your birth certificate would be needed as evidence of your relationship to your mother. We are talking about a spouse case here. Context...
  13. We give answers in context here. This is a spouse visa discussion. A petitioning spouse provides a birth certificate as one option of evidence of US Citizenship. Your Mother as petitioner would submit different evidence of citizenship. In both your case and a spouse case the petitioner's birth certificate is NOT applicable. "If applicable" is part of the sentence you are reading.
  14. In this context, "original" "certified copy". Original birth certificates are property of the government entity issuing them.