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  1. For two people, that income is sufficient. No affidavit of support or income documentation is sent with the I-130. That all comes at the NVC stage after the I-130 is approved.
  2. Last try to help you. What exactly was requested and with exactly what wording? Don't give us your interpretation of the wording, or your complaints about it. They are not helpful.
  3. Yes, use their combined income but state it separately when the form asks about a specific individual's income. If you provide a tax return transcript, no W2 forms are required. Assuming the pay stubs show year to date income, ONE and only one pay stub for each is needed. An employer letter is less important than the pay stub. When you say "income is" you would be referring to current income. Calculate that from the pay stub, using the gross pay for one period times the number of pay periods in a full year. If paid every two weeks, that's 26, not 24. Do not "round".
  4. This is the wrong forum for this question but... 17. No. You never had non-immigrant status 71. Yes, you are EWI 72, you haven't departed the US, right? Read carefully, interpret literally, and answer truthfully and accurately.
  5. I agree. Just update the passport information at the NVC stage.
  6. Yours is relevant as the petitioner/sponsor. As a self employed person, your current income comes from line 22 of your most recently filed US Federal tax return.
  7. I don't think so, but a borderline total income from line 22 for 2017, and/or either of the prior years can be problematic for GUZ. It depends on the overall picture. Being self employed is a double-edged sword when it comes to immigration issues. It isn't income until it's on line 22, and based on legitimate deductions, paying the least in tax, means your income lower, and does not really reflect your available cash to pay bills and live. A W2 form for a job you've already left means nothing. Neither do 1099 forms for 2018. As already stated, "revenue" is not "income" in this context. To the OP, yes it was a mistake not to prepare. Hopefully, you are talking about flights for only YOU, not for her too. Buying a ticket for her BEFORE the visa is in hand, would be a HUGE mistake. She can go to the Gong Zheng Chu and pay an expedite fee to get the Notarial Birth Certificate in time. I wouldn't reschedule. Doing so would likely delay you until March, even late March. February will already be full.
  8. I would, yes. A Consular officer in Romania will be familiar with pay scales and living expenses in Romania. The full return or return transcript will help them fill in the blanks. Your occupation and current earnings combined with everything else should carry the day. When I say belt and suspenders, I mean extra insurance. Make your own judgment. If you like to err on the safe side in that way, there's no harm in it.
  9. pushbrk

    Where the paperwork from the US Embassy go to?

    Details here. https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/getting-married/
  10. And that might work at some POEs but is not "proper" for an immigrant visa holder. With a green card, you go through the line marked Citizens and residents. They tend to be nice enough not to send somebody to the back of some other line. Good for them. Doing it right, is good for the immigrant.
  11. If the OP will supply the complete tax returns for the past three years and a current pay stub, there should be no need for a joint sponsor. Providing one would be belt and suspenders, IMO.
  12. Each petition stands alone. They will know about the previous case but you can't get by showing them only part of a divorce decree. What exactly was requested and with exactly what wording? Don't give us your interpretation of the wording, or your complaints about it. They are not helpful.
  13. They would go together through the foreigner line, but otherwise the answer above is correct. POE is Port of Entry. CBP is Customs and Border Protection.
  14. pushbrk

    Where the paperwork from the US Embassy go to?

    You will walk out of the Embassy with the paper you need.
  15. The term "use" is often misused here or unadvisable. Like, "she's only using HER income, etc." One basic fact of marriage, is that with rare exception, the "obligation" of one is the obligation of both. While one of the incomes may be sufficient or far more than sufficient, the obligations of the contract in the affidavit are joint. That's WHY Consular Officers often require the I-864a. By the same token, while listing and document equity in the primary residence, IS allowed, it is far more likely that when a Consular Officer considers the "totality of circumstances" they will simply dismiss that equity as "not liquid" under the USCIS definition of liquid. Hence, the anonymous quote in my signature below.