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  1. Doesn't matter. One I-864 from each of you, as long as HER income qualifies without combining with yours. If your mother is married and files a joint tax return, her spouse should provide an I-864a. That is the OTHER thing the I-864a is for.
  2. Before the interview, there is no visa, so no visa to switch. Until there IS a visa, a CR1 visa exists only in your mind. They will issue the applicable visa when they issue it. IR1 and CR1 are visa categories, AND status. What gets you IR1 "status" is to enter the US after two years of marriage, even if the visa says CR1. What gets you an IR1 "visa" is for the visa to be issued after two years of marriage.
  3. No. I know my answer doesn't really make sense but still, "NO". Just skip the asset section and there's very little difference in the forms anyway except the number of pages.
  4. Correct. The form will get that right for you if you complete it correctly. For each child, count one intending immigrant and two existing children. If spouse is also immigrating count all three children on the spouse form and enter 0 for spouse on the same form to avoid counting twice and BECAUSE the spouse is already sponsored on that form/affidavit.
  5. It is not an issue for immigration. Yes, amend the return, but for the IRS, not NVC or the Consulate. It IS...A....NON ISSUE for IMMIGRATION. Really! Yes, I'm sure!
  6. Makes sense, of course, but in reality this is a non-issue for US immigration. Amend your tax return when ready.
  7. Added the "t" to make it "joint". Correct but the OP was simply misusing the term cosponsor and applying it to mean "other people in the house". When they understand the instructions, they'll understand what is needed.
  8. To each their own, but for me, TO AVOID ISSUES,....I....would file by mail, so I have complete control over what is in the package.
  9. Important semantics here. The I-130 is a petition for alien relative, not an application for anything.
  10. If your wife has no children and does not claim any of the other people as dependents on her tax return, it doesn't matter how many other people live at the same address or whether they are related. She qualifies as sponsor for HER "household" which is herself and her spouse. Further, there are no co-sponsors in immigrant visa cases. The term is joint sponsor. I would encourage you both to become A-Students of the I-864 instructions. Doing so, will be critical to your ultimate success. Read carefully. Interpret literally. Answer both truthfully and accurately.
  11. 1. You don't have an end date for a current address 2. There is no question about names on your birth certificate. If you know who your father is, enter the known information. If you don't "know" and your mother doesn't know, that's a whole other can of worms, but you would enter Unknown. 3. Is there not an option to submit it online? There may be once you get started as the online filing is dynamic based on what you've completed so far 4. Not necessary to have a preparer. You can just leave that blank on all forms.
  12. At most, send examples. If' you've spent six months together in person and have the other evidence mentioned, I would skip the communication evidence altogether.
  13. Happens all the time. Become an A-Student of the I-864. You are primary sponsor, no matter what. One parent will be the only "joint sponsor" and the other will be their family member.
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