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  1. Then don't bother punching them. Let them scan the whole pages in before they punch them.
  2. Of course, it's possible. I would bring an up to date one anyway.
  3. Divorce is not legal in, or recognized by the Philippines, so no Cenomar. However, it's not clear to me the married one is a dual citizen. Tenses and pronouns tend to be misused when Filipinos communicate in English.
  4. Not entirely correct. The US will recognize a divorce even without the annulment. BUT, the divorce must be granted where one of the people actually lives. Since they BOTH Live in the Philippines, only an annulment will solve the problem. If she lived in any other country, a divorce could be granted there, they could marry in that or another country, continue living in that country until the visa was granted. All MOOT., because the Filipino live in the Philippines and would need a Certificate of No Marriage CENOMAR from the PSA, to successfully interview in Manila. It's annulment or nothing for this couple. It is also illegal in the Philippines to cohabitate with a married woman, but it is so common, even among Filipinos that it is rarely enforced unless the other Filipino spouse files a complaint.
  5. This is not just eloping. If I understand you correctly, you still haven't told them.
  6. Upload a copy of the passport you want the visa in. I expect that will be the Canadian one.
  7. Correct. I think you will find that professionals are accustomed to being paid to answer questions designed to help people do it themselves, as opposed to hiring their services. That said, this sponsor is a self employed investor and his income will come from line 6 of his 2018 1040 form. If that's not enough, then he can list and document liquid assets. If he is married filing a joint tax return, his spouse needs to provide an I-864a, whether she has any income or not.
  8. It's a mailing address, so it's OK. You're not coming from a high fraud country, so I don't see it as sketchy. Some might consider leaving your parents out of the loop to be highly sketchy but STILL it's Australia, not Ghana, or Morocco.
  9. Not only is the Police Report not currently accurate, but she will need to disclose the arrest when completing her DS260. She will disclose it whether it appears on the new police certificate or not. NEVER LIE on an immigration form or to an immigration official.
  10. I would advise you to stop seeking special treatment. It's not going to happen. Worst case really sounds like you get a new job and contract, so you can stay in Germany earning a living like you have been. If you must leave before your contract is finished, you break your contract and get on with life.
  11. Do you qualify to pass US Citizenship to your child directly, through a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, CRBA. If you do not, you will need to file a separate petition for the baby. That could have been done 9 months ago.
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