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Found 29 results

  1. Just recieved the email minutes ago. What's next? Do I contact them (Juarez consulate)? Any guidance here would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone! My spouse and I got our i-130 approved on 01/30/2019. She is in Mexico, no waiver required on our case. We filed on 09/12/2017 while living in Puerto Rico (I am a US citizen) and after Hurricane Maria hit PR we left for Mexico. So it changed from an adjustment of status (she was on a tourist visa) to a 2 step process. Finally got approved on 01/30/2019 and were told by USCIS the waiver/pardon is not required because she was never illegally in USA. Just wondering how much longer do you think it will take to get the welcome letter and then the appointment.
  3. Please enjoy this custom Map I made in Google to share with the community members who will be going to the American Consulate in Juarez. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z0e2ZFE5NX5k.kNz6Hugk8RNE&usp=sharing You will find highlighted areas that shows the Clinica Medica Internacional, American Consular, ASC (Application Service Center) Groceries, Walmart, Costco, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Museums etc...- are all at. If anyone out there can read and write Spanish, and would like to contribute to the map with Spanish Translations, and you are tech savvy, PM me and I will ad you as a collaborator to the map so you can make edits. Or if you know of anything else helpful I can add to the map PM me and let me know and I will add it. Good Luck Everyone.
  4. Hello! My Husband had his immigrant visa appointment in Ciudad Juarez in November and was denied. We submitted the I-601 waiver and an expedite request and it was all approved on February 8th at USCIS. The consulate in Juarez took their sweet time in contacting us but a month later they sent a letter requesting us to send them nothing else but his passport. From everything I have read online this means that we should be close. We shouldn't have to do the medical appointment or fingerprints again because it is all within 6 months of the time of his previous appointment and denial. We mistakenly thought we were supposed to hand-deliver his passport so we came up to Juarez and have been waiting around hoping for our approved visa and packet, but at the CEAC site it still shows REFUSED. We call the hotline daily asking if they have more information but all they see is that the passport was received at the consulate on March 23rd. They tell us to keep calling. It has been over 2 weeks now since they received the passport, but only 8 business days due to la semana santa. Our lawyer called the hotline in the US and they said that average processing of the passport is 2 weeks, but it could be more, and they could still request more documents. However, people online have mentioned it taking only a week to get their approved visa and packet after the consulate in Juarez received their passport. I've only seen one person say that they sent in the passport and were waiting 2 months later. Should we assume that they're going to potentially sit on the passport without doing anything for another month or two and just pack up and leave, or continue to wait another couple business days and hope that they should be sending it out any time now? It feels like we're so close but we've been here in Juarez since March 18th and with our two young children (1 and 3) it has been really hard on us, not to mention having to pay for the room we're staying in. Thanks for any insight.
  5. Anyone with a CC date in May 2018 have an interview yet for Juarez?
  6. Hello everyone, has anyone had any recent experience with the Juarez consulate regarding an E2 visa application and the time it takes to get a response? Binder with all the paperwork was received on June 14, case was created on July 31 and last updated on August 3, but as of today, August 17, I haven't received any notification. It's been over two months already, but when I originally applied for this visa in January 2017, it took me less than two weeks. I'm stuck in Mexico without any idea whatsoever of how long I should stay here and need to have at least an approximate idea so that I can plan what to do with my kids and their school. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  7. Just wanting to know how many people got approved after being in Administrative Processing. And how long it took them to recieve their visa. My husband went for his interview on November 28th 2017 was approved. CEAC page said READY until December 4th when we entered the AP zone and has been that way since. It might not be long for some people who have waited longer or are waiting for more time but christmas is around the corner just want to know if theres a chance my husband will be with us for the holidays.
  8. Hello people, can someone please clarify what is the "appointment letter" that must be presented to the medical appointment and the fingerprints appointment? Can someone post the header of such letter or is it the letter we received from NVC saying that our case was received and states the following: The National Visa Center (NVC) received your fiancé (e)’s/spouse’s approved I-129F petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). NVC will now forward the petition to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Please note that the transfer process can take several weeks. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate will contact your fiancé (e)/spouse when they are ready to process his or her petition. TIA!
  9. So my husband submitted his paperwork for his i601a case in January, had his biometrics appointment in April. Received his approval on June 15, 2018. Does anyone know what’s next ? I’m guessing his interview in JuareZ? Does anyone have this time frame and approval?
  10. We started this whole process in 2016 which was 2-3 months after we got married. February 2016 we send in the first application. Ehen november came around we send in a waiver and waited to get approved by NVC. The visa was approved by NVC first by summer 2017. Then NVC send us the approval for the waiver around January 2018. This is what took the longest time for us. On march we received a notice that it was approved and to wait for an appt date for the consulate of juarez mexico. We received a notice with the date a month later for june 13. We went to Juarez my husband did medical exam first then he did fingerprints the next day. The following day we had the interview and i waited for him outside for about 2hours and he came out with a blue sheet saying it was incomplete. He was asked if he had recent taxes and we didnt bring them so our cade was left on Administration processing, the blue sheet he received had instruction but when our lawyer and my sister were in the middle of getting forms and documents ready we received an email changing the instruction around 6pm that same day. Our lawyer did our paperwork my sister got the needed documents. Friday of that week June 15 all documents were sent to us from California and didnt received them til tuesdsy of the following week. Let me tell you the worst part of all of this is waiting and cant do anything. On tuesday was received at a local DHL just to be send out at the DHL location next to the juarez consulate. After 4-5 days after everything was send in my husband case status change from Administration processing to ISSUED!! After it was issued we still had to wait another couple of days to receive confirmation of the package delivered to DHL for pick up that was thursday morning june 28th. That same morning we packed our stuff head out towards el paso to the bridge to head out to give the packet to immigration and he got his mexican passport stamped and we left mexico amd took a bus from el paso to los angeles california. We have been back home for almost to weeks and yesterday july 10 he received his social security card and now he is waiting for his green card to get here. We still dont have a tracking number for the green card but i keep checking the case status with a receipt number given when i paid the fee for the greencard the day we left. If anyone had questions let me know. I knoe this wasnt soo detailed lol
  11. Hello all, Our Fiance visa was approved May 30, 2018 in Juarez Mexico. Visa was issued according to the CEAC website June 4th, but we still do not have a tracking number. I am getting discouraged and worried about this. Especially when some folks have received their visa three days after approval. We are going on Week 3 here. I keep calling the consulate help line and they wont say anything except to keep waiting. My fiance and I were thinking about heading back to Juarez in person and seeing if we could speak to someone in person. Not sure how helpful this would be though. Anybody else go through this? Thanks, Caroline
  12. My fiancé has his K-1 medical exam on March 8 with interview on March 10. We are worried about how he has been unable to locate his childhood shot records. He only has proof of a recent tetanus and flu shot. Is he going to have to pay to get every childhood shot simply because he can't find his shot records? We are trying to figure out how much this will cost for us. Please help.
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and hoping for a little bit of guidance since my husband and I are pretty much freaking out at this point. I have been searching up and down for an answer to this, but I've only found limited information in my hours and hours of searches. My husband and I are in the process of filing his 601A. The lawyers say we have a strong case so we are really hoping for approval. However, he has two tattoos that could be considered borderline gang-related. To be safe, we are planning on having them covered up. We were originally going to have one of them removed, but from what I've read, this can be worse/more suspicious at the time of the medical exam. Does anyone have experience with tattoo cover ups with the medical exam in Juarez? I have heard that they use UV lights/black lights to detect cover ups and removals...is this always the case? Can they actually see the original tattoo underneath the cover up or can they only just tell that something was there before? For those who do have experience with this, did it result in a denial or was it not a problem? My husband has a totally clean record both here and in Mexico and has been living in the US since he was a teenager. We've been together almost 10 years. We have a baby so we aren't really interested in risking him leaving the country if there's a very high risk he'll be denied. Thank you all SO much for any help you can offer us. I know we've both been having trouble sleeping....
  14. My spouce has his interview in ciudad Juarez. We live in Houston and are heading over to Mexico. We know the most direct rout is I-10, but I don't know if there are any check points. If we are leaving the U.S. would it even be an issue? We have proof of his apointment, would that help? Or should we just avoid roads that close to the border?
  15. My spouse is in the US illegally. We applied for and were approved for an Unlawful Presence Waiver. We are waiting on the interview date to travel to Juarez. My question: are there any forms we will receive in the event/ likelihood that we drive through an Immigration checkpoint on the way to Juarez that would allow us to continue on our way? Or is it just safer to fly? I read people's information on their case, but haven't ready about the actual trip.
  16. Wondering if others were asked for their receipt of payment of the visa fee payed at embassy interview...? Or if at moment of payment do we give information linked to our case to prove we effectively payed for the visa fee? Help! Thanks
  17. Hey, in our case we are filing for CR-1 visa in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, the american citizen is living with the spouse abroad (mexico)...so we are doing direct consular filing. Anybody know if at interview both can go in? Also, is it completely terrible that the american has 0$ (i-864). We have a joint sponsor who fulfills the money requirement, but even while working in mexico it hasn’t been enough to file taxes..? Just looking for input since our interview is near >.<
  18. So our i-601 was approved after 1 year and 4 months. After it was approved I received an email that our last appointment back in 2016 was cancelled and needed to reschedule. But I didn't want to jump the gun and do something before i received instructions from NVC. Their was an appointment in March that was available for the longest time, but was later booked. I finally received my instructions after the post office sent it to the wrong person 3 times!!! (They personally mailed it to me). Is their a way to expedite this interview? My wife is pregnant and is due the same week as the 1st available appointment. Anyone know how to contact someone personally? I've tried 3 different numbers for the Juarez Embassy, emailed NVC and they responded with something that had nothing to do with my question, (application was sent to consulate in 2016). Who do I contact!? Please help!
  19. Question: we are currently awaiting interview date for the consulate in Juarez. We have an approved I130 and I601A for a IR1 visa. Our case completed with NVC 1/11/18. From what I have seen, we are likely to be scheduled in April. We cannot go until May and thereafter. I have contacted NVC whom stated we can place a hold on the case and then place it into processing at a later date. I also understand we can miss the appointment and reschedule. What is the better process? What are the timeframes? How are theses processes carried out exactly? Hope you can help. TIA.
  20. Hello Everyone, I have a question. My husband has a consular interview coming up next week. I was wondering how long it takes to get the final packet? Our lawyer said that we had to register with DHL, which we did. He said it would only take 1 to 3 days, after the interview was approved, to receive the packet. Have any of you had any other experiences recently? just to get an idea of how long it would take us to prepare our sleeves for the stay.. Thank you!
  21. Hi. My husband's interview is next week. Yet, lawyer associate barely notified us that we need a financial supporter, since, I didn't make enough on my taxes. Will he be denied??
  22. Hi, maybe someone nice can give me some help here, I did a quick search and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for though it possible I missed it, sorry if I'm be repetitve So My k1 fiance visa application was sent to nvc a while back, and we got the letter, but for various personal reasons(money problems) I couldn't act on the following steps, and I moved addresses, so if I got any letter from the Juarez embassy, I don't know. So I know an application can be extended, so I'm trying to get in contact with the Juarez embassy to ask them to extend my application, and resend any letter that they already sent that I'll need. I call juarez, at the number they provide, and after waiting and not choosing the touch tone options, I'm sent to a human, who when I ask him about the visa, quickly sends me to the phone of the Monterrey consulate. Should getting in contact with monterey be the route I take, or is there any way to get in contact with someone who'll listen to me in Juarez? Cheers and thanks in advance.
  23. Does anyone know if there's any restrictions for going to the information window? I know for the actual consulate you can't even bring a cell phone, but does that apply to the information window too? I'm going to try to get an appointment letter printed and don't have appointments that day.
  24. I'm trying to figure out flights. Appointment is at 9:15am There's a flight at 1:46pm otherwise the next flight is at 7pm Do you think that's enough time or it's pushing my luck?
  25. Called the consulate today to see if they have my case in the system, I've already scheduled an interview and wanted to make sure everything was ok. The rep today was very helpful, but he told me something that got me a bit nervous. He said my current interview appointment is invalid until they generate the packet aka appointment letter. He said they'll leave it for now and I should check back every few days, it can take a few days to a few weeks to get my case fully loaded. Also I'll have to go to Juarez to get the letter printed since medical and biometrics are in Mexico City which really stinks, AND I can't even plan that until they actually generate the letter.