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  1. You won't get anything from them that they received anything. It will stay showing submitted until they review the doc's and either accept them, reject them or ask for more doc's. You will get an email when any of those things happen and if all are accepted you will get an email that you are documentary qualified.
  2. Are you filling the form out on-line or did you save it and open it to fill it out? You have to save the form then open it so the numbers will add up in the form. If you try to just open it and fill it from the website it won't work properly. Then just enter the appropriate numbers in 1.b - 1.e and 1.f should add them all together. If not, then just print it and manually fill it in, but the form worked for us after saving and opening it.
  3. Sorry - you're correct. I had to wait until I had the Police clearance to submit all the civil doc's. I had already submitted the AOS doc's a few weeks prior, which at the time were 2019 based. About 2 weeks after I submitted the civil doc's, I was able to upload the 2020 tax transcript and new I864EZ. It was those final AOS doc's that the review time was based on, which at that time was only about 35 days. When they accepted all those and requested the Divorce doc, it took 70 days to review. Had I have payed attention and read more I would have known the divorce decree was needed at NVC as well and would have saved 2+ months getting DQ'd. Either way, there's really not much you can do but wait and hope they move quicker.
  4. Unfortunately the date of the last submission is what they base the review timing on. I had submitted everything but police report in April, and submitted the police report when I received in May and it went off the May date. When they reviewed it, I hadn’t put in the petitioners divorce decree and was requested. That went June 30 and was reviewed and completed yesterday (Sept 8). If anything it seems their reported timeframes are fairly accurate right now. Once you upload the tax transcript that will be the new date they will go by to review everything. I can’t provide any info regarding your child’s birth certificate though.
  5. Canadians are free to travel to the US currently, and have all along, provided it is by air. Antigen tests are acceptable for US air travel and as previously mentioned are available for $40 at Shoppers Drug Mart. Flying in to Canada requires a negative PCR test. Vaccinated US residents can drive to Canada also with a PCR test. You must use the ArriveCan app/website to provide documentation prior to entering by air or land. As for Ontario vaccine passport, the actual digital passport won't be available until October, but starting Sep. 22, business are supposed to require vaccination proof. This can be from anywhere in the world, as long as the vaccine is one that is approved in Canada (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Janssen). Also, your ID from anywhere in the world is acceptable as well. It is only to prove the name on the vaccine doc you show matches your name. If they did not allow any vaccine document/ID then only residents of Ontario would be allowed to visit certain businesses and that is not the intent.
  6. I did the same, submitted ds-260 prior to all the civil docs and got the same note. They just won’t review anything until all docs are submitted. Once I submitted everything, they reviewed and accepted all of them.
  7. My Ontario marriage certificate from 2019 looks like a certificate/diploma type document and is an original we received 3 months after our wedding from Service Ontario. I ordered it online from their website.
  8. Checked with USCIS regarding Service Center as online shows Nebraska and I797C showed Texas and was told it is actually in Texas. So just an FYI if your receipt showed a different center than online you may want to check to be sure. Maybe this is already common knowledge though.
  9. 8/18/20 filed/received NOA1. Nebraska also (according to case status although i797 said Texas). Nothing since receipt either.
  10. Definitely an issue and I figured the same and appreciate the response.
  11. I guess I’m looking for information/what to expect on this during the CR1/IR1 process. I am Canadian that had a 3-year TN visa issued in 2015. Lived in Canada and crossed multiple times/month during the visa validity. In 2018 I attempted to renew the Visa and was denied and the remainder of my TN revoked (about a month remaining) and took my nexus card. They said they shouldn’t have issued the visa originally as they didn’t feel my job matched the category (Management Consultant). I had used a lawyer to prepare the docs for the original and the renewal and lawyers were adamant that CPB made a mistake not renewing and we petitioned USCIS which ultimately denied the visa. No problem. I had been dating my US girlfriend (now wife) for about a year prior to the CPB denial. We married about 7 months later in Canada in 2019 and submitted I-130 in august 2020. I have crossed multiple times since the visa revocation/denial with no issues to visit her. Was pulled into secondary once but was allowed to proceed. I have no criminal record, no overstays, wife makes more than enough for I-864EZ when we get to that point, nothing that I am concerned about there. Just more wondering when I get to the NVC and interview stage (still waiting on I-130 approval), should I expect this to cause an issue or is there anything specific I should be prepared for that anyone’s aware of? I know I have to disclose this on the DS-260, which I am fine with as I never misrepresented anything to get the visa originally and used basically the same information for renewal and denied. TIA for any info.
  12. I can only provide some information regarding the online filing in that; 1) Yes you can start filling out the i-130 and go back to it. You can also upload documents and they will be saved but nothing is submitted until you actually hit submit and agree to a few legal things and provide a credit card for the fee. 2) I have not tried to add additional evidence since filing but in your USCIS account you submit from, there is a button for adding evidence - so my assumption is you can add to it after it has been received and likely until it starts being looked at (ours hasn't been touched yet). I found that it was pretty easy to upload items, fill in the i130 and submit everything and had no issues. Received NOA1 the same day...now just waiting. Good Luck
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