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  1. Just a list of each box. I spent a lot of time numbering each box and listing its general contents (tools, office supplies, etc.) and the cbp officer asked what was in the truck (uhaul). I said all of my belongings, he asked if I had any food. I offered the packing list and he didn’t want it. Just told me to have a good day.
  2. Yes they took my Ontario license and replaced it with Michigan. There was no exam or road test. Just an eye test and photo.
  3. I believe around $200. It was t anything significant.
  4. I imported my vehicle last year when I entered for the first time on my visa. It was pretty simple really. Had to get a letter from the manufacturer that it complied with US DOT regulations. In my case I had to replace the airbag light but that was all. Proof that vehicle had no lien on it and really that was it. Took about 30 minutes at the border to complete and they provided the import record that I was able to use at the Secretary of State to register it in the US.
  5. I can tell you I crossed back and forth 8-10 times in the first 5 weeks (first time was 1-day after entry) on just the stamped Visa and then received GC in the mail. I cross almost every weekend back and forth and have had no issues whatsoever either with visa or GC and have been doing so for 9 months now.
  6. We used 864EZ and with no issues at all.
  7. Yes the stamp on your visa in your passport will server as the temporary "green card" until the actual one arrives. I went back to Canada the day after entering the US on my IV and then back to the US 3 days later, plus about 4 additional crossings back and forth before getting the green card, with no issues.
  8. Just my experience, we used 864EZ and had no issues at all with it. I did have an 864 ready with me at the interview just in case but was never required for what it’s worth.
  9. Did the letter they gave you state the discrepancies needed to comply with DOT standards? My vehicle didn't meet them either but were simply badging discrepancies. I ultimately had to just get the passenger airbag light changed from the Canadian version (with symbols) to the US version (with words). Once I had that and the invoice from the dealership, along with the letter from the manufacturer, ownership and letter from bank that there was no lien it took about 30 minutes at the border to import. This was in May of this year
  10. Keep in mind that importing the vehicle and registering/insuring it are 2 different things. You can import the vehicle through CPB (Federal) and they don't care about registration/insurance (State). My experience was as follows: before I left Canada I spoke to my insurance company and they continued coverage as long as my vehicle was registered in Canada. On my initial entry in to the US, I had my visa stamped and I imported my vehicle which was still registered in Ontario. I continued to drive with Canadian plates and insurance until I received my SSN so I could then get my Michigan drivers license. I had to get US insurance on the vehicle before I could get it registered and plated, so once I had SSN/Michigan DL & US insurance, I registered the vehicle with the SOS and got it plated and then cancelled my Canadian insurance. It was about a month from importing to when I got it registered in Michigan and drove back and forth a few times from/to Canada during that time with no issues. As long as your insurance company will cover you while it is registered in Canada, you could just import it and get it registered in the US later.
  11. I crossed back and forth 7 times on my stamped Visa before GC arrived. No issues at all.
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