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    Vintage computing, motorcycles, photography, hiking, homelabbing and politics/law.

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    I'm a Canadian and British Dual-Citizen currently living in Washington as a US Permanent Resident, I had met my husband online in 2016 in an IT Professionals Telegram group, where both of us happened to be furries who enjoyed running home-based server and enterprise networking projects. We built up a close friendship over the months of 2017 where I visited him out in Washington State, and we vacationed together in Vancouver, BC while I was going through the immigration process to Canada.

    I wasn't sure if I was ready to make the big jump of getting married, but I wanted to try living out on the West Coast and see how well I would adapt hence why I came to Canada. Three years later, the hubby moved up from Wenatchee to Blaine, WA to close the gap. Back in January I proposed during a romantic dinner out in Bellingham, and a month later due to the COVID-19 pandemic becoming a concern we decided to tie the knot early with a small ceremony in Stanley Park.

    As we came out of the pits of the pandemic, I had my US Visa interview in Montreal in August 2021 and moved out to Blaine to live with my husband while continuing to work remotely for my employer up in Canada. I was sworn in as a Canadian citizen on June 21st 2022, having benefited by recent changes to the Canadian citizenship Act which permits nonresident PR's to apply and gain citizenship so long as all other requirements are met.

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  1. Joinin' the May filers' club! Filed my N-400 online today, my local office is Seattle! Immediately got biometrics reuse and NOA1. Hoping this won't take too long! It'd be nice to vote in November haha!
  2. Update: Appears to be fixed, I was able to submit the N-400 tonight!
  3. 10 Year GC received on Saturday May 11th. Didn't get a tracking number from USCIS until it showed up in Informed Delivery - Just sat on 'Card was produced' until it was finally delivered.
  4. As someone who works in IT it would be exceptionally poor form to start work two days before the maintenance window and for it to be 3 days rather than two hours, buuuut this is USCIS we're talking about haha. My guess is that something did break and they scheduled a maintenance window to fix the underlying broken part of the system but their own change management probably required a 48 hour notice before taking down still-working systems (because it only seems to be application submission, everything else seems to be working).
  5. Someone on Reddit reported that the online I-765 form was giving them the same error, looks like online filing is officially borked right now. I can't find an email address to report this to them, so I just hope they're aware of this. I did call it out on Social Media however.
  6. Yes, me too. Guess their system is broken. Whee I deleted my form and recreated it all to find that it wasn't just me.
  7. I think universally at this point it's always best to file N400 to get the I-751 moving along. I see no benefit in waiting on I-751 approval before filing for Natz.
  8. Case approved today, on a Saturday no less! Card's being produced, I was expecting a much longer wait. No interview either, onto the N-400 next month!
  9. Hey folks, So just wanted to report in some of my experiences of crossing the border by land with an I-751 pending. I got the 48 month extension letter shortly after I applied and hit the Nexus office to get my profile updated. Once my GC expired, I continued to cross as normal with my expired GC and Nexus and I wasn't asked for my extension letter for the first 10-15 crossings after it expired. So I stopped bothering to bring the extension letter, it's pretty flimsy and crossing the border several times a week, it's already getting pretty bent and dogeared up. So I started leaving it at home, for the first few months, no issues, crossed into the US as normal. Then this past week they've started mentioning my GC is expired and asked for the extension letter, even though my GC shows as valid in my nexus profile. The CBP lady was very stern and threatened me with a $548 fee if I cross again without the extension letter, she said she gave me a 'one time pass' this time. Anyways, I've since started carrying it through again and the subsequent entry they checked it again, but I don't know how long this letter going to last. Given I work up in Canada and cross a lot, I need durable travel documents, and the extension letter is anything but that. Anyways, I'm minded to self-file a WoM given igoyougoduke's success, just to get the 10 year GC which won't fall apart on me. xD Anyways, I'm curious to hear your stories of travelling by land with the extension letter. Do CBP check yours? Was having your Nexus updated enough to go without it? Also curiously, the CBSA still think my GC is expired, and occasionally when I cross they mention 'oh you have an expired immigration document on your profile', I explain to them the ridiculousness of the I-751 and they let me through without hassle. It's interesting that the CBSA even care that a Canadian citizen's foreign immigration document is expired but w/e I guess.
  10. I'd maintain that you have a green card and a foreign passport and that alone is sufficient to be boarded. Dodge the question.
  11. Why do you have to admit to the airline you're a PR? There's no risk of misrepresentation issues as it's not a representation you're making to Canadian immigration authorities. One you get in front of a CBSA officer, claim you're a PR and that you boarded using a green card. Done deal. I don't believe airlines can verify PR status beyond the card anyways.
  12. You can check the status on their site without a login using the receipt number. In terms of getting an access code and if you don't have one, I think you'll have to contact them to request it. I'm not sure how difficult they are about issuing those.
  13. I didn't manually add it to my account, USCIS automatically added it, probably by using the online account number I entered on the form itself. I presume the receipt number + access code method is for those people who didn't do that? Not long! My biometrics are on Monday and the letter was received today, so around 7 days notice. I knew the date on the 16th though as the notice was entered into my online account, USPS just took a long time to deliver it.
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