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  1. Hello, I am not sure if there already is a I-751 November 2021 Filers Group yet but we are submitting our ROC package November 10th and this is what our package consist of: Payment in the amount of $680.00 (I-751 application and biometric fee) G-1145 (e-notification of Application/Petition Acceptance I-751 application Front/back copy of Permanent Resident Card, Copies of California ID’s, and Driver License Copy of my Husbands California Learners Permit Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Copy of Joint Federal and State Tax Returns (2019 & 2020) Print out of My Work Benefits for Joint Insurance (Health, Vision and Dental and Life Insurance) Showing my Husband as the Beneficiary. Letter from our bank confirming our joint bank accounts 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Checking account Statements 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Saving account Statements Letter from our bank stating the name change of our bank Copy of our Lease Agreement Copies of most recent rent invoices Copy of family cellular Phone Plan and statements Copies of Credit Card statements showing we are authorized users and a letter explaining why we haven’t charged until this year. Four affidavit letters Photos
  2. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  3. Hi! I hope some of you help me. This is my first time here.. I just have a question. August 2018 the issuance of my Filipino passport. Expiration date is August 2028. We got married in Philippines 2019 My husband filed my spousal visa January 2020 My question is do I need to change my last name on my passport? which is still my maiden name (unmarried name) I'm using my husband's last name now since we got married and we have marriage certificate. But I just got my passport too that's why I still didn't update it to my married last name. It's pretty new it's kind of a waste if I update it already that's my reason. But you think I can use it to present to my interview soon? By the way, we're on the process of filing petitioner's taxes as of now.. Thanks in advance for helping 😊
  4. Hello everyone! my brother is a registered nurse in our home country and i would love to bring him over here to work. How to begin the process? What documents do we need? And what is the estimated timeline for the whole process? i asked a group on facebook, some of the answers were that it won’t take more than a year, and that he needs credentials and an exam and if he passes the NCLEX exam we go through westways staffing services and they help us with the rest of the process ( green card, residency … ) Any ideas or thoughts please???
  5. Me (US citizen) and my fiance have decided to stay living in the UK together, instead of using our granted K1 visa which is in my fiance's passport. This is because the EAD waiting times are sadly too long. - Is there anything we need to do, in terms of notifying the US embassy, or sending back the packet of docs? - Will this affect travelling to the US at a later point (getting an ESTA). Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm pretty sure there are others on this site that have come across this issue- but figured I'd post to receive an answer without digging so much. After a much delayed process I finally have my visa interview on Nov. 4th, however, because this process was so delayed, I did start a new work contract that ends Aug 24, 2022. I think I could squeeze out of it in June 2022 if I needed, but for the time being I really can't quit. I work for a Canadian NGO and it's a hybrid work model. I am a Canadian citizen and a resident of BC. Is there anyone that after receiving their Green Card travelled between Canada and the US for work that could share their experience? How did that work for health care?
  7. I have been with a British citizen for 10 years, before you say woah that’s a long time.. we met when we were just young and fun teenagers online and we’ve been climbed at the hip since 2011 (i was only 13) we first met in 2013 when I had turned 15 and he stayed in america with me and my family for 3 Months. Still in a long distance relationship we eventually decided I was going to go visit him in Kettering, england. I was 17 and I stayed for 6 months (turned 18 while over there) and I falled pregnant.. it wasn’t our plan and we we’re definitely scared shitless but we held it out and I went back home pregnant and we were so young we weren’t educated on any of this. Some greedy slob immigration lawyer told me to lie and have him go for the b2 6 month visa and just keep him here? He told me it was fine and I wouldn’t get in trouble or anything. I was young, Pregnant, naive. He went to the embassy and they obviously denied him because they saw he quit his job in order to come and see me and be there for the delivery. We. Were. Devastated. But we did what we had to do and he was there for me through our laptops and I had our beautiful daughter. I went back to England at the end of 2016 after she turned around 4-5 months and I stayed another 6 months and we sadly had to say goodbye. We come from average low income families and he was only working part time at ASDA. Which is a super market. It didn’t make the requirement for the visa.. so he job searched for months upon months, tried trials to see if he could do night shift to earn more, promotions, asked for family help. We were losing hope. In 2019 I went back (THIS was our last visit over there) our daughter was 2 and we stayed over there for 6 months obviously because we want to be together for as long as we possibly can without breaking the law. She had her 3rd birthday over there and he lives in Wales now and it’s absolutely beautiful. We went back home and then the pandemic hit. It broke us and stressed us out, we argued and we lost hope about us and gave up and now we’re in this slump… well fast forward to now my father has offered to co sponser him if he would like to come here and live in america so we can finally be a family. my question is what is the best visa to take? My father works full time and makes $19 an hour so he definitely earns the income and I’m thankful he wants to help us be a family in real life. I have trust issues with immigration lawyers as you can imagine so I felt the need to take the risk and go on one of these websites. So, which visa should we take? What is the process with that? your not only helping me your helping a little girl be with her father. after years of suffering with all 3 Of us please.. please just take the time out of your day to guide me. I don’t want to lose him and his daughter is losing him to depression.
  8. My wife got a divorce 5 months now and we just got married a month now and she went back to usa . Can she apply for me there so i can come live with her or she have to wait a year to do so Because i heard that she have to wait for a year to pass since the previous marriage. before she can apply to bring her current husband to the state
  9. I've not been to the UK in over two years since I moved to the US, and I finally have planned a trip back to visit in October. I'm worried about returning to the US from the UK for this trip I have planned next month. Could they refuse my re-entry to the US? I've read all the UK rules and US (CDC) requirements, and feel ok about the steps I need to take. I am vaccinated (here in the US) and happy to take tests etc. However, I'm worried about returning to the US from the UK and any problems that might happen at the border/airport? The presidential order currently in place doesn't allow British Citizens to enter the US. I will be travelling on my UK Passport in my maiden name (we married in 2019 in US, I didn't get chance to update it yet due to COVID). I will take the marriage certificate with me, as well as my permanent resident card and US drivers license. Will this be enough proof? The order says that permanent residents and spouses of US citizens are permitted to enter the US. Surely this is applicable in my case?
  10. How can I apply for Change of Status from L1 to F1 while in the US? Is there any other option except going out of US? What are the percentages of denial of applying while in the US vs Leaving?
  11. Hello, I did apply for my parent's visa IR-5 in July, 2019. Case was transferred to NVC after all the required documents were correct. I did submit all necessary documents to NVC and paid their fees. Cases were delayed because of the pandemic. Both of my parent's cases were document qualified on November, 2020. Now everything is open in Mumbai and still didn't hear anything about the interview. Tried to email and call many times but never got an answer. I found out that I am expecting and my due is February, 2022. I last saw them in 2017. They are old and having very hard time emotionally without me in this pandemic and situation that they cannot come here. I am the only child of theirs. I cannot even go to see them as I am pregnant and having difficulties managing house and job and appointments. Can I request NVC to expedite these cases because of these reasons? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Background: my daughter was born in Colombia but was given citizenship by me through a CRBA. My wife is traveling to the US for the first time as well on an IR1 visa. My wife is supposed to travel with my daughter to the states on Tuesday. Today we found out that supposedly for my daughter to leave Colombia with my wife she has to have a notarized and apostilled "permission slip" from me saying that it's ok. The only issue is that this permission slip is supposed to be apostilled and approved by the Colombian Consulate which for me is in Atlanta. My question is: Is there any way that I can get this done by Tuesday so that my wife can travel here without going to the consulate? If anyone has already gone through this process and could lend some advice that'd be great!!
  13. Hey everyone, Thought I would do a quick review of my experience with Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas for the US immigration medical, as reading about other people’s experiences on here was really helpful to me. I received an email on October 15th saying my interview date had been scheduled for November 18th. That same day I emailed Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas office and Dr. Ian Zatzman. I received a response back from both offices within a few hours. Dr. Lyndon’s office said they could fit me in October 21st at 2:15 pm, so I ended up finalizing an appointment with them. (Earliest appt available with Dr. Zatzman was Nov 5th). The actual medical was a breeze and super quick. Office was easy to find. I arrived around 1:30 pm and was asked to fill out some paperwork. I then provided one passport photo, my vaccine checklist and interview letter to the receptionist and was asked to take a seat. Around 2:00pm I was called into the room and was asked to fill out a questionnaire (had a bunch of yes or no health related questions on there). About 10 minutes later, Dr. Lyndon came in. He was super nice and friendly. Asked if I was healthy overall, to which I responded yes. He checked my blood pressure and asked about my profession. Whole thing took less than 5 minutes. He then handed me a blood sample test tube and urine sample bottle and some paperwork. Instructed me to go to the basement level for an X Ray and then LifeLabs around the corner for blood work/urine sample. I paid my fees (350 + 50 for courier + 1 for using a debit card = $401) with the receptionist and proceeded downstairs for the x-ray. I was in and out in 10-15 minutes as there wasn’t much of a wait. Then headed over to LifeLabs. It was quite busy at the time and I had to wait about 30 minutes. Not too bad. The actual sample collection took a few minutes. All in all, I finished everything by 3:15 pm. I received an email from the receptionist today that my results have been mailed out, with tracking info. It should arrive tomorrow. So I waited a total of 6-7 business days for my results to be processed and sent out. Overall, the process was much easier than expected. I’d highly recommend Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas, his office was professional and seems to be well run.
  14. We applied for the spousal visa in March 2021, so we are still in the initial waiting game for USCIS approval (Texas service centre). I have a question about the affidavit of support which I am hoping you can assist with. I've been looking into the form and it requests income for the previous 3 years. My wife (the U.S. citizen) lived in the UK with myself from 2018-2020, so she only has income from April 2020 to present. I can prove she was in the UK with me as we have her student visa with the dates on it. My question is, is income from the last year enough to satisfy? We don't have anybody to co-sponsor and we really don't want to wait another 2 years for two more taxes to be filed. Income wise, my partner earns $45,000 per year plus an additional $14,000 from the military as a disability payment for injuring her knee during service, that gives a combined income of around $59,000. The household size will be 4 (including me) which puts the poverty limit at $33,000. I have bank statements showing the salary and military payments going into her bank from last year, so I can include these in our application if it will help. She does own her house but it still has a long way to go on the mortgage so we can't use that, savings wise between us we probably have around $20-25,000 - so too low to include also. If it matters, we have been together since 2016 and married since 2018. Thanks all.
  15. Hi there! Hope you all are safe and sound. I have a question about visitor visa renewal for my parents in India. They are eligible for dropbox. I have paid the fees as well. Yet when I go to next page it is asking me to schedule OFC appointment. And I don’t see Ahmedabad drop-off location there. I only see consulate/embassy locations. If someone has anyone recently gone through dropbox renewal, can you please shed some light? I understand that in-person interviews are suspended but I assumed dropbox is on-going. Thank you fro your time.
  16. My fiance is from Ecuador so most likely her ID and birth certificate would be in Spanish. Do we NEED to get this stuff translated or can I just photo copy them? Also, she doesn't have a passport. It's been months since she applied for one but they won't get back to her. No updates whatsoever. Do I really need to copy this for the i-129f too? It would be much simpler if I could just give them an ID or something. Not everyone is willing to spend money on a passport they might not be able to even use after all. In any case, if I do need to get all of this stuff translated to send the packet in, where should I go to do so? Keep in mind I'll only have photo copies of this stuff to turn in to them, not originals since I'm all the way in the USA and don't have the time or the 300$ to travel for some paper since the government already wants me to spend over 1000$ on this visa. I literally don't know. She can translate herself but they're so picky so that's not an option.
  17. Hi, I have gained my Lawful Permanent Resident status in the US on April 2019, last year, on that time I was serving in the army under mandatory law for military service in my home country. I have been serving since November 2017 and until July 2020. I have already had flight tickets in my hands into the US that were planned for April 2020- so I shall not remain outside of the US for a period longer than 1 year. Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic has shown up and I could not have come to the US on times because the airline has cancelled my tickets. because of that, I have exceeded 1 year outside of US borders and now I need to apply for SB-1 Returning Resident visa in order to come back to the US. this upcoming process is exhausting and complicated in order to issue me a new immigrant visa and may hurt my naturalisation process. my green card was only issued last year and is valid until 2029, my question is if would you recommend for me to just take a flight now into the US and deal with the immigration officer at the port of entry or start this visa process with the embassy in my home country?
  18. Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this site so apologies if I'm in the wrong forum. I'm an American citizen (29, F) currently visiting my boyfriend in Turkey (he is a Turkish citizen). I will be returning home next month, and we are hoping to obtain a tourist visa so he can visit me in California as soon as possible. Does anyone have any information about how long this process may take, whether he will be able to schedule an interview any time soon, or any other tips? I've been told he shouldn't mention that he has an American girlfriend (lest we have to apply for a K1 visa instead - which we aren't yet ready to do), but it seems it would be difficult to provide them the necessary information to obtain a tourist visa without lying about that fact, which doesn't seem particularly wise. He spent a year in the US previously during college for educational purposes, and did not overstay his visa, so I figure that could give us an advantage in applying for a tourist visa? He has travelled abroad to other countries as well and never overstayed his visas there either. His entire family lives in Turkey, they are well-off and he has a good job + financial ties to his country, so I doubt he would have difficulty with that aspect of the visa; However, my biggest concerns are delays related to Covid and whether the embassies in Istanbul or Ankara are currently scheduling interviews in any sort of timely manner. We plan to move forward with the application, but when we have called the embassy the recorded message still says routine visa services are suspended.. Any help or advice is very much appreciated!
  19. Does anyone know what exactly is going on and if this new Russian ban on visas indefinitely effects the K1 visas? I just filed my I-129f last week and am now freaking out! I’m confused about the whole non/immigrant descriptions as K1 says it is both. Please help 🥺
  20. Hello! This is my first ever post. Just a background: I am 17 years old I have a tourist visa and I haven't used it yet My mother, who is also on a tourist visa, traveled to the US last March (she is still there up to now). We were supposed to go together for vacation and to visit our family friend, but I was really busy with school so she went there first. Now that it's my summer vacation, is it possible for me to follow her there and travel alone? Also, if I do go there, my mother and I plan to go back to the Philippines together in June. As for my dad, he can't accompany me since he's busy due to employment here in the Philippines and he's taking care of my sister, since she has summer school. I already know all of the requirements, such as the DSWD travel clearance and notarized consent form. However, I'm wondering would there by any questions or complications in immigration? Would it be better if I travel alone? Or if I travel with my aunt (who also has a tourist visa)? Thank you!
  21. We are eagerly awaiting our NOA2 this month and I’m wondering how our other Nigeria k-1-ers are doing for appointment times and such. Has anyone out there recently been denied their K-1 visa? Has anyone had to wait beyond 7 months for their NOA2? How soon after your NOA2 were you able to schedule an interview? TIA!
  22. Sooo this might be a dumb question, but this was something I realized late. Me and my fiancee have been dating online for 3 years. The problem is, the entire relationship is online based with video and voice calls, digital gifts and money being sent back and forth and so on. In July, it will be our FIRST in person meeting in her county (Ecuador). Now TECHNICALLY this should qualify as there were no specifications on how many times we should meet, only that we meet at least once within 2 years of filing. Would our "how we met" be the online meeting or when we met in person? And would this lack of physical contact make anything automatically suspicious or have us denied?
  23. My husband came to USA on a K1 visa and we were married in California, USA. I want to apply for my OCI since we have been married for 2 years and it says "apostilled marriage certificate" required. Does that mean I get it apostilled here in California for India? I was also reading about the Apostille Convention and am a little confused, does it mean it's required to apostille it but it's still valid in all the other countries part of the convention?
  24. My husband works away at sea and is planning to fly home to england before coming here. Now with the new measures being put into place for only valid excuses with proof for travel we’re unsure whether he should do that or not? We have our CR-1 pending at the last stage awaiting the interview. Will going to see your spouse for 2+ months be enough reason to allow him to leave the UK?
  25. I'm new here so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. My fiancee lives in Ecuador which is a VERY poor country. She has a house, but said house has no address. Like at all. Her street in Google maps is literally called "Unnamed Road". HOWEVER, Google maps has provided a 6 digit "plus code" that goes directly to her house. The app claims this works just like a street address and one could even receive actual mail using this code effectively making it a mailing address as well as a "current place of residence" address. Would this be ok to use in place of an address on the i-129 considering it's my only real option or would this get us automatically denied? Edit: we also can't find a postal code for her home either which might be an issue.
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