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  1. S' vremena na vreme VisaJourney odradi "ciscenje servera" i zatvori velike teme. S' obzirom da nama treba prostor za stare i nove clanove, evo ovde mozemo da nastavimo sa pricom i savetima o procesu dobijanja viza za USA. Na linku ispod mozete naci stari topic koji je zatvoren za komentare ali je pun dobrih saveta. Dobrodosli <3
  2. Two of the most common themes in the threads on here are - how to survive a long distance relationship with a long time apart, and how to survive the first few months in the USA. So my experience is that if you prepare and plan for your arrival or your fiance's arrival it can keep you so busy (assuming you are also living your usual life - work, eating, sleeping, talking to other human beings) that you find the time apart not so daunting. Plus you actually feel like you are doing something that you have control over, unlike USCIS and their weird processing times. So this is a list for both petitioner and beneficiary and how you split preparation like this depends on your unique coupleness and your individual strengths and preferences - ie sometimes one partner is super organised and proactive - sometimes that's the USC, sometimes it's not. There may be other considerations like language issues, finances, etc etc. But I bet there's something in the lists below for everyone.... Before Arrival: 1. Prepare 'all the immigration stuff' - I'm not going to list it on here because it's all over the site in the guides, in the forums, in the wiki. But while you have all this waiting time get to know this stuff INSIDE OUT. At least one of you should know what to expect and do at every stage of the process so there are no horrible surprises. Read, research, Google it, double check it here and on the official USCIS, State Dept websites. Tell your other half everything you learn. 2. Prepare the non-immigration stuff: Make a Budget Make a Budget Make a Budget So important I said it three times. - Discuss goals, needs, wants and realistic expectations - Work out how much you will need, double it and then work out how to pay for everything and whether you can BOTH save like crazy, do extra shifts, get a second job while waiting for the visa to process so that you will be able to cover all the needs and wants. - Remember needs and wants are not the same thing and you have to work with your own circumstance so all the below will not apply. Budget for these first few months (both of you) You will definitely need money for (K1s): - wedding - AOS process - health insurance, costs while health insurance is being sorted out - being out of work for three months, or more (or stay at home options for those who want this - this includes what access the non-working partner will have to funds and a budget for their needs) You might want: - job hunting costs - home renovation projects - second car, computer, phone and plan - re-buying all the stuff which you forgot or couldn't bring with you - fun stuff together - exploring the new area - study costs - possible language courses etc - driving costs - test taking, lessons, extra insurance Do you need something else to do to fill your time? How about researching and getting info and resources for all the following this the new immigrant might need: Services: - doctor - dentist - optometrist - other medical specialists - hairdresser - beauty/spa services - vet for those bringing pets - schools for those bringing kids - gym / health club - church Tech/Communications: - cell phone/plan - computer - home country TV service Driving/Transport - DMV manual - Your state requirements - Driving school - Other transport options Study/Work - find courses, places to study - work out requirements and if prep can start before moving - work networking, research, resume prep, business cards? Getting to know the area - maps (digital and or the paper sort) - books about the area A Taste of Home - food shops - restaurants - meetup groups - how to access TV from home My suggestion is define a place - a box, a drawer, a shelf, a folder on your computer - and start gathering all this info. A welcome box if you will for your new fiancee/wife. It will make the first few months smoother. After Arrival: 1. Talk about goals, plan and how you want to structure your time. Do you both want to ease into the new situation with a vacation at the start. Work with your new arrival's personality type. Are they happy with a good book, Netflix and access to the Internet to fill in the alone time? Will they need more hand-holding. If yes, how are you going to arrange it? Things you can do if you are in a new home, in a new country: - relax and rest That immigration journey was pretty grueling wasn't it, plus a huge international flight, all that packing and emotional goodbyes. Maybe a week chilling and catching up on sleep - spend time together alone After all that time and anguish apart - plan some quality time together. Not just trips to the SS office or DMV. - house/home projects If you've budgeted for this it can be a great way to feel at home - decorate and organise as a couple finally. I spent over three hours a day for the first two months decluttering all the old junk (ie. my husband's stuff) in the house. - explore walk, drive, cycle, shop, museums, art galleries, - if you think your partner would not enjoy this alone, try to organize some vacation from work, or draft a team of helpers - friends, family etc If the USC works in a city or town and you can't drive yet, go into the town/city with them once or twice a week - hang out in the library, or coffee shop, take a laptop, or go shopping, meet them for lunch, read a book in the park. Get out of the house. - meet wider family and friends Plan parties and visits and fun things to do to introduce your partner into your wider world and community. My mother-in-law took me out in the car every week for the first few months and it was a fun bonding experience. - driving Whether it's practice, lessons, studying the guide getting the licence sorted etc - finding work Even if you can't actually work yet there's hours of stuff you can do to prepare before the EAD/Greencard comes. Update your resume, update all online options like LinkedIn etc, get business cards printed, go to networking events, organize informational interviews at the types of places you'd like to work, see if you can shadow someone at a company you'd like to work. Find out if you need to acquire more skills etc - study Learn something new - either useful or fun. Use local community resources or do an online course. - volunteer - hobbies Music, art, creating/making, gardening, reading, writing, blogging, sports, play poker online - I don't know whatever thrills you. When was the last time you had enforced leisure time - try to enjoy it. I'm sure other people have loads more ideas.......
  3. After several attempts at our pregnancy, we couldn't have a child of our own. My wife's (green card holder) niece in Pakistan which she wants to adopt and bring her to USA. The family from which we want to adopt is struggling to survive financially with 4 kids. We aren't familiar with the process of adopting a child from Pakistan so any information we could get may b ed beneficial for us. I'm a US citizen. My wife is a GC holder but has applied for citizenship. Her niece is 8 years old.
  4. Parent on Immigrant Visa (IR5) with no covid vaccine - This rarely gets mentioned on social medias so hoping to get answers here on this forum. My mother will have her interview at the US Embassy in Manila, PH Feb 2023 and will get her sputum results this month from St.Luke’s. She was able to proceed with the medical process in Nov 2022 but had to sign a waiver just like most of the applicants there who did not want to get the covid vaccine or didn’t like to get it completed with all the boosters. I am aware that CFO sticker is the last prior to departure and a negative covid test. 2 Questions: 1) Does anyone know or have first-hand experience if St.Luke’s will forward her immunization record to the embassy for interview even without her covid vaccine record? 2) I know I have read before that she can fly to the US with no covid vaccine but with all the changes recently, would she still need to provide Covid vaccination record to fly and enter the US on an immigrant visa? Also, other than mentioned above, anything else that I should know before her flying here to the US? Thank you so much.
  5. Hello everybody on group 😊 I try to find help me and my wife try to make everything done with green card. We are confused and we start to be nervous because we can not find some instruction about green card where to start step by step What paperwork should we start? My wife is on ESTA not K1 Visa and she is from Poland Thank you guys for any help greetings
  6. I did some searching but all the threads I found were several years old and wanted to see if anyone had any recent experiences. I have moved to the US and need to import my car from Canada, this is the last item for me. I have requested a compliance letter from Kia but I seem to be having issues as the letter Kia Canada provided does not confirm the vehicle meets FVMSS standards, they reference CVMSS which the vehicle already has a label for this. Kia said the only letter they can provide is the one that says it meets the EPA standards and the CVMSS. Has anyone successfully imported a Kia to the US recently in the last couple years? I am wanting to import my 2018 Kia Stinger, the vehicle has TPMS and everything, its just missing the label in the drivers side door saying it meets the FVMSS. I am open to any advice, help or ideas as I would love to get this matter wrapped up ASAP. Thx
  7. Hi I filed a petition for my wife in the Philippines last 04/21/22. I am starting a new job soon and was wondering how to fill out the W4 and later the income twx return. Do I file as married filing seperately and what do I have to do different than before when I filed as single? TIA
  8. Hello fellow Journeyers! I have been stressing over the DS 160/ B-2 interview. I have been trying to get an interview in one of the India locations ( Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai), but the last 7 days it's been a struggle to get an appointment. It keeps showing no appointments available even if there are available ones. It then locks me out due to multiple attempts for 72 hours. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! I live in NYC, hence it is Eastern Standard Time. Atanu Majumdar.
  9. My Wife (American Citizen) and I (Canadian Citizen) are beginning the process of filing 1-130A. My question revolves around providing information from my OPT and time in the United States from 2014-2019. I attended school on an F-1 Visa (Massachusetts) for 4 years and then received work authorization through OPT from November 2018 - July 2019. I exited the country on time and have been living in Toronto since. On I-130A they ask for a USCIS Online Account Number (if any) or Alien Registration Number (A-Number) (if any). Are these applicable to me still, even though my OPT had expired back in 2019? If they are, how can I find this information as I don't have it readily available? Any insight to others who have gone through a similar situation would be great.
  10. Hey Guys!! I recently got my US visa after 4 years of waiting 2018-2022 as a f2a case ( child of permanent resident) . I would love to hear some personal advices of what to do next as a new resident. So far this is my checklist to do as soon as I enter the US: Social security Get debit card Get credit card Driver license Selective Service system registration Take toefl exam to enter college Roth IRA and other retirement accounts In terms of college, I’ll be transferring to a in state school to major in Accounting and Information systems. Apart from doing this checklist, what other things you guys think I need to get done to have a successful citizenship journey and what is your advice for me. Hope you guys have an amazing day! Peter
  11. Hello everyone . My husbnd and I are planning to live in his home country while we wait for his cr1 visa process ( we didn't apply yet ) We already are married thru utah state zoom marriage . I wanna go back with him to america when he gets his visa . i just wanna be with him rn. Is me living outside the us with him is gonna affect the process in anyway ? Did anybody went thru similar situation ? What should we take under consideration if we gonna do that ? Any advice ?
  12. Hi all, I am 29 years old male with a full time job (Technical Engineer for Local Government) in UK London, I have visited the USA twice within the last year (under 2 weeks), the last time I travelled was in mid May 2022 for 10 days and both times I have them I was visiting friends and family, I’m getting a little worried that it is becoming suspicious. I have scheduled another visit last August for 9 days to spend time with her (almost running out of vacation days from work) lol Should I just tell them I am visiting my girlfriend for an X amount of days/weeks? Am I allowed to visit my girlfriend on n ESTA? Does anyone think this will be a problem? I would like to hear some of your past experiences.
  13. I had one question related to my case status I had received interview letter a week ago In the letter, name of all 5 members are included to attend interview. But when i check nvc case status it shows only 4 serial case number who are ready for interview Pls help me what i can do ??
  14. Hi, all... Hoping for some factual information as I am running out of Time AND nails to chew on... 🙄 I just wanted to try to confirm with everyone here about aging out (Philippines)? Our (her) daughter is turning 21 in October 10-10-22. It seems like with the current wait times we're not going to make it without a Expedite. I have done 2 expedite requests but they were denied, with just a simple form letter saying we don't qualify. 1: What is the time frame rule for expediting due to age out for Philippines? 2: As far as my understanding goes, We need to have her here by say 10-09-22 at the latest? (Because her birthday is 10-10-22) 3: Or does she need to be here like.. 10-01-22 so we have some time to get married and dated stamp & send the adjusted status? Also I've looked on here for timelines and I know everybody wants to know the same thing so I wanted to post my time line, along with Expedites Also: 4: Does anybody know what time frame they're working on currently? For K1 K2 from Manila? We're about a Year & 2 months right now..... 5: Has anyone had any luck talking with a Senator or Congressman? If so what can they do, or what would I be asking them? I'm about to send a 3rd Expediting requests, it seems a lot of people got lucky on the 3 and 4th requests... Our time line so far... Manila & Oregon USA. Sent (all apps go to TX for distribution)...02-10-2021 Received in CA...........................................02-19-2021 I-797C Receipt............................................03-20-2021 Called to get NVC case number ...............04-06-2021 I-797....(aka USCIS approval)....................11-10-2021 NVC extension form letter ............. ..........01-23-2022 NVC Expedite request ............... ..............02-06-2022 NVC Expedite denial.................... ............ 02-09-2022 NVC 2nd extension form letter. .... ..........03-25-2022
  15. Hello, I couldn't really find a relevant forum so I'm hoping this might reach someone who has some insight. I am a UK Citizen currently on a 10 yr Green Card expiring in Sept 2022. I have applied for US Citizenship. Mostly because: 1: Our long term plans are to live in USA 2: My mother in UK is unwell and I may need to return and live there for more than a year to care for her and I don't want to have my Green Card rescinded or need to apply for exceptions after 1 year. So, the best course of action seems to be to gain Citizenship that way I can work and live in the UK as a UK citizen but then return to USA as a US citizen at a later time. I do understand there are tax implications to do that and I'll need to file when I am in UK. My question is, do I have any big blind spots or concerns with this course of action? Plus my wife is a US citizen and will need to work in the UK so any insight into wat the best plan/Visa type for her would be appreciated. Thank you, Tim
  16. Hi guys, So I received an email today confirming my interview and my interview appointment is scheduled May 3rd. I have a slight problem. My husband will be starting his new job today and will not receive a paystub by the time I have my interview appointment. I have advised him to provide me with: - Updated I864 - Updated tax return - Letter from employer confirming he has started his job My husband will still be earning well over the poverty requirements so we will not need a co-sponsor. Will the lack of paystubs cause any issues? And will I need to take anything else? I am getting seriously worried.
  17. Hello, I am living in US and my origin is from afghanistan. I am sure everyone knows the situation in afghanistan is very bad as the taliban has taken over and people are in danger. My family living in afghanistan want to get out and leave the country but not sure how I can help them. They are holding afghan passport which allows them to travel to few countries that does not require a visa and one of the countries is HAITI and Dominica with a 90 day stay. I am wondering if they leave for haiti is there anyway possible i can get them to US ? possibly call US consulate here in my state and tell them the situation that my family left for haiti and if there is a solution to get them to US.. I myself worked for US as a translator and not sure if that can be of any help. I can get them to arrive to HAITI but then not sure what to do after that... Hope to get some input from you guys.
  18. Hello, We're filling out the I-129F form for a Fiance visa (k1) and we came across the section where it asks for the beneficiary name (my name) and we're very confused on how to write down the name in the western format. My passport has four names looking like that example: it's formatted as (First name, last name, grandfather name, great grandfather name). How do we fit this in the western format (Given Name, Middle Name, Family Name/Last Name)?
  19. I'm sorry if I'm being dense, but I don't really understand this email we just got from the NVC. It seems so vague and concerning. We had submitted our petition early March 2021. It finally was approved by the USCIS in January. This is the first we have heard from the NVC. I know that the Sydney location is apparently trying to move locations or something so it's closed down right now, but they said they would be offering interviews at other AU locations temporarily to make up for it. I'm not at the interview stage yet but I assumed our petition would be sent to Melbourne, Canberra, etc since Sydney isn't doing anything right now but this email makes it sound like they're not going to send it anywhere except Sydney, and they'll just wait indefinitely until Sydney is operational again. I don't understand what is going on lol or how long we will have to wait, or if there is anything I can do about this - can anyone help me understand what they're telling me? and what does "you may need to provide evidence that you still qualify" mean?! I am a little panicked! I looked at the website they linked as well as other websites, searched for a half hour for forums or anything discussing this and I couldn't find anything, so maybe I'm just being dumb, but I'm confused and scared lol we have already been waiting over a year and I'm scared it will be another year or two before we actually get the visa! Here is the email:
  20. Hi, We both live in the UK so we are looking at getting a co-sponsor for my I-130 application as she has no US income or address. We are wondering about some of the requirements, namely' I believe that the co-sponsor is required to evidence a certain income level over the three years prior to the application. Could assets be counted instead? Is the co-sponsor required to show three years of tax returns? Is the sponsor required to show three years of tax returns if there is a co-sponsor? Is it required that we plan to form a household with the co-sponsor? Thanks, Cora
  21. Hi! I hope some of you help me. This is my first time here.. I just have a question. August 2018 the issuance of my Filipino passport. Expiration date is August 2028. We got married in Philippines 2019 My husband filed my spousal visa January 2020 My question is do I need to change my last name on my passport? which is still my maiden name (unmarried name) I'm using my husband's last name now since we got married and we have marriage certificate. But I just got my passport too that's why I still didn't update it to my married last name. It's pretty new it's kind of a waste if I update it already that's my reason. But you think I can use it to present to my interview soon? By the way, we're on the process of filing petitioner's taxes as of now.. Thanks in advance for helping 😊
  22. Hi, I just submitted the application and the required documents to the nvc through the ceac online portal. I wanted to understand what is the processing time for this. Meaning how long will it take for the nvc get back with an approval, sending the docs to the embassy and providing the interview date. Also do we schedule the date ourselves or is it provided to us by the nvc? And what is the current schedule liken? I am from Pakistan and I am married to a US citizen. Would appreciate a detailed response since I am completely in the dark currently.
  23. Hi, we recently got interview at Mumbai for IR2 visa and They asked for additional Documents. They documents they have asked is custody agreement and last location of biological mother. My wife who is a Us citizen applied for my step son and currently we don’t have a custody agreement. How do we get it? and what exactly Should need to be written in it? and how do we contact biological mother Can someone help please ?????? Thanks
  24. Hello, I am not sure if there already is a I-751 November 2021 Filers Group yet but we are submitting our ROC package November 10th and this is what our package consist of: Payment in the amount of $680.00 (I-751 application and biometric fee) G-1145 (e-notification of Application/Petition Acceptance I-751 application Front/back copy of Permanent Resident Card, Copies of California ID’s, and Driver License Copy of my Husbands California Learners Permit Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Copy of Joint Federal and State Tax Returns (2019 & 2020) Print out of My Work Benefits for Joint Insurance (Health, Vision and Dental and Life Insurance) Showing my Husband as the Beneficiary. Letter from our bank confirming our joint bank accounts 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Checking account Statements 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Saving account Statements Letter from our bank stating the name change of our bank Copy of our Lease Agreement Copies of most recent rent invoices Copy of family cellular Phone Plan and statements Copies of Credit Card statements showing we are authorized users and a letter explaining why we haven’t charged until this year. Four affidavit letters Photos
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