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  1. No movement on your mom's case yet? Her and I are running towards new records, it would seem.
  2. Not talking about a US job. Just a Canadian job and take laptop and work remote for a couple of weeks at a time while visiting.
  3. True--but extremely unlikely to have my name which is not common. In addition to that, I am Jewish, and I am very far from having any association with these sorts of people...
  4. I wish you all luck on your WOMs. Despite ruminating about this for weeks, I personally cannot bring myself to go through the expense of litigation at this time. I envy you all that you have the free resources to do that. It is deeply embittering that I, with no known risk factors, should be in this position 3 years after applying for a spousal visa. Nonetheless, I just cannot justify the expense of WOM, nor to reconcile the principle of having to do it. I would rather revise my strategy and find a job that allows me to work remote from other countries (I am remote at my current job, but they unhelpfully only let me work remote within Canada), so that I can visit my wife for long stretches. Perhaps in the future I will be able to stomach the filing of WOM, but right now, the idea of throwing several thousand dollars to a third party just to get the consulate to do its job--and that all of you are put in that position, too-- is making me even more bitter.
  5. Lol, provided this is true, I continue to be amazed that any combination of parameters in my case would have triggered a DS-5535. It is literally absurd.
  6. An absurd, grim milestone for me today: it has now been three full years in the IR-1 visa process.
  7. That's a very good question, and who except the government really knows?
  8. Well thank you for that, truly. I wish the best for you and all of the other people on here that are going through this.
  9. As I said, it is leading up to that because I believe they have no intention of settling the case. But after three years and all the expenses it incurred, I have to save more money to get this done.
  10. Yes. The principle of it. I am angry that i would have to do such a thing. I have followed the letter and spirit of the law throughout the whole process, and the principle is that I should not be forced into this situation, when my wife, a US citizen, and I are owed a decision about my application by the government. That’s a lot of money, and just the thought of it infuriates me.
  11. I tell you... I am so thoroughly demoralized about this process, it is at the point that it seems like the only way I will ever get a decision is if I file the mandamus suit. Which I am going to need to save money to blow on.
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