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  1. I notice that starting in tax year 2018 they change the way you do "3rd party designee", by having to file a Schedule 6 along with the 1040. This same schedule also is how you report a foreign address--should perhaps I also put our foreign address there?
  2. She is claiming the Foreign Tax Credit for those years--hopefully that won't be a problem?
  3. My wife has returned to the US to go to school and now, since we are at the National Visa Center stage where she will have to an I-864, she has to file the tax returns she didn't do for previous years. Which address should she use on these tax returns, both for 2019 and prior, her new US one or the Canadian one (where I still reside)?
  4. Well I must have been one of the last LIN then, I filed manually with a priority date of June 19, 2019.
  5. I can't find the option for short/long on the Ontario government's website at https://www.ontario.ca/page/how-get-copy-ontario-marriage-certificate-online How did you order that?
  6. It seems bizarre, as the long form obviously provides them with more information, correct?
  7. So when you submitted online, you submitted the long form? But then they subsequently came back with "unacceptable"?
  8. Good review--but I didn't know that there was a long form and short form marriage certificate... is this in every province?
  9. Thankfully, you can't always count on the predicted processing times that USCIS gives... I was at Nebraska and was groaning when I saw the I-130 might take 12-16 months to process. Then they moved it to Vermont all of a sudden and two weeks later I was approved, only 8 months later.
  10. What determines whether something is IOE or LIN? I am not familiar with that aspect of this process
  11. I sure hope so for everyone’s sake. There is no benefit for anyone—and that includes both potential immigrants and, ultimately, the taxpayers of the United States who must cover shortfalls in funding for these bureaucracies when they occur—that these processes be dragged out as long as they are.
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