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  1. UPDATE Feb 17th 2023 - IV Fee Payment Received Feb 19th 2023 - Arrival to the US April 22nd 2023 - Card is being Produced April 26th 2023 - card was mailed to me April 29th 2023 - Card Was delivered to me by post office I received the card the same day. The process was emotionally draining to wait but we glad we at this point.
  2. Similar situation. I entered on the 19th Feb and paid before I even entered. Status still says "Fee received".
  3. Okay thanks. I think I just got schooled on what to do. So basically any field that I don't provide an answer, I should write N/A. Like my middle name which I don't have, I write N/A correct? Forgive me I am pretty slow fella
  4. Oh thank you so much for this. I am going i864 then. I have actually filed both but torn between which to choose. Also, I should write the N/A with ink pen right? Because I can't write N/A electronically using my PC. And do I write it in every field or just in the beginning of each of the fields?
  5. Interesting. Can you suggest why? I just wanna understand
  6. Hello I am at the NVC stage and I am wondering if I am to submit for I-864 or Form I-864EZ. I have only one applicant immigrating, make over 2x the poverty guidelines ish (from salary only) for our household size (2) and need no joint sponsor. It seems l can file the I-864EZ, but from experience do you think I should stick with it or not? I have heard so much controversy about this form. What's your advice?
  7. I am sure everyone can see the new update on USCIS account showing estimated time for USCIS to make a decision on case. Is this a useful timeline? Or is it just one of those things? Where do you think this info is from? Should we take it seriously?
  8. Since the war in Ukraine, I have been very worried about my partner's safety as he lives in Estonia, just by the western border of Russia. Throughout this war I've been very anxious and worried everyday that it might spill into where my partner lives. Russia's aggression towards his region have been really scary to me and the security situation over there according to him has been rather tense. Thinking about all this daily have been very difficult and not helping with my anxiety. I and my family have been war refugees and had left our country in the 90's to find refuge in America. I don't want my partner to face the same problems, not like being in away from each other for more than two years isn't enough! I had submitted i-130 petition for my partner over 2 months ago, and normal processing times are painfully long. Please is there a possibility that security reasons like this can be accepted by USCIS to expedite our i-130 petition? I just want to do anything to make sure my partner is safe.
  9. Wow. If they don't want people to do K3 at all they should just scrap it You are very correct. USCIS is just like they lord; they both work in mysterious ways haha
  10. I would say that they need information from the i130 to make a decision if you are eligible for k3. That makes them review the i130, so seeing that with everything, you don't qualify for k3, they deny the k3. But since they already check i130 in the process, they just approve it instead of going through the same process when your priority date comes. Also, I got to learn that petitions sent by mail are also scanned and put in a computer.
  11. Interesting, why do many people that got their k3 denied get approved for their i130 same day
  12. But I believe that when they administratively close k3, they usually made decison on i130 same time Thank you very much for your kind suggestions
  13. But they will check all the evidence together from k3 and I-130 when making decision on k3 no?
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