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  1. It’s almost impossible for any ex to take a persons house (unless maybe you own 10) after a scant 3 years of marriage. Yes our laws can be stupid, but not that stupid. Forget the immigration fraud angle, that ship sailed long ago. Focus on getting a competent vicious divorce lawyer to contest her claims vigorously. The brief length of marriage is favorable to you. In your next international romantic expedition, be very cunning. The user piranha abound and the prize doesn’t get more appealing than an American of some means. Hasta la vista my friend!
  2. Don’t expect to get any answer or help soon. We’re in extraordinary circumstances and expediting visas for non Americans is not a priority. Heck the American embassy is still trying to figure out how to evacuate officials etc, your situation is not even on their radar.
  3. I just found out that Michael arrived in the USA 🇺🇸 and within two weeks has bolted from Angela claiming abuse. 😝😝😝
  4. This is horrible! Some people walk this world masquerading as human beings but in reality just demons from the pit of hell clothed in human garb. Blow $10k on eye surgery not covered by insurance when cheaper options available with insurance. A monster! My sympathies, you will survive and thrive.
  5. There’s absolutely nothing strange or interesting about that. Contrary to the myth out there, many marriages happen for a reason other than love. For example there are many people who wouldn’t marry their spouse if they are one eyed, had no legs, don’t have a college degree, have poor credit, are HIV+, etc. etc. Another reason many people get married, particularly in poorer economies is economic reasons. People all over the world from antiquity have married for economic reasons. Many of my Indian classmates had arranged marriages to partners they didn’t know until a week or two before the marriage. Very obviously love was not the main factor and yet most of those marriages survived and thrived to the end. Westerners may find that strange or claim to find it strange, however there’s nothing strange about it and to me it’s just hypocrisy or lack of understanding how things work in this world. Economic opportunity happens to be one reason and it’s as legitimate as the next. It’s nobody’s business except the two people involved if the precipitating reason for the “love” is economic opportunity. My $0.02.
  6. The truth is that the days of home visits are almost over. USCIS is swamped to their eyeballs in cases. I wouldn’t worry about those, particularly since you’re legitimate.
  7. Based on the little I’ve read some of which is incoherent and lacking a clear timeline, your chances are slim and none at this time and Slim is currently out of town for an extended period. You crossed the border illegally and now having procured new citizenship want to reenter the USA. Nyet!
  8. Don’t just give up. Step away from immigration issues for a couple weeks and decompress, after that and with a clear head reevaluate. Setup a framework to use in making the decision whether to continue or not. Sometimes a fight to the bitter end is worth it. Other times although it sounds valorous, it’s not worth it. You alone can decide after looking at the facts and options. On the bright side your worst case scenario of back to the UK is better than most e.g. Somalia, Afghanistan etc. Best.
  9. There are absolutely no red flags I see with a financially comfortable retired 60 year old man wanting to visit his child and grandchildren in the USA 🇺🇸. People sometimes like to manufacture flags even when they don’t exist to justify consular officers sometimes asinine decisions. I have family and friends who fit his profile who are less “financially comfortable” who routinely obtain visas to visit me here, and my country is even less affluent than Brazil. I keep saying for people coming from developing countries/emerging economies, US visa interviews have a degree of “luck”. Brazil has an adjusted refusal rate of around 15% versus 27% for my original country, Ghana. He should reapply with the same reasons (no need to manufacture the Disney excuse) and he will probably be successful unless there’s something we don’t know. It’s only $185.
  10. You were out for two years? Is your permanent residency even still valid? Personally I wouldn’t rock the boat and would wait to file under the five year rule.
  11. You seem to be in the business of finding excuses and explanations why things should be the way you want. Unfortunately immigration doesn’t work that way. Your wife can provide proof of domicile, e.g getting on a plane and returning to the USA 🇺🇸 and providing documents, otherwise if as you say “getting on a plane is not possible, we will go together”, then go ahead and issue yourself since it appears you have that authority and go together.
  12. The overwhelming consensus is that the petition is dead without hope of the Lazarus effect. Are you in financial shape to import an immigrant spouse? I am asking simply because in my opinion it will take a significant financial outlay including your traveling maybe multiple times.
  13. I just don’t buy into that spending as much time getting to know him spiel that gets thrown around here so often. If a person is bent on getting a green card by “using” someone, spending those long visits together will reveal almost nothing plus for most people it’s not practical, they have lives and jobs that prevent such long multiple visits. Such snakes know how to hide their true feelings until they get what they desire. I know personally about several such situations. Spending time together only works when the two people are genuinely trying to have a relationship, then spending time together reveals incompatibilities because they’re not faking it/acting. Whether ten visits or two, you’re almost certainly not going to sniff out a dedicated snake. To the OP: Yes it’s very likely you’ve been taken advantage of by a person who was never really committed to make the marriage work and securing the green card was the cardinal agenda. Unfortunately in life that’s how sometimes the cookie crumbles. Good luck!
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