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  1. Natalie is nuts. She has some kind of mental issues. The way she just started laughing at the dinner table. Grant the mother is a to her in general, she is acting bizarre.
  2. Clearly, these people are clueless. When Julia got her work permit/travel document card, they were celebrating like they just won Powerball. LOL The mother said "It's not green"... that pretty much sums it up.
  3. Maybe this had been discussed before but who is paying for Angela's surgeries? I don't think she has the money to pay for them out of pocket.
  4. So they stopped showing this show on TLC and now it's only online for a fee? Must be because I haven't seen any new episodes in a few weeks on my DVR, and I couldn't care any less. This show already jumped the shark anyway.
  5. They should just rename it to "future citizen". Technically speaking, it would be more accurate to rename them to "criminal" but that's just my opinion. Oh good, so there's no more penalty for overstaying. Well done Mr. President.
  6. The old Cougar is going to visit her "27 year old fiance" (she seems very proud of how young he is) in Belize. Last week, she tried to assert her power over him but quickly put her in her place. The kid pretty much told her who the boss is. The problem is that he's not really her fiance since he never proposed to her. She has an answer to that problem, she is bringing a ring that her father gave her mother, and thinks this is the trip that [she get him to propose to her] . And she's bringing him 12 watches, including one that cost $3,000 apparently. And 10+ shirts including matching shirts. Jeans, etc. Sad. This guy probably thinks he hit the lottery. These people are using the K-1 as a trial.
  7. That cougar this season is worse than Darcy. She has some 20-something boy toy in Belize. And this one is REALLY desperate, she is basically supporting his entire extended family since Covid. And she sends him expensive watches, sneakers, etc to sell I assume. I think he said that he needs 5 more watches. And if he doesn't pick up her call, she goes NUTS and immediately thinks he's cheating. (CAN ANY OF YOU BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEBODY WHO YOU ASSUME IS CHEATING IF THEY DON'T ANSWER YOUR CALL?). LOL The last episode she tried to show him who's boss, but he was having none of it. She snapped at him and said something like "You need to think about whether you want this relationship." And threatened to end it. And he shut her down quick. He said "No, YOU need to think about that." And she hung up and said to the camera that it's over WHEN SHE SEES HIM FACE TO FACE. I'm sure that she isn't going to end it, and is saving face saying that she'll end it face to face. If I wanted to end it, I wouldn't waste a trip. There's something sick about that, like looking forward to seeing the person hurt in person. Like Tom wanting to end it with Darcy "in person". Sick stuff
  8. This new season is as ridiculous as usual, they don't disappoint. Russian go-go dancer comes to Virginia to live on a farm with her "fiance" and his parents, and is forced to do farm work ta day break when she's used to coming home at that hour. The parents are such weirdos, and seem so two-faced. All smiles to her face and probably conspiring against her behind her back. So the kids picked their wedding date as May 9th, but the parents said that it's a bad date because it's mother's day. HUH? And they introduced the girl to his grandfather, and he's a walking cliche. First thing he says when interviewed (away from them) is that foreign women promise marriage, sex, etc but they only want a green card. That Natalie chick is NUTS. She thinks coming to the US and can start demanding changes like him becoming a vegetarian, stop drinking alcohol, become religious. If he doesn't stop eating meat, that's a sign of disrespect for her. LOONEY. He should just send her on the next flight back to the Ukraine, it's only gonna get worse.
  9. I think most people would agree that a spouse (male or female) is obligated to participate in a healthy sex life.
  10. Just to be clear, I called her a scammer. With the limited info that we have, I believe that she is. She had regular sex with him before they married, and before she came to US. Then we she came to the US, they still had it until her status was solidified, then magically she started losing interest. Quite a coinkidink, no? -Laughing @ "maybe she realized that she's lesbian" -Really laughing @ "maybe he couldn't satisfy her" --- yep, after the first 14 times, she had had enough 🙄
  11. So basically, you pay for everything and she hoards her income away for when she's ready to leave you or you do what needs to be done first. I thought that she saves her money in a joint account, this is even worse. Seems that she's already thought this through.
  12. Yes, I agree to have a serious conversation with her. Press her to answer the question about intimacy, don't let her skate with some vague excuses. If she mentions anything medical, insist on taking her to a doctor ASAP where both of you can speak to the doc. That will end it quick if she's lying. If it was medical, she would have said something to you by now I'm sure, and you didn't mention anything about it being medical. Sorry to say, but this sounds completely fishy. The timeframe fits that she did it as long as she had to, and stopped when she didn't need to any longer. And now she's just buying time until it's time to go. For ME personally, unless it is a verifiable medical issue, I would not be interested in saving that relationship. I don't want a woman to sleep with me only when threatened with divorce. Make sure to protect any assets before you let her know about divorce. I don't mean hiding anything for the divorce, what I mean is protecting what's rightfully yours. You don't want her cashing out any joint assets (clearing out bank account, etc) for example before the divorce.
  13. First, if you are kind enough to let them live in your house and an adult person is abusive (whether stranger or family), it's time to go. No questions asked. And you shouldn't burden yourself with support responsibility because your kid chooses to sleep till 3pm. Time to grow up. Second, any person who cannot support a fiance on their own, should NOT be allowed to bring them over. The federal poverty level is a joke, so 125% of that is still laughable. It should be double that at least. If somebody doesn't make that, time to put the big boy/girl pants on and get a real job, and move out of mommy's basement. I wouldn't have the balls to ask my parents to sponsor my foreign fiance. They would die laughing. The whole idea of joint sponsor is a complete farce. 95% of the people have no intention of ever supporting this foreigner that they are joint-sponsoring. They only do it to help their kid, friend, etc. When worst comes to worst, they would probably flat out refuse.
  14. 4 years? It should've been over in 6 months. Butting off sex is the biggest sign of a scammer to me. By now, she probably thinks that you're ok with it or that you're a sucker and she can continue to live the good life without having to do it (just saying "having to do it" makes me sick, that a man would let a woman treat him this way). She was interested in sex before the marriage and even after up until she came to the US. First thing that comes to mind is that she's not into you and just using you to make a life for herself. Yes, she has her green card and she could have left already, but like you said, you pay all the bills and she putting away her money. Why would she leave? She is cared and provided for so no rent, no bills, etc. At some point, when she has enough saved, she'll leave but you don't want to wait that long. If she is using you, then therapy is just a waste of time and money. Also, would you want to be in a marriage with somebody who doesn't want to be intimate with you and only does it to avoid divorce? I wouldn't. As for your guilt for a divorce, that's what makes you a good person that you have empathy, but don't let that sit in the way of YOUR happiness. You have one life, don't waste it worrying over her well-being, it sounds like she doesn't care about yours.
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