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  1. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I think he's better. He's even more of a mama's boy than Pole. He dresses his cats in dresses. #######? The way he was talking about his mother was just creepy. I'm pretty sure he's gay. And the Brazilian chick he's importing is way too desperate to com to the US. She was approved for the k-1, so bobo bought a plane ticket. And now she hasn't gotten her visa in time, and now he has to reschedule it. He's complaining about change fees, so he rebooked for 2 weeks later. But the next day or two, she got her visa and tells hgim that he can book her flight. But he breaks the news that he already re-booked her for 2 weeks out. And she freaks out. She is really really too desperate to come to the US. The sooner she comes, the sooner she'll leave him to find a real man. Seems that all these immigrants think that they hit the jackpot but unbeknownst to them, they are coming to live barely above poverty. Then there's the guy who's 31 and is bringing his 19 year old Mexican vacation one night stand. And he lives like a pig. The apartment is disgusting and is a complete mess. To add insult to injury, his love goes snooping in his dresser and finds a women's thong in one drawer. First he tried to convince her that it was her own. Then said that he hasn't opened that drawer in 3-4 years and it's an ex-girlfriend's. Stupid and lazy. The Somoan couple will be boring so nothing to say about them. The guy bringing the Indonesian woman is a complete moron. First, the woman seems to be pretty well off in Indonesia. She has personal chef, driver, maids, servants. So she must think that she's moving to a better life. That will be interesting when she sees his small 2 bedroom apartment that he shares with his 19 year old daughter with whom he splits expenses. And the woman is bringing her kid, so with not enough room, he's kicking his own daughter out to make room for the step kid. Btw, he's 40 but looks 60. And the older average looking blonde with younger Jamaican we've seen before. Melanie and Devar all over again. Next!
  2. You think that she knows who the fathers are?
  3. The Democrats and media will somehow blame Trump for this group (gang?).
  4. 24 with 3 kids. There's the bigger problem for her. Make better choices and life won't be so hard.
  5. yes you can, you can both go through the visitors line at immigration and you can go with her to secondary processing
  6. Eric-Pris

    Medical insurance!

    Most dental insurance is not worth getting. Here's why: The monthly premium payments won't be very high (compared to medical), but when you read the fine print, there will most likely be a annual cap/limit on the coverage. And it won't cover 100% of the major work (wisdom teeth, root canal, crown, etc), but more like 40-60%. So you'll still have to pay something out of pocket. For example, the monthly payment may be $100/mo, but they will cap your benefits at $1500 or 2000/year. Meaning that once they pay your dentist(s) $1500, no more benefits for the rest of that year. So you are paying $1200 total for the year but can only get $1500 or 2000 worth of services. Plus, if you don't use the whole limit, you lose any unused benefits. So you may end up paying $1200 but don't have much work done and end up NOT getting your money's worth. Unless you can get dental insurance through work, where your employer pays most of the premium, it's best to pay cash for dental work whenever you need it. Most dentists give discounts to cash patients. I have dental through work for $28/month and my employer pay another $100 or so. But it's capped at $2000/year. For example, my dentist charges the insurance company $860 for a crown, and my coverage is 50%, so I still pay about $430 out of pocket. I have enough dental work done each year to justify it. But if I didn't have a lot of work done, I'd end up losing money. And if I came in without insurance, he's charge me about $700 for a crown, so not that much more than with insurance. If I didn't get it cheap through work, I would not pay for dental insurance. Medical is a different story. You almost have to have medical insurance. Those bills can add up quickly. I spent 3 days in the hospital in July with pneumonia, total bill was $12,000.
  7. non-immigrant denials have no effect on K-1
  8. Telephone bills? Sounds like nothing to worry about. Skip and move on.
  9. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I don't blame the people putting up these GoFundMe pages since there are so many gullible (reads: dumb) people willing to give to stupid people. I blame the idiots donating to these "causes". I'm on a pilot board, and some guy came on and posted that he is starting a page to fund his private pilot training. Obviously, he got run off the board since it's full of pilots who had to pay big money for their own training with no help and this freeloading millennial wants a freebie. Seems the new thing is to just ask for handouts. And you hear that "it's not fair" a lot more now. I'm 42 but when I was younger, I don't remember people acting this way. Life was always unfair to people with no money, no education, no future, etc .
  10. Congrats. I'm glad I read till the end and not just the first post. I almost posted that you have nothing to worry about. I guess that I was right. After the oath and with certificate of citizenship, it's time to pay the ex-inlaws a visit. And watch them stew in their misery. Or better yet, tell your ex that you are having a hard time and have to go on welfare and that he's responsible for paying it all back. I would have fun with this. But I'm cruel and sick person. I rarely forgive and never forget people who have done me wrong.
  11. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Where to start... Jesse is a control freak and attention ho. He loves the spotlight. He Ever notice that he talks very slowly to get the max amount of airtime. Also, he's very liberate in the way he speaks to sounds more intelligent than everybody else (superiority complex). When they USC's were all in that room and his name came up, he was backstage listening, he threatened to leave if they didn't let him in that room. She's not normal with her drama queens ways and victim mentality (and super high maintenance superficial mentality) but he's got some serious mental problems. I think he may be a sociopath. Old mouth of the south is just a brute. No class, no education, no manners. Just a loud mouth pig. I'd be embarrassed to be seen in public with that. She tried to pick a fight with Rachel because Rachel challenged her opinion.The funniest part of the show when her NIgerian 419 prince told the cameras that he respected her because in his culture they are taught to respect their elders. I almost fell off my chair. Apparently she hadn't seen that comment before, because she flipped out. Took off the ring and said that they are done. I'm thinking it was all for TV and she already sent out the K-1 packet, so I'm thinking it's not over. That reminds me, regarding the immigration fees, Rachel mentioned that they can't even apply yet because it would take an insane amount of money just to apply. And mouth of the south said that she didn't care that she already psent 5 or 7 thousand to bring scammer to the US. Isn't K-1 like $500? I think the person who wrote on here earlier about this is correct. They are talking about the total of fees + lawyer costs. That's true, these incompetent lawyers charge a buttload and they don't seem to know little about immigration based on what they've said on the show. Rickey going back to his ex-wife (technically not divorced yet, so they are trying to reconcile). Ximena at least got weekly western union payments for a while, and the ring she pawned. (I don't believe that she "threw it away" like she claimed). She got a raw deal. She thought that she was gonna come to America got all excited, then found out that she was the back up, but undeterred from her ultimate, she hung in, but then got dumped right before claiming her prize. Pole is entertaining once again. They bring Karine by satellite and then his mother by satellite too. And he says "My tow favorite women. I have each of your hair in my backpack" 😮 But the Tell-All is a complete farce. Everything seems great, and they share the news that Karine is pregnant again. The host congratulates them and seems like she wants to move on to a different topic. And Pole blurts out "All that's left is the DNA test". Why would you say that, unless it was for show. That was such a wrongly timed comment. Pole's mother is TV gold. The host asks her what she would like to say to Karine. Dead air for 20 seconds and then she says Hola. That's all you say to your daughter in law whom your said that she's carrying your grandchild? Then the host asks if she'll co-sponsor Karine now that she is pregnant (apparently Pole will need a co-sponsor). Again dead air, and then deflects saying the husband ("father") makes those kinds of decisions. Even Pole when asked didn't say "My father" or "My dad". He said "Father controls things and mother can't go against father's wishes". ####### is wrong with these people. Tarik and Hazel have no updates other that he has visited her again and they claim that they have had sex. For some reason, I don't believe them. I think she knows that she has him wrapped around her little finger and can withhold sex and he'll still bring her over. He looks like a goober, Gomer Pyle face.
  12. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Good summary. I would add... if Jon borrowed £30,000 for college, why doesn't he have a good job? He just doesn't seem like he has any brains. He often has a bewildered (what is happening here?) look on his face. He had to quit in order to get a week off. That's what happens in crappy dead-end jobs, not professional jobs that most college graduates get. Another reason you don't marry somebody after knowing them a few weeks. What does Pole do for work that he goes back for a month or two and will earn enough money to last them a "while"? I assume back country Brazil must be dirt cheap. I know Rio is very expensive, but some podunk town in the Amazon is probably much cheaper. Michael is a scammer, lucky she only had very little money in the bank or he would have stolen it all. He sounds like one of the guys who do the 419 advance payment scam. You know the one where they are some African prince and need your "help" to smuggle millions out of their country. And if you pay the "fees", they will send you half of the money, some ridiculous amount like $15 million. So do his friends. I think Tarik is about to start paying out his nose for this scammer. This ugly girl is playing him, but he's too smitten to realize it. Hopefully his brother/cousin can knock some sense into him. They need to take about 10% of what he's going to waste on her and go to Manila and have a great vacation, including orgies and all. LOL
  13. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Hazel is a straight up scammer. First, it's pretty obvious that she doesn't really care for Tarik past the greencard. But now, she cried that she has no place to live and within 5 minutes, he had her set up in an apartment. He felt responsible for his fiancee. LOL And the ONLY reason that she cried when he was leaving is that he's like a walking greencard to her. She's afraid that he may not come back. She's not crying for him.
  14. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Stripper looks Arabic but is Latina right?
  15. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Mouth of the South freaked out because when she got home she tried to take out cash and realized that somebody cleaned out her bank account in Nigeria. They stole thousands hundreds of dolllars. All $900 of it. And she wants to sponsor an immigrant. Hope she has a co-sponsor. <SMH>