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  1. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Leida is very manipulative. She knows that some alligator tears and just saying "I'm leaving" will get Eric to actually tell his own daughter "GET OUT". What a dousche taking her over his own kid.
  2. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Leida is a spolied little wanna-be princess. And Eric is a desperate loser who won't stand up to her. I would have sent her (and her spoiled family) packing on the first day when they started judging him. I also agree that he brought this on himself. He definitely lied to her about how well off he is. She keeps threatening to leave because she knows he's desperate for her and will do just about anything. She wants to be top priority, even above his kids. And he doesn't have anough balls to flat out tell her that she will ALWAYS be second to his kids. My wife had kids from her first marriage. I would never make her choose between her kids and me because I know it's a losing proposition for me. But this loser is telling Leida that she's #1 top priority. Larissa is dillusional. She has no concept of a budget and of having prioritie on what limited money gets spent on. Then she gets into an argument ith Coltie's cousin who has no qualms about telling her what he feels to her face. It's clear that she's using him for the greencard. The mother had a great idea. Lets get you the $2400 dress but put off applying for the green card for 6 months. Larissa quickly replied that the green card is most important to her. Obviously.
  3. I'm not saying that your intention is to commit visa fraud, and technically I don't think he would be (depending on what that country's rules for business visa). But look at the first part of the statement below that you made about being honest at POE. That could be misconstrued as him circumventing tourist visa laws. I would suggest saying that his sister invited him to help her with her business, and not to mention that this was the only way to get to see his family. "We intend to be 100% honest with POE officers in letting them know this was the only way he could see his family"
  4. Are you sure that confessing to visa fraud (albeit outside of the US) is the smartest thing to do? To me, it says something about his character.
  5. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Eric is in way over his head. He set a budget for the wedding of "a couple thousand dollars". His flower budget is $400. The flowers that SHE wants costs that much for 1 bouquet. Her first wedding had 2,000 guests and cost $300,000. That's abunch of bull but it was at a 5 star hotel, so it costs a little bit of money. Her family has decided not to come for the wedding because they disapprove. They seem to be obsessed with apperaances. There's nothing that I hate more than fake people. I love the scene in the furniture store. She is picking out a $7,000 bed for her kid. He says that anything over a few hundred will not happen. She says... you always say NO, so my feeelings don't matter? His reply was that feelings and reality are two separate things. She stormed out and got all pissy. Why didn't the princess bring any of her own money to help since they claim to be so rich? Now, the Indonesian princess is complaining about the child support again. And she is threatening to cancel the wedding over it. This idiot needs to send her back to her elitist family. Mini Justin Beaver is looking for Olga to kiss his feet and thank him and show appreciation for all that he has done. He spends $20 for his kid's medicine and feels underappreciated. He is an pretty dumb too, doesn't know how to count out money. The pharmacy total was about 1400 RUB, that's about $20. It took him a while and then just gave them a card.
  6. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    To add: Coltee found a real winner.
  7. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    So the self-centered ego-maniac that couldn't make it work with Darcey (and her deadly flying shoes) is now somehow involved with Larissa. Is he the "friend" that she is living with?
  8. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Oh she's special alright. She's a good gold digger and spender of other people's money. Eric is a "great" dad. Willing to throw his own daughter out on the street to please his Indonesian wet dream. Princess isn't married yet, and wants to know al about finances. I think she realizes that he's not very smart and there is not as much as she though, so she wants to make sure it doesn't get spent on the daughter or child support, but on her and her son. The fact that he had to put on the dog and pony show for her parents and spoilied sister Reina ("Queen" in Spanish... riiight) is a joke. If my girlfriend told me that her family will come down to judge me and they can decide if we get married, she would no longer be my girlfriend with 30 seconds after telling me that. Osuelu (or whatever) is defiinitely on the spectrum. I was pretty of it from the first show but he has confirmed it with this last statement. Her brother: What's your favorite thing about being Oliver's dad? Osuelu: Because he's white and his mother is from United States.
  9. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Looks like Colteee (and mother) is planning a home wedding, whereas the Brazilian princess wants a biggie weddingy. She asked to have the reception at the Brazilian restuarant they went to, but he (and mother) nixed that idea pretty quickly. I think she's starting to realize that he American dream is not going to be what she imaginws, at least for the first 2 years.
  10. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Exactly. That guy shaping young minds. LOL
  11. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Can somebody show Colt-ie how to properly wear a car seat belt. It doesn't go under the left armpit, it goes over the shoulder. What a dork.
  12. Eric-Pris


    At least you aren't blaming the immigration process. Good luck.
  13. Eric-Pris


    Based on OP's unwillingness to answer the question, I'm assuming no. Been here 5 months and has not applied for AOS. Sorry, but OP has nobody to blame but herself. The immigration process isn't all that tough honestly, if one is prepared and on point. The most common excuse is that they don't have the disposable income to file AOS since the immigrant can't work. Then maybe those people should have thought about whether it's smart to bring over an immigrant who is totally dependent on them for everything for up to a year, if they can't come up with a measly $1000, or whatever it costs now. I've always questioned the federal poverty guidelines being way too low. $24k for a couple is non-sense. I'm not trying to offend or judge anybody, but I have a very strong opinion on this because I have seen a number of people that I know (a couple really well) come here and then struggle because their USC is not as well off as they made it sound. It's sad watching a person living at a lower standard in the US than they had in their 3rd world country.
  14. Eric-Pris

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Mini Justin Beaver (I know that's not how you spell it but it's funnier) is stupid. When his Russian girlfriend had the baby and the doctor said 4 kilos. He turned to her to ask "how many pounds is 4 kilometers". Larissa is annoying AF. I know English is not her first language but the way she adds "-ie" to ever word makes me want to throw my TV out of the window. -big is pronounced as biggie -cute as cutie -Colt as Coltie -house as housie But apart from her pronunciation issues, she thinks that it's normal to just buy whatever you want at a whim. This is actually not that strange seeing how her entire view of life in America is based on movies and TV. Very immature.
  15. Depends on what you mean by "safe". The safest way would be to go back and file for k-1, or get married and go back and file CR-1. Getting married and filing AOS now is doable. But it's not 100% risk free. If you happen to get a bad IO to interview you, who knows if he doesn't decide that this was planned. I read the posts that said "Intent is determined at the border", but if some IO is convinced that this was planned, that won't stop him from trying to mess things up for you.This option may be considered safe for the most part, but it doesn't come without some risk, no matter how small.