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  1. Baby girl Visa is annoying as hell. She invites Usman's brothers and asks their opinion on the problems in her relationship with Usman. She should have known it would be like "man is the boss", "wife listen to the man", "wife gives man space", but of course she flies off the handle and storms out and is "DONE" again. She gives Angela and Danielle a run for "most annoying". Based on how she acts towards/around him, David seems more like Lana's kidnapper than boyfriend (or fiancee like in his delusional mind). But we found out that really he's her Western Union "boyfriend". Over 7 years, I'm sure he's sent her over $100,000. Although, I'm pretty sure that he sends her money through "the dating website" for a nice hefty fee. Even when he was there, they contacted through the dating website. She must get a nice commission from stringing this dope along. This has to be totally staged. Nobody is that dumb. He says "Our first fancy dinner"... Lana wearing the same Yoga suit and sneakers. He can't get a kiss, there is zero affection, but he's giddy. He basically asks what he needs to do for her to accept his proposal. HUH??? I've never heard of a man asking that. Darcey is moving on to better herself AGAIN. "Girl power", "Strong", "Survivor"... blah blah blah. The same as when Jesse dumped her. But she's the same old psycho Darcey that flips in a matter of seconds. Jeffrey with a G... he was pretending to be over the Russian girl and trying to force a relationship with Mary. I really feel bad for her. Then the Russian girl just shows up in the US? And Mary is in his house? Yeah, that wasn't staged. Pleeeease. Then he had a get together with Mary and his friends planned, so he just brings the Russian girl. Avery was so disturbed by Ash's views, but she must have gotten over it because she's planning for him to come to the US and crying over him.
  2. Wow... TLC is really stretching the Tom and Darcey goodbye. Never saw more airtime about the possibility of nothing. Lisa talking to Usman the way she does she must think that she's a catch or something. The only think she is a means to an end. Nothing more, nothing less. She treats him like #######. I feel bad for the guy, at some point maybe it won't be worth it to come to America. Avery was so angry about the seminar she attended, then caught him in 2 flat out lies (his divorce date and the fact that his ex doesn't want the kid to come to the US), and she is still considering moving forward with that relationship. Now they're considering Ash living part time in US/part-time in Australia? What kind of visa is that? LOL And what's with those skinny jeans Ash? The fat no-neck midget treated Rose so badly and is surprised that she left. That's not over yet. TLC doesn't give up that easily, there's always a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th chance. What was the point in Stephanie asking Erica to drive 3 hours to meet her to try to salvage the relationship and then when they actually met, she made no attempt to do so. That chick is weird as hell. Many issues. This whole thing was some kind of publicity stunt for her instagram? BTW- Erica has the coolest parents ever. The guy that went to Russia is a special kind of stupid. He can't understand why a woman he met for the first time didn't accept his marriage proposal after knowing him for a week? And she didn't say NO like he has been telling everybody, she said that she's not ready yet, it's too early. But the weirdo just heard no. I think he thought it would be YES so he was shocked and didn't actually hear what she said. Now, he comes back to the US and is trying to pretend like he's moved on. He went out with his "friend" Mary and basically asked her if she would like to eventually marry him or just be friends. He's desperate for a wife. First come, first served. And now Varya arrived in Tennessee to visit him? This ought to be interesting. They will probably not actually meet for 3 episodes. David--- not worth mentioning.
  3. Rose: "I'm done" TLC: "No, you're not."
  4. I wonder what Mohammad is getting out of this friendship.
  5. Danielle has been chatting with Mohammad lately. They have forgiven each other and are forming a friendship. He's a truck driver and she's "concerned for his well-being". SAY WHAT?
  6. David with the Ukrainian girlfriend, is not done I'm guessing. He's not a quitter. He even admitted that if she just writes him on the dating site, he will be back. So he's planning to keep on logging in and paying for the site. Total loser, he deserves everything that comes his way from this dude. Mini-Ed is a complete liar, and hides a lot from her. He gave her mouthwash and a toothbrush as a gift. Oh and told he that she has really bad breath. How romantic. Lisa finally got the mom's approval, and now Usman is telling her that she's too controlling. She didn't like that too much. If he comes to the US, he will be like a servant, so his mother pretty much hit it right on the head. Darcey rejected Tom when he came to visit her but I guarantee that she got the letter out of the trash and read it. An she will be contacting him, only to get rejected AGAIN. This woman is completely nuts. She will never be able to hold on to a man. Yolanda... like David they are really milking this one. She is so desperate that she fell in love with a picture. Like the Caesar character, it's probably mostly fake/made up.
  7. Reading between the lines, it seems that she's not afraid of a tantrum, but more like making him angry may lead to physical violence. Does he know where you live? Maybe safer if you move somewhere else and don't let him know where.
  8. I knew that Lisa reminded me of somebody.
  9. These people are so messed up. I mean they are all have some kind of problem that explains why they are single and have to be on a show that's nothing more than a circus. They all have serious trust (jealousy) issues and just are very awkward in-person. They are probably very good in chats.
  10. BREAKING NEWS.... Lana didn't show up at the restaurant for lunch with David. He waited for 2 hours. I know that's a big shocker. Guaranteed that this fool is not done yet.
  11. Not sure where the no neck dwarf thought he was going? He didn't realize that he was going deep into the boonies of rural Philippines. Funny watching him squirm. What a delicate flower, he needs 1000-count sheets. Ugly American by definition. Lisa looks older than Usman's mother. I love that he answer was direct and didn't leave any doubt. I guess getting up and walking away is universal. Steph seems like maybe she is not as gay as she thought. Or maybe she's just a typical online fraud, where she pretends to be this sexual hottie but in real life she's a scared, insecure, bore. After not seeing my woman for a few months, we didn't come up for air for 2-3 days, but this girl has barely given her "girlfriend" a kiss in 4 days. The guy in Russia tells his girlfriend that he was a drug dealer and spent a couple years in prison. And her cousin died of drugs. OOPS! The best for last... David looking for his "girlfriend" all over her town, like he's going to bump into that pictured woman. He went to the candy store that his catfish dude sent him asking the shopkeeper if she knew her. He should have showed a picture of a dude, he'd have a better shot at finding "her". Then he gets a very cold and rehearsed message and has an accident in his pants.
  12. Darcey has some sort of mental illness. For somebody who claims that she has no interest in Tom, yet got dressed up in her typical high-priced escort attire, drove all the way into NY from CT (with a suitcase????), and then left crying, like usual, is confusing. His going away comment to her "Have you gained weight?" was classic.
  13. And another delusional bobo... Yolanda. She got an email from somebody who requested money to not release nude photos of her publicly. She thinks that it can't be Williams because it didn't come from his email address. She thinks that he was hacked and that's how "they" got her pictures. I know that she's old, but WOW.
  14. He finally stood up to her, and she doesn't like it. "He's not the [pushover] that I fell in love with." This season is the season of delusions. The guy who thinks he's in a relationship with a Ukrainian blonde who he's never seen in 7 years. The no-neck midget who thinks the Filipina is in love with him. He asked her for a kiss and she made a face like he asked her to eat his excrement. That's some kind of love. And ended up giving a grandma peck and he called it their first kiss and "incredible". I now believe that he hasn't been with a woman in 30 years. The biggest delusion is that Lisa thinks that she's young and hot enough to be able to control a man, even a desperate Nigerian who might be his only choice ever to come to America. Even that isn't enough for him to accept her #######.
  15. I have a feeling that the guy that is catfishing this mega sucker is probably the dating site owner, that's why they only "talk" through the site. And he pays per minute. And I was shocked that she didn't show up. Now this idiot wants to drive to "her" town. I hope he does and the address he has is probably a closed factory or something. We men are stupid, a woman would never be this desperate and dumb.
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