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    October 31, 2016 I-130 Sent to Chicago Lockbox
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    May 24, 2017 NOA2 Approved
    June 6, 2017 Case sent to NVC...no number yet :(
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  1. Did you read the lame excuses for Ben's arrest and firing as a youth pastor? I can hardly type that without cringing, eek, Ben a youth pastor 🤮 The guy is beyond creepy.
  2. Not sure if everyone is caught up on the new epsiode. So i don't want to spoil anything! But i did enjoy the 90 day diaries for the most part. I saw Jovi in a different light, a positive one lol I am not a fan of Tim, but was impressed with commitment to Veronica and Chloe. Memphis............i just can't with her
  3. 😲 He is such a hypocrite! Guess he is where he belongs!!
  4. No, now he's transitioned into a woman, Jessica Alves
  5. I saw that too about Anna and Mursel having a baby lol but i don't go on Reddii. Your point about the paint colors is spot on. I thought the same. Gino has no attachment to the paint lol Also when Jasmine screams that Gino compares her to his ex's is in her mind.
  6. How about the color of the water in that hot tub they were in??? Yuck it was brown. Mike needs to wake up, But he will when it's too late. I see there is a new catfish, Mahgoney and that Ben, His kids could even see the picture was fake. Another David and Lana. Gino needs to get the heck outta Panama!!! Before Jasmine stabs him or something! After seeing the coming week, i hope his eyes are opened. Usman and Kimberly bore me, there is no story line there. He isn't gonna go to her room, kiss her or marry her.
  7. Jesse the least worst part ha ha That guest sounds like his agenda was to put down women, Ash was bad but this guy, wow!! Shaking my head here reading what he said.🙄
  8. i can only imagine!!! Is it along the same line as that Ash, that was with Avery?
  9. So i am watching the season now lol Caleb, i am not a fan of him. He gives me weird vibes. Mike, his translator doesn't work properly. All he can say in Spanish is, Si, Te Amo and Gracias, can't have a conversation that way. Ella, Selfish, is fine with Johnny coming to Idaho for 3 months even though he is the bread winner for his parents and son. Gino and Jasmine have the same laugh 🤣 She makes my skin crawl when she talks Memphis, basically telling Hamza he sucks in bed. But he says he's sexy baby! Usman, is so not into Kim. Introducing her as a "fan" says it all.
  10. Didn't they do a GoFundMe to help with their visa process?
  11. Agreed.^^^^^ Unfortunately her upbringing factors in this, all the foster homes, her mom who she really didn't have a relationship with because of her addiction. Flying off to Tunisia, i believe that's where he's from, and marrying a stranger, that she has to talk to him through a translator, isn't promising.
  12. I heard Gino's laugh!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Ok, so i watched some of the past episodes. I met Gino, Caleb, Memphis and Kim. Gino is in big trouble, way over his head! He has been out of work, but sent Jasmine money for her lips, brows, hair ect 🙄 She is a MEAN girl Caleb seemed the most normal and realistic to me. When he told his parents he was going on a trip, i had a strange fascination with his father's hair and eyebrows. lol Memphis, looking for love in all the wrong places. Shopping for a father figure for her kids. She is going to be in for a shock, thinking of what happened to Brittany here. Kim, another Baby Girl Lisa. We know how this will end.
  13. I need to Google these couples, even though i'm sure your descriptions fit them better then Google ha ha Isn't Usman on this 90 also? The one who married Baby Girl Lisa?
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