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    October 31, 2016 I-130 Sent to Chicago Lockbox
    November 1, 2016 NOA1 case sent to Nebraska 
    November 10, 2016 NOA1 Hard Copy
    May 24, 2017 NOA2 Approved
    June 6, 2017 Case sent to NVC...no number yet :(
    June 26, 2017 Received case and invoice number from NVC

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    Nebraska Service Center
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    Milwaukee WI
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    Dominican Republic

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  1. I saw the clip for their next episode of Darcey meeting some Bulgarian guy. She should take it slow, blah blah blah. Next scene she's in bed with him, looking all in love. Barf Darcey equates sex with love i think.
  2. His sister is no better then the mother!!! When Kalani asked her how much she sends, she told her it's not her business. Then when Asuelu goes to the house the sister says she sends money back home. I think she's full of it.
  3. I'd like to see Kalani's father tell Asuelu's family a thing or two! I know its his culture too, but i doubt he would like how they are trying to shake down Asuelu to get money.
  4. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I use Sazon seasoning for the skin. But I definitely will try it this way!!
  5. Rosemary sounds lovely too! Never have done the drying out of the skin, but use olive oil also
  6. I have put a lemon in the cavity of the chicken also! So moist and delicious! I have also added along with the lemon, a quartered onions and cloves of garlic
  7. Yeah Mother Chantel and River can go. Tarik and Dean were the best!!
  8. Tom contacted Avery to ask her out, since she and Ash had broken up. He also called Lisa. Tom is a Tomcat lol
  9. I am not fond of them either! Remember this is scripted, it's easy to forget and get people get sucked into believing what they say about the Visa and cost. Hence the GFM account.
  10. Yes, i wondered the same myself. Rachel and Jon last night. So she has lost her job, now will need a sponsor, but thats not until NVC stage. I don't understand where they have spent $11,000 for his I-130? Makes me think they are preying on the sympathy of the "Jon and Rachel Fan Club". Get the I-130 approved and then push things back if needed at NVC.
  11. I think as usual in Danielle's delusional mind they are now "friends" 🙄
  12. Yeah he was saying there's no way they could have had balance in their relationship. But the lady said well we did. I'm glad Avery is seeing things with her eyes wide open. Instead of ignoring things.
  13. When I heard him saying what he saying, I thought you've got to be joking. Jesse had a captive audience with the nursing home people, lol these women knew what they were hearing and thought what's this B.S. from this male chauvinist pig.
  14. Apparently he is working as an English teacher and he Annie have some gig where they do meet-and-greets otherwise I don't think they would be able to do all the traveling that they had done so I think he is working now. But definitely when they showed him on the show he was lazy and looking for handouts. I've actually chatted to him on Facebook and he is very nice
  15. The one who kicked his daughter Tasha out of the house was Eric, who was that Leida.
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