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  1. So apparently Sarper has a son that was conceived with a Russian woman when he was 19 years old and she was 34. Said woman told him she didn't expect anything from him and would raise the child. Well now Sarper wants to find his son, also he wants a baby with Shekinah. I honestly think this twist in the plot of their storyline is just a way to keep it going. Because if he is searching for his son that means more screen time. In a couple other forms I've read people believe the same. I have a really hard time looking at him, he seems so plastic and his eyes look kind of psychotic. Not to mention the shirt unbuttoned to the navel all the time 🤮
  2. Wow that's very disturbing about Asuelo's behavior and supposed assault on Kalani more than once. No wonder Koloni couldn't stand him.
  3. Well tonight is the recommitment ceremony for the last resort. I think Jovi and Yara will stay together, but they definitely need counseling for their issues. Off topic I saw their Halloween costumes with Mylah they were awesome. My opinion Liz just needs to throw in the towel on Big Ed. He claims he's changing but he's not, he made a remark last week when she walked away like he always does. Kalani and Asuelo mismatched from the beginning. He was a vacation romance and she ended up pregnant. But she really thought they would be able to make it I think. Once he got here the cultural differences were glaring. Even though Kalani is half Samoan. I get she wanted to stay a family because of the boys. Angela brought divorce papers, and she's not going to serve them on Michael. She needs to keep that little thread connection to TLC. But I don't know if he's ever going to get a visa to the United States so they're basically a non-story. Yohan and Danielle, disaster from the get go. She made him promises which she didn't intend to keep. He is listening to his friends and all their stories from marrying Americans. He is very machismo. And she continually insults his manhood. Like when she said that he was going to be her wife etc. And she's very independent and opinionated, yes she needs to go back to America. Sarper 🤮 I can't even stand looking at him. Shekinah is delusional and is going to end up heartbroken. Nikki and Justin ugh. It's so scripted and uncomfortable to watch. And when they were at the park and she said let's go make a baby 🤣 Rob and Sophie are on two different pages. I think she'll be going back to England. Angela and Manuel, She drives me crazy calling him mi vida all the time. I think he's here to support his family and not for the reasons she hopes. Sorry I'm mixing The Last resort up with 90 Day fiance the other way lol
  4. I'm watching it even though I said I wasn't going to lol All Jovi keeps saying is oh it's so much fun, it's just a lot of fun going to a strip club. He even admitted that it's upsetting to Yara because her culture is different. Then why does he continue to do it? I feel it's very disrespectful. Yara is beautiful, plastic surgery or not but she also admits she has self-esteem issues. I really wish TLC would forget about Big Ed. He is a narcissist and he's never going to change no matter how many episodes of whatever he's on. Liz deserves a lot better. I'm glad that Molly and Kelly ended as soon as it did. If I remember right they were broke up before this show anyway. He said inappropriate things to her daughter and apparently put his hands on her. I've never been a fan of that Kelly. Yeah I wasn't happy Angela was going to be on there seeing as though Michael isn't even in the United States. But she did tone it down. And she was supportive to Yara and Kalani. I'm also watching the other way. The only couple I cared to really watch is Danielle and Yohan and they never show them.
  5. Also, I think the contractor inflated his price once he realized David might be paying.
  6. Yeah those kids didn't ask for parents like that
  7. I recall from when they were living in Brazil how filthy their apartment was and that was even before they had the first baby. Are they living in United States or Brazil do you know?
  8. When I heard him say to his mother that he wanted to go to Barbados, I don't know why there's no person there that he's talking to. The producers never said where that supposed carmela/christian was from that I recall. He's had all this proof presented to him from his family and the private investigator and he's just refusing to believe it. So I don't know why they keep dragging his story on there's nothing there.
  9. Nope. Once he admitted he had went to Barbados and Carmella didn't show up I thought oh boy this is another case of Caesar! I did feel bad for him.. I know he was just happy and probably a bit desperate that he did have someone communicating with him but at the end of the day it's still sad
  10. That guy needs to run the other way and fast. If that doesn't scream red flag I don't know what does. But of course he thinks they have true love, and it's worth fighting for. She definitely is not on the same page as him, it's all about the green card so it seems.
  11. I've read that people think Kris has a drug problem. The way she was acting when she was in so much neck pain looked like possible withdrawals. And she was talking strange when she was talking to her mom, it seemed like she was slurring her words and looked high. Her mom thinks she's a sugar mama 😂 I think she just needs to stay in the United States and forget about that girl in Columbia.
  12. I still watch this train wreck lol sometimes i wonder what's wrong with me 🤣 Uhh yeah Kim, i thought she had her 15 minutes of fame. I was under the impression they had broken up? I don't care to see Ed 🤮 Yara and Jovi i like, Libby and Andre. Which i was surprised Libby's family have actually set bounderies with Charlie and his wife. All except the mother who is in denial. Yes, Mother Karen thinks she was right all along 🙄 I think it was dirty Chantel clearing out their account. Obviously we don't see everything that has gone on in their marriage, only the juicy parts TLC wants us to see. People change, people fall out of love for whatever reason, Chantel's crazy family never did her marriage any favors. But they made money off of Chantel's visa journey!!
  13. I don't follow any of the people on Instagram, I do belong to a Facebook group about 90 Day Fiance. And no one mentioned Kara possibly being pregnant. The big conversations are Chantel and Pedro atm. I thought Kara looked great at the tell all. I agree, Jibberish did get a good edit during the season. I think when it comes to his story, I wish John could be on stage! 😆 John got a few good comments in lol Jibberish definitely has mommy issues, I think the only women he didn't insult was Yve. Oh oh can we discuss the "arch" for Jibri's wedding??!?!! I was imagining it was something very beautiful and ornate to go against the backdrop for the wedding. Then it arrives and it's 2x4's!!! 😆 Omg Kara's ex. He clearly didn't need to be there, but it is 90 Day tell all! Lol Talks like a 16yr old with sound effects and all!
  14. Jibberish was so out of line. Attacking everyone. Wait until they talk about his relationship next week 😂 I loved when John came on too!!! I was surprised Thais and Kara were the ones that are pregnant.
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