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  1. The options are self, relative, other person or organization. I can't just type something, it has to be one of their options. She has very strong ties to our home country, she has the same job for over 20 years, multiple properties, my sister is enrolled in school etc. the trip is planned right at the end of august and they are going back in time for my sister to start school. My worry is they won't ask them a lot of stuff, I recently read about someone who was denied pretty quickly at the embassy in our home country and they weren't asked many questions so they didn't have a chance to present the documents proofing ties to home. I want to make sure we don't give them any reason to doubt my mom and sister's intentions from the DS160. I might be overthinking it, but again I just don't want them to have a hard time at the interview because of something we filled out in the DS.
  2. There's no area to further elaborate who pays for what.
  3. The truth is we are both paying for it. I'll pay for their plane and hotel and she will pay for their food, shopping, souvenirs, park tickets and all that. But there's no option that webare both paying for it.
  4. I am a LPR and I live in the US for about 2 years. Because of the pandemic I haven't seen my mother or sister since 2020 so I would like to bring then over to visit me. They are filling the ds-160 and one of the questions is who will pay for the trip. Both me and my mom will pay for it. My mom makes about $1000/mo which is pretty good for the area she lives in, but I can see how it might look like too little to affort a 3 weeks trip to the US. Should we say I will pay for the trip to increase their approval chances? I will pay for their plane tickets and hotel and my mom will pay for their food/shopping/souvenirs and all the expenses they might have here.
  5. Back in April 2020 I filed the I-129F for a K3 visa hoping it will speed up my I-130. My I-130 was approved in June 2020 and now I only have the visa interview left for my CR-1 journey. On 14 July 2020 USCIS send me a RFE for the K3, what should I do about it? Didn’t they see my I-130 was already approved and just deny my K3? should I call them and tell that there is no need to process the K3 any longer or just leave it?
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