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  1. Flew from Istanbul to Chicago mid August, nobody cares at all about covid or quarantine. No temperature checks or forms to fill. There’s nothing special to worry about, the line went very fast too.
  2. Soon I hope. I have been here for over a month and there’s no sign I will get it soon. I have to wait 120 days before I can inquire about it, but I hope I will get it by then.
  3. You need to take the knowledge test and road test again. Your licence from abroad does not count or matter at all.
  4. Yes, the manual made me concerned because I am a LPR, not a temporary visa holder. When I will get my physical green card in the mail I will go get it fixed.
  5. I think that too because my DL is only valid for one year. When I will have to renew it next year I will make sure they are checking the right boxes.
  6. Could you read the comment I just posted here? I noticed the validity is only one year. I believe they thought I am on a temporary CR-1 only for a year. I am not sure they understood the CR-1 is an immigrant visa, not a temporary one.
  7. A few more info after checking all the paperwork I received. On the form she gave back to us she checked I am on a visa. I don’t know if she was corect or not tho. I used my visa with the stamp in my passport to show legal status, so technically it is correct to say I am on a temporary visa because the CR-1 will only be good for a year. But the CR-1 is acting as a temporary green card for a year, not a temporary visa. I got even more confused over all this. I believe it was a mistake they checked the visa box instead of the LPR box. Will I have any issues because of this? I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I want to make sure there will be no issues.
  8. My husband(USC) and I(LPR) went to DMV in Tennessee today to get our driver’s licenses and everything went well, but mine says on top TEMPORARY DRIVING LICENSE while my husband’s just says DRIVERS LICENSE. I entered a month ago on a CR-1, is my DL temporary because my GC expires in 2 years or should I go back to DMV to get it corrected? I googled a bit about this and found they issue temporary documents to people on temporary visas that have an expiration date and are authorized to work in the US, but I am on a green card not on a visa.
  9. i did an elopement as well and we were approved with no issues. All I had from my wedding were 3 selfies and that is enough. They don’t care about the wedding reception at all, all they need is a valid marriage certificate and that is all.
  10. That’s fine, that is exactly what I did too and had no problems getting approved.
  11. A lot of them you don’t need although they are on the list. Email or call Dr. Toma, she will tell you exactly if you need a certain vaccine or not. I was about to take 3 extra vaccines because I didn’t have them, but after calling Dr. Toma she told me they are not required for my age group. Definitely saved myself 1500 lei, the price for all those 3 vaccines.
  12. So in Romania we get our passports back thru TNT( FedEx). My visa was issued on Friday and it was also available for pick up on Friday. I just didn’t make it in time and TNT closed before I got a chance to get there. TNT is closed in the weekend so on Monday I went there and picked up my passport. I am already in the US now.
  13. It depends. I was at the embassy 1 hour and the interview took around 25 minutes, it was pretty long. But it varies so much. Someone’s interview might be 5 minutes, someone else’s 40 minutes. Google interview questions for spousal visa and make sure you know how to answer, also know everything in your DS-260. I am sure everything will be fine and you’ll get the visa
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