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  1. Cathi

    Enter USA

    Do you honestly think that CBP will believe you're working for your father when you spend more time in the US than in your home country? You just admitted that you come to the US to "just chill and road trips". Obviously that is not a tie to home if you're receiving a paycheck but not actually working. Also, is there a particular reason you can't get your lump check in your home country? You don't need to come here to get something like that checked. You're abusing your visa, you need to chill at home for a while.
  2. A K-1 doesn't cost a "little more", it costs almost double. Plus there are a lot more steps to a K-1 and you cannot work for quite or leave the for a while after entering the US. The CR-1 is by far the superior choice. It costs far less, you receive a green card immediately, you can work immediately and you can travel outside the country immediately upon entering the US.
  3. The man is an addict, sending him pictures and talking to the baby won't do a thing. The only thing that will help him is if he stops drinking.
  4. You are getting angry at people for something they did not know. Seriously, you didn't tell anyone this part and you keep adding to your story. The best thing to do is start from the very beginning and tell the entirety of the story instead of leaving it for people to guess. You're not going to get correct or complete answers to your questions unless we know everything.
  5. If you want this thread to be locked, use the report button and a moderator will close it for you. Best of luck and I'm sorry for your predicament.
  6. I know you're frustrated but taking it out on members of this forum who are informing you of your very limited options isn't going to get you anywhere. It isn't that people here are not sympathetic, they're just giving you the facts of what's in front of you. Yes, some may have assumed you were using the public health system but until now, you never clarified that you were paying for your care out of pocket. You can't get angry at people for what they don't know. As others have said and I will repeat, you have very limited options at this point and USCIS isn't going to make an exception for you or anyone else in your predicament. In saying that, it doesn't mean I'm not sympathetic or empathetic, I am. Considering I have lupus and I know what's it's like to be without insurance in the U.S.( it's terrifying), I very much feel badly that you had to go home in order to get the care you very much needed. It isn't going to change the fact that now if you want to live back in the U.S. with your wife, you must start over with a CR1. On the bright side if you do decide to go this route, you will have a green card the moment you set foot back here, there will be no adjustment of status and you'll have the ability to work immediately. I really am sorry for what you and your wife are going through, these are crazy times for all of us and I really wish you both the best. Please keep us updated.
  7. You send in the info for the joint sponsor at the NVC stage. Good luck, keep us update and thank you for your service.
  8. Mango Mussolini is cancelling all f-1's for the fall and requiring students already in the country to return home.
  9. Hi you Mo's brother(who's a US citizen, too) applied for his sister seven years ago and they've heard nothing. Last year for the heck of it she applied for the lottery assuming she wouldn't win and she did. Now we're trying to get everything figured out, as you can imagine everything is backlogged because of covid and they are supposed to enter the US before September 30.
  10. Or you could get a joint sponsor.
  11. What was the reason you gave for needing an expedite??
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