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  1. Why would they grant temporary visas for beneficiaries to come the the U.S to interview when there is a literal ban on travel from almost everywhere in the world to the U.S. at the moment? Did you think this through at all? These are not normal times and immigration is on the bottom of the list for the government right now. There world is trying to stop the spread of a global pandemic.
  2. Is there a reason you are bashing Americans? Asking for 325 million friends.
  3. Just because she's a sibling, does not in any way, shape or form guarantee that she'll be a match.
  4. K-3 visas are rarely, if ever, issued anymore. It's been that way for well over a decade.
  5. It's an immigration issue if he is threatening to deport her!
  6. Your age gap has nothing to do with living apart, neither does the distance to school. I am 21 years older than my husband and when he moved to the US 8 years ago, he traveled 2 hours each way to work when he got his first job. Neither our age difference or the distance to his job prevented us from living together for a single day.
  7. OK. My husband and I are also different religions, I'm divorced with children and we married on my first visit. We had all of the big so called "red flags" and we never had any issues, not even a single RFE. All the way from filing the petition and up to and including naturalization. I believe that being prepared and following all instructions closely has a lot to do with approval.
  8. I'm 21 years older than my husband and we didn't have any issues.
  9. Your husband lied about where you work? Seriously? One should NEVER lie to immigration, under ANY circumstance.
  10. No credit check is done and it doesn't matter if you have an ivy league education or no education at all.
  11. It doesn't matter if he hasn't lived in Iran for 20 years, he needs a police clearance for any and all countries he's lived in for 6 months or more over the age of 16.
  12. They must all apply and be approved on their own merits and their merits alone. No one here can tell you their chances. Nigeria is a high fraud country so they must be able to prove that they have VERY strong ties to home. You do not invite them and an invitation letter will not even be considered
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