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  1. If you cannot afford an attorney the court has pro bono lawyers they can refer you to.
  2. The interview can only be done at the consulate in Russia.
  3. Cathi

    Green card purgatory

    This is a site where the members are honest, like it or not. No one is here to sugar coat things to make people feel better, it's all about reality.
  4. Yet another reason the CR-1 is the superior visa option. The costs people go through to be together a few months sooner boggles the mind. It just isn't worth it.
  5. Cathi

    import car from usa to my country

    The internet is your friend.
  6. Three months in AP is not out of normal parameters by any stretch of the imagination. Period. Just because they filed the petition 18 months ago means nothing as 15 months until interview day is within normal limits, as well. WoM would only force their hand into denying the case because until all background checks have been finished a decision cannot be made. I don't understand why people ask for advice here, argue with said advice and then go on to do with what they intended all along. What's the point of even asking?
  7. Cathi

    Newly GC holder inviting Mum

    You have nothing to do with your mother's visitors visa. She applies and is approved or denied on her own merits and her own merits alone. I have no idea why people think there is some sort of "invitation letter" or "sponsorship" for someone else's visitor visa. There isn't.
  8. Your one and only option is to withdraw the K-1 and apply for the CR-1.
  9. At my husband's interview 99% of the questions were to me about my divorce. No one is playing games. Pakistan is by far the most difficult consulate to get a visa from because of the high percentage of fraud. You can blame the people before you who abused the system for the difficulty, not the consulate officers. They're just doing their job.
  10. The government shutdown does not affect USCIS, they are self-funded.
  11. If their case is straightforward, there is no need for an attorney.
  12. Each consulate has different rules. Contact them and ask.
  13. Withdraw the I-864 without her knowledge and then send her home after you've done so.