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  1. Milinelo thank you so much for your help I truly appreciate it
  2. Hello everyone I hope you all are doing good today. I have two questions and I hope someone here can help me out. Thank you in advance. My first question is does anyone here know how long it takes to get an interview and the Dakar Senegal embassy? My next question is my husband's pass port will expire in August 23rd of this year does he have to renew it and reopen his ds-260 to update it or can he just take it to his interview?
  3. I hope everyone is doing great today,I have one question and I hope someone on here can help me...thank you in advance. Our documents at the nvc got approved on October 27,2022 and we haven't gotten a visa appointment so does anyone know how long it takes to get an appointment at the Senegal,Dakar? Thank you
  4. Our affidavit of support was approved last month. We submitted our co- sponsor tax returns but do we have to submit the tax return for this year or can he just take it to his interview?
  5. So my husband just needs to text nvc and ask them to reopen his ds-260 and like he doesn't have anything to change he just needs to press submit. Right?
  6. Chancy,thank you for your respond,so he just needs to reopen the ds-260 and just update his information? What if nothing has changed
  7. Thank you for your fast response Nanna_lux I appreciate it. Do you know how long it takes to get an appointment?
  8. Hello everyone I hope your all doing great. I have two questions and I hope someone on here can help me. Thank you in advance. We got approved on our documents last month from the NVC. I have two questions: My husband submitted his ds-260 in 2020 so my first question is 1) does he have to do it again or will that on still be good? My second question how long does it take to get the interview appointment in Senegal, Dakar? Thank you!!!
  9. Yay...I want to thank everyone that helped me on how to send our documents. Today we got an email saying they got accepted and approved. We are so excited to finally get past this stage. Thank you once again I truly appreciate it
  10. It's been taking around 3 months to hear back from the nvc and I still haven't been accepted but hopefully soon
  11. I-864 Part one/ page one answer one for the name. do I type into the computer and print it or do I have to write it in pen?
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