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  1. My DIL, married to an American, is in a similar situation. She has a 10 year green card. They went to Canada in 2019 expecting to stay less than a year. Their son was born while they were there in 2020; embassy was closed for several months but they were finally able to get his US passport. When she tried to cross the border to the US in 2021 she was questioned. She was willing to voluntarily give up her green card and reapply when they move back in the next year but border agents let her though and strongly suggested she not abandon her green card, instead apply for a re-entry permit, which she has done. Technically, you may only apply for a re-enrty permit before you leave the US but apparently with the Covid mess they are considering some cases like hers. She is waiting for an answer.
  2. Ours was EAC. We did send payment for both the application and biometrics
  3. Case status changed to “Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken”. Assume this means additional biometrics waived. Waiting for biometrics letter in mail. 8-28-2021: I-751 package sent via UPS 9-03-2021: package delivered, Case number assigned, EAC 9-07-2021: text received with case number 9-11-2021: NOA1 received in mail 9-21-2021: case updated to show fingerprints were taken
  4. I know it’s early in the process, but we are curious about whether biometrics appointments have been been waived (using most recent biometrics on file) and if so, when you were notified and when your case status was updated to indicate “fingerprints received.” From the spreadsheet it appears applications assigned to MSC did not have biometrics waived but those transferred to other service centers did. Would very much appreciate sharing this with the group. Thank you!
  5. Sent ROC package to USCIS Phoenix September 1 Delivered September 3 Text message receipt notice September 7, case status shows September 3 receipt date Good luck, everyone!
  6. We did not have to prepare another set of docs. The instructions said it was okay to send the original package back to them with the correct fee. Good luck!
  7. This says not highlight on the form because of how their scanners work. Assume it also applies to other documents. https://www.uscis.gov/forms/filing-guidance/form-filing-tips
  8. We made that mistake for AOS. They returned our filing package (took about a month) with instructions on resubmitting with the correct fees.
  9. Different situation but same principle. My daughter-in-law is a Canadian citizen, US permanent resident. My son is a US Citizen. They went to Canada before COVID, ended up getting jobs there and stayed for a little over a year due to pandemic related issues. When she tried to re-enter the US the system flagged that she had been out of the US for a long time and she was detained by a CBP Official who asked her a lot of questions. She told him her intent was to come back and live in the US but that she did not have a specific time worked out yet. He let her in (she was lucky) but warned her she that she would not be allowed in again with her green card without having filed for Returning Resident Status at a US Consulate. She ended up doing what others in this forum suggested, voluntarily abandoning residence. That way she can enter the US as a visitor. When they decide to return they will start over with the green card process.
  10. Depending on your home country a US passport can provide better access to travel abroad.
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