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  1. It took just over 6 months after NOA1 for my N400 interview to be scheduled. Interview was 1 month after that. I-751 was approved at the same time as the N-400 (20.5 months after filing)
  2. N400 interview scheduled - April 4, 2023 Interview letter received in mail April 10 Interview May 10 - (pending I-751) I- 751 approval May 15 N-400 approval May 17 Oath ceremony letter sent May 19 Oath ceremony letter received May 26 Oath ceremony June 2, 12:30
  3. My immigration journey is over! You can see details on our timeline; here are the highlights of our story: - I came to the US on a student visa, completed my degree - Fell in love and got married, applied for I-130 and I-485, got 2 year green card - Applied for ROC, I-751 - As soon as I was eligible, applied for Naturalization, N-400 - My oath ceremony was today and I couldn’t be happier to be a U.S. citizen The entire process from green card application to citizenship took a little over 4 years. We did it all it all it without attorneys. While there were frustrations, they were mostly because of the unknowns and all the waiting. In hindsight, it was pretty smooth. USCIS managed my N-400 with a pending I-751 remarkably well. We suffered the same roller coaster emotions many of us have shared on these forums, but looking back, while it was expensive and tedious, it actually worked. It’s hard to trust big, complicated bureaucratic processes. You and others have been so helpful. I learned so much from others’ experiences and treasure the support and guidance from all of you. Visajourney provides valuable information not available through UCIS or attorneys. So, thank you. I will remain on Visajourney to help anyone who can benefit from our experience.
  4. This process moved along quickly after the N-400 (no combo) interview. My I-751 was approved 5 days after the interview. My N-400 was approved 2 days later. Case status is now “oath ceremony will be scheduled.” See my timeline for other details.
  5. Do you know if you your oath ceremony was judicial (done by a judge) or administrative (done by a USCIS Officer? I have read that if you do a name change it has to be done in a ceremony with a judge. I passed my interview and have a name change — waiting for my oath ceremony to be scheduled, just wondering how often they do judicial ceremonies in Connecticut. Congratulations!
  6. The paper you received at the end of the interview, Form N-652, has the name on the officer who interviewed you at the top of the form. If you look further down the page it says this: 4. Send any questions about your application in writing to the officer named above. Include your full legal name, Alien Registration Number (A-Number), and a copy of your Form N-652. I would send a letter directly to the officer. I had my N-400 interview last week with a pending I-751 so a decision could not be made until that was approved. It was approved 5 days later — now i am also waiting for my oath ceremony to be scheduled. If I don’t hear in a few weeks I plan to write a letter to the officer.
  7. Getting closer. Here’s my timeline: - I-751 filed September, 2021 - N-400 filed October 7, 2022 - N400 Interview May 10, 2022. Decision could not be made because my I-751 was pending - May 15 - I-751 case status changed to “new card is being produced Now waiting for N400 approval ans oath ceremony to be scheduled
  8. ET9709

    Do you have any update yet? Had my interview in Hartford, CT last week, also decision could not be made but it’s due to pending I-751.

  9. Update - had my N400 interview yesterday. Passes tests but no decision could be made because of pending I-751. So I guess having it transferred didn’t help it get done faster. FO said it would take a few weeks but I’ve seen some, like yours, that took longer after the N400 interview. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  10. I passed my N400 interview today but a decision could not be made because my I-751 which I filed September 2021 is still pending. Anyone else have this happen and if so how long did it take?
  11. Status just changed to N400 interview scheduled, waiting for letter in the mail. Hoping they will do the I-751 at the same time!
  12. We had similar sequence of status updates: Filed I-751 9/03/2021 Filed N-400 10/07/2022; fingerprints reused I-751 transferred on 10/18 and again 10/22/2022; case updated to show fingerprints taken 11/04/2022 (no bio appointment, reused) Received 48 month extension letter 02/22/2023 No other updates on either case since then. I’ve seen some posts where the N-400 interview was scheduled before the I-751 was approved, others where the I-751 was approved and new card sent before the N-400 interview. Extension letter was automatic, not based on when interview was scheduled. Hoping our interview will be scheduled soon.
  13. Oh, right. Much easier do once. Hope you get your extension letter soon!
  14. If you filed in Jan 2023 and have a 24 month extension letter you can use that letter for your drivers license. No need to worry about the 48 month letter.
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