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  1. Just a quick update on my case and also some experience from my side. I have not received the "USPS picked up" status so I called the USCIS for the tracking number. Fortunately, right at L1 officer, I was able to get it. I learned this tip from VJ and really appreciate it. Even though I am still worried, having the tracking number is such a big relief. Thanks VJ again! Finger crossed it will arrive before Thanksgiving so that I can have a happy holiday and get ready for my new job!
  2. I just got mine " Card was mailed"!!! Hope it will arrive before Thanksgiving! Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi PedroDaGr8 Thanks for the reply. Could you please elaborate on the line " whichever processes first will post first" ? 7 days is what most friends told me. Finger crossed that mine will arrive after 7 calendar days too! Well, in the worst case, I have to start at ground zero again. But the good side is I can still sleep a lot everyday like my cat pic . Big thanks to you!
  4. Hi everyone I got my AOS interview on 11/19 and I was approved on the spot. I received an update " New card is being produced blah blah" in the late afternoon same day. However, today (11/21), my case status switched to "Case approved." I am worried because it seems more logic for the case to be approved first before the card production started. I googled and learned the order of my case was actually normal! I am very confused! I have a job offer with a Dec 2 start and I am seriously anxious that I can't make it Does anyone has experience and knowledge about this annoying order? Gosh, I feel like USCIS should revamp their administration! Thanks a bunch
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