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  1. I don’t think there’s a specific price, they charge based on how you appear lol. I did mine for 10k
  2. Hi everyone, I just received my EAD and will be resuming work on Monday. In Dallas there’s little to no public transport and my wife’s job is opposite from mine. Please does anyone know the cheapest weekly car rental possible? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, is there any way to confirm if uscis received faxed document. I faxed the documents last Saturday and on Tuesday but my status is still the same
  4. @Irush93 congrats, I got my ssn a month after I arrived.
  5. @Steph & Nick I know right , hopefully ours will come soon
  6. @Steph & Nick I thought the same too, seems Dallas is really slow. It’s frustrating
  7. Hi, has anyone from Dallas that filed from the 20th of September been approved (EAD). I had my biometrics on the 16th of October, that was the last update.
  8. I read somewhere that with your receipt notice, it can be extended until you receive either the EAD or GC
  9. Hi everyone, so I went to the Carrollton mega centre last two weeks to apply for a new license, I was told it will expire in one month but since I already had my i145 receipt notice I opted for the second verification. Five working days later I called the Austin centre with my case number and I was told it has been verified. Fast forward to today, I went back to the licensing office, after taking the test I still got the same expiry date as the i194. I complained to them and I was told that’s all they got from USCIS and to come back to renew after this one expires which is one month from now. Has anyone experienced this ? It really makes no sense to me
  10. The A number is on your Approval receipt, it’s starts with A followed by numbers
  11. Mine took about a month too, I had to call the local office. They said it has been confirmed, they just needed me to confirm my address. The ssn arrived a week later. Maybe you should call your local office too
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