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  1. Hey Everyone, my wife and I will be moving to a different address. I know I have to file the AR11 but I’m not sure which form my wife ( sponsor) is required to submit to USCIS. Please advise
  2. I would bring it, my IO collected a couple of pictures from my album
  3. Hey Everyone, I just picked up my Green card. I’m so excited, thank you everyone truly for your help.
  4. Hey Everyone, I received another of this today but still no update. There’s the latest development
  5. Lol all my other cases were updated immediately but I guess this one is taking a long time just sitting at interview was scheduled. And I’ve never read the we have taken an action on your case.
  6. Lol I guess there’s either a glitch with the system or some employees prefer not to update the status 😂
  7. I might be among the people that don’t receive a notification
  8. Thank you!!!! I saw him checking for my name on the certificate. He made a jokes because my son was born on the 4th of July lol ! I’m definitely less worried now
  9. I have informed delivery set up, they almost misplaced my interview letter but it was because USCIS did not use the correct address. I’ll definitely be on the lookout!
  10. Thank you for the encouraging words, I honestly feel better. The officer said the same, to get ready for ROC. He said I will be getting a two years green card and they might invite us for an interview during ROC if necessary or just request for evidence to approve the 10 years. It actually sent really good but I’m a doubting Thomas lol seeing is believing for me lol
  11. I took: health insurance car insurance life insurance Bank statement child birth certificate Photo album ( wedding) tax transcript The officer only asked: 1. Asked my wife where I was born 2. Where we got married 3. How we met 4. Asked me my child’s name 5. Asked for pictures 6. For documents that shows we live together He did not collect any documents except picture s. He was very friendly
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