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  1. Hey y’all, my EAD renewal packet was delivered on Monday. When should I expect the sms or NOA1? Thank you!
  2. Thank you, I’ll let you know when I receive the Case number!!!
  3. Yeah it’s the Noa for the AOS, I’m doing the same for the 131. Thank you for responding!!!
  4. Hey Everyone, I’m about to submit my EAD renewal. Please I need help confirming I have the right documents: EAD 1. Form G-1145 2. I-1765 3. 2 passports 4. EAD tear-off portion 5. EAD cars copy, back and front 6. form I-797C 7. passport biography 8. I94 9.Visa copy Same documents for Travel authorisation Thank you!!!
  5. Hey, I applied for my SSN two weeks after arrival and got it the next month. I got my Texas drivers license with my AOS form i797c and SSN.
  6. Hi Everyone, my wife and I will be moving next week. We submitted our AOS packet in September 2019 Dallas service center, I have gotten my EAD and AP but my AOS has been in case is ready to be scheduled for an interview since nov 3 2019. Apart from the AR11 do we have to submit any other forms for change of address? Does my wife have to submit 1865 (sponsor change of address) ? Thank you
  7. I really can’t remember if the police report expires but I think it expires in 3 months, it’s best to do the medical and police report very close to your interview date.
  8. Yeah I did it two weeks before my interview because it has an expiration date. And for some reason they asked for it at Qlife hospital Lagos.
  9. You are welcome, I can’t remember If it’s needed for the police report but medical they asked to see my interview confirmation letter. Hopefully everything will be okay soon.
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