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  1. You should be absolutely fine. At what age did he return to using Atkins? My issue was that my ID was different. birth certificate was in one name and everything else in another so I needed to get a deed poll done and collect proof I have been using my name since I was a minor. So I got a copy of a GCSE certificate! LMAO
  2. Thank you. Medical and interview now booked, so now it's just a case of getting prepared and all the paperwork together.
  3. Fab as ever! Thank you. Where do I find the Notification of Applicant Readiness Form?
  4. Hi Greenbaum, We received E Mail notification our NOA2 on Oct 30th and have the hardcopy paper copy too. We spoke to NVC and they confirmed our paperwork had left for London (I think it was on the 11th December). They did, however, have a letter wrong on my fiance's surname so I E Mailed them immediately. They advised me to not worry and just inform the embassy in London as they could not change it as the paperwork had already left. I have E Mailed the London embassy to explain but had no reply as yet. So the situation is that I I have booked my medical in London for 14th January, filled in my DS160 but I have still not had word that the paperwork has arrived at my UK address (I am in the US for Christmas). I attempted to last night book an interview online (even though it was a long shot) and it would not allow me to schedule my interview. When I check the Status checker, my details now say No Status, when they used to say AT NVC, so that does not appear to be updating for me anymore. So just wondered if you could give me an idea or advice on what to do next? Should I E Mail / call the London embassy again and check they have the change of name and ask when I might receive the paperwork so that I may book my interview? Thanks in advance 🙂
  5. We were approved on 30th October and received our hard copy of the NOA2 and the CEAC site was saying 'AT NVC' for a while and now it just says 'No Status'. Has this happened to anyone else? I just want to complete my DS160 and book the medical for January. Can I go ahead and do this? I am in the US at the moment so not able to check my UK post easily. Any advice?
  6. NOA2 is correct. It is only NVC that have misspelt it.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I have E Mailed the NVC to inform them so hopefully, they will receive it and make the change before it goes to the embassy in London.
  8. Hi everyone! Today we received an E Mail from the NVC after sending an E Mail enquiry and I now have my LDN case number and invoice number. YAY! I have logged on to the CEAC website and it says 'AT NVC'. So a couple of questions: Can I now complete my DS160? I have completed 90% of it online already and it is saved ready to do the last bit. Does anyone know when the next batch is being sent out to the London embassy? At what point can I telephone the Knightsbridge Medical place and book my medical for January? At what point can I book my actual embassy interview. One last thing, for some reason the NVC have an incorrect spelling of my fiance's surname. I have E mailed them asking them to correct it, so that it matches everything else. Should we do anything else for this? Thanks in advance.
  9. This is again really helpful. i have full medical notes and my GP receptionist is trying to get my letter to include those magic words. Can I ask where and how you booked the eval? I’m happy to pay and do this prior to the medical itself for ease but how do I know it’s an acceptable report for the Knightsbridge doc?
  10. Thank you so much for this information. So to be clear, you took your FULL medical records and a letter and they were still not able to pass your medical on the day? I have just contacted three different service providers and I will pay for the full notes from each one. I suspect it will be more than 26 pages somehow!
  11. Thank you for this, it is very helpful. I will request the full medical notes and arrange an appointment to pop in and ask for the all important letter. Much appreciated. Out of curiosity, did you have to pay the additional £350 and have a full psych eval?
  12. Thank you, I will be requesting this from my GP this week.
  13. Hello! I am a May 2018 filer with my NOA 2, just awaiting my NVC case number. I hope to schedule my medical and interview in London in January/early February. I need some sound advice for the medical, which is the part of this process I am most nervous about! I have just been to my local doctors and they have printed off a four page Patient Summary for me. It looks perfect and has nothing untoward on it. It goes back as far as 1999 (I was born in 1977) and includes immunisations, smear tests, a back X Ray from years ago, a full blood count from 2016 and a couple of X Rays. Is this the correct report that I need for the medical in London? The top of the sheet says Report Path: Local Record. I need to make sure this is adequate as it does not have any reference to my mental health, as I have been treated for depression seven years ago. I have all my immunisations in place for the AOS, which is a mix of scanned paper records and a print out from my GP. I have downloaded and read through the medical questionnaire and I am unsure of how to answer some of the questions. I appreciate that honesty is the best policy but with my patient summary sheet looking so normal, I loathe to muddy the water and complicate the process. Has anyone declared depression? Hospitalisation? And what about drugs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated by people who have gone through this process in similar circumstances. PM me if you can help me in private. Many thanks in advance.