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  1. Childcare should only run you around $100-$150/week depending on your area. If you have the potential to earn over $50,000/year it would be worth going back to work and paying childcare rather than living off your savings for 2-3 years waiting for your mother to come. I believe the cut-off for unemployment is 26 weeks so you only have about 3 months of benefits left.
  2. Offer to buy her a ticket home, make sure you are financially protected by taking her off any credit cards and having your own individual bank account. Next time she leaves let her. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life having her threaten you when she doesn't get her way. You don't have to go to the interview with her, no one can force you to go.
  3. Well if the husband is still in the US that makes things a lot less complicated. And it much less likely the wife will get a visa.
  4. If he needs emergency care I suggest you seek medical care in your country. To apply for any type of humanitarian waiver you will need documentation of his condition, documentation that he cannot receive the needed care in your country, and documents from the hospital in the US you plan to seek this emergency treatment from that they can provide the treatment and are willing to accept him as a patient. Then you would file all of this with your request and wait for an appointment which might take months or a year. Wouldn't you also need a waiver for the deportation? Doubtful you would get a visa given your history of deportation and the fact that you have a US citizen child. Do you have someone you trust with a valid US visa who you could provide medical power of attorney to and they could accompany the child for the emergency treatment
  5. Reading the link the poverty guidelines are seriously flawed. It assumes a family spends 1/3 of its after-tax income on food leaving 2/3 of the income for everything else. It in no way takes into account the skyrocketing housing costs and health insurance costs. To peg the poverty guidelines on one item (food) which is relatively cheap in the US is outdated.
  6. You need to write a concise statement on why you morally (or religiously) are opposed to all vaccines. You must show proof such as religious doctrine of your specific religion as to why vaccines are not allowed. Your user name could be a starting point but you need to show it is a tenant of the religion not just a personal belief of yours. The US govt has to ask:. Is it worth the risk of allowing someone who might spread a disease (for which there are vaccines proven effective) to the population to allow this person to live in the US. An example would be a person who tests positive for tuberculosis refusing treatment but wanting to immigrate. The US govt would say no visa for you.
  7. Sounds like he came over on some family-based visa that required him to be single but he thought he could game the system and lied saying he was single when he was married. Thus his green card was revoked, he was deported, and now he has a misrepresentation on his record. He was banned for 20 years so he can wait out the ban or you can file for him and he will be told at the interview if a waiver is available.
  8. For any job you will have to provide your social security number if hired. Most place run background checks (criminal and/or credit) prior to hiring a person. For those the social security number is required. If you are worried about the place you are applying to being legitimate then don't apply there.
  9. I would go with the K-1/K-2 route. As stated although they would be technically married before the child turned 18 immigration does not consider it married until the marriage is consumated. This would be a limbo area for the child and if they qualify for the step-father to apply. The immigration process is already stressful enough, don't add to it.
  10. You moved to Canada and have been living and working there for more than 2 years. Your green card expire 2 years ago. Did you maintain a residence in the US? Have you been filing US tax returns. What proof do you have that you intended to return to the US in less than one year but were prevented from doing so due to circumstances beyond your control? At this point all you can do is file the I-751 and hope it is approved.
  11. Since employers are not even required to mail out 2021 W2s until Jan 31 and brokarage firms are not required to provide tax documents until Feb 15 USCIS cannot require you provide your 2021 tax return now.
  12. Married is married. If she is already married (even in another country) and not divorced or annulled her marriage to the US person is not valid. If she tries to obtain or does obtain any immigration benefits such as a green card or citizenship based on her fake marriage she can at any time be stripped of those benefits and deported.
  13. Looks like you originally filed for consular processing (outside the US) and when it came time to schedule the interview never informed them you were switching to AOS inside the us. They closed the I-130 because they never heard anything.
  14. Best I can make of it is his AOS was denied, appealed to BIA, BIA sent back for an interview. For some reason the interview took several years to schedule. During this entire time he has never had a green card. He probably did not notify USCIS of the divorce because that would have been an immediate denial of AOS and by waiting for the interview he was here "pending status".. Now that they have scheduled the interview he is having an oh poo moment realizing he has no grounds to obtain a green card through his now ex-spouse and when they find out he is divorced he will have to do a voluntary departure, be deported, or hide from immigration so he is looking for anyway possible to remain in the US. The next step is, of course, to apply for VAWA. For most the process takes years to receive a final approval or denial so even if it is denied he might get another 1-3 years in the US legally. The problem is he has no grounds to apply since he has been divorced more than two years. Question is at what point will that be realized and the VAWA denied. It doesn't matter how much evidence he might have of physical abuse or extreme cruelty, that ship has sailed, he does not qualify for VAWA.
  15. It sounds like he never got a green card as his AOS was denied. Then BIA reversed the denial but he never got a green card. So he has been here for five years with "pending status" . Long and short of it his VAWA will be denied as he has been divorced more than two years. The excuse of "I was waiting for my AOS interview" which he knew he would be denied at because he is no longer married won't float.
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