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  1. Qualifier, if the new executive order regarding public charge is upheld (currently in the courts) then receiving the subsidy will be a negative mark to them obtaining a green card.
  2. Medicare is a benefit that is earned by being paid into as you work. It takes a certain number of quarters of eligible work in the US to obtain Medicare benefits. It is highly unlikely either parent will qualify. After they have been LPRs for five years they can buy into Medicare. In the meantime you will need to provide health insurance through a private insurer or from the market place but they do not qualify for the subsidy.
  3. I read about this earlier today, now I get the rest of the story. Makes more sense now.
  4. Your petition is no longer usable, it has been denied. If you wish you can file a new petition. Expect a similar process and similar wait time for the new petition to process.
  5. Since you have been denied you will have to refile. That means waiting for the priority date to become current. Rather than spending a few months waiting for the results of the DNA test now you can wait a few years for the visa to become available again.
  6. You are going to have a hard time with this. Your green card renewal has already been denied. You have zero proof of a legitimate marriage to the first wife. You then married another US citizen and are trying to obtain a green card or stay of removal through her. It very much looks like you are just looking for a green card.
  7. The children are considered as household members for the affidavit of support. They are your children and they are dependent on you. So your household size is 8,
  8. So you never lived in the same house and you were only in the same country for a month? Good luck with that. First you need to deal with the denied I-751. You can't apply for a green card because you still have one. Honestly you have a lot of red flags in your case.
  9. True but him trying to petition for a child born prior to him applying for the DV Lottery and him providing the birth certificate proving that and him not listing the child on the paperwork will be a lot of evidence. Was he listed as the child's father on the birth certificate? Has he been added to it now?
  10. He may not be a US citizen much longer. If it is found he obtained his green card by fraud his citizenship can be removed and he can be deported.
  11. In the US it takes more than a part-time job to support yourself, much less a family. Many people here work multiple jobs and still barely get by. You are going to need some job skills to show you can be employed when you get here in a job that will support two children. Health insurance alone will be very expensive.
  12. You need to take control of your case. You are wayyyyyyyyy past when you should have received a response to the RFE. I strongly suggest you change your address follow these instructions and make an info pass appointment ASAP. You can make the info pass appointment at your local office. It does not sound like your attorney is doing much of anything. It is your responsibility to keep up with the case. Attorneys have hundreds of cases they deal with and if you are approved or not does not affect them in anyway so they have no reason to be pro-active for you.
  13. At this point you need to take control of your case. Since you have not changed your address it is possible mail was sent to your old address and you never received it. When was the last time you spoke with your attorney?
  14. All I can recommend at this time is work with your attorney. Seems like a long time to be waiting on a response to the RFE. Have you checked your case status online? Yours in not a VAWA case, it is a removal of conditions. It should process like any other removal of conditions. You are required to update your address within 30 days of moving if you are a green card holder.
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