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  1. Why would someone want to work illegally? Other than the money. There are many stories of illegal immigrants being taken advantage of at work such as not paying them minimum wage or not paying them at all. Not providing the required breaks. Of course if they are injured at work good luck getting the employer to cover any medical costs.
  2. belinda63

    Taxation help

    Correction everyone. There is a gift tax. Beyond that I know nothing but my name is not Jon Snow. Google it, it must be over a certain $ amount to trigger the tax and I am not even sure who has to pay the tax.
  3. Back to the topic, He would need to leave the US and wait for the son to become a citizen and petition for him. Simply having a social security number does not grant the right to work. How is the father filling out the I-9 for his employer? If he is claiming he is a US citizen this is a major issue and could result in a life-time ban.
  4. When you resubmit include a letter explaining your attorney advised of the wrong fee amt. and your first application was rejected.
  5. belinda63

    medical emergency

    AP which is security checks cannot be expedited. Even if it were imagine how you would pay for a $30,000 plus surgery. With it being on his face there would be a plastic surgeon involved and they are not cheap. For his safety he should seek medical care and not expect to wait until he gets to the US.
  6. I just don't understand that with all your frustration with the process why you would want to start all over again.
  7. You might as well wait it out. If you cancel the K-1 and file for the CR-1 you will start the wait all over again (another one year plus). While many attorneys will promise you the process will be faster with their help that is not true. No one can bump you to the head of the line, not an attorney, not your congressman, (unless you have a legitimate expedite reason).
  8. You are really trying your best to circumvent immigration law. It will take several years for your brother to obtain a visa after your parents apply for him. He is only allowed to remain in the US for up to 6 months a year and less if CBP decides he is living here. Who will take care of him the remainder of the time while he is in Canada? Your parents could theoretically swap out time and stay in Canada with him but as LPRs they must spend the majority of their time in the US. To enter the US with immigrant intent without the proper visa is illegal. Simply have your parents state when they cross the border that they are moving to the US and see how well that works.
  9. Several issues with this. 1. If he obtained his green card through marriage with a USC he must wait five years before petitioning a spouse (exceptions do exist). 2. As a green card holder his spouse/child cannot adjust status from within the US unless they are lawfully present and their priority date is current. 3. He committed bigamy which is a crime.
  10. You should be able to join your spouse's plan as a change of life circumstance due to marriage.
  11. This is the United States where money rules. You can receive all the healthcare you can afford to pay for. I strongly recommend obtaining health insurance as quickly as possible. You will be expected to pay for all medical care although emergency care cannot be denied for a lack of insurance or money.
  12. Agree, since he entered without inspection he will have to interview outside the US. If it is that big of a concern he can leave the US now and take care of business while he is waiting for his interview date.
  13. belinda63

    Is my marriage valid? Scam annulment?

    Technically you are not married to him as he was not legally free to marry. He needs to divorce the first woman then he can marry you.
  14. Not sure what kind of felony would prevent you from obtaining a passport, none that I am aware of. She can try to obtain a tourist visa but it is very difficult for a single female from her country without lots of ties proving she will return.
  15. But since she is under 18 her illegal presence should not count against her.