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  1. She will need to prove the abuse and prove she entered the marriage in good faith.
  2. Possible issues with proving the marriage was real as she was cheating on him less than two months after marriage.
  3. Answer the simple question. What documents will you show when you fill out the I-9? If you don't have the proper documents they cannot legally hire you.
  4. Do you possess the proper documents to begin working? https://www.uscis.gov/system/files_force/files/form/i-9-paper-version.pdf. You can request to expedite the EAD with proof of a job offer.
  5. Highly unlikely as you must register to vote months prior to the election.
  6. As usual Boiler says it all so concisely.
  7. This should answer your question. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/transit/without-visa/eligibility.html
  8. belinda63

    Green card and taxes

    What he claims on his W-4 is his business and his company legally cannot tell him what to claim. I work in payroll and frequently see W-4s with married, 99 dependents. I know they don't have that many dependents but legally they can claim whatever they want. If they owe money at tax time that is between them and the IRS. I agree with the above solution, simply have him ask why he cannot have his taxes withheld at the married rate. Edit: If a person habitually has too little tax withheld from their checks or fails to file taxes the IRS can require the employer to withhold at a specific rate. This is referred to as an "IRS Lock Letter". That is the only way an employer can tell an employee their withholding must be at a certain status, such as single with zero dependents. But this is a directive received from the IRS not the employer.
  9. He was deported and lost his green card. No way you are getting back into the US with two felony convictions. Suggest you focus your energy and money on making a life in another country.
  10. Unlike a parent or spouse of a USC there is no immediate visa for the child of an LPR. Depending on his age you may have made a mistake in getting the expedite. If he turns 21 while waiting for his priority date to be reached he will go into a new category and have an even longer wait. What is the child's date of birth?
  11. belinda63

    Baby born in US with a B2 Visa Holder Mom

    Problems with timing. Three months until she give birth then she has to wait for the birth certificate then she has to apply for a passport for the baby and receive it. Even if she get the full 6 months when she enters the timing will be really tight. Problems with you signing/co-signing for anything for her. You are the one on the hook. No matter how good a friend or family member they are I never trust anyone with more money than I can afford to lose. Have her pay you in advance (before signing the lease) for the 6 months rent. Even the best of friends seem to "forget" to repay their debts, especially when they are in another country. Hope everything goes well for her and the baby as a normal birth can cost more than $5,000 and if complications arise we are talking a lot, lot more. Also remind her the US has the highest health care costs and one of the highest infant/mother mortality rates of developed countries.
  12. belinda63

    Evidence of felony

    I have a felony conviction and all that happened was he was asked if he knew about it. It was for fleeing and evading so not a major crime.
  13. Even if your extension were granted, which is very unlikely, it would have expired by now as extensions are only for a maximum of 6 months. I don't think you can change status in country to F-1 when you are out of status. Returning home now would give you a three year ban from returning to the US.
  14. Your obligation as her sponsor ends when she becomes a US citizen or surrenders her green card or dies or works at least 40 qualifying quarters.
  15. Your parents will have to purchase insurance. They will not qualify for at least five years for Medicaid or buying into Medicare.