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  1. If your parents use the tourist visa to enter the US with the intent to adjust status one of two things might happen. 1. They are honest at the immigration check point and say they are entering with the intent to remain and obtain a green card. Result, they are put on the next plane back home. 2. They lie about their intent and could be discovered, charged with lying to an immigration official, deported, and receive a permanent ban from the US.
  2. Since there is no mention of an interview I concur with the others and it was either an RFE that was not answered or incompletely answered. Just refile.
  3. The deductible if the amount you have to pay out of your pocket before the insurance will pay anything.
  4. When did you marry? If you married prior to midnight Dec 31 2022 then he has to file married filing jointly or married filing separately. If you married after midnight Dec 31 2022 then he has to file single or head of household.
  5. If you are unable to take care of yourself financially how do you intend to take care of an additional person. Your spouse, depending on job and language skills, may be unemployed for a bit after arrival. The consulate could deny the visa based on the applicant (your spouse) becoming a public charge.
  6. You have about 20 years to wait, might be longer as time goes by. At the time the priority date becomes current you can add spouses/children to the petition as derivatives you do not need to file for them separately. Most likely the children will age out and the parent(s) will have to file for them after they obtain LPR status if the children are not married or USC status if the children are married.
  7. You came to the US, met and married someone on short notice, never lived with them. What evidence of do you have of the marriage. Did you have joint accounts. joint insurance, beneficiaries on each other's insurance, etc. Without this kind of proof you are dead in the water. AND you never lived together so no case for VAWA AND you have no proof of abuse. What you have is proof of a bad marriage Statements from friends are almost useless as anyone can write a letter saying whatever you want.
  8. Is the company you work for military or have a department of defense contract? If not usually you won't be considered to be "on American soil" for the purposes of your green card.
  9. Things to consider. You fiancé will not have health insurance, how will you pay the medical bills. You can't work, how will you support her and your mother. Your fiancé will not get her work authorization for months if not more than a year after she arrives.
  10. This more a family issue than an immigration issue. Daughter, who is an adult, moved out to be with baby daddy. Daughter expects parents to support her even though she has treated them like dirt. Daughter learns hard lesson in life of how tough it is to survive on your own. Daughter comes crawling back to parents apologizing. Cycle repeats. The I-864 is between you and the government, not you and her. She can whine all she wants but you have no obligation to give her a penny. If she does receive public assistance you might be on the hook for paying the government back.
  11. Boiler is correct in an expedite even if approved probably won't do any good. She won't be allowed to fly after a certain point in her pregnancy even if she has her visa due to airline policy.
  12. Make sure you can support the both of you for the next 8 months or so until he receives his employment authorization and can work. Also he if he leaves the US prior to receiving advance parole (about 8 months) the AOS will be considered abandoned.
  13. First do as previously discussed and formally and in writing withdraw your petition and I-864. That way he cannot get a green card based on being married to you. File for child support with the local office and provide all the information you have. They won't be able to do anything since he does not have a social security number or a way to find him but the filing will be on the record so if he is located they can get him for all the back child support. No paternity test will be required since you were legally married at the time of the birth. After that there is nothing for you to do. As long as he is legally married to you he cannot adjust status by marriage to another woman. Pakistan law may say he can have four wives but US law says you can only have one and USCIS knows he is married to you and he will have to show a divorce certificate to marry someone else and get a visa or adjust status in the US.
  14. There is no expedite of a visa when the priority date is not current. One of the parents could apply for a re-entry permit which would allow them to spend a couple of years out of the US to help care for the child The child could apply for a tourist visa but it sounds like the odds of getting one are slim to none. She has no ties to her country and strong ties to the US, no job, no property, etc that would compel her to return after her visit. And it sounds like she would need an escort for the travel. Healthcare in the US is extremely expensive. A visiting nurse can run you $70/hour depending on the area. Even just a home health aid can run $20-30 per hour. A single trip to the doctor can cost over $300 plus any lab tests or x rays. Have the parents looked into the cost of medical insurance.
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