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  1. WHY TO REGISTER A FOREIGN MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE IN THE ROMANIAN REGISTRY? - Romanian citizenship by descent and Romanian EU passport by ancestry It makes a difference if you want to keep renewing your Romanian passport and EU ID.
  2. My husband and I met up in cancun when we were waiting for his K1. He was coming from Romania, his flight was thru mexico city and he was detained. It took some time for him to get thru due to the language barrier. He was told that because he was single and bought a ticket at the last minute they wanted to make sure he wasn't planning on staying and that he had a return ticket. His sister met up with us on a holiday to cancun a few years ago and she also flew from Romania thru Mexico city and was detained there too for even longer for the same reason. I'm not sure its that unusual.
  3. Even though the first week is waved it still takes time to process it. It takes time to check that the employer isn't protesting it. Also, the MO unemployment site was having issues with claims not showing for some people this past week and they are working to fix it. I would give it a couple of days
  4. They need the original divorce decree - the entire document. I attended the interview with my husband and they returned it to me after the interview.
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