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  1. Zoeeeeeee

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    I just wanted to say congratulations to you and your fiancé @NearEthereal - I’ve been following your journey for a while and feel really relieved for you! 🙂
  2. Zoeeeeeee

    Immigration - dogs

    I flew with my dog last year - he was 12 at the time and came with me to California for 6 months. We booked with PBS Pet Travel and they were really good (as mentioned above, you have to use a pet travel agent to fly from UK to US). To my understanding, there are only two airlines that can do the trip - United or Virgin (that certainly was the case when we travelled in 2017). My boy is a beagle, but he’s an abnormally long and tall one - probably not dissimilar in size to a collie (he weighs 21kg). We flew with United and it cost around £1050 (that included the price of his travel crate) one way, London to LA. Unfortunately, my boy is now nearly 14 and has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, so cannot fly anymore 😢. As such, we will be emigrating by the Queen Mary 2 cruise, which takes 7 nights from Southampton to New York - and then driving for 7 days from NY to LA. The cruise costs $1000 for my dog and £1500 for me and my fiancé (the English office books the human tickets and the US office books the dog tickets!). There’s generally a wait of around 18 months for a free kennel on the QM2, so I’ve already booked our places on there, leaving on 19th November 2019. My visa application was submitted on 5th December this year, so we’re praying it gets completed in time! We don’t have criminal records, we both earn a good amount of money, so won’t need third party sponsorship, we see each other often, so have loads of photos etc and evidence of time spent together and I don’t have any mental health or communicable diseases (I do have type 1 diabetes though) - so I’m really hoping it goes through smoothly. We’re getting married on 7th February 2020, so the plan is, if my visa isn’t ready by November, to fly back after taking my dog over and then hopefully sort my visa out in time for February. If you need any advice re flying with your dog, feel free to ask 🙃. Zoe
  3. Ahhh, I see! I don’t mind having to wait for a green card to be honest - we’re planning on honeymooning in Hawaii, so we can do that pre-green card - and my family are all happy to visit me whilst I can’t visit them 🙂. Me and my fiancé are just desperate to be back together again - we’ve done the last 14 months as a long distance relationship, after being together every day for 6 months - so we just really miss each other. We visit each other every 2-3 months and spend the period in between just wishing time away - but we’re together again in 15 days, so I’m starting to get excited! Sorry to get sappy on here - I feel like people on here will understand, because you’re all presumably in very similar, long-distance relationships - and so know how frustrating it is!!
  4. Thank you so much everyone for your help - it’s very much appreciated and has made it so much clearer for me 🙂.
  5. Thanks for the insight @missileman - we definitely want to get married back in LA, because it’s where 90% of our friend’s/guest list are from - the extra cost/delay on working etc doesn’t matter too much - but it’s really valid food for thought! 👍🏻
  6. Thanks @ThomasNC1988. I’m probably going to sound very underprepared here...but I know we send the petition etc to the general Dallas address...and they will then electronically let us know it’s been received...and then we play the waiting game until the contact us to arrange the medical/interview...but I don’t exactly know what will happen during the waiting period, just that it’ll be a long wait! Does LA have a crazy wait time attached?
  7. Hi everyone, So, we have everything prepped and printed (forms, letters, proof of our flights back and forth to each other, photos, etc) - future hubby is driving to San Diego on Wednesday to pick up his replacement birth certificate and then we’re ready to post. 😍 My question is: how did you organise your pack? I’m comfortable from the guide on here as to what order we should put the documents in - but how did you file/present your paperwork? I’ve seen ‘tabs’ mentioned and different types of folders and it’s left me a little confused - also, I read on the guide on here that the passport photos should go in plastic bags, with labels (again, a little confused). I’d really appreciate if someone could post a picture of their pack (obviously with your confidential info covered over), as I’m definitely a visual person - or explain it to me in super simple terms! Thanks in in advance for your help 🙃. Zoë