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  1. I live in LA and I'm totally going to stalk every ginger I see, lest it be (in my opinion) the only acceptable member of the Windsor family...
  2. I feel like this is kind of a debate over semantics here. What people commonly say is not neccesarily indicative of what is factually correct...(as any frequent VJ user can testify!) If I'm asked to describe what I am, I say I'm English and that I'm from England...but that doesn't negate me also being European and from Europe...or from being a human and from planet earth. We're not limited to how wide we want to branch...but geographically, yes, I'm from the East Midlands, in England, in Great Britain, in Europe (and so on and so forth). Sorry @Pooley, this conversation has gone way off route. Good luck to you and your husband.
  3. I'm English...born and raised in Britain, as were my parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc...and I've always referred to Britain as being part of Europe and myself as European...cause it is and I am...
  4. Also, if you're going to be moving in together in the near future, it would be prudent to have that address as the one on file with uscis, as my understanding is that some people have had problems when changing their address part way through the process.
  5. It was so nonchalant, we had to double check it definitely meant we were married - and neither us can remember the date without checking the calendar or the wedding certificate, because it was just such a non-affair 🤣. But the big wedding - that was the day we became husband and wife and that's the day that's really special to us...and it also makes us laugh how our big day was at a beautiful, fancy venue - but our paperwork meeting was at a local PF Changs 🤣. Having said that, my husband and I both love Chinese food, so it's entirely apt 🤣.
  6. Agree with this. You don't need a lawyer. You should be able to get this all dealt with within the next 25 days and if you do go a little bit over, I'd suggest your wife staying at home until you've got your noa1 - but given the current situation, I'd recommend everyone staying at home for the time being. Flatten the curve and all that.
  7. Also, my understanding is that most venues are being accommodating re rearranging wedding/event dates etc, due to the virus (in fact, many are recommending/insisting on it) - so why not move the wedding back if needed?
  8. The officer at passport control will also be able to see that you've applied for K1 (which is fine, I visited several times on by B1 visa whilst awaiting my K1)...however, if they can also see what stage your visa is at, which presumably they can, surely that would raise some suspicions that you're not just waiting for it...if I was the officer I'd definitely be asking why you're travelling now, when it's dangerous to do so and your immigrant visa is due to be sent any day...and what would you say to that? I just think it sounds fairly obvious what your plans would be and I'd expect a denial...
  9. If you can't afford to be self-quarantined, I'd suggest that your husband shouldn't go - as if you live together, he'll need to quarantine when he gets back and then you would too (quarantine only works if everyone in the house does it).
  10. I used to fly back and forth to visit my boyfriend, then fiancé (now husband) in the US, prior to us starting the K1 process and me eventually moving here. I always got in fine. I'd try not to worry and just be honest. On a totally separate note, and whilst it makes me feel incredibly boring to say this, as you're traveling out for the very first time to meet your boyfriend and you're planning to share a room, etc - please make sure people know where you are and make sure you stay safe. Ok, mum-spiel over - appreciate you didn't ask for advice re that, but felt compelled to mention it. I know some people who've had horrible experiences when dating out here.
  11. As the immigrant... • The weather (SUNSHINE!) • Having an insinkorator (I guess that's the brand name - the thing that stops the sink getting blocked!) • Burritos • The healthcare system (this may sound weird, as I came from England, where our healthcare is free - however, I needed surgery on my hand, which they wouldn't do on the NHS, as I still had some ability to move it...I had it operated on a week ago, only had to pay $350 towards it and I'm already experiencing better movement and I'm nowhere near healed yet). • Homeboys pineapple salsa and tortilla chips • The mountains and palm trees (LA is actually pretty beautiful) • Disneyland 😍 • Amazon Prime • Drunk Histories (I think it's on Hulu) • Our new air fryer 🙃 • My husband, more and more everyday.
  12. You took the words right out of my mouth (and phrased them more succinctly and coherently). I honestly don't understand why they'd expedite on the basis of a job offer without there being some sort of serious, unexpected financial burden that had befallen the applicant - surely until you're legal to work, you shouldn't be applying for jobs? ( @Pooley, obviously I'm not referring to you here as your situation is very different, you thought he was legal) And yes, I thought the whole point of that affidavit of support was to show that the new immigrant wouldn't need to work, as the sponsor could afford to support them.
  13. Based off your name and photo, I'm assuming you're female - and as Pakistan is where your friend's from, I'm guessing you/he are Muslim? I have a few Muslim friends - and none of them would go on holiday to stay with a member of the opposite sex that they weren't married to. In fact, at least 50% of the male Muslim friends I have won't make any sort of skin to skin contact with me, as I'm female (ie, we can't high five, we certainly can't hug). What I'm trying to say is, I personally don't think it's believable that your friend would be coming to visit for a platonic reason. The fact that you're planning on paying for the trip further affirms that belief. And if there's romance involved, then I'd expect marriage would be on the cards very early. If I can deduce/suspect that, it's fairly likely a CO would also. So yeah, not surprised at all that he was denied.
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