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  1. Just wanted to give a quick update re where I’m at with my list (and add an extra thing that I’d forgotten about): I’ve also purchased a couple of months’ ‘inbound immigrant’ health insurance, to tide me over until we’re married.
  2. Thanks for the advice @Mrs. M and @ConnorS 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. And now it is done and you can breathe again 🙃... Hope everything went ok 👍🏻
  4. It’s passing in a blur! Good luck for tomorrow and try not to stress over it - it really is a casual chat - you’ll leave feeling relieved, I’m sure!
  5. I had a nightmare at my medical (it was when the train overhead cables caught fire due to the heat), but my interview was super chilled and easy. Here’s my review/tips:
  6. Fab, thank you! I’ve contacted the DVLA today to get a renewal form. Can you tell me more about your husband’s AB-60? When did he apply for it? How long did it take to get it? Which DMV did he use?
  7. @missilemanOhhhh man, I’m quite scatty and lose stuff/leave stuff fairly regularly 🙈. As California is a sanctuary state, does this mean I could leave my green card at home (assuming I’m given one), assuming I was staying local?
  8. I think this is more the reason why I’m going to renew it - if it can help me, in any way, shape or form, it’s worth it, as apart from the 15 minutes spent filling in the form online, it costs me nothing... ISA closed already 🙃
  9. See, I’d originally planned to apply for an AB 60, however, read a thread on here that said I can’t until after the 90 days are up...
  10. It’s free for me to renew (because they’re only issued for 3 years), so feel like I might as well - whilst I don’t plan to be driving until I have a US license, say something random happened (other half was kidnapped and I needed to track him in a Liam-Neeson-style fashion, for example), would be better to have a not-expired license (I mean, Liam Neeson definitely wouldn’t use Uber or the bus)... I’m flying with United - my first suitcase costs $60 (fine)...second suitcase costs $100 (fine)...third suitcase is $200 (nope!). Third suitcase will be going by sendmybag.com - I used them in 2017 - costs around £100 for a suitcase weighing up to 30kg. To be honest, depending on how heavy my cases are, I may send two via ‘sendmybag’, as whilst it’s a little more expensive than the $100 with United, I can pack an extra 7kg per case. Not certain I’ll need to though, as most of my stuff is over there already 🙃. That’s a good shout - though the difficulty is, until you see the doctor over there, you don’t know what info they’d like...having said that, I have a couple of friends who are doctors there, so I’ll ask them what they’d want and link in with my doctors here 🙃.
  11. Gotcha - I thought as much - I will also wait until after 24th November, as my last wage will be taxed too, so will want that figure including also 🙃. Does Ryan have his flight booked now? Thank you 🙏
  12. Nah, I’ll be coming back to visit every year (so am keeping my debit account and credit card account open) - but as US will be my permanent home, things like student loan, pension, etc, all need sorting 🙃
  13. Hi everyone, I fly in exactly one month, so have put together my checklist of things to do before I leave. Is there anything else you think is missing? • Renew medical driving license (expires early next year - mine are only issued for 3 years due to diabetes) • Contact HMRC to arrange income tax refund (anyone know if I can do this the day before I leave, or do I have to wait until I’ve left and then do it? My last day at work is 8th November and I’m emigrating on 13th November - I’ll receive my last wage packet on 24th November - so does this mean I need to wait until after 24th November?) • Cancel phone contract • Contact pension company to arrange transferring money to 401K (I’m with Fidelity, who also operate in the US, so luckily, my pension can be moved over). • Print off all payslips for 2019. • Scrap car (31st October) - notify DVLA of change of ownership. • Register for proxy vote online • Call student loan company to let them know I’m moving/find out how much I owe them. • Print off AOS forms and check what documents I need to bring with me for that (if anyone has a list, I’d much appreciate it!) • Arrange for suitcase to be shipped (flying with two, will have a third shipped separately, as cheaper to do that) • Get six months supply of meds from GP (appointment is this week to arrange this).
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