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  1. Whatever the OP was asking, he was asking it on a public forum, where anyone can answer, and talking about an emotive topic, that many people have strong opinions on. If I came on and said "I got caught doing a bit of raping in 2019, what forms should I include when sending xxx application?"...I imagine that that I'd get some opinion/emotion-based comments as well as informative ones...and my crime would certainly warrant it.
  2. I took a sabbatical and went to LA for 6 months in 2017, to stay with my friend and party A LOT. I'd had a crappy breakup at the end of 2016, so just wanted to let my hair down. Whilst there, I decided that dating might be fun (we don't really date in the UK, or certainly not like in the US), and my girlfriends all used various dating apps (which again, I'd never tried and thought it would be fun)...again, just thinking I'd have some fun, nothing serious... Started dating my now-husband, who was also using a dating app for the first time (he was married for 18 years, up until 2016, so this was his first foray into the dating world for a LONG time)...and after dating for 4 months in 2017, then many, many visits back and forth between England and US, we're now married and bought our first home together a few weeks ago ๐Ÿ™ƒ. Not sure whether a dating app counts as online or not...?
  3. Thanks @elmcitymaven, that's very kind of you to offer. Essentially, I know my husband made an error, but the managing agents definitely didn't do things that they should've, which, had they done, would've stopped him from making this error...so I feel like getting him to pay the full month doesn't seem fair. Today's call sounded positive though, so fingers crossed!
  4. Interesting turn of events...just got off the phone to the landlord agency...they said the July bill was issued in error and to hold on a couple of days, as they'll be sending a new, lesser bill tomorrow... Will let you know how it pans out!
  5. I totally agree with that...and if it were an independent landlord, I don't think I'd even be trying to argue it...but this is a big apartment complex, of which they have multiple properties, of every size, empty and available for rent (including several identical to ours)...and the guy that did the walk through told me they'd be in to clean it the very next day. So us giving minimal notice has genuinely had zero impact on them. I think we probably will get stuck on the technicality of it being a term of the lease and end up paying - God only knows how my husband has rented multiple properties before and never been aware of this - but I will definitely argue it until the end...particularly as they've taken the keys from us...
  6. Oh, I know this - trust me, he's has a royal(removed). He's one of those super-clever people that struggle with day to day life and common sense. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
  7. Even if you've not been given a copy of the lease...or a current renewal stating the terms...and you don't have access to the property? I fail to see how it's that cut and dry, there are a lot of precision in this example...
  8. Legal advice needed please, from those that have experienced similar or have an understanding of rental rights/law here - trying to understand whether we have any room to argue... My husband began renting our old apartment in 2017 - he signed a contract (but wasn't given a copy of it as it was a huge document), that was stored in the building's property management office. He's unsure whether he was offered a copy or not. In May 2020, he was contacted re renewing his lease and asked if he'd been given a lease renewal, as his current lease was due to expire 1st July. He advised he hadn't, so which they apologised and said they'd bring one over (they leave them stuck to the door nornally). They then didn't bring one. We bought a place in June and moved on 30th June. A week before that, we went to the office to advise we were moving out on 30th June and to check when the walk through and key return would be. Our details were taken and the aforementioned was arranged. On 30th June, a member of staff came round to do the walkthrough. I then returned the keys to the office, where they took them, sighed for them, I signed confirming their return, etc. I also provided our forwarding address, where they said we'd receive a final statement, including deposit amount being returned, etc. A week later, we've not had a final statement yet, so my husband logged onto his online account today, only to find that they've billed him for another month! I did a bit of digging through our paperwork folder and found the lease renewal documents for 2019 - and on that, it says that you have to give 30 days notice when you move out, or you go onto a rolling monthly contract - and it advises that this is stated in your contract. So, my husband didn't give 30 days notice, as he thought his contract ended automatically on 1at July...however, he didn't receive the renewal info for 2020, nor was he given a copy of the initial contract...so technically, it doesn't seem fair or legal to expect him to know to do that... Admittedly, he was made aware on his 2019 renewal, but that was in January 2019...most people wouldn't remember that (as he didn't) and many wouldn't have saved the letter. Also, we no longer have keys for the property - these were all returned and accepted on 30th June - again, doesn't seem legal to bill us for rent for a place that we don't have access to...and doesn't seem legal to take the keys without making us aware, by the way, you're still renting the place. I've left a voicemail and awaiting a call back - I obviously intend to argue this, but if they refuse to make any adjustment (I'm prepared to meet them halfway, if needed, though would prefer not to), do we have any kind of legal claim? Would it even be worth trying? Thanks in advance!
  9. I totally agree, who do these women think they are, thinking they should get freedom and independence in their relationships (or in general) - and wanting to work and contribute themselves! Next thing, they'll be wanting to vote too! Glad the K1 is working out well for you. Hope life in the 1840s is too! Stay safe. ๐Ÿ™
  10. Just to add to that - when people are positive about the K1 experience, it's important to take note as to whether they're the petitioner or the beneficiary (ie, the American or the immigrant)...only reason I say that is that the comment above from someone who's filed 2 times, is presumably from an American petitioner...and as a petitioner, you don't really get to experience the highs or lows of a K1 at all. It's not you that's trapped at home - it's not you that feels like you have no independence or that you're a financial drain - it's the beneficiary that gets impacted primarily. It's also definitely worth thinking about what type of person the beneficiary is and what their plans or experiences are...if they plan to be a stay at home wife/husband and don't already have experience of being independent (working, driving, etc), the K1 might be right for them...but if that's not their plans/experiences, they may find the K1 more of a negative experience.
  11. Another K1 here, also agree that I wouldn't recommend it. I'm lucky that my now-husband has a very well-paying job, so for the past 7.5 months that I've been here, me not working hasn't been a problem - and he tells me to buy anything I want ...however, despite all that, I've still not felt comfortable spending his money as I would my own - I miss working and having my own income! Not being able to work strips you of your independence - it's hard. Plus, going to work would give you opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, rather than sitting at home bored... With a CR1, being able to work when you first move here, is so, so valuable.
  12. Thank you, these sound promising! I'm going to hold off on buying until I've used my UK stuff, but will let you know what I end up with! ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  13. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention! I use Bare Minerals mattifying primer...well, when I remember to...but I've never used a setting spray...maybe that's the missing link? Heard lots of good stuff about Kat von D products ๐Ÿ™ƒ...and Urban Decay used to be great - I stopped wearing them a few years ago, when they started selling in China, which meant they had to be tested on animals by a third party company - however, after a lot of people kicked off, they stopped, so they're back on the ok list, so I guess I should look at their current products further ๐Ÿ™ƒ.
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