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  1. Some aspects of our situation are similar to yours, except we are many months ahead of your timeline. We stayed in Barcelona for two years. Sadly, the pandemic stopped our plans to travel all of Europe, but we saw a lot of Barcelona and the surrounding regions. Then, the US citizen spouse took employment back in the US. Subsequently, our case was expedited to the US Embassy in Spain. The expedite was approved within 30 days of the request, and the interview was scheduled within 3 weeks of the approval. Anyway, I expect to write more about our experience in late May, after our interview at the embassy. You can see more of our case details if you go to my timeline. Feel free to PM me.
  2. Hello All, Our request to expedite our spousal visa process was approved, and the US Embassy in Spain has given us an interview appointment date in the next two weeks. However, there is also a requirement for a medical exam prior to the interview. The US Embassy gives a single medical provider, in Madrid, who is authorized to do the exams. We called them all day on Thursday (yesterday), and when we finally reached someone, they said the person who schedules medical exams for visas was unavailable. I have a couple of questions that I'll throw out in to the ether. 1. Is there really only one medical office in all of Spain for these exams? For people living outside of Madrid, this requires two trips to Madrid. (Or one very long stay, which is what we're considering for our situation.) 2. Can anyone share their recent experience with the medical exam process in Spain? Is it absolutely required to attend the medical exam 10 days prior to the interview? Will we really have to go in-person to the medical office to pick up the results? The second set of questions have been emailed to the folks at the Embassy who took over our case when the request to expedite was approved. Hopefully, I'll have an answer from them on Friday.
  3. Per the NVC website: We relied on the opinions of our attorney and VJ randos, ... and after much waiting got an information request for the W-2s and 1099s from the NVC. We now submitted all of the documentation to show the separate income for each spouse. Avoid our mistake. Just submit the W2s, 1099s, and any other income documentation to separate the income for each spouse with your original submission.
  4. We had the same request for evidence in our IR1 proceeding at the NVC. We originally submitted tax transcripts (in September 2021), and just received a request for evidence for the W2s and 1099s. The instructions indicate that W2s and 1099s are not required if tax transcript was submitted. I did submit the W2s and 1099s, and I am following up through other channels to see whether we can get our case processed in a timely manner. (We both have portable/international incomes that exceed the median income in our intended home city, Seattle; a reasonable person would find that we far exceed the support requirements. This should be evident from the tax transcripts.)
  5. Is anyone else from the September 2020 filing group still ... waiting? We progressed to the NVC stage. Our first filing was in September 2021. They sent the papers back in December 2021, saying that I needed to write the date in ink next to my signature. Did that reset the clock for me (another 3 months of ... waiting)? I'm getting impatient!
  6. We're still waiting also. Our case was filed at the Texas Service Center, but supposedly moved to the Nebraska Service Center. Our attorney has been making gentle inquiries about our case, but still nothing has happened.
  7. This won't help you in Turkey, but if you are open to living in other countries, might I suggest Spain? As a US citizen, I found it straightforward to apply for a non-lucrative visa in Spain, which lead to a residency permit here. In theory, it is possible to bring one's spouse here on the basis of one's own residency permit. The taxes are higher than the US, but it is workable for us right now. Spain has been encouraging immigration for about the past decade.
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