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  1. Hi Beth.. My fiance and I also went through the K1 visa process through Algeria. When we went through the process (in 2017) we had met a total of 3 times (we met in Germany and then traveled to Prague together....where he met my sister, and I traveled to Algeria twice....where I spent time with R and his family....the second trip I happened to be there during his interview). I was 45 at the time and he was 38. What we provided during the interview was the affidavit of support, photos from our most recent trip (the one I was there on at the time). The questions that they asked were (and they are listed in my timeline/review) were "how did you meet?, where did you meet? Do you have the same religion"" have you met each other's family" "what do have in common" "what do you love about her") My husband's first language is not English....he wanted the interview done in French but the interview actually took place in classical Arabic. I also watched another interview take place with a young man and they grilled him about his fiance and her children and then dismissed him after he didn't know the answers (about ages and names and schooling of the children). So, I would start here....if you can attend the interview, do so....make sure your fiance knows everything about your daily existence, have your fiance take the photos from your last trip with him to the interview.....
  2. You wanted to reschedule an interview because you were "stuck" in the US and you want to file a WoM on an interview that did not happen? That is actually impossible. And let me just tell you....that site that schedules appointments is a nightmare (it's the same site for Vietnam and Algeria). You just have to keep looking.
  3. It is my understanding that Tunisia has changed their requirements for marriage and they more resemble the requirements for Algeria and Morocco.
  4. You need more.... You can also add medical and financial Powers of Attorney Bills in each of your names Get a letter from your brother explaining the living situation Joint bank accounts statements credit card statements Insurance paperwork
  5. Approved! Oath being scheduled. I have literally been a basket case for the last two months. I'm so relieved....
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