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  1. I will answer your concerns (as the only one answering this thread who has been through the US consulate in Algeria)...... Everyone is giving you sound advice. A 29 year age difference is difficult to overcome but not impossible. Did your fiancé spend time with your family? What did they think of her? Has she been married before? Does she have children? What do the two families think of one another? What do you have in common? Hobbies? Desires? Goals? As for her moving to Algeria....it is an option.....but you would need to marry immediately (I’m assuming she has the 90 day visa) and visit the local office to have the visa extended. I can help with more information if this is the route you want to take.....
  2. janet3

    Embassy of Algeria

    Medical exam included a chest X-ray, eye exam (read on the board), the doctor will listen to your heart, they will take blood and urine and you will need to take your vaccination card (they will give you any vaccinations you are missing).
  3. I didn’t have to send the marriage certificate. I sent a copy of the K1 visa, NOA2 for the 129f, a copy of his passport id page and a copy of the I 94.
  4. My fiancé came here on November 15, 2017 and we married December 12. I added him to my insurance on December 13th. His coverage began January 1, 2018 My coverage was through the market place. They give you two months to get them a SSN and/or resident status to them.
  5. janet3

    Embassy of Algeria

    After you get your interview appointment you can schedule the medical appointment. My husband sent a message to get an appointment for the medical. The results from the appointment takes 10 days (or two weeks). My husband and I picked up the sealed medical packet 2 days before the interview.
  6. Religion has not been mentioned on this thread. We do not know the religion of the OP or the USC. And making sweeping generalizations is usually not a good idea.....my Algerian husband is, in fact, not Muslim. In addition, there are actually Muslims that live in the United States. Just an FYI.
  7. janet3

    Embassy of Algeria

    K1 visa? I can try to help. My fiancé (husband now) is Algerian.
  8. Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  9. USCIS says the card has been issued (and should be here Saturday)! The countdown to RoC begins 😊
  10. My fiance’s (now husband) interview was in Algeria. Everything I read said I would not be allowed into the consulate. I went anyway (just so my fiancé could hand over my passport and say “she is here now if you have any questions for her”) The interview is a big, stressful, intimidating step in the process to be together...I wanted to be there for support (and, argue with them if they had any doubts and demand a supervisory review). BTW.... I was let into the consulate to attend the interview (I sat in the waiting area while my fiancé answered questions).
  11. What else do you have? Cars? Insurance (renters, vehicle, life)? You will also have tax returns filed over the last two or three years....correct? Do you have a living will or powers of attorney? Do you have children together? Bank accounts together? I do not think not having the same health insurance or cell phone bills would be an issue if you have other solid proof. But it would be helpful to know what you do have as evidence of a bona fide relationship......
  12. janet3

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Okay.....so I am having to watch the movie “Zodiac” for the SECOND time today....in FRENCH. Pretty sure my head may explode at any given moment.
  13. janet3

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Thank you! No rant for me today 😊 I’m looking forward to a day without USCIS.......At this point I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like 🤪 (okay.....in all honesty..... I ranted on someone in a different thread.....but no usual life rant....so the other thing shouldn’t count)
  14. Oh honey...., You are making a lot of broad generalizations..... You are assuming that middle aged women (say past the age of 39) are weak and desperately looking for someone to love them (mainly because we are old witches who didn’t concentrate long enough on being cute or giving enough to “catch” a long term husband) In addition, you assume, we are so desperate for someone (anyone) to love our sorry old decrepit asses that we would settle for any gutter dweller. And, obviously, we are undesirable (because we are past our precious “child bearing years” and have NOTHING to offer) Now....let’s flip that to some random guy who is married to a man from an oppressed country in Central America (the motivation to get out of a Central American country with an oppressive government is the same to get out of an African country with an oppressive government) Not to mention......being two men....how are you going to have children? What is your life plan? You seem to believe that being under 40 makes everything better and that someone being able to make babies makes everything good.....so please....tell me how you get to judge. I appreciate your critique of my life and how I should be cautious (and how obviously my husband is a fraud). But how is your house?
  15. janet3

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    So...last night I had planned on ranting today. My husband and I went to the AOS interview on October 18 and (after stressing, taking all of the bonafide proof, with an interpreter in tow) the IO asked a couple of questions and said we would be approved BUT he didn’t have the k1 file and couldn’t really approve the AOS until after he received the file. He said it would take two weeks to get the file and an additional three to get the card. I, of course, thought that was just a run around. Until this morning.... I received the email this morning.....the status went from “interview complete and we have to review the case” to “your card is being produced”. No rant from me tonight......all is good here. Hoping all is well for everyone else here.