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  1. So I’ve been absent for a while (just reminisced what I said to my high school principal when he told me “we are not going to let you graduate” I replied “but it was only a couple of months”) So....it’s been a couple of months..... The Algerian and I are still alive and kicking.....been working like crazy.....and.....well.... I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. In about a year and a half I’m going to start to get mail from AARP. And it’s getting to me. When did I get old?
  2. Is this for the initial application (the 129f)? For the initial application I sent both my passport copies and birth certificate (over kill). If you were born in the US send a copy of your birth certificate with the 129. If you were born outside the US send a copy of your passport. If you are providing proof of meeting send the passports (with stamps).
  3. Thank you @yuna628! I was going to delve some more into the details and read about the policies.....but I think we need more information about the Petitioner (age, income, dependents, employment, wages).... Otherwise....I think we are “flying blind” on this one......
  4. Okay....that sounds more like Medicaid and not the marketplace. You will probably not be eligible to be on her insurance if it’s Medicaid (but.... I would NOT apply...or even TRY to apply under her current insurance policy if it is Medicaid)
  5. Did she go to the welfare office?(Department of Human Service, Department of Social Services, or anything similar....she would have traveled to the office to apply) That equals Medicaid benefits. Or did she apply online at the health insurance marketplace?
  6. Well they are both old enough to know better....geez And I promise with every fiber of my being...I will never talk about hormones or tubes or cycles or stages (of my body or anyone else’s body) to the VJ rant community........🤭
  7. The trip was a dismal failure.....and come to find out every one may die without this “girl”.....(water, food, warmth) The guys (meaning my 73 year old father and my 41 year old husband) are just gonna have to buck up and realize I am truly am the voice of reason.... I seriously want to kick both my father and husband....ugh
  8. The link. If you have it.....I would like to read it (yes, all 10000 pages)..... Thank you! I look forward to it. 😉
  9. Which document? There are a lot of documents sited....just want to know what you are talking about....
  10. Well....in all honesty.....my California King Snake bit me while I was holding the snake and talking to someone and I played it off as “nothing happened” but blood was dripping to the floor and I couldn’t get the damn thing off my hand. Snakes are crazy.....you never know what may happen
  11. As a owner of several snakes here in hillbilly land.....it was probably just a king snake (eats other snakes and mice) or a rat snake. The only way to tell if it’s a cotton mouth is if it opens it’s mouth and it looks like cotton coming out (that’s only happened to me once....walking on a path 30 years ago.....they stick to the water but can be very territorial)
  12. The people on this site have given the same advice..... always.....send 4 or 5 pictures (not 300 and not 0) But photos can be considered “evidence” of a bona fide relationship.....if you purchase tickets in Dresden to see the Green Museum and take pictures inside the museum....guess what....proof you were there....
  13. The I 693 is the medical packet that the doctor completes at the exam. It will be in a sealed envelope and handed over to the consulate. Between the exam and sealed packet (which my fiancé had to pick up) it took 10 days. In the medical packet is a translated immunization record....make sure your fiancé receives a copy of that record.....he will need that for AOS.
  14. Oh no! I do not think you are a troll! I’m so sorry! I didn’t make it clear! I was agreeing with you. I apologize.... I was agreeing with you regarding a post you posted (because you were spot on). I do sincerely apologize..... I am truly sorry. And @Crystal&Saido is correct.....it was another member I was calling a troll (thank you @Crystal&Saido for the catching it and trying to clarify my mistake.... I truly appreciate it)
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