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  1. Then I agree with you that the processing is just really random.. which is unfair😔
  2. I filed on May 31st and received the EAD card on Oct 4th (without expedite). I am pretty sure all June filers will be starting to receive theirs soon (if they haven’t been scheduled for the interview or received the gc already). My local office is Washington DC which is quite slow and I believe the EAD is processed by the national benefits center. The national benefits center could be processing the EAD for the slower local offices first because the other local offices would be already scheduling interviews for GC and those applicants would not require an EAD if they are getting their gc faster. I don’t know how the national Center prioritizes the application , but I am just assuming it could be that way ....or knowing them it could be totally random 🙄
  3. Thank you Very much for the clarification . Yes I had to give mine away in the sealed envelope during the interview and then as another sealed final package at the border. I have read about cases where the medical examination results are misplaced and don’t reach the local office from the border on time, leading to further delays. It is nice that your home country gave you a copy. I wonder why other countries don’t do that. I understand the chain of custody issue, but it would be good for us to have at least a copy, for instances when they misplace medical examination results.
  4. Hi, thank you for the detailed list. I do have a question though. Did you get a new medical examination done again here in the US or did you have a copy of the medical examination that you completed back in your country during the K1 process? I was only given a copy of my vaccination record to keep and not a copy of the complete medical examination done in my country Now I am wondering if just the vaccination record would be enough or if I have to get a new medical examination done. I always thought that if the AOS is submitted within a year of the medical done back home, then I don’t need to redo it. Now I am a little confused.
  5. On ‘ready to be scheduled ‘ since August 10 Received EAD/AP combo card
  6. My EAD card is being produced!... was expecting it to be ready only in late November and so I thought I had some more time to begin focusing on seriously looking for job opportunities. .. not complaining though!, but I wish I had started the job search a little earlier ... I am pretty sure everybody else on this thread who have similar timelines should be getting their EAD cards soon too ... so please don’t procrastinate like me ....if you haven’t started your serious job search already, get to it now!🙂
  7. No I only checked it today. It shows it on the egov.uscis.gov like yours did.
  8. Mine shows the exact same thing too, with the same date of August 20, 2019 😳. Hopefully it is not a glitch
  9. I guess it varies by state or perhaps the SSA offices. I applied in Virginia for my SSN and I did have my marriage certificate with me. I filled out the SSN application form in my maiden name as that is what the I-94 record had. While the lady was processing my application, I enquired when I can change the name to my married name and she said that I could do it when I submit a marriage certificate. I handed her my marriage certificate and she promptly made me change my last name on my application and processed it as such. I was a bit worried to tell her that I was married already as I have read on this forum that after you are married the K1 visa is no longer valid and so they will not be able to issue the SSN until after EAD and things like that. Anyway I did get my SS card with my married name in the mail two weeks later. I was never given one with my maiden name. So it looks like the SSA functions differently everywhere 🙄. You could try another office if you are fine with taking the chance and going through the whole waiting thing at these offices. You never know; you could get lucky there. Good luck.
  10. Yes, only the petitioner’s letter of intend to marry is required. The same template can be used, but this time address it to the Consulate (though I don’t think it is relevant). Make sure that the letter is signed within 30 days of the interview date.
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