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  1. Thank you!! 🙂 I honestly don’t think they asked him for anything besides his photo ID but we were separated for the interview because of covid we weren’t in the same room and he can’t remember lol. We did bring it with us to be safe though. I think your photocopy would be fine, it’s certainly better than nothing. 🙂 If it was me, I wouldn’t worry about redoing the medical unless you are given a RFE. Many people sail through absolutely fine without it. You could just look into where, how long the wait is and how much it costs to get it done so you have a quick moving plan for the worst case scenario.🙂 good luck!!! 💖
  2. Oh no that sounds terrible. I had a long wait when I first went for my state ID, but now they offer an appt and you wait in your car and they text you when it’s time to go in. It was so fast I was very impressed! 🙂
  3. I feel like many drivers in Spokane are much more inconsiderate than they were back in my hometown in England. Yes, I had to do the written test, get a learners permit and then do the practical driving exam. I haven’t driven very much at all here because we have a lot of snow & I’m not confident in it. I also have to constantly remind myself ‘DRIVE ON THE RIGHT!’ 😂 I feel the same that US workers have hardly any rights at all compared to the U.K. it was a real eye opener for me. I am working full time and they do offer benefits (which I’m so grateful for.) Although, I’m currently trying to weigh up whether my insurance I have would be better financially to keep. I understand how my own insurance works with Kaiser permanente but I’m clueless about HSA’s and the health insurance offered by my employer! I feel like every day is a steep learning curve while training for my new job. I am a healthcare worker so there is fear and risks for COVID. But hopefully I’ll be able to get the vaccine soon. Glad things are going well for you and I’m very excited for you to get your GC in the mail. Good luck on extending your DL. Hope your DMV experience is smooth. I recently went and it was great. Much quicker than pre-covid🙂
  4. Hi January filers. I come on here from time to time to see how everyone is doing. 🙂 I was approved for my GC at the end of November but have recently just started my first job and passed my drivers exam (just got to go get my license.) After all this time, it feels like life is just beginning. 🙂 To those who are still waiting, HANG IN THERE!! ❤️❤️ And to those who have been approved, are you driving or working? How is life treating you? It would be awesome to keep in touch with anyone who wants to and who knows, we may ‘meet’ again for ROC filing. 🙂
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