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  1. I forgot I could check online until I saw this, hah! I am so used to waiting in the mail for all these things. Interview is scheduled for October 2nd in San Francisco, just 2 weeks away . My husband has NOT been studying at all 🙄 so time for bootcamp lol.
  2. My husband just got an interview scheduled for his US citizenship and has travel planned of March of next year. To renounce Indian citizenship/passport it says you have to have the US passport. Can he still travel on his Indian passport or is that considered a penalty even if he hasn't received a US passport yet and just got his citizenship? Depending on the interview decision, maybe we will just need to expedite it or apply to make sure it arrives before his trip. Just bouncing off ideas here, thanks!
  3. A day after we got the green card approved (today), we got a notice that my husband's interview has been scheduled for citizenship. Best of luck to everyone still waiting! I'm sure it will come through soon.
  4. Thanks! It's San Francisco. By the way on the 16th we got a case status update saying Name was Updated, and just today a case status update saying they approved our case for the removal of conditions. It's funny, just as I was starting to wonder about it...
  5. @Olga&Jared I'm not sure if we have a local office yet, but we are also located in SF Bay Area so I'm guessing it will be either San Francisco or San Jose. The biometrics and other notice still say NBC the National Benefits Center as the service center. Good to know we're not the only ones waiting! I'm not too worried about the timing anyway, we have the extended green card which enables my husband to work, etc. It's just good to know we are still in normal processing times.
  6. Yes...we are still waiting. No update for sevaral months other than another 2 year extension letter. Our N400 says 1 day left for the estimate so maybe we'll get some movement soon.
  7. Maybe they need a different image? Or signature? Does the image follow all the specifications? Are they both on a white background?
  8. I filed beginning of December and still waiting. The processing time says 9 months so not sure what the time is to get an interview
  9. My husband got UI benefits when he got laid off during Covid. We didn't run into any problems. He had his green card at the time.
  10. Yes, we applied online. Received another update just now that biometrics have been applied.
  11. I would follow the N-400 instructions regarding the photos since it is probably most up to date. The link I shared is just from Visajourney guidelines and may be out of date on that aspect. But as far as marriage evidence it looks about the same, tax transcripts/tax returns, green card copy, spouse's proof of US citizenship, shared bills/leases, child birth certificates, etc.
  12. You can view the guide here that lists what documents you will need: . I did the online application and they list the documents needed at the end as well.
  13. I have OCI and it is is a separate card from the passport. Yours is a separate document right? There was an update and there is no longer a need to the reissuance of OCI card when a new passport is received. See here: https://www.indianembassyusa.gov.in/pages/NjI (i) Mandatory requirement of re-issuance of an OCI card each time a new passport is issued to a foreigner up to 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age, is dispensed with; Don't think there is any issue that your passport expired...
  14. Update on my case a little over a week after applying for N400. Case is being transferred to another USCIS office.
  15. Yea perhaps a glitch. My wait time did go down though, it was 10 months now it says 9 .
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