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  1. Interview was on 2/28, was approved on the spot. Green card was received on 3/6. IO checked CR-6 on the "notice to conditional resident", but my green card said CF-1, will this be a problem? Thank you.
  2. Congratulation on passing your green card! I'm also having the interview at Santa Ana office on Feb 28th. Just wondering which file the officer was using for questions, the one we filed for AOS or the file you brought in that day? Thank you.
  3. Local office: Santa Ana Pd: 2019/05/24 IRFE: 2019/08/01 Combo card: 2019/10/1 Interview was scheduled: 2020/01/14 BUT we won’t be in the states cuz we are having our wedding in Taiwan on 2/22, just around the time the interview might be. Our family and us all got the plane tickets for the trip and I am already in Taiwan. Question: Has anyone rescheduled the interview time before? Did you have to wait longer for the next interview time opening? Is it a good idea to reschedule in the place? Thank you.
  4. Good morning I'm a May filer and wondering if anyone here whose field office is Santa Ana, too? Curious how accurate the field office processing time on the website is. Thank you!
  5. Thanks! My I-765's status was "case was received" even after the biometrics appointment, then it changed to "new card is being produced".
  6. Morning, here's my update for my combo card. 2019/09/27 I-765 updated to "card is being produced " 2019/09/30 I-131 updated to "case was approved " 2019/10/1 I-765 updated to "card was mailed to me "
  7. Unfortunately, yes. They will continue reviewing all your forms after they receive your evidence.
  8. Hi everyone, just got an email that my I-765's changed to "New card is being produced"!!!!! All the May filers should get good news soon too!! Don't lose faith!!!
  9. So frustrating... now the processing time extended to 4.5 - 6.5 months now...
  10. Just received an email and a text from USCIS updated my status changed to " case is ready to be scheduled for an interview." My NOA1 is 5/24, got RFIE on 7/31, sent it back on 8/9 and received by USCIS on 8/12.
  11. The wait time is now 3.5 to 5.5 months, seems like the USCIS still working on March filers and a few April filers...
  12. huh that's interesting. i was hoping that receiving the courtesy letter meant we were closer to the end 😂i guess that's not the case. i noticed that you expedited your ead due to financial loss, did uscis ask for proof for that reason? i'm thinking to expedite it too. thank you.
  13. I got the courtesy letter after i sent back the RFIE response, hoping that means they are back to my case now.
  14. did you get it after you sent in the RFIE response? that's what happened to me.
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